MLM Success: Recruiting and Prospecting Magic

The first thing I want to say is that there isn’t anything out there that can be more distracting and keep you from creating MLM success than the internet.

You could spend weeks and years doing nothing more than checking out the next magic product launch or the next new recruiting and business building tool (shiny objects) designed to make you the next MLM success story.


The truth is you’ll never make any money doing that.

And here’s the big secret- those gimmicky things don’t make you any money anyway. The only thing that can guarantee your MLM success and money in this industry is you and only you.

Let me explain…It is only you who can make the decision to become successful and stick with it. You choose to do this, or you don’t choose to do this.

You don’t decide halfway and create MLM Success.

If you make halfway decisions expect only halfway results. Ultimately there are only those who quit and those who end up succeeding in this industry.

This choice can onlyhalfway be made and carried out by you, and that choice is made fresh each and every day.

It is only you who can decide which recruiting and prospecting strategy is right for you. I have suggestions of course…

However, once you decide, grab on to it with both hands and stick with it until it pays off for you. Don’t Quit! Don’t do things halfway!

*Only you can decide which leader, which team, and which system is right for you and make the necessary commitment to yourself and to your MLM Success.

Decide that you will focus, learn, and apply a particular technique or system and drive that that vehicle to the MLM success you desire.

*Don’t try and over-complicate things with the myriad of offers, gimmicks, and shiny objects out there online.


Don’t Over-Complicate Your Success


That’s the magic pill! That’s the magic Ju-ju everyone is looking for in the next technique and product launch. It’s what people want and it’s been in your possession the whole time.

The magic is in your decision to succeed and it comes from within you not from some outside magic formula.

That’s why success training and personal development is such a huge portion of the MLM Success Equation, and yet people keep spending time resources and money looking for the solution outside themselves in the next internet success product or training launch to fix them.

It’s a waste of time, a waste of effort, and a waste of money if you are looking for MLM Success.

A Simple Brain Trick and Training

braintrainingHere’s a Simple Brain Trick I use to Succeed with My Business and My Life…

Am I saying you don’t need the right MLM Success training, leadership, and system? No of course not.

What I’m saying is pick the leadership, team, and training that is appropriate for you and then commit to your MLM success.

Use the system and marketing technique you’ve chosen and don’t deviate from mastering it until you achieve MLM success with it.

There is power in focusing your efforts.

Here’s some Resources for your Online Business Success


Laser Focus Your Intent and Activity

Light well dispersed is nice for lighting up a room or adding ambiance. But light highly concentrated, amplified, and focused at one specific point becomes a laser and is capable of cutting through solid steel!

You want to cut through steel with your business and break out into the super successful realm of MLM freedom that you desire.


Let me illustrate this for a moment. My Mentor/ leader is connected with some of the biggest names and greatest leaders in the industry.

  • He truly understands this industry and what it takes to recruit, build a team, and produce residual income in the MLM Business.
  • He is a maverick in the industry and one of the top internet marketers and recruiters in the world when it comes to online MLM Success.
  • He is a true outside the box type thinker and visionary and also a servant leader in this industry, willing to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with us.

He got to where he is today in about 14 months by focusing his effort on a primary marketing strategy and deciding he would succeed with itfocus on success until MLM Success was achieved.

You see, personal growth, proper technique, right action, focused effort, and a commitment to your goals are the fundamental basics and building blocks of your success period.

That’s why I chose my personal up-line sponsor as a Master Mind Partner. I knew he understood the mysteries of the success equation. I knew he was committed to building success as much as I am.

I knew he would share all his “how to get it done” training with everyone I brought into the business and that I could lean on his training systems for added leverage and MLM Success. And I realized that would free me up to concentrate on building my teams MLM success by teaching them personal growth and success training, which is something of my specialty.

You see it adds leverage and power to the equation.


I realized that this would be a dynamic duo that would produce maximum MLM Success in my business team and everyone mentored into my business.

supermanIt’s soundly based in the principles of success that work and that produce reliable results. It’s all part of the MLM Success Equation and the business I build, own, and operate. And I don’t say this to brag, gloat, or toot my own horn but instead to set an example that I believe should become a standard in the industry.

Become a leader with a servant’s heart.

Decide and commit to your success and the success of your whole team. Pick a technique, a leader, a system, and a strategy, based on the above described model and don’t quit until you succeed with your own success in the industry.

Master recruiting and prospecting magic then duplicate it throughout your MLM team. These are the things that dreams are made of.


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