Success Truth #7: Success is Built, Experienced, and Lived One Day at a Time

Success Truth #7: Success is Built, Experienced, and Lived One Day at a Time

It is one day at a time; one hour at a time and one moment at a time that we must learn to live our lives.

That is truly all we have to work with. The gift is success in the moment. That’s why it’s called the “Present.”

Plan for the future of course, but don’t let it consume your greater consciousness. Remember to live in the day. Reminisce in the past only occasionally, for entertainment or for the purpose of therapy and growth.

Live one day at a time, savoring the present moment. These simple words are the carriers of great wisdom, great success, great wealth and great abundance.

Isn’t it true that just about anyone can deal with all the fears, pains, and challenges of just one day?

Can we be joyful for just one day? Can we experience innate abundance for just one day, one hour, one moment at a time?

How about experiencing the beauty of life for one whole day? Could you do it? Could you manage to not complain, judge, or condemn, for just one whole day and experience gratitude instead?

Try it… Could you believe and take action upon it for just one day? What if you had a little help- A little extra power to assist you each day? Then could you do it? Just one day!

It’s when we start to take on multiple days, weeks, years, multiple worries, and multiple possibilities that we multiply our troubles.

We can drive ourselves mad with such an occupation, destroying whatever chance we may have had for abundance and success right here today.

When you add the burdens of yesterday called the past, and fears of tomorrow called the future to your present 24 hours with which you have to live, they creep in and steal the present.

You’ve been robbed, and the only one to blame is you. You overload the nervous system and effectively prevent peace and serenity from enter. It also can also halt your positive actions in their tracks.

The challenges of today are plenty, and all that you are adequately prepared to handle without overloading your wagon. Be forewarned future tripping, past wallowing, overloading etc. as an activity is monumentally ineffective in producing that which you desire. That is… unless misery and destitute failure is what you seek.

If you refuse to reside in the moment, then you effectively cut yourself off from your conscious connection with the present. You cannot effectively live in the heart of today. Since the heart of today is where you construct the now and the future, you are ineffective in creating what you want now or in the future. Your present moments are what helps to build your future, and yet you’re not here in the now to carry that job out. You rob yourself of the necessary resources for creating a future of abundance due to your absence in the here and now. You’re not showing up to do your job. You called in sick again and denied yourself the opportunity to get the work done today. You’re fired and now your just along for the ride!

You’ve got to show up every day if you want to succeed in network marketing. You have to show up every day if you want to succeed in life. You have to become a self-disciplined and self- motivated person to succeed big in MLM and in life. It takes perseverance and dedication to yourself, your business, and your dreams, your vision. When you do you win and win big in this industry and in life.

How can you build your abundant future when you are not on site to provide the necessary labor and intellectual input today? Let me explain. When you are outside of the present moment, you are cut off from a large portion of your being. That’s just a fact. Intuition cannot access your intellect. You cannot use the two way broadcasting center within you to send intention and receive inspiration and energy from the universe. The phone is ringing off the hook but there is no one in the office to answer. I realize I’m sounding rather metaphysical here again, but check out some quantum physics facts sometime and try and dispute the evidence of what I’m saying.

You see, life may be trying to teach you and coincidently receive your requests today also, and yet you are out to lunch.  Elvis has left the building… What kind of business is getting done while you are gone? How much work right here in the present is being accomplished? While you linger in the past or project your supposed future, or cook yourself in a tangle of your own overloaded circuits – you miss the opportunity to use the present to fully create the life you desire. There is work to be done and the time and place to do it is right here in the “here and now.”

Life is still happening around you and being created no matter where you may be at. You are within the parameters of the “now” creation that is being played out. However, when you detach from the present you are no longer playing an active role co-creating the existence you desire, and you miss all that life is offering you today. Opportunity smiles, waves, and passes you by. You subject yourself to the conditions that come your way through your inactivity to willingly participate in the process of creating your life. You become the victim of your own inactivity. Or even worse, you focus so much energy on your past woe, or future fears, that you begin to attract more of it in your life. These are toxic and dangerous, dangerous habits.

It is essential to focus on what is great about your life right now. What is good about today? Your focus must shift away from lack, and want, and towards what is excellent right now. List ten things in life that you possess and wouldn’t give up for one million dollars- ten things that you possess right now today. Your attention must move away from a conscious attitude of lack in your life and towards an attitude of abundance if you intend to produce and experience a windfall of success in your life. I guarantee that if you consciously dwell on what you are missing out on you will attract more lack into your life. It will be the reality you experience because it becomes your focus.

Focus is like a magnifying glass and a filter all at the same time. The energy you radiate as a result will only attract more of the same. It is like a magnet, and attraction is the principle. You must change the energy input you use to create your reality to change your reality. Direct your attention to expand upon abundance, gratitude, and wealth instead of lack, despair, or what you don’t have yet. You must become attractive to what you do desire. Negative energy does not attract positive energy instead it repels it. You simply can’t expect to manifest or experience contentment, gratitude, or wealth when you focus on lack and what you don’t have. It’s just the nature of how things work. This is a universal principle as real as gravity. You don’t have to see gravity to witness it’s effects.

You must focus on and experience gratitude and abundance if you wish to attract and experience it in life. Focus is a powerful principle that you should learn the secrets of. You see, what you focus on in life expands.

Are you here and present in the moment, or are you somewhere else most of the time? Are you focusing on gratitude and abundance that you already possess, or on lack, on things you want, and what you don’t have? Where do you intend to spend the remainder of today, the days to come, and what do you intend to experience?

Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things in life, the things in your life change.” Only you can accept responsibility for this, and the only time you have to accomplish this shift in consciousness is right here, right now, in the present. Don’t blame life, don’t blame others, and don’t blame God for your luck. Instead simply look at yourself and accept responsibility for your part. Learn what your part is and own it! You don’t stand a chance of achieving great magnificent life until you will.

Will you now use today appropriately, and make your worthy ambitions the most likely outcome in your life? Or through lament and remorse of either past or future, will you defer the building of your greatest life for yet another day?

GOD is in the now moment whatever conception of “God” you may have. Now is where you find the support, inspiration, hope, guidance, resources and power necessary in the universe to create a life of success and abundance. You will not find it in yesterday, and you will not find it future tripping your tomorrows. You will not find it blaming others. You will not find it refusing to own your part.

GOD may have shown up for you yesterday and maybe not, but if you were not here in the present today to receive the gift, how would you know? You missed the opportunity that is in the right now.  I hate to sound redundant but this point is critical for your understanding.

Einstein’s definition for insanity is to do the same things expecting different results. Most of us have heard this saying before.  But the same thing is true for future tripping and morbid past re-visitations. Lack, fear, guilt, sorrow, and remorse will never produce the prize you desire. Don’t put yourself in the mental frying pan. Don’t direct your attention there. You must begin to restructure the now and begin to experience the life you desire today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, and not someday. The gift is in the moment. It’s in the present that you find and create the life that you have desired.  If you have mentally traumatic hang-ups that are preventing your progress there are remedies to deal with the specific issues and it depends on the specifics of the malady. But… the now is where the living miracle takes place. You won’t find it or create it elsewhere. You will not find it by placing blame on others or even looking at yourself in a negative light. You need to keep your eyes on what you are doing here in the present. You need to be honest with what your part is. This is the fertile ground where you must put action, intention, and attention to work for you. You must learn to travel this road to success living it one day at a time, one hour at a time, and sometimes one moment at a time. Focus is a vitally important aspect of your being. You must direct it appropriately for the tasks at hand.

I realize this seems to be a simple truth that many of you may have probably already heard. You see, living life one day at a time actually sounds quite simple. But it is more than what it may first appear to be to the untrained eye. It is actually a much harder discipline to actually master than you may at first realize. You must have a strategy to continually apply this technique to your life or the positive impact of your first attempts will tend to dissipate. Old and established routes of thinking (habits) must be erased from the landscape of your mind if they do not correspond with fulfilling your worthy visions, goals, and aspirations. New routes that support your worthy ambitions must become the well beaten paths in your consciousness (new habits). They must support you.

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