Financial Literacy Lessons: What is Money

Financial Literacy Lessons: What is Money


Do you consider yourself financially literate?

Do you have problems with money?

What is Money and how is it created?

Can you answer even the most basic of important monetary questions?

What was your upbringing like with regards to money?

Are you in control of your financial destiny today?

For many people the answers to these most basic of financial literacy questions end up generating a poor score. In fact with just how important financial literacy is to our lives and how little of it is adequately provided for the average Joe, the situation borders on conspiratorial when you think about it.

Financial Literacy in College?

Why in the heck are we turning out students after 12, 14, 16, 18 years etc. who only know how to be specialized employees and have no clue about this most important subject of all? Why is financial literacy completely missing from their curriculum?

It’s downright dangerous to society, our nation, and our liberty when you think about it. A financially illiterate populace is unacceptable any way you look at it. When you stop to examine the consequences it’s.

Are You Really Financially Literate?

How many of you actually consider yourselves to be financially literate. How many of you are truly fluent when it comes to monetary policy, how money is created, and what the average person needs to know about financial policy and economics to be a financially literate portion of the voting populace?

There is much more to consider than just this when it comes to financial literacy. National concerns are one thing but how many of you actually possess the financial literacy to manage a thriving economic household? I have found the answers to these questions and others to be alarming when people truly get honest with themselves.

Do you really want an honest assessment of your own financial literacy? Do you really want a graded score of your performance?

You need look no further than the consistent results you have when it comes to money and financial concerns in your life. Do you or have you struggled when it comes to money and fiscal issues in your life?

This isn’t the only indicator of course but there is a clear connection to this education or financial literacy level and your financial performance in life. What does your financial statement have to say about your financial literacy? Have you consistently performed above average or something else?

Can You Answer the most basic Financial Literacy Questions

Can you answer the most basic questions of monetary policy, banking, and where money comes from, how it is created, and how this impacts your personal financial life and strategy? Do you understand things like inflation or hyperinflation, fiat currency, fractional lending, and historic trends with regards to economics and monetary trends?

I’m not talking about some masters’ level thesis on these subjects but just a working literate knowledge necessary to elevate yourself above the rank and file in a free nation and enable yourself to think and care for your own well-being and properly exercise the freedoms you have.

If it sounds like I am harping on some people it is because I am deeply concerned for your success and abundance in life. I am also deeply concerned for the welfare of communities, society, and the country. Without financial literacy you suffer, your family, friends, community, society, and nation are deprived of the full joy, wealth, health. and freedoms that they are entitled to.

Rise up and begin to make a change in your life and in the lives of others for the better. Did you want to become wealthy abundant and free? Then Embrace financial literacy. Watch today’s video “Money as Debt” and be sure and visit the Financial Literacy Page at Dave Schlueter for some awesome free bonuses.

Video: Money as Debt


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