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Opportunity of a Lifetime to Create a New Financial Life in 2014!

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Increasing Financial Literacy

Money as Debt

Let’s think for a minute about everything that Best Selling Author, Financial Educator, and Multi-Multi-Rich Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has to say about Financial Literacy and just let it sink in for a minute (you do know Robert don’t you?).

How many of you really understand and have been taught Financial Literacy, what money is, or how it is created? How many of you consider your self to possess financial literacy? What is Your Financial IQ?

It seems to me that Financial Literacy should be of paramount importance in an educated society, and yet how many people do you know and hang out with who can adequately answer the most important elementary Financial questions? How many do you know who would even know what those financial literacy questions should be. For most people the answer will be not many, and it is likely reflected in the financial lives they lead, and in their current state of financial affairs.

Remember don’t shoot the financial literacy messenger…

Hey Friends
Hey Friends

I love you guys but like I’ve said I’m trying to wake some people up and to do that you have to shake people a little. I understand financial literacy can be a very touchy subject. I’m just calling it like it is and like Robert is. I’m just being real with you, and the reality is that most people have no financial literacy, and they are suffering for it.

So let’s take a little more time out of our precious lives and let’s get some answers about where money comes from, how it is created, and how it powers an economy.

Let’s take a little time out of our busy lives and cultivate one of the most important life skills “Financial Literacy.”

Get More Financial Literacy Training and Information:

Financial Literacy Training Page



Money as Debt…


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Illegal Manipulation of Gold and Silver Markets and How to Profit

What’s really up with Gold and Silver and the US Dollar


Have you ever wondered what’s really up with Gold and Silver, why there is such a recent demand, and why you can’t seem to look anywhere lately without hearing about these issues or seeing some advertisement to buy your physical gold from you?

Let’s all develop our financial IQ a little further and learn the truth and how to take advantage in today’s economy.

Watch today’s video’s then we’ll talk about a fantastic opportunity to profit from this powerful information.

This is exactly what the founding fathers feared…



Take back your freedom… Financial education should be the first requirement for a free people, not something excluded from our education system. Let’s get some financial news that should be of particular interest to anyone concerned with the truth in these matters and what the future holds…



Don’t take my word for it listen to the experts.

The price of Gold and Silver is being illegally manipulated.

These are some things you need to know about this opportunity, who is behind them, and what you need to do to profit.



Would you like to look at an opportunity to profit in Silver and Gold and help others to do the same? Check out the following link now:

“Opportunity in Gold and Silver”


If you are interested in certified Bullion and Collectible certified Gold and Silver use this link now:

“Buy Gold and Silver”


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“Financial Literacy Page”

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The Need for a Financial Plan B

You know it isn’t too hard these days if you just look around and open your mind to seek the truth instead of the bull you hear every day, to become aware of the fact that the whole economic system worldwide is in some deep and serious trouble and you need to have a financial plan B.

Most people refuse to believe the truth and instead hear what they want to hear hoping it will all turn out fine in the end. Nothing could be further from the truth for those unwilling to be proactive in deciding their own destinies.



In fact it is why I have been pushing for financial literacy and out of the box type solutions for the readers of my newsletter, and my team members. You have that option today as well.

You have got to get outside the box and embrace some new thinking attitudes and strategies if you are going to come through this time of change safely and profitably.

In fact more new millionaires were created during the last Great Depression than any other time in our history. And this was happening while the people who were not in “the know” were diving out of buildings. To be in the know you need to have a solid financial plan B.

After all, the Titanic was a very large “box full of people” claiming to be “unsinkable” and yet it lays entombed in its watery grave at the bottom of the Atlantic to this very day. They had life boats (a plan B) but it was a bad plan B and so the results did not turn out very well.

So what’s my point? Don’t go down with the ship! Develop your financial plan B today. If you haven’t noticed we’re taking on water! So it’s time to get in the know!

Watch today’s important video message and then go check out some out of the box financial Plan B type solutions. Sign up on the web form on this page and I’ll get you hooked up. You can sign up here on this page or by visiting the link below and opting in for the video training.



For Some Killer Information and a Financial Plan B Go to:  Get Plan B

How Money is Made / Created

How Money is Created or Made…

Now there’s an interesting notion… Have you ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s books? Robert talks about his Rich Dad, and his Poor Dad, and he contrasts them in his stories and the lessons he learned from both of them growing up.

His Poor Dad (head of education in Hawaii) always said: “ Go to school get good grades and a good education so you can find a good safe secure good paying job. That’s the Smart thing to do…”

His Rich Dad said always said: “Start a business and learn to be rich. That’s the smart thing to do.”

Rich Dad also said that: The poor work for wages and the Rich learn to Make money or Create it…

Watch today’s Video and Get the story of How Money is Created.



For another take on How to Create Money…


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 Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

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New Rules of Money Lessons 1 & 2

Hey there everybody welcome to the new rules of money

Welcome to today’s training…

You are about to develop skills and abilities
that sadly 95% of the rest of society either
has no idea even exists yet or they have failed
to acquire as a result of ignorance, arrogance,
or outright lazieness.

Lets dig in to the new rules of money

*** The MAIN Reasons Most People FAIL ***


Most people worry about finances and believe that finances alone is the solution to their problems. If they only had more money all would be bliss…

But is that really true?

Unfortunately more money usually only brings most people greater money problems. Sad but true..

If money really was the solution then wouldn’t all lottery winners be better off in 7 years then before they hit the jackpot? Then why is this statistically not the case? It’s because they do not understand the new rules of money

Wouldn’t recipients of great inheritances always end up better off? Then why is this also not the case?

So what is the problem with money then? There isn’t really… It’s more a problem with peoples financial intelligence and success programing that becomes the problems in people’s lives.

So today we are going to begin to tackle some of the issues about financial intelligence and I am going to introduce you to one of my mentors on this subject and let him give you a couple of lessons, the first of many on the subject of financial intelligence. A little later we’ll get to systems and trainings on business and success but for today we are going to address financial intelligence and get people up to speed on this subject so we can get to deeper training later on in this series…

So go and check out todays training about money and find out why what people have been telling you most of your life is all horse crap. Find out what the new rules of money are and how the rich use them to get richer and how you’d better adapt them too if you’re going to have any shot at all of attaining financial successs and freedom in your life…

Check out today’s video’s right now…

 New Rules of Money Lesson 1 



New Rules of Money Lesson 2


To Your Success and Abundance,

Dave Schlueter

Learn to Increase Your Financial Literacy Today… Visit the Financial Literacy Page

Understanding Inflation and Why to Buy Silver?

Transfer Paper Dollars into Tangible Assets:

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