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Part 3: My Own Personal War with Butt Monkey Number 5

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Are we getting tired of monkeying around yet or what?

So at the conclusion of yesterday’s segment, I told you we would hold off on this one in particular because it involved one of the monkeys that used to cling to my back tenaciously.

But… without any further ado, let us get right down to Butt Monkey number five…


Well Dave, I might consider it But…

But #5: “Well Dave I might consider it But… All my family neighbors and friends will think I’ve gone Crazy!!


You see this is one concern that I can well understand. As a success mentor, coach, and online author, with my business, my reputation, and my ego at stake, I was at first reluctant to embrace network marketing.

I was skeptical about it for myself let alone the thought of actually endorsing it to anyone, standing behind it, or staking my reputation on it.

But after careful consideration, research, and care I decided to lean heavily upon the experience and wisdom of those with a far greater business, financial, and success skills than myself. I turned to my trusted mentors, the true giants of the business, financial, and success arena.

And after listening to what they had to say about wave 3 type network marketing business ventures, I had to reconsider my own beliefs.

After I heard what these top notch business, financial, and success masters had to say I realized I’d be pretty foolish not to get involved in today’s Network Marketing opportunities.

But even then I was still thrown off by the negative associations I had with much of the Network Marketing vocabulary and its lingo.

Just the word itself, “Marketing”… I mean what does that sound like to you? SELLING right? Well very few people today want to sell anything to anybody, anywhere, and this fact alone keeps most people away.

But Network Marketing isn’t about selling; it’s about sharing what you believe in. Sharing solutions and things you are passionate about with others. We’re actually far more like problem solvers, helpful friend, and consultants than anything else.

Then there is the way you get paid in network marketing. It’s called a commission check right? But doesn’t that sound like selling again?

But in reality I do very little selling at all. And that is the beauty of it. With the right company, the right products, the right system, tools and leadership behind you, you don’t have to do any selling really. You let the system work for you instead. You don’t have to be a salesperson to succeed at all.

And here’s another word for you…”Sponsor.” Now I don’t know about you but to me once upon a time that sounded like some kind of financial commitment to some person or some-thing that I just didn’t want to be involved in. I didn’t care for the sound of it at all.

But really a better word for it would be teacher, mentor, friend, or trainer, because you educate, you help others, and you share something that’s good, and your training is in something you believe in, not some made up pack of lies.

Instead it’s something you can feel good about and can stand behind.

And here’s one for you…When you join a Network Marketing Company you become what’s called a “distributor.” But the truth is in today’s network marketing companies you don’t really distribute anything. The company does all that for you.

You just share your experience with interested people it’s really that simple if you want it to be, and plenty of great businesses have been built and continue to be built around this foundation alone.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Of course there are ways to turbo charge this whole process put it on steroids and blow the roof off of your success. And you are right the training, tools, and learning curve, are more substantial but then so are the results.

But the point is most of the major successes and huge incomes you have heard about in this industry were built upon this simple foundation, and if that is all you ever want to do you can build a business that way too.

Personally I like horsepower and prefer to blow the doors off of things, take it to the next level, be on the cutting edge and push the envelope. But that’s just me.

My real point is that I never could have gotten to this point in my development with a monkey on my back.

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see if we can’t finish this monkey business and move on to something bigger and better.


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Posture: If You Don’t Have it… You’re Not Goin to be MLM Recruiting


Hey Friends

Don’t ever just hope to succeed when you are engaged in MLM Recruiting activities.

Don’t ever hope to sign somebody up. You’re in the wrong mental state if you’re coming from position, of need, hope, want or lack. Hoping someone will join you screams lack to a prospects ears.

More than that, if someone is a lousy prospect forget them. You don’t need them. Don’t hope to change them!

As a successful network marketer it is your job to evaluate who is worthy of your time, effort, training, and knowledge and who isn’t. Just forget the people who say “well we’ll see”, or that want to join when “you are successful”, or that want you to do the work for them and grant them some sort of guarantee that you can make them a success.


Posturing is about making a critical analysis of your time, how you choose to spend it, and with whom. Who do you want to spend your time in this business partnering with, building up, leading, mentoring, and creating success with?

When you have posture and you are MLM Recruiting there’s no need for hype, hope, high pressured sales, convincing people, etc.

You don’t guarantee peoples success… that’s up to them and whether they are willing to work for it, whether they will follow the instructions, the system, and the plan. You can’t decide for them whether they will be successful or not any more than you can give them some kind of guarantee on their behavior.

It’s possible to guide and mentor others but they have to be the ones who will do the work, put in the time and effort, and grow.

It’s your job to interview and find those people that you think will follow through and become excellent business partners for you now and in the future. That’s the position and posture you need to come from.

It’s not your job to prove the opportunity is right for them, it’s their job to prove to you that they are right for the opportunity. It’s their job to prove to you they are worthy of your time.

People have to take personal responsibility for their own success. People need to be accountable.

  • How hard are they willing to work…
  • Are they willing to get out of their comfort zones…
  • How big is their dream…
  • How clearly defined is their compelling reason why?

You are interviewing them for a position in your multi-million dollar business. This isn’t for everyone, and you don’t want those who don’t qualify.

You are interviewing for potential partners in abundance and success, you’re not running a charity for degenerates.

I’m not here to serve degenerates, what I am doing is reviewing applicants for a position in my multi-million dollar success team and sales organization. I am not hoping you join… I am interviewing candidates looking for the right people.

To learn more about posturing and how to increase MLM recruiting magic in your MLM Business, check out the http://daveschlueteronline.com/how-to-recruit-people-into-mlm-sales/   article on my blog site and make sure you get the bonus webinar with my very special guest and top income earner in his company as he shares some golden nuggets of recruiting wisdom and know how that will increase your recruiting conversion rates.

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Service Oriented MLM Sponsoring

100_2230Yesterday we were up early 4:30am to travel several hours so we could volunteer for the American Lung Association and man the largest rest stop for the Levi Liepheimer Grand Fondo which is a 100 mile bicycle race through the cost range of Northern California and so what on earth can that have to do with MLM sponsoring? Everything. It’s just part of some of the volunteer work that we do for fun and that’s what brought us to the hills of Occidental CA. this early morning.

All day long hot, thirsty, hungry, and sometimes exhausted bicycle riders pour in and pour out of the rest stop on their quest to conquer the Kings Range and finish one of the three distance routes of the race. 7500 riders in all compete, some for bragging rights, some for notable finishes, and some just to finish at all.

All are thankful to find such a well-run and stocked rest stop with food beverages, a mechanic, toilets and smiling helpful volunteers ready to serve and assist. Smiling faces and gratitude are the norm and although it is a long day of work that starts early and ends late it is also rewarding in a way that no other work is. Service is great and it nurtures the soul. It feeds the giver and the receiver.

As the race is proceeding and we are all scurrying to keep provisions stocked for this mammoth population of extreme athletes, a rider as 100_2031customary comes to the food table and thanks us for all our hard work. The gentleman volunteer to my right responds casually it’s you who are doing the hard work here my friend and after all it wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t show up. The rider gratefully responds to him “Man if my work was like this I would love going every day, this isn’t work this is pure pleasure.”

And I’ve been thinking to myself ever since I heard him say that “what if you could?” What if I could show you a way to have more time, more money, and more freedom in your life, so you could do what you really love and want to do with your time like race bicycles and embrace your passion? And then what if you could talk to other cyclists just like yourself and share the opportunity with them so that they could do the same thing, live their dreams, and pursue their passion? I mean how awesome would that be?

100_2034That’s part of why network marketing is so powerful and such a pleasure to be involved with, it’s because we get to do exactly those type of things. We get to engage in service oriented MLM sponsoring. We are problem solvers not salesmen. We find a need and offer a solution. We offer something that meets or fulfills a desire, a problem, a longing, or a dream.  We promote a solution to an emotional dilemma. We are the friends and helpers of those we meet not someone trying to sell another bottle of snake oil to people we don’t care about.

We are in the business of dreams and building dreams because we know we have found a vehicle that can take that bicycle rider to the life he would rather lead than the one he postpones because of where he is at in life. I know that man could have the life and the business of his dreams if he really wanted it, and that he could be living it from the seat of his bicycle if someone had listened and noticed long enough to see the opportunity this man was ripe for, and cared enough to then present it to him. That’s truly service oriented MLM sponsoring.

I’ve been thinking of that bicycle rider since yesterday and all day today and the powerful example of what sponsorship and prospecting should always be – Service Oriented. Find a need that we can fulfill for someone else and offer the opportunity. Don’t chase, hound, and pester people trying to make a sale. Nobody likes pushy sales people. Find a person, find a need, find your heart and offer them a solution. A solution that fixes a problem, fulfills a dream, or feeds a passion is our real product.

I just wanted to share a fantastic Training Bonus with you that I think will rev you up about your life and what is going on with the economy and our economic futures. You really should check this out right now as a part of my service oriented MLM sponsoring for the day. http://daveschlueteronline.com/financial-literacy/


MLM Success Training of Top 5 MLM Income Earners

You can View this Video on YouTube at: Top 5 Strategies of the MLM Masters


MLM Success

The cold hard facts are this and just this when it comes to MLM Success Training. Ninety-five percent of Network Marketers fail to achieve the level of success they desire in this industry. Not only is this fact true but it is sad when you think about it. But here’s the deal… when people are plugged into the right systems, tools, training, and leadership in this industry (the right MLM Success training) they skyrocket to success.


What that says about the level of proper preparation and training available in the MLM success industry is deplorable. Too many people miss question-markthe fair chance they deserve to improve their lives and realize the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of their hearts. Bitterness and resentment toward the industry is often the end result.


It’s bad for people and it’s bad for the industry. So what is it then that the top earners know and do differently than the 95% who want to follow in their footsteps. What is it that separates the five percent from the ninety-five?


Ninety-Five percent of marketers fail to learn the basics of the industry first and discover what it is really all about, and make the proper investment in themselves and their business.


They fail to employ the tools, strategies, and systems that top earners use to produce the phenomenal results they get. Consequently they fail to get into profit, stay in profit, and grow that profit month after month, and year after year. Top earners invest in the tools and education that makes the difference in the people they become and in the business they generate.


Then there’s the problem of leads. The average beginning Network Marketing distributor also has no system or platform in place to generate a steady, consistent flow of cheap or even free, quality leads in sufficient numbers to sustain growth and consistent recruiting success.


financial literacyDisappointment or the exorbitant cost of generating leads gets the best of them and they quit. They grumble idly in a state of limited action or no action at all that eventually kills their MLM business. Top earners  on the other hand employ automated cheap or free systems to generate a steady flow or quality leads to their business. Then they allow the profits of their success purchase and invest in more expensive marketing.


Average MLM distributors fail to understand that Multi-Level Marketing is a business of building relationships, nor do they have systems and training in place to accomplish this. Most new MLM distributors are counseled to recruit, recruit, and recruit. If that’s all you’re focused on in this business you’re going to go out of business.


Most novice distributors try to get laid on the first date. They pitch their opportunity long before a relationship or trust is ever established.


Experienced marketers never make this mistake. In fact they employ systems to build relationships and rapport with prospects long before trying to sell them on their primary business opportunity. In fact most have the entire process automated and running 24 hours a day 365 days a year while they are off doing what they choose.


Experienced online MLM’ers generally only make personal contact to close a prospect that is really already sold on the opportunity. The system does the majority of the work for them allowing them greater leverage and freedom.


Management, training of new distributors and the rigors of growing a team is a major challenge for most people in the industry. This can be MLM business plan patienceoverwhelming for novice Network Marketers as they find themselves spending more and more time and energy training new recruits who then end up dropping out and never doing anything. It paralyses the growth of new businesses and can be a major, major pain.


Top distributors employ systems to train down line distributors or employ tools to train them in large numbers. Most either develop their own training systems or employ third party credible resources to manage this aspect of their business for them.


Top distributors realize that duplicating success is the quickest way to the top. It’s not what you can achieve personally but what you can duplicate in a team environment that matters. Without duplication Network Marketing is a bad business model. Top distributors know and employ strategies that newbies often miss or never hear of.


Top distributors understand the value that every lead coming into their marketing funnel represents. Top distributors are better at capitalizing on leads that enter that net yet never join their primary businesses.


This lost revenue is completely missed by the average uninformed distributor. How they do this is actually easier than you might think. Top marketers make extensive profits off trainings, tools, information, and products of a generic and non-company specific nature that meets the needs of other marketers and opportunity seekers who pass through their marketing funnels.


financial literacyThis revenue is substantial and the products are an easier sell than enrolling people into a primary company. This adds fuel in the form of marketing capital and adds to their bottom lines. It can also be a major source of income for new up and coming marketers who are in the know.


These are but a few of the top differences and techniques utilized by top earners in the industry that differentiate their results from the ninety-five percent of other marketers out there in the industry. To learn the specifics of the techniques we’ve been discussing visit me at:


If you’d like to go deep and get a glimpse of what awesome sponsoring, support, and servant leadership looks like, check out the following seminar that shows you the way to avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls that keep people trapped in a life of debt and mediocrity, how to avoid them, and how to skyrocket to success with the right MLM Success training and the right: MLM opportunity.


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