Success Truth #5: You May Be Blocking Yourself from the Abundance You Desire

Success Truth #5: You May Be Blocking Yourself from the Abundance You Desire


Anger, resentments, fear, guilt, shame, harm done to others, unfulfilled restitution, unconscious mental files, etc. may be blocking you from the success in your MLM business and the happiness in life you deserve. You may be creating your own devastating obstacles without even knowing it. Low antagonistic energies that are caused by anger, resentment, fear, and the like, will literally play havoc with your positive ambitions. Sound a little new age I know, but this has literal effects on reality from the stand point of physics and the evidence we continue to discover in this fascinating field.

If you do not create a sufficient positive force to counteract negative black holes in your psyche and eliminate them from your being, they will continue to suck the life energy out of your positive intentions. The darkness this negativity creates may be momentarily illuminated by your positive intentions, much like the effect of a flashlight in a darkened arena. However, without a sufficient positive force, the light presented will not be nearly enough to brighten the stage or theater of your ambitions. Your goal is to create and attract a sufficient positive force (power) in your life and become able to maintain it over time. Otherwise, the darkness of these negative character liabilities (fears, harms, resentments, self-loathing, negative beliefs, etc.) will block you from the success and abundance you desire. I am speaking in gross generalities I realize, but… Negative energy robs you of the light. You can call it life, you can call it light, you can call it high vibrational spiritual energy, or whatever you want. It does not matter. It still affects you. What matters is the fact that this negative energy attracts more of what you don’t want into your life and repels what you do want. This is a fundamental spiritual truth.

These precursors to self-sabotage (sometimes conscious, and more often un-conscious), have to be recognized, understood, and removed if they are presenting a threat to your progress and abundance in life. It depends on the nature of the malady but each instance shall have its specific remedy. They must be dealt with appropriately by the student who intends to truly succeed. It’s one more way that you grease the wheels and lubricate the process for least resistance.  If you do not address these issues, they may continue to manifest stubborn road blocks that inhibit your success, abundance and happiness.

The nagging symptoms of these afflictions will often present themselves to you in ways that are difficult to perceive or understand. Indeed, it may seem as if the universe is resisting your efforts and ambitions yet you can’t put your finger on the reason why. This is, in fact, much closer to the truth than you realize. This nagging affliction weakens our best efforts tends to disillusion even advanced students of success until it is properly identified and dealt with accordingly. The good news is there are specific strategies to identify and weed these bedeviling liabilities from your universe.

You must acquire a deep internal change concerning these negative aspects of yourself where they exist. Fears, resentments, harms, guilt, and restitution left undone must be addressed or little headway may be made toward the summit of your life’s ambitions. True peace, happiness, success, and abundance may elude you. You must master these precursors to self-sabotage and bring them into harmonious alignment with the principles of abundance and prosperity. If you don’t your expedition toward finding your greatest success and life will be in jeopardy. If you don’t address the obvious, you may find that after you have climbed halfway up the mountain of success, you can’t keep going up on your own strength alone. At that point, you are so overwhelmed, so frustrated and so despairing that you may willingly scuttle your provisions down the mountainside in fits of rage, remorse, confusion, guilt, or utter despair. Liabilities to your success must be identified and mastered.

If you’ve got a great MLM sponsor, great support, and a fantastic system in place and you’re not succeeding yet, you’d better dig a little deeper and start looking at yourself. Most 90 day MLM dropouts will point the finger at someone else or something else as the reason for their failure. Just remember when you start pointing fingers there are three fingers pointing back at the problem.

Make no mistake about it – you will never reach your full potential, or the abundance of joy, wealth, happiness, and success you deserve – until you first identify and clear these road blocks. If they torment you now, they will continue to torment you no matter how much money you may acquire, or what accomplishments you may achieve in life. Successful and abundant achievers know and realize this already. They have faced and overcome the challenges you may yet need to face as you progress.

You must learn how to make an honest self-appraisal, which takes account of your personal liabilities and assets. We will show you how. You must learn how to use a plan of action which cleanses these liabilities and converts them into assets. You will do this by following The MLM Success Equation. Strengthening of your spiritual assets (your inner universe) and the reclamation and strengthening of your character is a requirement for successful, happy, abundant living. The MLM Success Equation can show you the way.

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