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When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?

When it comes to MLM Success I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “To really make it Big in the Network Marketing Industry you need to join the right company at the right time to succeed in MLM Business” right?


But is that really true? (see today’s video)

MLM Success and Timing


There is a delicate timing to things in nature, in the universe, in business etc.

Springtime for instance. There is so much going on in the living world in just one week in one place in time it will blow your mind.

I’ve been a connoisseur of nature for many years and springtime is one of my favorite times of the year.

Amazing Opportunities

Having had the time to spend in nature with time freedom I have had the chance to observe the 10,000 shades of green that the hills turn, watch the first Buckeye flowers of the spring open, the Indian Paintbrush, and a thousand other smaller less conspicuous miracles taking place in this often too short lived season.


I Hate To See it Pass…

I’m always bummed out when I see the grasses browning and the heat of summer coming.

Though I always look forward to the warming waters and the time to swim, tan, and fish, I miss my favorite season as it departs one more season into oblivion until I hopefully have the grace to enjoy the glory of its magnificence one more year.

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So What about MLM Success?

Do you really have to get into an MLM opportunity before it goes through its momentum phase to have MLM Success?

MLM SUCCESS yes or no

 (What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)



Timing helps, but only to a certain degree. Your real MLM Success in the home based business industry has to do with your ability to market and promote.

Learn the skills of marketing and promotion that escape most marketers and you’ll be largely ahead of the competition.

Deploy or employ a system of training and discipline that teaches the skills of marketing and promotion to your downline and you’ll cultivate an environment of MLM Success for your team and organization.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

Timing and MLM Success


 It does help though…

But yes to a certain degree it is highly to your benefit to position yourself in an opportunity while it is young, growing and while you are in a pre-momentum phase.

When MLM companies hit momentum things happen fast and grow like crazy!

It’s a place you would like to be in with a team in place when things catch fire. There is no doubt everyone would like to be positioned in such a way for MLM Success.

Yes let me in Now I don’t want to Miss the Wave!

But let’s face it… you can position yourself in a company at just the right time, and still fail to achieve MLM Success without the proper training, tools, leadership, education, and skills necessary to succeed.

Position and timing doesn’t mean you just won the lottery it takes skills, strategy, discipline, and real work to succeed. Don’t be deceived.

As far as timing goes for MLM Success, yes it helps, but it isn’t the do all and end all to a successful Home Based Business Career.


Did you already Miss the Boat!

If you think you may have missed the boat for MLM Success in your current opportunity, don’t fret. You can re-evaluate your abilities to market your way to success in spite of the trends or you can look at another opportunity that hasn’t crested yet or is still in pre-momentum and get plugged in.

To see just such an opportunity and get the best internet based MLM marketing training available anywhere online check out this resource now: Pre-Momentum Beast!


Here’s another post with another viewpoint on MLM Success and Timing: Timing is Everything in MLM

Also be sure and see: The #1 Thing Keeping You from MLM Success

So…when it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business…No but it sure does help when everything else necessary for Home Base Business Success is already in place!

The Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants

What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?

Everyone wants to know this and yet most don’t want to hear the truth about the MLM Success Secret. They don’t want to face it and it keeps them stuck.

In fact it de-rails more home based business careers than any other single problem online or off.

Everybody wants the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, or some social media trick that will push them, their website, their sales, etc. over the top and they will finally arrive in the prophetic land of Milk and Honey.


But most don’t have the stomach to handle the truth about the MLM Success Secret.


I recently did a couple of posts and videos about this Super Success Secret:

Finding Your True Voice in Marketing Your Business

Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)


 Hinting at the Truth

Both of these posts hinted at the truth but didn’t deliver it fully or out right.

 In fact not even Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich” and several other master works on the philosophy of Success would just come right out and say it.

If you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich” you must. And if you have read it, it’s probably time for you to read it again.


You Should Learn Them…

So… the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, and Ultra Chocolate Latte Social Media strategy are great, and you should learn them Click Here to Get Started but…here’s the deal it isn’t enough.



It isn’t enough because the truth that no one wants to hear is that Success is an Inside Job.

Ugh… People’s hearts just sink when you say it. Everyone wants an outside solution to their problems. Everyone wants to look everywhere else but inwardly.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

 It can’t be true we declare inwardly in silence…

No one seems to want to face the self-searching and inventory of one’s own thoughts, actions, beliefs, values, etc. necessary for success.

 It’s always easier to blame others. “It’s their fault” we declare. “Oh those things are all a Scam, and I fell into it” or whatever else we need to declare our innocence, blame others and move on without taking responsibility for the truth, which is that success is an inside job. It’s up to us to do the work inwardly and outwardly to succeed.


 Super Chocolate SEO Strategy…

Oh sure you’ve got to have all the other elements in a line also. The super PPC strategy, the best Social Media Strategy, Blog Promotion, Super Converting Sales Funnels, etc. and those things are easy to train you on. I’ll plug you into all of that and yet you still will fail to succeed if your internal realm for creating success is all screwed up!

 (When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

But it Still Doesn’t Work!!!

The Masters all know this. Your upline if they are telling the truth will tell you this. Your hired personal success consultant will tell you this. The most successful people who have ever lived will tell you this.

 It’s possible they may all know what they are talking about.


Meet this Super Successful Group of Entrepreneurs who’ve Mastered MLM Success…

It’s why the super successful group of entrepreneurs I work with insist on following 8 core strategies to succeed, and following it daily.

Included in this list of daily activities is time for Reading and Listening to Audio. And I’m not talking about reading fiction or listening to the latest CD from your favorite Band.

I’m talking about personal development training and training that will move your business forward.

In fact if you are not all in and practicing the 8 core commitments in this group then you are not “core” and if you are not core you are not going to have all the opportunities everyone who is core is.


Are You Still Struggling…

If you are stuck, struggling, not succeeding, the first question is always going to be “are you “all in” and are you “core”, are you following the 8 core daily commitments.

 Where you need to start

If you’re not… that’s where you need to start! Do those things and then if you are still struggling we’ll talk. Why? Because it works!!!

 If you’d like to see what I’m talking about Click Here Now and Get Started


Personal Empowerment

 Understand that personal growth is an essential ingredient in this successful regimen. Without it this organization could not have achieved the incredible success they have had. There is no way.

The good news about all of this is personal growth and training has never been easier that it is today. Click Here Now to Learn More


 Modern Tools Modern Strategies

Using the tools available today finding time for personal growth becomes easy.

For instance… I get training from a variety of sources. Video’s, Audio’s, Books, Podcasts, etc. I also take the best from each and personally design my own training.

I love my screen capture software. I use Camtaisa but there are numerous choices.

I’ll use PowerPoint to create a presentation of whatever I am currently programming myself for. For instance I start my day off with just the right things I need to focus on to be the most successful I can be for the day.

This training is a collection of what I need to do and focus on along with pieces, quotes, excerpts, etc. from the best trainings I’ve come across over the years. I’ve organized it into a PowerPoint and then I have dubbed in music and a voice over of me reading it.

I then can down load the audio to mp3, the video to I tunes, my computer, etc. Simple.


Starting My Day…

I watch videos in the morning before I start my day. I listen to audio training in my car whenever I drive, and I listen to audio when I go to bed and as I sleep.


 Because it works!


Listen to Your Mentors and Leaders

Have you listened to your mentors and leaders? They will tell you “You have to be willing to work on yourself 3 times as hard as you are willing to work on your Business if you want to succeed.

If your mentors and leaders aren’t sharing this with you…may I suggest it is time for some new ones!

If you want to get started focusing on the 8 Core Daily Commitments for Your Success and get all the Secret Marketing Strategies to take you and your Business to Ultimate Success

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How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt.2

Do you need to increase your sales conversions to take your business to the next level of success or maybe to even to start getting some success online?

If that’s the case then stay tuned to today’s post and Part 2 of this short tips and series for increasing your Online Sales Conversions.

See part one now: How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt1

Like I wrote in my last post, too many unknowing online hopefuls, especially in the MLM arena are too quick to just send a prospective lead straight from a capture page, into a sales presentation, then cross their fingers hoping the presentation will do all the work for them the way they heard it would and magical money would fall into their bank account.

But what happens when it doesn’t work?

(If this is a little over your head then opt in for 8 days of free training on this blog and get up to speed.)

What happens when your presentation fails to convert on the initial exposure?

Well the fortune they say is in the follow up. I’m sure you’ve heard that one if you have been around MLM for any amount of time.

And it is true.

Most people don’t just sign up after an initial exposure to your amazing product, service, or opportunity.

So… What comes next?

Email marketing!

That’s right, “but how do you do that” many will ask.

If you’ve set things up properly and you are following along with this series so far, you have captured your lead info initially with your capture page, or capture form.

You’ve sent your prospect to some great training, bonus info, sales presentation, etc. as redirected by your email auto-responder, and now you have a lead for the email list you specified as a parameter of your opt in form.

So what comes next..?

Build the relationship.

There is some of the best training you’ll ever hear on this in the Enpower Network Back Office and Products Click Here to Learn More

Now is the time to begin to build a relationship with your prospect.

If you’ve spent some time figuring out exactly who your target prospect is (and you’d better) you have a clear image in your mind and preferably on paper about this person.

You’ve spent some time determining who they are, what they do, what they want, and what their problems are.

Knowing this information is invaluable. If you try to market to everyone then you market to no one they say. So be very sure and clear who your target market is for this campaign. The more specific you can be the better.

So with this information in mind, the question is how do you gain access to their inner realm, their mind, and their thoughts.

  • What is troubling your prospect?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What problems are they having that you can you provide solutions for?

The trick is to give value, build trust, and build the relationship, don’t just bombard them with more and more of your sales presentations. Not before building a solid relationship.

People join and like to buy from people they know like and trust. Your job is to become that person.

  • Blog daily create value and email your list.

If you don’t have a fully optimized blog, or need to get started blogging see Incredible Blogging Resource Now

Spend some time early on building the relationship.

Give them the kind of value your prospect wants needs and will value you for.

Let them get to know you. Add some of your stories mixed in your value posts etc.

I think one of the best things early on is to send a welcome email with some kind of value for them to open. Then give them reasons to follow you on social media accounts you may have. Google+, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Let them get to know you and follow you on these other channels, but remember to give them a reason. It’s all about your prospect and what’s in it for them. So take advantage of this knowledge and give it to them.

Send an email and a message to see your latest greatest video that solves problem A in 5 simple steps but direct them to your YouTube channel and tell them to subscribe.

Get creative. The more channels your prospect receives you through the better.

  • Remember it’s all about your prospect, what they want, what they need, what problems they have, what they want.
  • Be sure and speak to that need while you build your value, your credibility and trust with them.

When they come to rely upon you as a trusted source of value, then marketing them your direct sales messages is met with less resistance. They will view you and your offer in a different way.

It’s all about lessening resistance and increasing cooperation. Get creative and get busy.

If you really want to learn more and take your marketing to the next level you must See this video.

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Big Kahuna MLM Island Training!!!

Hey guys I’ve been promising this Big Kahuna MLM Training for a while now if you’ve been following along.

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Okay sorry… I’m off my soap box now.


Today’s Special MLM Double Feature

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MLM SUCCESS: Be Excellent Regardless…

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MLM Social Media Strategy Optimization: Double your Response and Open Rates

 Increase Your Social Media Recruiting in your Network Marketing Business with these simple tips that Increase Your Open and Response Rates Drastically.

social media optimization tips

See all of Episode 8 Today!

(It’s a 2 Part Post)

And guys after you see this strategy you are going to realize how easy this is going to be for you to start succeeding at another level with your Social Media Marketing.


Can we be honest with each other for a minute? question-mark

  • Have Your Media Marketing Open Rates Plummeted?
  • Are Your Followers not Clicking on and Following every Social Media Link?
  • When you have something Epic to Share are you getting a Less Than Stellar Response Rate?
  • Or maybe you are just starting out and you need to breathe some life into a new list or Reach a Market that you are Ready to Thrive in…


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Learn to Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Something Special you will learn about in today’s Business training to your followers.

 This simple business strategy for your MLM Business Success will show you how to get vastly improved Marketing Response rates and show you how to give your market exactly what it is they want.

Imagine the increase your Business can experience whey you start leveraging exactly what it is your market wants, giving it to them regularly, and becoming the go to source they count on and rely on for information, guidance, leadership, tools, training, and information in your niche.

mlm opportunity

Let’s be honest about Your Social Media Strategy

  • Would that majorly impact your business?
  • What if they began to view you as the connected source, the Credible Trusted Business Expert in your field?
  • Would that put you and your Business in a new light?

Because that is what today’s training is all about.

So get on this training Now. Learn to double open rates, marketing response rates, and take your social media optimization to a whole new level.

 See all of Episode 8 Today!

Then Leave me your Thoughts and Comments…

Business Blog tip Video #1 Just Went Live!!!

Business Blog tips video 1

Succeed in online business, avoid The 17 Blogging Blunders and create a blogging revolution. See the Bonuses and Training :Like - Thumb Up

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Learn all the blog secrets and get a look at the Blog Beast. You can also view this video and article at:


Critical Business Blog tip #1

Today I’ll be sharing Critical Business Blog tip #1 with you.

What not to do!”

By that, I mean how “NOT” to think and what “NOT” to do if you want to really succeed online blogging.

It’s simple really…I’m about to share some Online Business blog tip secrets with you to make your life simpler and your online business more abundant.

Because if you do this wrong… if you are guilty of of the 17 Cardinal Blogging Sins you won’t make the progress, or the money you hope for and you will struggle unnecessarily until you eliminate these 17 Blogging blunders from your life.

Whether you are in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, or a Brick and Mortar type Business… It’s time to Master “Friction Free Blogging” and that’s the TRUE secret to having a Successful Business Blog and stepping into the Success and Abundance this Blogging Revolution can provide you with.

With that being said let’s look at Blog Tip #1 and examine the first Deadly Blogging Blunder…

Check out these other great blog tips Articles:

25 Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans  http://goinswriter.com/blogging-tips/

Blog Tips  http://www.problogger.net/blog-tips/

Daily Blog Tips  http://www.dailyblogtips.com/

Did You Enjoy This Blog Post?

Would you like to see more posts like this one?

Leave me your thoughts about Blogging and Blogging Blunders Below….

Requisites to Succeed in MLM

You Must Be Coachable, Teachable, and Willing to Work on Yourself

MLM Success
MLM Success

Just a few weekends back I was at a Company training event for my primary business that was absolutely fantastic. The energy at these Company events is something that has to be experienced it’s not something that can be transferred to those who didn’t attend.

If you’ve been at events you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t been there, then be sure to attend your next big company convention. You’ll want to get as many people on your team there as possible. You’ll be glad you did. The effect and results will astound you.

Since that event the last several weeks have been spent designing new presentations, mastering new information gleaned from the event, and reflecting on all that I experienced.

I’ve been trying to keep the experience as fresh as possible in mind and spirit. I wish that I could just bottle some of the experience, and duplicate it with the same impact and magnitude that only a live event can provide. I would make it immediately available for my own, and everyone else’s teams.


The following are some gold and silver nuggets gleaned from the event:


”You have to work as hard or even harder on yourself than your business in order to succeed in this industry.”


Wow… I was just astounded when I heard it. Someone just came out and told it like it is for a change. Most companies I’ve experienced beat around the subject, want you to sign up for their success club, buy their training, etc., etc., but few ever come out and just lay it down so clearly as it was presented at this event.


”Your attitude is the foundation of it all. If you don’t master personal development you can have the greatest product/presentation/and company in the industry and still fail.”


“Remember people join people in this industry, not products, not pay plans, and not opportunities.” “They join you.” “You must get your personal development plan in order.”


Having a background as a success mentor and author has always given me a little different perspective on MLM then perhaps many others. Most people talk

MLM Training
Get Free MLM Training

about systems, tools, and trainings, aimed at solving all your MLM troubles and leading you to stellar success as a result.

All you have to do is follow the simple outline and plan, or so they say and achieve success. And to a large degree that is true.

The problem is most of the plans and outlines never provide a sound plan and reasonable expectations for the personal growth factor necessary in bringing up new recruits.

These are the inside oneself aspects of the success equation, or the internal action steps required to succeed. If you haven’t heard someone tell you yet that success is an inside job, then you need to start listening better, and even then that’s only half the truth.

To really succeed in this industry you will need both, mastery of self (an internal job) and mastery of process (an external job).


No success is immediate. It is a cumulative effect of small daily disciplines, a slight edge. It is a slight deviation from the course of action that everyone else is on.

Success in not something you pursue it is something you become. Most of it is an inside job and this is where people seem to fail dreadfully and then cite an abundance of outside reasons, and circumstances as the cause.

Systems work and we don’t need to re-invent the wheel of Network Marketing Success, what we need to start doing is re-inventing ourselves.


To illustrate this point the following questions all represent inside aspects of the success equation necessary for success in MLM.

Answer these questions honestly and evaluate the distance between where you stand now and where you need to stand to succeed. It is my guess most of us will find we need to get our self-improvement plans in order immediately.


Are you showing up regularly for success?

question markAre you consistently making those small improvements and taking the necessary baby steps each day that lead to the outcome you desire most in life?

Does your attitude cause you to be liked, to be a person of value, the kind of person you would want to join with and follow in business?

Are you committed to the long haul that may be necessary for your development and the development of your business and dream?

Do you possess the necessary faith to take that first step before the way presents itself?

Are you firm in your purpose and clear about your reasons why?

Are you ablaze with a burning desire in your heart to achieve your dreams?

Do you regularly exhibit integrity in your actions and deeds?

Are you willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices your dreams and goals may require of you today?


To be successful in this industry it is imperative you understand one simple cornerstone principle integral in achieving great success. “People join People” not companies, products, or pay plans.


You must present an attractive character, and you must convey value to your prospects. They won’t join you without it.

To be persuasive you need to be a person of quality and value. To do that you must convey primarily two things, Trust and Respect.

Strive to be a person of quality, a person of value and integrity, a positive addition to every environment you are in and you will do well.


 A 3 part foundation for your success:


1.) Part one is to master awareness. To listen, sense, intuit, and basically become constantly aware of the opportunities around you at any given moment of everyday.

My question is this: how are you going to do this if you are constantly overcome with stinking thinking?

How can you be clear headed and in tune with your environment if your head is clouded with garbage and you’re wrestling with internal angst throughout the day?

How can you do this if you are so worried about yourself, your circumstances, that the needs and concerns of others rarely enter your consciousness?

If you are concerned about others, their situation, and being helpful, then take the time to show it. People will notice the difference and be attracted to the change in you.


2.) Part two is your attitude, and the effect it has on your general environment and the people around you.

Are you a positive addition to every environment you are in?

Do people feel like they’ve gained a new best friend after they meet you?

Are you one of those people who can light up a room with your presence and charm, or are you one of those who sucks the air out of it?

What would those who know you best say about you?

What would they say about the attitude you display?

Is your attitude causing you to be an attractant to others or a repellant?

If you were choosing your board of directors and the officers for your new multimillion dollar marketing company, would you want to choose you?

Would you be at the top of your list?


You cannot overestimate the value of a great attitude that comes right from your core. It’s worth more than gold, and it is incredibly attractive to others.

If you don’t possess a great attitude that radiates from within you, then I suggest you start making immediate plans to attain one.


3.) The third part of this simple plan is all about your actions…

Do you regularly seize opportunities to assist others, or do you rarely notice them?

Do you make it a point to seek out the needs of others regularly, look for and provide solutions that will assist them, and help them get what they want and need most out of life?

Do you lead by your own good example, or do you follow the norm?

Do you follow through with what you say?

Are you a person of integrity?

Do you wait for opportunity to find you, or are you out creating it every day?

Consistent action is the bedrock upon which you will build your business and life success upon. Are you building firmly upon the granite, or are you setting up camp in the sand?

What would others who know you answer if they were asked questions about your character?


These questions and their answers all point toward the inner strategies of success necessary to succeed in MLM. By being honest with yourself you can grade your performance. If you can’t honestly evaluate yourself then ask a close friend to rate you on these questions. Chances are we’ll all find an opportunity for our personal development plans to expand.


If you enjoyed this Article Check Out the Other Related Success Articles on the “Success Resource Page”

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Online Copywriting Success Made Short and Sweet

Let’s talk for a minute about Online Copywriting…

Whether you are an MLM marketer, online affiliate marketer, or a would be Guru selling your own products and information for profit, sooner or later we all have to learn better online copywriting skills if we want to be successful internet entrepreneur.

You can watch a Video of this on this page or on YouTube at: Online Copywriting

Bonus Gold Nuggert Copywriting Video Footage Below

There is only so much you can do or accomplish by rehashing replicated sales copy, duplicating websites, sales letters etc.

Sooner or later you realize that every commentr you leave on a blog or social media post that you make, you are selling, and you must master the skill of online copywriting to get your message across and to have the greatest desired impact upon your prospect.

But where do you learn these skills of writing copy? How can you begin to get a quick yet powerful fundamental principles type lesson, and begin immediately growing your understanding and copywriting skills?

I’m not talking about some long drawn out intricate discussion on online copywriting, human psychology, predictable behavior, and the principles of influence here. What I am talking about is a basic fundamental starting point, a foundational center, upon which to build your understanding from, and then to grow.

I like to keep things simple.

You can get way out there and over complicate, over analyze and debate to death online marketing, online copywriting, and what works best until we are all blue in the face, but when you boil things down to their simplest elements, things seem clearer, and they become much more applicable in the real world.

There is a beauty in simplicity…

As far as online marketing goes, we vastly need to simplify things for most people, and give them basic principles to work with not statistics, facts and details. Most people just need simple step by step tactical plans and systems for success.

If we don’t provide this for them then we risk the chance of losing them into the great abyss of analysis paralysis, information overload, and utter exhausted confusion never to be heard from again. People drop out of our organizations and dreams dry up.

I am not okay with losing new would be marketers and budding distributors that way, especially not over online copywriting 101.

In fact it is why I liked this blog post by Alex Mandossian so much that I feel compelled to share it. It is simple, clear, and easy to understand, yet when you give it some thought and engage the gray matter between your ears it begins to shine forth with that simple wisdom and true radiance that we need so much more of in this complicated arena of online marketing, online copywriting, and success.

Online Copywriting Success

Check out Alex’s copywriting article today and I think you will agree though it may be short on words it is long on copywriting wisdom that every budding marketer needs to live long and prosper in the internet marketing arena.


Bonus Golden Nugget Type: Jay Abraham Copywriting Tips


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The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan

The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan


jedi mlm business planIn yesterday’s article our young MLM Jedi learned about the dark side of MLM and the required Jedi training in the form of a solid 7 figure MLM business plan to defeat the evil empire. And why the shroud of mystery and secrecy around this sacred knowledge, especially when MLM business plan training seems to be so plentiful in the greater universe?


Beware the dark side my friends…


So why is this MLM business plan stuff so mysterious and confusing then..?



The  Great MLM Business Plan Deception


It’s simple to understand really. You see most every approach to MLM business plan lead generation works to some extent. And there are so many schools of thought on the subject, old school, new Skool, and no school. And this is what make it confusing.  Everyone claims there way is the best way. And when you are a novice MLM Jedi apprentice, it all seems to make perfect sense and it is easy to be led astray by these charlatans (strong the dark side is).


But here’s the truth, and as soon as I shine the light of truth into the dark universe of MLM business plans  it is amazing how quickly you’ll see what’s missing.  Every low volume MLM business plan lead generation technique such as working your warm market, the mall, coffee shops, meet up groups, elevators, etc. are based on the assumption that you will sooner or later discover a 1% Percent-er lurking in the crowd somewhere. The kind of business builder that is going to explode growth in your organization once you sign them up.


And don’t be mistaken it happens and some people don’t have to sift too far before they find one, but the chances are not so good that everyone is going to find one, and most people can’t weather the disappointment it brings, or the time it may require.  Most people usually cannot endure the social pressure of failing before  their closest peer group as they sit judge, jury, and executioner over your new venture with these techniques.


Beware the MLM dark side… Strong it is.


Just the time alone required to build a strong organization using  low volume MLM business plan approaches pretty much guarantees your going to MLM business plan patienceencounter a large drop out rate in your team. Truly it will probably take you years to reach your goals and achieve the MLM success and Jedi Knighthood abundance you’re after.


So when you think about it and when you shine some Jedi wisdom on it, you quickly realize you need massive impact MLM business plan that applies the leverage of “The Force” by using high volume MLM business plan marketing approaches that work.


If it isn’t a leveraged high impact large volume prospecting, presenting, follow up, training, and duplicating method you may be wasting your time seeking Jedi Knighthood…


Employing a high volume approach ensures you’ll generate such a high volume of numbers in your prospecting that you can’t miss finding the dead serious top quality people you’ll need to build your massive MLM organization with.


So instead of fretting and feeling dejected like most people with every no they receive trying to find your 1%’er,  instead you just don’t worry anymore about the people who would tell you no, tell you it is a scam, tell you that you’re in a pyramid scheme and you’ll never end up making any money (the dark side of the force) …at all. You sit back and faithfully run the numbers instead… That’s the beauty of a high volume 7 figure Jedi Marketers MLM business plan.


We’ll be talking more about this high volume 7 figure MLM business plan strategy in articles to come. But if you really want to get right into it right now, then opt in on the web form on this page and we’ll start training together.



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Why didn’t Obi-Wan tell me about the MLM dark side?

Why didn’t Obi-Wan tell me about the MLM dark side?


MLM DarksideThere is a dark side to MLM Success it’s usually not spoken about not even by MLM Jedi Masters because it is so negative…

But we all know the Dark Side exists no matter how they try and hide it.

I once tried to confront a great MLM Grandmaster about this topic and he shunned me.

After this exchange,  he apparently ridiculed me to make an example of me before his flock. How dare I challenge his Eminence.


All I wanted to do was address this dark side and propose a plan of solid action to alleviate some of the darkness in the MLM Empire.

Apparently I had broken some Grand MLM Guru Custom by pointing out the obvious statistical realities of the Dark Side of MLM.


 Dark Matter

It’s called Attrition, Naysayers, Quitters, Dropouts, Whiners, Wussies, or whatever you want to call it. It’s the people who Quit, Fail, and go away Bitter, Dejected, and Scorned.

MLM Jedi Skills Wanted…

So what exactly is it that leads distributors to embrace an MLM opportunity with the passion of a true Jedi follower and then a few months later, they are gone, disappeared into the dark side of Network Marketing never to return to the order? Lost to the Evil Emperor.


Most young Jedi Marketers run off into the galaxy ill prepared to meet the universe that awaits them without completing their training. I don’t mean the kind of training gained on the outpost of some forgotten outpost in deep in space either. I mean serious Jedi MLM marketing training. WARRIOR TRAINING!


They start into their journey of MLM success with absolutely no business plan other than making a list of their friends and family and chasing people around coffee houses, elevators, malls, gas stations, etc. endlessly pitching, prospecting, and driving people crazy.


They have no idea of how to develop a “7 Figure Business Plan” for Real MLM Jedi Marketing Success.


So how do you develop a “Jedi MLM 7 Figure Business Plan”?


The First thing you need to understand star-pilot is what it really takes to achieve MLM Jedi Knighthood…

All indeed is not what it first appears to be in the mlm jedi pilotuniverse.

The great illusion is this… the latest MLM success story you see up on the stage at an event, or in the latest internet launch Video… the one that tells you how easy the business is, and how easy their success came just by following a few simple steps…

The I got  2 friends who got 2 friends who just happened to know the boss down at the union hall and now look at me I’m rich and you can be to” story…

The one that gets every mouth watering like Pavlov’s dogs and climbing over each other to sign up… isn’t usually accurately representing what it really takes to succeed.


The truth is finding a Legion of dead serious Business Building Fighter Jockeys from a handful of prospects was pure luck.

“The Force” would have to be unusually strong with them…


The sad part of this Galactic Tale is… that there are so many people out trying to build a successful Network Marketing business based upon deception illusion and luck, instead of sound information, tools, truth, and solid training.


So if you want to ensure your Jedi MLM Success and gain acceptance to the HIGHER ORDER OF JEDI MARKETING KNIGHTS, you have to treat MLM like a real business, and you must take your Preparation and Training Seriously.

You must prepare a sound battle plan, complete your training, and develop a marketing system and the discipline for success that you just can’t miss with.


Complete your MLM Jedi Training and Escape the Dark Side

“Complete Your Training You Must.”

Jump on board with us for 8 days of free MLM Business Building to get stated with as you beging your path toward Jedi Knighthood. Then we will ramp it up from there, hit Hyper-Space and take you as far and wide in the Inter-Galactic Success Equation as you want to go.


It’s up to you weather you want to do what it takes to succeed or not.

Decide right now whether you will develop the discipline or not to follow through.

Just remember once you start down the “Dark Path” forever will it control your destiny.


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Opt in Now for Serious Jedi Training and Begin the Path to Your Destiny Today

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The Bare Basics of Social Media in 3 Minutes Thirty Four Seconds

The Bare Basics of Social Media in 3 Minutes Thirty Four Seconds


social media marketingAre you on Social Media Overload!!! I like knowledge, in fact I love it and it is easy for me to go overboard with my enthusiasm and depth of knowledge when in fact many people come to me who are brand new and just need the basics of a subject such as social media to get started.

In fact I see that this is the case with so many people out there in the industry. It is important to remember that much of the time we are teaching and educating we are in fact talking to 3 audiences not just one.

What I mean by that is we are oftentimes engaging with the newbie beginner, the novice crowd, and the seasoned vets all at the same time. Unless we differentiate a particular training as advanced only or beginners only then it is important to remember the 3 audience rule and be as accommodating as possible for each group.

I realize that I have strayed away from this simple premise myself on many occasions and have gone off the deep end and probably scared the pants off some newbie marketer in the pursuit of serving the more advanced students. It would probably be a benefit if I had things structured better and made things clear or if I did a better job of teaching to all three audiences when I am on a passionate tangent about some technique or strategy I really love.

social media overloadIt’s easier to remember these things when we are not so caught up in the heat of the moment teaching frenzy. We should endeavor to remember that in MLM the majority of people in your team and organization are brand new to the industry. They have never done MLM before, created a website, created videos, articles, or marketed a thing in their lives.

Newbies are not tech savvy or marketing savvy. Most have never heard of SEO, conversion ratios, Google Analytics, etc. and will be blown out of the water if you are ranting on and on about these subjects without giving them a solid foundation to build upon first.

Granted your advanced students will demand upper level training, knowledge, and strategies or go elsewhere to find it. You simply must provide it if you want to be a leader in online MLM and take your team into the future of online Social Media marketing, internet marketing, success strategies, and business.
I’m not harping on anyone in particular including myself. I am just trying to make the point that sometimes all a person really wants and needs is the bare basics of social media in three minutes and thirty four seconds.

So here it is and if I haven’t clarified it yet than I am now, the following video is a basic look at the fundamentals of social media marketing. Oh yeah and it’s all over and done within three minutes and thirty four seconds. Nice Huh?

Social Media Marketing Basics

Social Media Marketing in 3:34 Cool Huh?


If you enjoyed this very basic training but are looking to master social media and take advantage of the massive rewards it has to offer check out this Facebook training that will blow you away and put you in the best position to master and profit from this amazing social media platform. In fact this…

FREE TRAINING VIDEO Shows How This FaceBook Queen Built Her 6-Figure Business in 6 months, Retired Her Husband from a Healthy Corporate America Salary, and Signed up 32 Reps in the Last 50 Days at a $500.00 Buy-In ALL via FaceBook Marketing!


Click this link now and be taken to the free video training: “Social Media” Mastery


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Cool Website Bells and Whistles Facebook and UEO

If you are looking around the website this week you’re starting to see some of the changes I talked about several weeks back when we talked about the importance of UEO (user experience optimization). Every search engine out there and Google is the King of search engines is striving to fulfill the promise of great user experience when you click on the top search results of their pages.


Did you just get that? “A great user experience.” And that is the new game in town really.


For far too long marketers have been concerned with SEO at the expense of what some like to call UEO, or “User Experience Optimization.” For far too long manipulating the search engines in any way possible to get to rankings in Google often came at the expense of providing users with a valuable experience once they got to the site.


You’d think it would be pointless to increase search engine results at the expense of good user experience but that’s exactly what was happening. It was embarrassing for Google to have top page rankings on sites that were junk and so they have been at work trying to clean things up with their new “Penguin” and not so new “Panda” updates that we’ve been talking about and joking about on this site lately.


And it’s not just Google who has jumped on board, Bing and Yahoo also seem to be following suit as the top search engines in the business are striving to rank better user optimized sites and guarantee quality results by taking new metrics into consideration in the ranking of sites.


The top search engines have made significant changes to do this including:


  • Measuring speed at which results and landing pages are served to users.
  • Improving the quality of short and long search query results.
  • Injecting as much local content into search results pages as possible.
  • Factoring in social media influence and reach from various platforms.
  • Optimizing experience on each and every user screen.

So your new post Panda and Penguin strategies should include among other things fulfilling each search engine’s promise of great user experience because they are watching, monitoring, and factoring these variables. That “user experience” should include among other things creating an environment that is easily useable, intuitive, fun, social, and that gives your users great value.


I will give everyone some great resources on another post for where to find some of these cool features and how to plug them into your blog to start improving user experience and social interaction in the future.


So today besides being behind the WordPress dashboard most of the day I was over on Michelle and Bill Pescosolido’s site today http://onlinewealthpartner.com/8-cool-apps-for-your-business-on-facebook/  looking at some really cool Facebook apps for your Facebook pages as well as your blogs. And I was really getting it when it comes to user interaction, user optimized experience, and the whole social future of the internet and online marketing.


In fact You really must see the power and impact of Facebook marketing when it is done right. So if you haven’t already done so use the following link now and you’ll see exactly what I mean and begin to:

Tap into the amazing power of Facebook Marketing Done Right:



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The Indispensable Asset for Your MLM Success

Today was entirely consumed in the creative process of MLM Success, which is truly something I love about what I get to do. The other night it was late as I was going to sleep and in that quiet darkened gap between sleep and consciousness when everything else is quiet in the world some of my greatest ideas for MLM success blossom.


From the fruitful birthing ground of my inner self spring forth plans and answers to questions about MLM Success that I have seeded my subconscious mind to work on for me. There is a technique to do this and I use it often, but I won’t get into it here, (you can find it in the “Success Equation” product) let it suffice to say that these things don’t happen by chance, there is intention and technique behind them.


So as these magnificent and exciting ideas begin to take shape in my imagination and I begin to see and play them out in a logical sequence, I begin to feel that I am really on to something important here. A way to get people to really understand some of the value I am offering instead of casually passing by the site thinking that’s all there is, or getting lost in the vast space of this growing website and topics on MLM Success.

 Purpose and MLM Success

Excited with pen and paper I spring from my bed to start recording those ideas that are so vivid in that certain mental space, but are rapidly fleeting if not captured and acted upon quickly.


Halfway through the night  and into the next morning I have captured the visions that come so quickly and effortlessly in that creative mental place, but take time, effort, and labor to transcribe into 3 dimensional space and time.


So today was spent putting together and creating the transcribed vision that came from within me, so that I might soon share it with others. It’s all part of the purpose and quest as I perpetually strive to have a greater impact upon people’s lives and their MLM Success. The great thing about it all is the way it just flows so effortlessly, and there is so much joy and excitement in the process that the whole day flies by without even noticing.  It’s amazing.


That’s what it’s like to be on purpose. That’s what it is like to live breathe and manifest MLM Success or what ever your purpose may be… It’s inspiring, monuntain climberinvigorating, it is fun and your expectant excitement about all of it carries you through the day with rapt attention to the quest and desire to finish your creation, and to share it with the world.

When the day is done you crave only more time to have had to work perfecting and finishing it. It’s awesome! That’s what MLM Success is like, it’s what purpose is like, and living on fire from a place of your “Compelling Reason Why.”


That’s what it is like to be aligned with your purpose and living from it. It’s why I created “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” product. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can use this link or go to the “My Products”  page.


You see when you have that kind of power working for you and in your life it really doesn’t seem like effort to accomplish things. That’s why I urge success training so much in my mentoring and teaching efforts.

If you want to accomplish great things, if you strive for MLM success you simply must align yourself with great purpose, great passion, and great power. There is a path to do this, and some find it naturally and others they don’t. Some people require training to attain it, but once you have it is an invaluable asset for your success. I would say that it is indispensable for MLM Success.


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Essential Systems for Your MLM Success

Essential Systems for Your MLM Success


The more I learn about money, wealth, business, personal success, marketing, influence, and persuasion the more I come to the firm bedrock understanding that MLM Success isn’t by chance but by design, and that the design is built on a system which is the mechanism for its success.


From Wikipedia:

A system (from Latin systēma, in turn from Greek σύστημα systēma, “whole compounded of several parts or members, system”, literary “composition”[1]) is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.


It takes the right recipe or equation to create MLM success and the results we want in this industry and in life.


So if we take this into consideration we must also examine the other side of the coin as well. For those who fail in MLM… is it because the industry is flawed somehow and no longer works? Of course not.

But for some reason the system for MLM success was either never revealed to them, the equation was never known, or they somehow failed to apply the requirements of the system to solve the success equation.


Is that too far out there for you..?


So what am I trying to say is this… I’m trying to stay with the findings of the great statistician Edward Deming that ended up putting Japan back on it’s feet and turned it into a Powerhouse Economic Force.


If you’re not familiar with Edward Deming here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

William Edwards Deming (October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993) was an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer and consultant. He is perhaps best known for his work in Japan.

There, from 1950 onward, he taught top management how to improve design (and thus service), product quality, testing, and sales (the last through global markets)[1] through various methods, including the application of statistical methods.


Deming made a significant contribution to Japan’s later reputation for innovative high-quality products and its economic power. He is regarded as having had more impact upon Japanese manufacturing and business than any other individual not of Japanese heritage.

Despite being considered something of a hero in Japan, he was only just beginning to win widespread recognition in the U.S. at the time of his death.[2] President Reagan awarded the National Medal of Technology to Deming in 1987. He received in 1988 the Distinguished Career in Science award from the National Academy of Sciences.


This guy put Japan back on the map and helped to create a nation known for quality products and manufacturing instead of cheap crap. That’s right Crap! That;s what Japan was known for once upon a time prior to the influence of great minds like Edward Deming and the application of sound applicable systems.


Edward Deming came to the conclusion that…

“94% of all failure is a result of the system… not people” (W. Edwards Deming).


Or as Robert Kiyosaki puts it…

For a business to survive and thrive, 100 percent of all the systems must be functioning and accountable. For example: An airplane is a system of systems. If an airplane takes off and the fuel system fails, there often is a crash. The same things happen in business. It’s not the systems that you know about that are the problem – it’s the systems you are not aware of that cause you to crash” (Robert Kiyosaki, The Cashflow Quadrant).


It’s the systems that you don’t know about that cause you to crash! Exactly…It’s one of the reasons I’m such a firm believer in systems, in principles, and in appropriate industry training. With the right system you Save Your Self Time Energy and Money. Without it you crash.


To learn more about systems for your success opt in for the 8 Day Free Training on the web form on this page or come and see…

Don’t Crash your MLM! Stop What you are doing Right Now and see…

A system structured for your Business Success at: System for your success


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A Chorus of Butt Monkeys Can Spoil Your Life

pt.1 http://daveschlueteronline.com/overcoming-the-butt-monkeys/

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pt.3  http://daveschlueteronline.com/part-3-my-own-personal-war-with-butt-monkey-number-5/


You know it personally felt so good to get that monkey off my back yesterday, that I really can’t wait to overcome some more of those pesky devils today and get on to creating some real success and abundance together. Does that sound good?

And here’s the point that I’m ultimately trying to get at really… How are you going to do that with these guys still swinging in the trees and causing chaos?

How are you going to get on with some real work and take care of what’s really important in life if you have all these monkeys running around in your head creating chaos and mucking things up for you? You can’t and that’s the point I’m trying to make.


So let’s get right to it and start clearing the halls of our mind from these pesky nuisances today and get building some abundance shall we?



It sounds Really Good Dave But…



But #6: It sounds really good Dave BUT… “I’ve heard that this is illegal, another one of those Pyramid Schemes!” 

You know I still hear about this complaint from people all the time and quite frankly it pisses me off.



Do you really think if it was illegal companies like AT&T would get involved in it or super rich and successful investor and business moguls like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet would be endorsing it and getting entrenched with it?


Do you really think for a minute Multimillionaire Mentor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Author, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki would take the time to write a book about it, lecture, and  endorse the industry and going so far as to say if he had to start all over again he would choose Network Marketing as a vehicle to begin building wealth with?

This guy is the number one selling personal finance author in the history of the world. And he’s telling you to get involved!



Don’t you think all these people know something the Butt Monkeys don’t?


Of course Network Marketing is legal. It’s legal in all 50 states and almost every country in the world. You can find charlatans in any field of business or industry but MLM is totally legit.


It used to be once upon a time that Network Marketing or also as it is often called MLM was only a fringe type business and it kind of only attracted a crowd of kooks and misfits.


But I can tell you assuredly today that with over 28.5 Billion in sales domestically, and a sales figure so large globally that I fear to even mention it, the industry has seriously grown up and it truly presents a major shift in the way people are doing business in this country and more importantly on a global scale.



But just because this pyramid scheme is still so prevalent and because it stops so many good people from taking action and achieving the success that they could be, let’s take a good look at it for a moment and examine the root cause.


Take any standard business structure and let’s look at it for a moment. What about your present job for instance? If you are an employee then there is a Big Boss, an Owner, or a CEO and shareholders at the top right? Then Vice Presidents, Regional Heads, Regional managers, then more middle managers, and then layers, and layers upon layers of employee’s at the bottom right?



Well tell me that don’t look like a pyramid to you! And it’s all the guys at the top that are making all the money right? It certainly isn’t the people that are there day in and day out taking care of the business and doing all the labor that earns those Big Wigs all that money.


If you take a look at a graphical illustration or schematic of any of these business organizations you’ll see they all look exactly like pyramids. Check out the MLM Destroys Corporate Injustice Video: http://daveschlueteronline.com/mlm-destroys-injustice/ for some shocking insights.



But you see MLM isn’t like that at all. And this is what pisses me off about it because people are blinded by lies, fear and B.S. that they’ve been spoon fed most of their lives. MLM is actually more of an upside down pyramid if anything and I’ll tell you why.


You see with network marketing everyone gets to start out at the top of their own growing pyramid as the president of their business and their own growing sales organizations.



So why would anyone want to remain at the bottom of the pyramid today where most people are and try to claw your way up the ladder never really owning any of it, when instead you could start out at the top of your own business interest tomorrow and start building a lasting cash producing asset in yourself that you get to keep and have pay you for a life time.


And that’s what starts to piss me off, it’s that people are so brainwashed and mind f’–ed that they somehow believe working 20, 30, 40 years or more in someone else’s business organization is better, safer, and more secure.



So let me get this straight. You work your whole life for someone else building their interests while they keep most of the money and when it’s all over and done you have what? Nothing? You build an income producing asset for others that you will never own, and that will never pay you another dime, getting yourself taxed to death the whole time and somehow that is safer and makes more sense than network marketing? …Really?


Look I’m sorry but that kind of stuff just makes me infuriated. It’s a lie, it’s been en-cultured into people and our society, and it is completely the product of ignorance and outright deceit. You’ve been exploited and kept down long enough haven’t you?


Look If I’ve offended anyone of you it’s because I love you, I’m trying to wake people up from a deep sleep and sometimes you have to shake people a little to do it.

Now I’ve rambled on way to long now, much longer than I’ve intended to but I think it was well worth it to put a fork in that Monkey for good and get him off people’s backs. So we’ll have to come back tomorrow to deal with the rest of the Butt Monkeys then.


So be sure and tune in tomorrow, watch the “MLM Destroys Corporate Injustice” Video: http://daveschlueteronline.com/mlm-destroys-injustice/

Watch the Next Monkey Segment: Get The Monkey off Your Back for Good Now

In the meantime, and if you are ready to get some real training and look at a No Monkey Business Approach to a more abundant future the check out this:



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Part 3: My Own Personal War with Butt Monkey Number 5

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Continuing our Visit with the Butt Monkeys Pt.2


Are we getting tired of monkeying around yet or what?

So at the conclusion of yesterday’s segment, I told you we would hold off on this one in particular because it involved one of the monkeys that used to cling to my back tenaciously.

But… without any further ado, let us get right down to Butt Monkey number five…


Well Dave, I might consider it But…

But #5: “Well Dave I might consider it But… All my family neighbors and friends will think I’ve gone Crazy!!


You see this is one concern that I can well understand. As a success mentor, coach, and online author, with my business, my reputation, and my ego at stake, I was at first reluctant to embrace network marketing.

I was skeptical about it for myself let alone the thought of actually endorsing it to anyone, standing behind it, or staking my reputation on it.

But after careful consideration, research, and care I decided to lean heavily upon the experience and wisdom of those with a far greater business, financial, and success skills than myself. I turned to my trusted mentors, the true giants of the business, financial, and success arena.

And after listening to what they had to say about wave 3 type network marketing business ventures, I had to reconsider my own beliefs.

After I heard what these top notch business, financial, and success masters had to say I realized I’d be pretty foolish not to get involved in today’s Network Marketing opportunities.

But even then I was still thrown off by the negative associations I had with much of the Network Marketing vocabulary and its lingo.

Just the word itself, “Marketing”… I mean what does that sound like to you? SELLING right? Well very few people today want to sell anything to anybody, anywhere, and this fact alone keeps most people away.

But Network Marketing isn’t about selling; it’s about sharing what you believe in. Sharing solutions and things you are passionate about with others. We’re actually far more like problem solvers, helpful friend, and consultants than anything else.

Then there is the way you get paid in network marketing. It’s called a commission check right? But doesn’t that sound like selling again?

But in reality I do very little selling at all. And that is the beauty of it. With the right company, the right products, the right system, tools and leadership behind you, you don’t have to do any selling really. You let the system work for you instead. You don’t have to be a salesperson to succeed at all.

And here’s another word for you…”Sponsor.” Now I don’t know about you but to me once upon a time that sounded like some kind of financial commitment to some person or some-thing that I just didn’t want to be involved in. I didn’t care for the sound of it at all.

But really a better word for it would be teacher, mentor, friend, or trainer, because you educate, you help others, and you share something that’s good, and your training is in something you believe in, not some made up pack of lies.

Instead it’s something you can feel good about and can stand behind.

And here’s one for you…When you join a Network Marketing Company you become what’s called a “distributor.” But the truth is in today’s network marketing companies you don’t really distribute anything. The company does all that for you.

You just share your experience with interested people it’s really that simple if you want it to be, and plenty of great businesses have been built and continue to be built around this foundation alone.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Of course there are ways to turbo charge this whole process put it on steroids and blow the roof off of your success. And you are right the training, tools, and learning curve, are more substantial but then so are the results.

But the point is most of the major successes and huge incomes you have heard about in this industry were built upon this simple foundation, and if that is all you ever want to do you can build a business that way too.

Personally I like horsepower and prefer to blow the doors off of things, take it to the next level, be on the cutting edge and push the envelope. But that’s just me.

My real point is that I never could have gotten to this point in my development with a monkey on my back.

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see if we can’t finish this monkey business and move on to something bigger and better.


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Overcoming the Butt Monkeys!

Today I want to take a little time out to talk to you about the Butt Monkeys. That’s right the Butt Monkeys.

You all know about the Butt Monkeys if you’ve been in this industry for a while. We’ve all had to deal with them at one point, and they can be a real pain in the butt if you’re not equipped to deal with them properly from the start.

No, I’m not talking about some kind of rash, itch, or problem with your underpants, I’m talking about those prospects that you try and talk to and help with information and an opportunity that can change their life, and instead of listening and being grateful they instead try and but…but… but… you to death.

You have to be prepared to deal with the butt monkeys when they come, and the very best way is to have done your homework on the opportunity you choose to sign up with in the first place. Either that or you might wind up having some BIG TIME Butt Monkey trouble.



It sounds Good But…

But #1: It sounds good But… “I’m just not a sales person!”

Well what if you had an amazing top quality product (in fact it couldn’t be any better) that demand for it had never been any higher than right now. What if prestige, wealth, and abundance were associated with your product and your opportunity was absolutely amazing?

Do you think you could share your enthusiasm about it with just a few of the right people? And what if you were shown exactly how to find those right people so you didn’t have to figure it out all on your own how to do it?

In fact what if you had a system you could use to find those right people, and that system was simple and easy to use. You’d probably find like most people you don’t want to stop with just a few of the right people. Instead why not share it with hundreds or thousands right?


It sounds Good But…

But #2: It sounds Good But… “I don’t want to be selling products out of the trunk of my car or my garage to 1,000’s of customers Nation Wide!”

Can you believe people think that we still do that in this industry?

Those days are long gone and yet people still think they are going to have to schlep products out of the trunk of their cars or have a garage full of inventory (crap) , hassle with shipping nightmares, taking orders, collecting payment, refunds, and all that crap standard brick and mortar type businesses hassle with.

Hell you’d be happy to have a garage full of our company’s inventory; it would be a major blessing! But no seriously… gone are the days of that stupid nonsense.

Even if you are in a company today that has a large auto-ship requirement for personal use or sale, pick a company with a product you’d be blessed to own and have more of, not something you can’t give away to friends, family, and neighbors. A little bit of forethought and planning goes a long way in picking the right product and opportunity.


There will be no:


  • Schlepping products from your garage or car to People EVER!

  • No inventory to stock, store, manage, mismanage, fix, exchange, or loose!

  • No products to deliver!

  • No products to ship!

  • No customer service catastrophe’s or billing nightmares!



 Okay Dave…It sounds Good But…

Butt #3: It Sounds Good But… “I’ve heard that the income really isn’t residual!”

That’s actually true to some extent.

There are some companies out there that force you to remain active in sponsoring to receive a pay check every month and you should absolutely boycott any of these companies that try and pull that monkey business on you. After all you’re looking to build a stable money producing asset here.

You also want to pick a company whose products are either consumable, or in constant demand every month and not seasonal.

You want to pick a company whose products have a massive market demand for them. You want products that will supply a steady year round supply of cash-flow each and every month into your bank accounts on autopilot.

Something with a massive market demand that your customers look eagerly forward to every month, that has a high retention rate, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. These are all key factors in the opportunity you choose to do business with.


Are the products essential, necessary, needed, and in demand for a lifetime?


You see if the product your company offers meets these requirements the more sales and profits there are going to be to share with everyone, the higher the chance your customers and distributors will stay with you, and the higher the chance your business to become stable and your income to become truly residual.

Stay away from products that are in demand only randomly or only used by a small percentage of the population. Pick markets with massive growth and demand.

Just remember there are not too many companies out there that meet these demanding requirements of our perfect hypothetical business model.

So that’s it guys for the first 3 major BUTT MONKEYS you are likely to encounter and how to overcome them.


Tune in tomorrow when we bring you 3 more of these pesky pains in the butt and how you can overcome them:

Butt Monkey Trouble Pt 2


Until then go and check out a business opportunity that meets all of the above demands. In fact an opportunity that not only meets these exacting requirements but truly sets a new standard for what we have been talking about.

Slay the Butt Monkeys and check this out today:

Butt Monkey Slaying Opportunity and Info

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MLM Success Training for Massive Team Success

Hello and welcome to the mystical magical zone where fiction becomes “reality” through the application and experience with an amazing MLM Success Training! What am I talking about? I’m talking about the subject of Success; Success in Business, Success in Life, Success in relationships, the whole 9 yards so to speak, and why it is such a mystery for so many people.


•          Are you struggling to make success a reality in your life?


•          Are you tired of being stuck in the rat race?


•          Would you like to discover and learn to use the proven financial, and success strategies that rich and abundantly successful people use?

•          Do you need to stop talking and dreaming about success and “Make it Real” with proven success generating strategies and principles?

  • Are you interested in an “Ironclad Guarantee” that your time and money will be well spent?


Then the only way you’ll find to transform your life is by changing the principles of success from fiction into reality, by using in depth, detailed, action, and study, of the essential masterpieces, and techniques of wealth and success. The principles…

The only question is if you are ready to start applying them to create the way of life that you have always dreamed of!


People like:


•   Andrew Carnegie


•   Henry Ford


•   John D. Rockefeller


•   Charles Schwab


•   Theodore Roosevelt


•   Thomas Edison


And the founders of the greatest successful recovery movement the world has ever known already have applied these principles and changed not only their own lives but the lives of thousands of others as a result.

Their testimony and demonstration alone is a powerful proven example of the incredible power that can be tapped by those who will faithfully apply the proper success principles in their lives.

1000’s of the world’s most successful people can’t be wrong! The data is in, and it proves that when these principles are understood, and systematically applied to your life, great success, healing and abundance are manifested!


Learn to actually “own” the principles of wealth, abundance and success. Principles that world-renowned capitalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie felt were more valuable than his $ 100,000,000 plus fortune!


Transform your results and Make Success your Reality.


After all, even the best success principles read, but not applied still remain “fiction.” The needed power is just not there! You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book. Instead it has to become “real” through action, and experience and the sustained application of the proper principles. It just does not work any other way.

Practice alone does not make perfect. Only perfect practice of the proper principles can do that. Anything else is like spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. There is plenty of action and effort expended but it is being applied in the wrong manner and you are still getting nowhere fast.

How many people in this industry accomplish just this… “Activity” but not “Productivity”? The result is attrition and failure. It destroys your business, your residual income hopes, and often has you in a continual team building and recruiting phase that never looks like it will end.

You can’t make success a reality until you own and apply the proper principles in the appropriate fashion. And you can’t do that until you have the perfect system for yourself and for your team to apply to capture this. It’s all about duplication remember?

So few people are ever taught to do this correctly and so few people ever achieve the magnitude of success and abundance in life that they are capable of. The needed “power” that comes with proper technique and execution just isn’t there!

You must apply the proper life changing principles to your life correctly to get the results that you desire. Until then you may still learn to ride, but the wobbly nature of your transit is less than fulfilling or spectacular. The “Right System” is the plan of action you must follow and employ in your life and in your team to get the spectacular results in life that you are seeking.


•          Is the needed “power” lacking in your life and in your MLM Team to propel you to the life that you desire?


•          Have you taken the success courses before, joined the book club, and still found there’s something missing, something that just didn’t click to produce the results you seek?


•          Is the motor running but you’re somehow in spite of your new-found knowledge is your business still stuck in park not really going anywhere? You keep stepping on the gas and there is a lot of noise but no movement.


This is the business of personal growth that you are in. Think about it. Your business and your team can only grow to the extent that you and your players do. So where is your success plan, where is your system for the greatest success variable involved in the success of your enterprise? Where is your game plan?

You’d better have one, it better be awesome, or you had better start figuring out where you are going to get it before things start unraveling for you or come completely undone.

If you neglect to take proper “action,” and gain “necessary experience,” you still remain stuck no matter how much book learning you may have! Your enthusiasm will fade in time, little or nothing will change, frustration will set in and then in time like most people, you fall prey to the next success trend that comes along. Either that or you become resistant to success programs or business opportunities in general. Or worse yet, you may just give up, claiming that none of that stuff really ever works anyway!

Or you may go overboard and devour new success materials with newfound vigor, and enthusiasm, like a rabid dog and his bone, hoping it will be enough to finally push you over the top.

More knowledge is always an excellent idea but until you master some of the key fundamentals necessary for success, happiness, joy, and abundance, more knowledge is of little use because you can’t properly utilize the information.


•          I’ve got some bad news!


•          I’m here to tell you success just doesn’t work that way!


•          The numbers prove it!


The cycle repeats again and again, with frustration, and disillusionment setting in. Maybe you’ve already experienced this despair! Or worse yet, maybe you’re just about ready to give up!


Don’t despair: Most People fail to recognize the “MLM Success Equation” until it is properly revealed to them, and they have been guided to apply it in their lives.

In depth study of the proper principles is extremely important and necessary, but actual ”experience” is then needed to complete the transformation. Anything less than this always disappoints and falls short.  Definite purpose, applied faith, concentration of endeavor, passion, enthusiasm, power, experience and action, are only some of the necessary variables. Having these essential variables missing or in too short supply is Success Suicide!

Come and find out today how different your life will be when you possess all the key ingredients and “Secrets of the Success Equation” in abundance and apply the solution vigorously to your life!


•   We deal with real world facts here not fiction!


•   We show you a tested plan that creates success and abundance in life!


•   We show you exactly how to use proper success principles and exactly how to get started!


•   1000’s of transformed lives bear a testament that can’t be wrong!


By inspiring people to “experience” the best success education available, through the right program of action, success becomes reality! The result is, lives change and transform. The seed of success begins to flourish! The miracle is in taking action not just in the education.

Action takes “power” and until you tap greater power in your life you will remain limited by  your own feeble resources. You will not live in the experience without action. Because it is likely that you will not take the actions required without added power, the attainment of added power in your life becomes a primary goal of The MLM Success Equation System.

If “your experience” is your only truth, and it comes through action, then you simply must tap into greater power immediately and get started. We believe this is the only way to really change a habit, a direction, a life, and a destiny.

So if you are looking to change the destiny of your life, you have to start with the destiny of your MLM team, and your MLM team looks to you to lead them guide them and show them the way. Tap into the system you need today to become the leader they need and provide them with the tools and system necessary for their abundant success.

When you create that kind of impact and momentum, people will love you, your business will thrive and you will achieve amazing success in this industry.


Go to the My Products tab on this website and learn how.

What are The Best Online Business Opportunities?

What are the best Online Business Opportunities out there today that are reliable, tested, and documented to create abundant success for ordinary people?


Where do you find them, how do you evaluate them, and how do you get your hands on them?

And why are you looking? Are you looking to maybe build yourself a permanent residual stream of income in your life doing something that you can begin on a part time basis with little or next to nothing down?

Are you perhaps looking for another source of quick or extra income to help you build toward some goal that you have in life?

Perhaps it’s a car, a house, a lifestyle change, retirement, or that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. Maybe it’s just rebuilding everything that this crazy economy has torn down or damaged in your life?

Well you are going to want to stay tuned today if you are looking for the best way online to do it, because I believe we’ll cover exactly what you need to know to find the best online business opportunities out there today, and show you what you need to know to make the very most of them.

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So what is it going to take for you to create this extra online income then?

  • How about an extra 3 hours of your time per day, a little bit of money (it’s a bargain really considering what you are going to get), and what you are going to get is a fully functional business in a box type system that can have you up and generating income online as quick as 15 minutes after you sign up! Sound good to you?
  • Within 3 months if you follow the game plan and fully outlined system you could be earning enough money to quit your present job and pursue this industry full time.
  • In 2-5 years you could be earning enough to retire with a handsome monthly income that if you play your cards right has the potential to expand continually month after month and year after year.

That’s No Joke! This is becoming commonplace.

If you’d like to have a look at a system like this Click Here Now

Listen… What you are about to learn isn’t for everyone…

but for a select few of you who listen with a positive attitude and an open mind, this might be just the opportunity of your lifetime to jump into one of the best online business opportunities out there.

  • Have you ever missed out on an awesome opportunity in your lifetime and wish you could get that one chance back again?
  • Was there ever a time when your inner vision spoke to you and you just didn’t listen?

Well let’s just assume for a minute that this is your time

It’s your year in fact, and so how do you go about finding the best online business opportunity that’s just perfect for you?

Well, if you look you will find hundreds of online opportunities out there and most of them all look the same on the front end.
  • So how do you weed out the “dogs” and the “losers” from the guaranteed winners then?
  • How do you find the best online business opportunities that are perfect for you and your lifestyle?

Well as a smart investor and business person you shouldn’t even consider a business opportunity online or offline if it doesn’t follow and pass the proven 3 question test that follows…

 Here’s the proven three question test that smart business leaders and investors use every day to evaluate business opportunities:









1.      What’s the Down Side?


Before you get involved with any of the best online business opportunities, before you become blinded by visions of wealth and abundance you have to ask yourself “What’s the downside?”

You must evaluate the risks involved and their consequences.

Every day there are people out there who are mortgaging what’s left of their houses and savings to start new business ventures and unfortunately for many all that is left after the first 5 years are the debts on those notes that they are still paying off because they failed to answer for themselves this one critical question.

  • Pick an opportunity that if things do go wrong you can walk away with no debt, no long term leases, no inventory or specialized equipment to liquidate, and no obligations what so ever. You are going to want to be able to be totally free.

 Click Here to see this No Down Side Opportunity Now

2.      Is the Profit from this Venture Residual or does it have Residual Potential? 


  • Can you end up walking away from this online business opportunity and end up having a hands off reliable stream of income flowing into your life forever?
  •  Can the business be put on auto-pilot or will you be stuck there in the grind everyday with it, watching over it, managing it, fussing, fretting, worrying, etc.?

How many small business owners do you know that haven’t been able to take a vacation in years, and the others who spend all their time working in their businesses instead of on their businesses?

There is definitely something wrong with that picture and as a small business owner you’ll want to make sure the online business opportunity you choose will help you avoid that.


3. Is this an opportunity that you can get passionate about?


  • Can you envision yourself endorsing whole heartedly the product or service you have chosen every day and getting excited about it?
  • Can you say that even if those residual streams of income are coming to you slower than maybe you originally hoped for, at least you’ll be having fun and enjoying yourself while you are still working it out?

The business model, and the business opportunity that I’m about to share with you I believe you will find as so many others have that it passes this critical 3 question test. That it not only meets their needs amply, but also feeds their passions as well.

Click Here Now- See This Video Now that Changed Internet Marketing

 I believe this will end up being one of the most fun and most rewarding things that you will ever do.

  1. There’s no overhead…
  2. No Debt…
  3. No Employee’s….
  4. Of course it is completely portable and can be run from your laptop!
  5. It’s a business system that makes it simple and easy for anyone and I mean anyone to become an online entrepreneur.
  6. There are people making money with it that never made money with any other online business opportunity.

 The Best Online Business Opportunities

I’m going to share with you what I believe is the specific best online business opportunity and system out there.

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Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…


MLM Success
MLM Success



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