Using Recommended Post: 5 Ways How to Increase Your Blog Readership and Build Community

Hey Guys this is the PowerPoint video version of a Post I did a few days ago on 5 Ways for you to Increase Your Blog Readership and Build Community for success online.

I’ll be posting the PowerPoint version of this on slide sharing sites to get more exposure and traffic to this post and my blog, thereby helping to build my readership and build communtity.

If you are not using document sharing sites to increase traffic and exposure for your content and blog…what are you waiting for?

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So this Video and Powerpoint will go with the original Article at: 


The linking structures will all help for SEO and Exposure (I will backlink them to each other).

leverage blog readership and community

Learn to Leverage Your Efforts

You need to leverage your efforts as an online marketer to get the most impact from everything you do.

Creating content is time intensive for most people.

If you are an expert it is also probably one of the things that only you can do for your business and not something you should outsource.

So when you put the effort in to create a great piece of content or if it is content you know your market wants and likes (like the 5 ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership post) you’ll want to leverage that effort and get the most miles from it you can.

That’s the idea behind this post.

I’ve created several versions and distributed the content in the several forms that my market enjoys it (Video, PowerPoint, Article, and even audio if I choose).

Then I want to distribute that content as far and as wide as I can, not only for exposure and traffic but for SEO love also.

Then I need to promote that content on social media, etc. with a campaign of posting my content as far and as wide as possible, then get people to syndicate if for me and do the same.

Oh ya… did I mention that I also want to automate as much of this as I possibly can.

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