It’s About Doing What Matters the Most

It’s About Doing What Matters the Most


I didn’t get much done today. And honestly if you know me you’ll realize how strange and out of character that is for me. Instead I got the news that one of my dear friends has a rare form of terminal cancer. I also heard the prognosis is not so good.


It’s hard to swallow.


Though we probably haven’t spent much time together in a long while, he is still one of the immortals like me. Childhood running mates with far more than 9 lives we were.

The epitome of wild, crazy, fun, cool, you name it we were it.

We blazed a path brightly where ever we went, left quite an impression, and oftentimes a path of destruction and stories that circulated for years after we were there.


And so it really makes me take a deep slow breath and realize just how precious the time that we have had has been.

So many times we just took it all in so alive that we didn’t really worry if the next moment would kill us as long as we were having the best time possible at that very moment.


Taking it to the limits!

We lived our drama to the extreme, we lived on the edge, and it was an awesome ride.

We lived the punk rock dream at the height of its volatility, we skated to the edge of what was possible, we designed fashion, and defined what was cool as we went about it, and we were always the hardcore.


It Make’s me Think…

And it makes me think about the scope and nature of all things. Are we living with that kind of fire still? Are we still injecting our lives with all the passion and fire that a night at the “On Broadway” use to bring, or some contorted violent shrieking grind across the concrete coping of some pool or curbside discovery we had made?

Are we living with that kind of passion still?

I’ve been on a quest, on a mission, and definitely on purpose to do something great. To live with passion and do something that really matters. It’s really all about that now… Doing things that really matter…


Back in the Day…

In the 80’s it was all about skating, punk rock, girls, the party, and friends like Him and the brotherhood we shared that mattered most.

Today I have different goals but it is still really about doing things that matter the most. I had to re-learn that as an adult, and I was lost for a long time.


Doing What Matters Most…

Doing what matters most isn’t about what others tell you, you should do… It isn’t about what society, your job, or your responsibilities scream are most important… It’s about searching your heart and realizing what really matters, and then following your heart and doing what matters the most to you…


So today I thought about the future, I thought about the now, I thought about a dear friend and just took the time to evaluate and make sure that the days of my life that I spend, no matter how many or few they may be, I spend them dedicated to the things that matter most. Spending my time doing the things that count…

Mike Kennet eventually lost his battle with Cancer.

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