Why didn’t Obi-Wan tell me about the MLM dark side?

Why didn’t Obi-Wan tell me about the MLM dark side?


MLM DarksideThere is a dark side to MLM Success it’s usually not spoken about not even by MLM Jedi Masters because it is so negative…

But we all know the Dark Side exists no matter how they try and hide it.

I once tried to confront a great MLM Grandmaster about this topic and he shunned me.

After this exchange,  he apparently ridiculed me to make an example of me before his flock. How dare I challenge his Eminence.


All I wanted to do was address this dark side and propose a plan of solid action to alleviate some of the darkness in the MLM Empire.

Apparently I had broken some Grand MLM Guru Custom by pointing out the obvious statistical realities of the Dark Side of MLM.


 Dark Matter

It’s called Attrition, Naysayers, Quitters, Dropouts, Whiners, Wussies, or whatever you want to call it. It’s the people who Quit, Fail, and go away Bitter, Dejected, and Scorned.

MLM Jedi Skills Wanted…

So what exactly is it that leads distributors to embrace an MLM opportunity with the passion of a true Jedi follower and then a few months later, they are gone, disappeared into the dark side of Network Marketing never to return to the order? Lost to the Evil Emperor.


Most young Jedi Marketers run off into the galaxy ill prepared to meet the universe that awaits them without completing their training. I don’t mean the kind of training gained on the outpost of some forgotten outpost in deep in space either. I mean serious Jedi MLM marketing training. WARRIOR TRAINING!


They start into their journey of MLM success with absolutely no business plan other than making a list of their friends and family and chasing people around coffee houses, elevators, malls, gas stations, etc. endlessly pitching, prospecting, and driving people crazy.


They have no idea of how to develop a “7 Figure Business Plan” for Real MLM Jedi Marketing Success.


So how do you develop a “Jedi MLM 7 Figure Business Plan”?


The First thing you need to understand star-pilot is what it really takes to achieve MLM Jedi Knighthood…

All indeed is not what it first appears to be in the mlm jedi pilotuniverse.

The great illusion is this… the latest MLM success story you see up on the stage at an event, or in the latest internet launch Video… the one that tells you how easy the business is, and how easy their success came just by following a few simple steps…

The I got  2 friends who got 2 friends who just happened to know the boss down at the union hall and now look at me I’m rich and you can be to” story…

The one that gets every mouth watering like Pavlov’s dogs and climbing over each other to sign up… isn’t usually accurately representing what it really takes to succeed.


The truth is finding a Legion of dead serious Business Building Fighter Jockeys from a handful of prospects was pure luck.

“The Force” would have to be unusually strong with them…


The sad part of this Galactic Tale is… that there are so many people out trying to build a successful Network Marketing business based upon deception illusion and luck, instead of sound information, tools, truth, and solid training.


So if you want to ensure your Jedi MLM Success and gain acceptance to the HIGHER ORDER OF JEDI MARKETING KNIGHTS, you have to treat MLM like a real business, and you must take your Preparation and Training Seriously.

You must prepare a sound battle plan, complete your training, and develop a marketing system and the discipline for success that you just can’t miss with.


Complete your MLM Jedi Training and Escape the Dark Side

“Complete Your Training You Must.”

Jump on board with us for 8 days of free MLM Business Building to get stated with as you beging your path toward Jedi Knighthood. Then we will ramp it up from there, hit Hyper-Space and take you as far and wide in the Inter-Galactic Success Equation as you want to go.


It’s up to you weather you want to do what it takes to succeed or not.

Decide right now whether you will develop the discipline or not to follow through.

Just remember once you start down the “Dark Path” forever will it control your destiny.


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