Success Truth #11: You must engage The Power of Your True Self

Have you ever found yourself listening to a negative thought, or voice inside your head? That annoying nagging internal dialog that argues, second guesses you, and instills negativity, anger, or fear, into what would otherwise be a glorious day? What did that voice say to you? Maybe you heard things like: “You can’t.” ”You’re not good enough.” “This will never work,” “You’ll never…” Or maybe even worse things? Where does that voice come from? Were you born with this voice, or did it grow out of something or come from somewhere else?

Where is this negative voice located in your body? Does it come from your head, chest, or stomach? Or does it originate somewhere else? Is it really representative of who you are? Does it define the spiritual being within you? Can you hear it right now if you try? See if you can find it…. Now turn this negative voice up… Go ahead and turn it way way up until it is blaring at you.

How does it make you feel listening to the negative voice inside you? Now try and imagine a whole day this way, with this voice relentlessly biting at you. What would an entire week with this voice negatively hammering away at you be like? Try and imagine a whole year this way. What would your life be like? How about five years of living and listening to this voice turned up really loud day in and day out? See yourself clearly. How successful are you? How happy are you? What’s your life like and how’s your health? What do you feel like inside? How’s your financial condition? Are you happy or are you sad most of the time? How are your relationships with others? What has happened to your ambitions and dreams?

Okay please stop. Really…Now I want you to turn this voice way, way down until it’s just barely a whisper. Continue to do this until you can’t hear the negative voice anymore. Now how does feel?

Now imagine a whole day this way with quiet inside your private thoughts, instead of the possibly incessantly insidious remarks you’ve been accustomed to. There’s no negative voice present. There’s only peace and quiet within you now. Imagine a month, or even a whole year experiencing this kind of solitude? Would your life be better than in your previous encounter? How much more successful and better off would your life be?

What you’ve just done is identify the power a negative mental voice has to ruin your life. A negative mental voice will empower your brain much like emotional thinking does. Like attracts like, and a negative mental voice serves to manipulate the environment of your life and bring about even more negative thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and outcomes. This law of attraction continues to play itself out as long as you continue to engage in it. Law is law and make no doubt about it your life results will respond to it.

Forget about the negative voice for a moment, and let yourself relax. Clear your mind. Now decide whether or not there exists a naturally positive voice anywhere inside you? Yes or no? Is it tiny or is it loud? Does this voice on occasion pump you up about life, instilling confidence, purpose and a sense of rightness to your actions? Do you think this voice within you represents the deeper, more honest, full potential of who you are? Can you feel it? Is it more of a voice, or a feeling? Maybe it’s both? The voice may not be there all the time, but it’s in you, and more importantly it is you. See if you can find that voice that is you right now.

Find that voice or feeling that supports you… Find the voice and feeling that isn’t afraid to dream big dreams, and set big goals… Just let go of resistance for a moment. See if you can really experience and feel the sensations this presents. This is the sensation that affirms “You Can!” and cheers you on from within.

Where does this feeling live? Is it different in nature from the other voice – If so then how? What does it feel or sound like and what does it have to communicate to you? More importantly what kind of feelings do you experience when you are in tune with this voice, rather than the other? Can you sense it? Do you feel better?

Now turn this voice up loud and clear. Turn it way up! Increase the intensity of communication you have with this source. What does this source have to say? Maybe there are thoughts and feelings of assurance that elicit sensations that seem to say: “I can do this!” “I am good enough” or “way to go!” “This is the way.” or “Go for it!” Perhaps you even begin to hear the negative voice trying to gain the upper hand – Its Chicken Little like nature may be screaming danger, danger, the sky is falling!

How different is this voice from the other one? Try to identify the characteristics. Where did this voice come from? Were you born with this voice, or did you acquire it? Has this voice or inner feeling always been a part of you, even though it may have been obscured by other forces and influences? Has this voice or feeling ever served, guided, or assisted you with life? Was it perhaps once upon a time a good friend but now you’ve lost touch with each other? Get re-acquainted now.

Try to remember if you have ever followed that voice and what the outcome was? What has generally been the result when you follow the positive voice within you? Did the outcome serve to benefit either yourself or someone else? How did you feel as listened and followed this voice? Do you trust it?

Could this be the voice of your true nature? I guess only you can decide that. But does it feel closer to your heart than that of the other negative voice? Could this voice or feeling within you represent the real and essential you? Maybe, just maybe…might this voice present your deeper connection to the spark of divinity within you? Is that possible? Could it represent the being that has always been within you, even in spite of the mental static, worries, disappointment, torture, and torment we often experience and spend our lifetimes indulging? Might this be a piece of the eternal being within you making its presence known? Whatever the case may be we have established that it is there within you, and it is real.

Who is it who hears that other voice; the negative one? It’s you! You hear the other voice. It’s the voice of your physical mind and the chatter of your brain function, but it is not the essence of your true self or the heart of you. Ascertain whether or not you find this to be true. Only you can decide.

Might the magnificent you, constrained by the bounds of your limiting imagination and beliefs, reside patiently within you? Might this inner you, this positive voice and feeling you experience desire to shine forth and bring you triumphantly into the life that you dream about? From which of these two extremes do you believe you truly emanate?  Which voice is more like you? Which voice supports success and abundance and which one stands in the way? Forget which one of them you hear most of the time right now. Which one were you most likely created like, and which one have you learned? Which one truly represents your inner being and not the melodramatic ramblings of your physical mind?

This true voice is often the place from which your inspiration speaks. But it is often so diluted, so obstructed, and so corrupted by your conditioned mental habits and chatter that it often has trouble getting through to you with clarity and consistency. This true voice, intuition, feeling, etc. is connected to the fertile birthing ground of all possibility, and when aligned in harmonious connection with the creative energy in the universe, it may be counted on as a true and steadfast guide for living. This of course requires development, refinement and practice. It may sound baffling to some but it is actually easier to establish than you might think. Remember the objective is to achieve new habits for success and abundance – habits that work. Connecting with the positive voice inside you “your true self” is one of them.

It’s not the people out there that are going to stop you; it is the doubts, fears, and beliefs inside your head that will stop you. The negative voice is not you, it’s not your true nature, or your true self, yet some people are so lost that they believe it is. This is not only tragic; it is fatal to true success, freedom, and abundance.

Reconnecting with your true self will be essential for true and abundant life long success. Turning the negative voice down inside you and turning up and responding to the positive voice and intuition inside you must become a priority. You must learn to seed your consciousness, your life, and your world with empowering messages and energy on a regular basis. Don’t let that negative voice inside you breathe. Don’t give it any light to grow. Don’t nourish it with your attention or the power of attraction. Engage the power of your true self for success and abundance and let it flourish within you.

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