Success Truth #4: No One Becomes Extremely Rich or Successful Alone

tug-of-warSuccess is a team sport my friends. Mlm in particular is a highly leveraged team oriented business model. This is good because that gets you started off on the right footing as far as success is concerned. But…You will need mentors, advisors, and the support and advice of a mastermind alliance to reap all the success you rightly deserve in this industry. This is not the realm of the rugged individualist.

You are only as good as your team. You must have people in your business life who support and encourage you. If this necessary support isn’t present in your life already, then you must get to work establishing it immediately. Having an awesome MLM sponsor or a superb training system in place is of supreme benefit.

Be careful again who you get your advice from. There are people out there who will take your last dollar selling you training or tools you don’t need. This will not produce the results you want or lead you toward success.

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 You’ll need help from powers greater than yourself, a power that others who have successfully gone before you can help to share with you. You’ll learn to rely upon their support, experience, and guidance if you wish to suffer the least amount of trial, error, defeat, and pain on your journey to the top.

If you were going to climb Mt Everest, wouldn’t you enlist a guide to help you? Wouldn’t you require a team of Sherpa’s to carry your gear, a trainer to condition you for the rigors of mountaineering, and an experienced expedition leader to help you plan and to avoid disaster? Or instead, would you charge off alone into the icy wilderness, assured that your unstoppable determination, willpower, and ego, will carry you through unharmed?

It seems so easy to identify when we put it in mountaineering terms. But put it in the context of MLM business and people seem surprised when they charge off alone into the icy wilderness and wind up stuck at the bottom of an icy crevasse after the first 90 days.

Make sure you get the continued level of success training, support, mentorship, education, and consistent encouragement you need to succeed. There are many resources which will be of supreme value for you.

The more competent you become in the MLM arena, and the more you invest in your education and training the more valuable you become. The more valuable you become the more in demand you are. The more in demand you are the easier it is to sponsor and build the lifestyle of your dreams.

Make no mistake about it, climbing the success mountain in the MLM industry is as much a team sport as the climbing of Mt. Everest. It is not the realm of the rugged individualist. If mountain training 001you really wish to summit the highest peak of your personal potential and stand on top of the world, you will need help.

Enlisting the help of others who are more experienced than you, supportive, and know the route, is the smartest, simplest, and most direct way to achieve success in this industry. This route avoids many of the pitfalls and crevasses that swallow many rugged individualists who make attempts at the summit singlehandedly and unequipped. Most will perish before establishing the first base camp without a team behind them, without mentorship, and a sound system.

Count yourself blessed if you have an awesome sponsor or leader in your team willing to mentor and guide you and your team. If not, you’ll want to seek one out or establish some third party resources to guide and inspire you. You’ll need to train it down to your team also.

Remember each new recruit in your team needs the same life blood to become successful in this industry. Their success is your success. So strive to become a leader with a servant heart. Don’t become an average sponsor, become an extraordinary sponsor. Become a leader and learn to develop leaders. Become a person of value to others and share that value openly with your team. Sponsoring will take on a new ease, level of success, and meaning for life.

To learn more MLM success tips visit my blog site and check out the MLM tips tab. To get a glimpse of what awesome sponsoring, support, and servant leadership looks like, check out the following seminar that shows you the way to avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls that keep people trapped in a life of debt and mediocrity, how to avoid them, and how to skyrocket to success with an MLM opportunities.

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