Network Marketing Lead Generation when Using the Internet

Today’s recommended post is all about Network Marketing Lead Generation.


And the reason why you need to listen is because today’s speaker is a #1 Income Earner, Trainer, and Top Producer in the Network Marketing Industry ready to share Valuable MLM Lead Generation Secrets with you.


a)                  Who this post is for…


Do you want more leads to fuel the fires of your Network Marketing Business and kick it into high gear?


More than just leads though…do you want to create the sales and the relationships that are the hallmark of a lasting and profitable MLM?


Well then you need to listen to my friend Ray today and everything he has to say to you.


If you are struggling to get leads or create any lasting and profitable relationships in your business (the kind you need to create an empire) then you’d better take notes.



b)                 What I liked about this post, what was great…


Ray is talking about longevity here and what it takes to make a mark in Network Marketing, not just a flash.

His heart is also in the right place and it comes through in today’s training tips. It’s one of the reasons why Ray has been so successful in his marketing career. The guy is Amazing!


Not only that but Ray hits the nail on the head today when he talks about the key being to provide value, and who we should be providing that value to.

Ray Higdon Web Post

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Listening to and understanding what Ray is talking about right here with this one point, (and taking action and implementing it consistently) will take your business to new levels if employed as a long term strategy.


This is great stuff today from a top industry earner and leader and if you want success in this industry you must understand and apply what Ray is teaching today.


 Your Growth Education & Development

The next most important point that Ray makes is about growth and development today.


You’d better get this right and you’d better take notes on this today and then come back to this website and find out how to get the most Amazing Internet Marketing Training Available.


Avoid what Ray calls the “Pantry Effect”       Click Here:Opt in and See the Video Now!



c)                  What you disagree with, didn’t like…


I disagree with Ray talking about “Gimmicky Google or Social Media Tricks” to get leads.


He sort of makes it seem uncool to do what it takes sometimes to get leads flowing to you if it is a short term strategy.


I’m fine with what it takes to get leads into your funnel in mass quantity as long as they are the right leads (your target client) and you are ready to give value and build the relationship with the right intentions after they are in your marketing funnel.


The truth is a lot of tactics that work to Generate Leads are short term.

The web, SEO, Tools, Techniques, etc. all change rapidly online. I think what Ray is really getting at is the Principles behind your marketing and sticking with sound ones, like what he lays out in today’s training.


Like I said before just be sure they are the right leads, don’t spam the net to get them, and treat your prospects with the long term in mind.


  • Base the fundamentals of your marketing on providing value and building valuable, quality relationships.

(I’m sure that’s what Ray meant but it just didn’t come across clear in his message for me.)



d)                 How to apply this information…


Simple… Do what Ray says…


  • Provide Value!


How do you do that?


  • Become Valuable!!!


How do you do that???




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e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.



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  •  Get on the Bus Now!


Learn to market like a Pro Now, and Take your Network Marketing Lead Generation and Life to the Next Level

-Dave Schlueter

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