Fear, Terror and Sheer Panic

It’s that moment of panic and fear as your blood runs thin, courses through your veins with increased vigor as you are downloading pictures from the web to put in your new PowerPoint presentation and suddenly everything locks up becomes unresponsive, and then it happens… your virus protection suddenly flashes across the screen that it has just identified a Trojan!

You take in a deep breath try to maintain composure and proceed forward faintly hoping that all is taken care of by the masters of virus protection planning. But that little nagging voice in the back of your head is saying “why haven’t you backed up all your files on an external drive you idiot?” “But… but… I was busy being brilliant” you protest. “YOU IDIOT.. You Idiot” the voice responds.

Tenuously now, you proceed slowly hoping, praying, and pleading for all to be well in the land of bits and bytes. Those first few keystrokes come slowly… gingerly… and then timidly they start to build the slow rhythm again eventually becoming the crescendo you are more accustomed to. Your pulse slows and your blood pressure again returns to a more customary level and it looks as though you have dodged the bullet once again.

This was my day, I don’t know about yours… but I’m sure everyone can relate to that moment frozen in time when your stomach puckers and your heart beats heavily as you silently await the screen of death to appear on your screen.

So back to work on my brilliant PowerPoint I go and I watch the clock and think about all the grand plans I have for this day, all I want to create and update online, how awesome it is going to be for everyone when they see it, how it’s going to rank in the search engines, help build my business, etc. etc.

That’s the way it goes for me when I’m inspired and working. And I’m often wondering “why isn’t there more time in the day to get all this stuff out there” because now I’m already three great ideas past this original one, I’m creating something new, and I’m probably not even going to finish this one before the day ends. This is especially true with all the other projects I have delusionally planned for this day…

And then it happens… first a hiccup… then a cough… And then…

My screen starts lighting up like a pinball arcade with box messages appearing across my screen like the deck of cards on a virtual solitaire game. “Oh Crap!” Not only that my task bar has now filled up with little tagged messages as well. “Get to the lifeboats men were sinking”  now I’m starting to get hard drive failure and file loss messages on top of it…

Panic sets in as I quickly shut down the broadband connection in an attempt to stop any further hemorrhaging, try to assess the damage, and set up triage.

So today it was my turn. I picked up the magic image with the cooties to download to my own private cyber sphere. I’m still assessing the damage and trying to allocate all the files that it has strewn into the nooks and hidden crannies of my hard drive, some may be lost at cyber-sea forever never again to be found.

Not being the most technically blessed when it comes to these things I have the fortunate tutelage of a loving mate to help me sort things out without pulling my hair out, digesting a box of ice-cream,  and barking at the moon.  Thank goodness for her, and hopefully all will be well in cyber-land again soon.

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