10 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog to Build Your Business (3 part Series)

Think your Business doesn’t need a Blog to Succeed in this New Age Marketing Renaissance taking place right now in our lives?

Better think again!

Hey Guys, I just finished up a Killer 3 part series of articles and training on  why you need a Blog to Succeed  with your  Business  that you can’t afford to miss if you are serious about Online Marketing Success.

Here’s Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s the deal Guys, you need the right tools and training to Succeed online Blogging and with your Business.


If you are not getting the results you want and hoped for in your Business, or if you are just getting started online and want to do it right and save yourself hours of wasted frustration and chaos, you must tap into the right tools and training for your success.

There is a Modern Renaissance in Marketing taking place right now. What once worked is dying out in a lot of ways as new technology and new attitudes and expectations about Business are being birthed.

Those on the cutting edge are Killing it Right Now Online taking advantage of these changes.

That’s the zone you want to tap into and if you are not Blogging and taking advantage of the ease, power, and simplicity of Today’s Blog Technology and Marketing Strategies… well… You’re Blowing it!!

Isn’t it your time to Succeed?

Isn’t it time for you to knock it out of the park with your Marketing and your Business?

Then get tapped into these 10 Rock Solid Reasons You Need a Blog To Succeed Today.

Click Here Now and be taken to Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s to your Blogging Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

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MLM Online Recruiting – Big Kahuna Island Style

Hey Guys, were back today with more Big Kahuna Training as we complete our introductory segment on The Basics of Online MLM Recruiting.

  • If you need MLM Leads.. we’ve got you covered…MLM training
  • If you need to learn how to MLM Recruit online you are in the right place…
  • If you’ve been looking for answers how to Build Your Online MLM Business, you’ve just hitPay-Dirt…

See Today’s Big Kahuna MLM Island Training 004

We’re Just Getting Started with MLM Recruiting

Were Just getting started sharing MLM Recruiting Secrets and Strategies with you. Like I’ve already said you haven’t seen anything yet.

Once again guys these trainings are taken and adapted from my exclusive membership MLM Team Team Training Site.


Exclusive Members Only Team Training Site

They were designed as part of a MLM Recruiting and Team Building, and Training site for a specific MLM company that is now no longer in the MLM Business.

More than just a Team Building, Team Training, Marketing, and Duplicating Strategy though… this site is a great example for how you can achieve success online in you MLM Business, how to Recruit Online for your MLM, and how to train others in the essential fundamentals of online eCommerce in this great revolution and marketing Renaissance taking place online.

Opportunities have never been greater than they are right now in the history of mankind for average people to create extraordinary wealth and success.

See Today’s Big Kahuna MLM Island Training 004

It’s Big Kahuna MLM Island Training Time

This Big Kahuna Training begins to show you exactly how and what you need to know and do your first 90 or so days online to succeed and create a hawwiian stylethriving MLM Business in the Online MLM Era.

  • So get on Board!
  • Lock Arms with Us…
  • Get on the List!

Get all in …and follow today’s Big Kahuna MLM Island Training 004 link today and get some Online MLM Recruiting Training in today’s video.


See Today’s Big Kahuna MLM Island Training 004

Shocking Truth about One of MLM’s Biggest Stars

Today’s Video will reveal some shocking truths about not only the MLM Industry but also one of it’s Biggest Stars.

This video gets down to some shocking facts from someone who’s been there in the trenches grinding it out and learning the truths about what it confusedtakes to succeed in the industry and more importantly the secrets to break through and succeed online with MLM and Direct Sales.

In yesterday’s post we met with industry leader Rob Fore and heard his riveting review of Empower Network, the opportunity and the blogging platform.

In today’s video we go one step further and hear from industry super star and Empower Network founding partner Dave Wood, and learn some shocking things about the MLM industry, why they just don’t work, and learn what it is that works, and that has made Empower Network a record shattering Maverick in the industry.

This video will blow you away in it’s outright candid nature, and it’s ability to cut right to the facts and realities of what it takes to succeed in today’s MLM Market and create wealth on the fast track.

Empower Network may or may not be for you… but the knowledge, wisdom, and marketing insights in this video reveal what’s wrong in the industry, where things are headed, and what the future of online marketing for MLM entrepreneurs looks like.

Check out today’s video…


Learn How you can Manifest a 7 figure income for Yourselves…

Use the Same Exact System our team is using.

This video explains how everything works in detail.

Or if you are ready to be personally mentored…

Click here to Get Started Now and lock arms with us.

Our results are not typical, you can see average earnings updated daily here.

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