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Today has been another day in the mystical magical land of the SEO Wizards poring over content, categorizing it and developing a new layout for this blog that will not only be more user friendly and valuable, but it will also be better optimized for SEO. You’ll see me progressively rolling it out over the next few weeks as this blog takes its new shape and form.

There are several key reasons for this change and they are worth noting especially in the post Panda Google updated world. If that goes over some ofgoogle-penguin-update your heads don’t sweat it you’ll understand all of it soon as I begin rolling out the first of the big changes on this blog.

The first reason for this change is to make everything on this blog more user friendly and interactive. There is a lot of content rich material on this website and having it better at users fingertips when they want it is a primary concern.

The second reason is a more content rich and user optimized experience is where the future of SEO is headed. Oh sure there are still black hat techniques out there that can be manipulated for results but a lot of the things you could do a year ago to get you ranked and rewarded will get you penalized today.

The trick today is to build a truly rewarding content rich and user optimized experience. Think of today’s SEO more as UEO or “user experience optimization.” You have to have excellent content as always, but you have to make the whole experience more user friendly for the visitor than it is for a search bot spidering your web.

Actually the truth in the matter is you need to do both. The difference today is there is more of a trend toward your users interaction as ranking factors that enhance or detract how you are scored based on the algorithms interpretation of their experiences.

How long are people staying on your site? How many pages are they viewing on your site, are they bookmarking or sharing your content? Do they quickly bounce from your page back to the search engine and then to another site or do they stay and find what they are looking for on your site. All of these metrics are monitored and determine how your rank in todays advanced search rankings. You can’t simply stuff your site with backlinks and think that will produce the results you want. It may for a week or two but then your rankings will plummet again.

And in the end I believe it is better for everyone. You should be building the best user experience possible for your visitors and you should be rewarded for that effort more so than writing unintelligible articles and plastering them to thousands of sites across the webisphere in an attempt to get you ranked better. That stuff use to get you ranked quickly and lastingly but it polluted the net with cyber-garbage that was of little use to consumers and people genuinely seeking good content and information.

So hang with me over the next several weeks as I roll out some changes that make this whole site friendlier and as usual continue to bring you excellent content and training.


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