Values and Beliefs vs Success

Think about this: Your values and beliefs are the very driving force behind your behavior. If you change a person’s values and beliefs, it will absolutely change their life and destiny. The problem is so few people think and meditate on this simple truth.

Too few people really know and understand just what their values and beliefs are and how they are affecting their daily lives. They do not realize the necessity to change, modify, and remove less than inspiring beliefs for a life of success and absolute abundance. Too few people stop to realize that this is as much a factor in their business success as choosing the right marketing system, mentor, or team.

They haven’t taken the time to identify and inventory this important aspect of who they are, how it may be limiting them, and what needs to be done. They have no idea what directives and programs are piloting their destiny behind the scenes. And so it’s true that in many ways they have no idea why they do the things they do, why they fail, self-sabotage their best efforts, and exhibit an assortment of other baffling tendencies, habits, and behaviors. Sound like anyone you might know?

These good people may have dreams, goals, and ambitions, but forever seem to struggle to make any headway towards them. They talk big and dream big but forever seem to remain stuck in mediocrity. They never reach critical mass; they never attain flight, or the lofty ambitions of their hearts.

Most people who suffer this fail to comprehend that their beliefs and values may be the greatest limiting factor to their success, happiness, and fulfillment. We have all been victims of this to some degree. Many have neglected to embrace the reality that they did not willingly choose or personally design the values and beliefs that are directing their lives, let alone review them for accuracy or soundness of principle. Most of this conditioning was provided by others and as products of their impressionable environments. You were really just kind of subjected to it growing up.

Many of these values and beliefs were the products of less than favorable environments, and human examples, presented to us in our environments. When this is the case it is safe to assume diligent effort and work will be required to mend some of these beliefs.
If you are not happy, successful, wealthy, and abundant in joy already, and this is your goal, then correction of your beliefs and values will probably be necessary? If you haven’t taken the time to inventory your beliefs and values, and design them to serve your life purpose and mission the time is now. Don’t wait any longer to incorporate new and empowering beliefs as a part of your success equation.

Many people don’t realize just how simple it is to eliminate a limiting value or belief, and replace it with one that is designed for success. First let’s make it clear that a belief is really no more than a statement about something that you decide is true. You may believe that you deserve the best from life and are rightly entitled to it. Maybe not. You may believe you are less than and undeserving of great wealth, abundance, and success. It really makes no difference whether it’s truly a fact or not. You’re right either way…Master communicator and success author Anthony Robbins said it best. “As long as you believe it, you are right! It’s your belief.”

You see beliefs are usually large generalizations, or assumptions about things, and they can be stated as such.
Examples are “Life is ____________.”, “ I am _________.”, “People are____________.” Etc., etc.
But beliefs also have requirements attached to fulfill them. Examples are “If, then, type scenarios. “To feel successful, I must _____________!” “To really feel loved, then __________,_________,and_________ must happen.”

We all have these requirements, or pre-requisites hard wired in our nervous systems. These factors must be fulfilled before you can experience a specific emotional state. That’s how it works. And these pre-requisites are different for different people. That’s why we don’t all react the same way to certain things when they happen. Certainly there are similarities among us, but your belief system, and your rules and requirements are still uniquely your own.

Beliefs are not permanent things though. They can be changed in an instant. You may not believe me but It’s happening around you all the time. For example, a trustworthy belief in a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other, that they will not wound and violate your heart, is changed the instant that person is found guilty of such a crime. The change is instantaneous and dramatic. Your rock solid confidence, trust, and belief, is changed quickly, effectively, radically, and lastingly. In fact you may never be able to get back to the former belief again.

In the light of new evidence, your beliefs change, and it becomes almost impossible or at the least very difficult to get back to your former belief. You may still choose to hold on to your old beliefs but it doesn’t make any sense to. The belief no longer serves you well. So instead there is a dramatic, effective, and immediate change. Your belief system is modified to better serve you. It was designed to work this way and you can do it with any of your beliefs if you know how.

When we continue to cling to limiting and damaging beliefs, ones that no longer serve us we perpetuate our problems. We handicap our progress and harm ourselves unnecessarily. This comes about when we either willfully refuse to let go of limiting beliefs that hinder or harm us (which is insanity), or when we haven’t yet identified our beliefs as the limiting factor that is holding us back and hurting us (which is ignorance.) Both situations require personal responsibility and a willingness to accept ourselves as we are before we can grow to become that which we desire to be. You see there are pre-requisites to growth and personal responsibility and honesty concerning oneself are absolute requirements. Both situations must be remedied or our conduit and line to success will remain obstructed.

Begin a line of clear, honest, and direct communication with yourself. Learn the skills of self-evaluation, rigorous honesty, the evaluation of your values and beliefs, and the re-setting of them for absolute success and abundance. To learn more sign up for some free training today.

This training assembled from excepts from The Secrets of the Success Equation:


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