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The Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants

What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?

Everyone wants to know this and yet most don’t want to hear the truth about the MLM Success Secret. They don’t want to face it and it keeps them stuck.

In fact it de-rails more home based business careers than any other single problem online or off.

Everybody wants the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, or some social media trick that will push them, their website, their sales, etc. over the top and they will finally arrive in the prophetic land of Milk and Honey.


But most don’t have the stomach to handle the truth about the MLM Success Secret.


I recently did a couple of posts and videos about this Super Success Secret:

Finding Your True Voice in Marketing Your Business

Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)


 Hinting at the Truth

Both of these posts hinted at the truth but didn’t deliver it fully or out right.

 In fact not even Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich” and several other master works on the philosophy of Success would just come right out and say it.

If you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich” you must. And if you have read it, it’s probably time for you to read it again.


You Should Learn Them…

So… the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, and Ultra Chocolate Latte Social Media strategy are great, and you should learn them Click Here to Get Started but…here’s the deal it isn’t enough.



It isn’t enough because the truth that no one wants to hear is that Success is an Inside Job.

Ugh… People’s hearts just sink when you say it. Everyone wants an outside solution to their problems. Everyone wants to look everywhere else but inwardly.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

 It can’t be true we declare inwardly in silence…

No one seems to want to face the self-searching and inventory of one’s own thoughts, actions, beliefs, values, etc. necessary for success.

 It’s always easier to blame others. “It’s their fault” we declare. “Oh those things are all a Scam, and I fell into it” or whatever else we need to declare our innocence, blame others and move on without taking responsibility for the truth, which is that success is an inside job. It’s up to us to do the work inwardly and outwardly to succeed.


 Super Chocolate SEO Strategy…

Oh sure you’ve got to have all the other elements in a line also. The super PPC strategy, the best Social Media Strategy, Blog Promotion, Super Converting Sales Funnels, etc. and those things are easy to train you on. I’ll plug you into all of that and yet you still will fail to succeed if your internal realm for creating success is all screwed up!

 (When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

But it Still Doesn’t Work!!!

The Masters all know this. Your upline if they are telling the truth will tell you this. Your hired personal success consultant will tell you this. The most successful people who have ever lived will tell you this.

 It’s possible they may all know what they are talking about.


Meet this Super Successful Group of Entrepreneurs who’ve Mastered MLM Success…

It’s why the super successful group of entrepreneurs I work with insist on following 8 core strategies to succeed, and following it daily.

Included in this list of daily activities is time for Reading and Listening to Audio. And I’m not talking about reading fiction or listening to the latest CD from your favorite Band.

I’m talking about personal development training and training that will move your business forward.

In fact if you are not all in and practicing the 8 core commitments in this group then you are not “core” and if you are not core you are not going to have all the opportunities everyone who is core is.


Are You Still Struggling…

If you are stuck, struggling, not succeeding, the first question is always going to be “are you “all in” and are you “core”, are you following the 8 core daily commitments.

 Where you need to start

If you’re not… that’s where you need to start! Do those things and then if you are still struggling we’ll talk. Why? Because it works!!!

 If you’d like to see what I’m talking about Click Here Now and Get Started


Personal Empowerment

 Understand that personal growth is an essential ingredient in this successful regimen. Without it this organization could not have achieved the incredible success they have had. There is no way.

The good news about all of this is personal growth and training has never been easier that it is today. Click Here Now to Learn More


 Modern Tools Modern Strategies

Using the tools available today finding time for personal growth becomes easy.

For instance… I get training from a variety of sources. Video’s, Audio’s, Books, Podcasts, etc. I also take the best from each and personally design my own training.

I love my screen capture software. I use Camtaisa but there are numerous choices.

I’ll use PowerPoint to create a presentation of whatever I am currently programming myself for. For instance I start my day off with just the right things I need to focus on to be the most successful I can be for the day.

This training is a collection of what I need to do and focus on along with pieces, quotes, excerpts, etc. from the best trainings I’ve come across over the years. I’ve organized it into a PowerPoint and then I have dubbed in music and a voice over of me reading it.

I then can down load the audio to mp3, the video to I tunes, my computer, etc. Simple.


Starting My Day…

I watch videos in the morning before I start my day. I listen to audio training in my car whenever I drive, and I listen to audio when I go to bed and as I sleep.


 Because it works!


Listen to Your Mentors and Leaders

Have you listened to your mentors and leaders? They will tell you “You have to be willing to work on yourself 3 times as hard as you are willing to work on your Business if you want to succeed.

If your mentors and leaders aren’t sharing this with you…may I suggest it is time for some new ones!

If you want to get started focusing on the 8 Core Daily Commitments for Your Success and get all the Secret Marketing Strategies to take you and your Business to Ultimate Success

 Click Here Now to Get Started Uncovering the Secrets




Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)

Have you tried Mind Movie Programming to sharpen your focus and program your conscious and subconscious self for ultimate success?


I love mind movies and use them regularly to improve myself.

mind movies

What are Mind Movies?


Mind Movies are a tool to help you keep your mind and your beliefs fully focused on success, and help you attract the things you want into your life.


It is recommend by some that you should set aside time 2 times daily (I suggest morning and evening) to view these Mind Movies and practice seeding your subconscious mind with auto-suggested commands.


I have always liked Iamvibration’s videos.


You can find them by searching Iamvibration on YouTube or click the above link.


These videos have a lot going on in them and you should definitely check them out in the HD setting, they are meant to be viewed that way.


Put in your earbuds or your beats, because there is stereo imagery and audio elements involved in many of these videos to produce specific brain wave frequencies designed as part of the experience.


Unfortunately some of my favorite Mind Movies from Iamvibration are no longer on YouTube. I’m not sure what has happened to them.


But today’s example is one of my favorites. Give it a view and tell me what you think.



With dedication to reprogramming your mind and using the law of attraction, you may consistently achieve success in all areas of your life, manifest your dreams into reality, and be someone who just naturally attracts success and opportunity.


It is all part of the habit of self-discipline and mastering the power of our mind for success. It’s what Napoleon Hill was getting at so heavily in his book “The Master Key to Riches.”


If you haven’t read this “Classic Must Read” Book it’s time to add it to your reading list.


Building or creating success, riches, abundance, etc. is ultimately an inside job.


So go ahead and put today’s success tip to use and start watching and creating your own mind movies to sharpen your focus, turn up the clarity, increase the magnitude, and program yourself for Abundant Success.

I do…

-Dave Schlueter

Do Your Dreams Have the Sufficient Substance and Momentum for you to Change Your Life and Succeed?

If you’ve set your eyes on Success and Your Heart upon achieving it, You had better determine what it is you are willing to do,  and when are you are ready to begin…


Are you ready to grow and do what is required for you to be your best and Succeed with your Dreams… Or have you already accepted Defeat? Given up? Quit on yourself and the magic in your heart?

It’s either one or the other. You are either moving toward your dreams today or moving away from them. There is no Maybe! Everything has an effect, everything has a direction, and everything has an eventual destiny. Everything counts.

My Challenge for you today, is to clearly identify that destiny today, and decide whether you are moving toward your Dream or away from it, and to inspire you to make a choice.

Empower yourself to take responsibility for your life and the direction in which it is headed.

Realize that the only one who could have created where you are at right now is you… and to ask you to be responsible for what you are creating.


  • So have you given up?


  • Have you given in?


  • Or are you ready to go all in?



  • Are you ready to take some steps toward the life you’ve always wanted to live?
  • Are you ready to make some real changes that will have the impact and force necessary to change your life.
  • Maybe you’re ready to join a Winning Team!
  • Maybe you’re ready to take your life or your business to the next level.

Click Here Now, Follow Through, Take the Next Step and See the Next Video Now!

MLM SUCCESS: Be Excellent Regardless…

  • Want to Succeed in MLM?

  • Want to become a Success in Life?

  • Want to Discover the Secret to Reaching the Next Level?

Are you finding yourself struggling in either your Business or your Life to attain the desired results you are working so hard for?

Do you want some advice from a #1 Income Earner and Industry Leader?

Listen to my friend Ray Higdon in today’s short training Video. This is going to hit a nerve with many of you and revel something that may hurt, but it is the very thing you need to examine and change to attain the results in life and in your business that you desire.



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MLM Legend Nathan Ricks Shares What it takes to Succeed in MLM

I thought I would share with you this Amazing Interview today and get you to focus on what it is going to take for you to Succeed in you MLM Business. Pay special attention to what Nathan shares about belief, focus and consistency, in this must see Interview.

Nathan Ricks has earned over $40 million dollars in the network marketing industry over a period of 20 years.

Eric Worre, another superstar, interviewed Nathan at his home in Utah back in 2009.

The interview lasted about 40 minutes

If after watching this video you would like to learn how a once homeless Van Man changed the world with his vision of paying out nearly $100Million Dollars in 100% commissions and turned the internet marketing world upside down… Click Here Now!


If you are Ready NOW to Join Our Team…(and get all the Bonuses that could be Taken Away at ANY Time…)

Sign up Here …You’ll then be contacted either by myself or my assistant in the next 24hrs to schedule a New Member Business Plan call.

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

Episode 7: Nipple Tweaking, Leverage, and Success Training



Dave and Dave, share one of the most important Success Tools for manifesting today in their share.

…And No it’s not “Leverage” that is more of a Success Principle.

They talk about the Mastermind Alliance today which is actually a form of leverage to create Abundant Success with, and it is absolutely critical for you to understand, and apply to your Business.

Nipple Tweaking, Leverage, and Success Training…

In fact it takes into account a very important success principle… which is that “No One Gets Rich or Becomes Successful Alone….

Watch today’s Video’s and see what I mean. Then leave me your comments and tell me what you got out of it…

Nipple Tweaking, Leverage, and Success Training…

Market Secrets, Money, Freedom, and Lifestyle…in Record Time!


Money, Freedom, Lifestyle.


Don’t let Success and The Freedom Lifestyle you desire to live stump you.

If you are like most marketers you got into your business with high hopes and dreams but then maybe met with some unforeseen challenges along the way and you haven’t quite accomplished what you set out to do.


Let me Introduce You to a Dream Team of Marketers and folks like you getting it done online, and let’s move you into their Inner Circle.



Let’s get Started…

We’re going to get started creating solutions here today with this series and you can’t afford to miss anything I’m sending your way if you are serious about creating, time, income, freedom, and lifestyle.

I’m about to make a huge confession that will benefit you immensely!

I want to welcome you out today to Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Powerful Secrets and Strategies

You’re going to learn some powerful secrets and some strategies here that are going to help you understand your market better, provide exactly what it is they want and create more leads and sales for your business if you take advantage of them.

secret strategies

Click the Link Now and See Today’s  Video: Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.


To succeed in the industry of Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, etc. it is imperative that you understand a few things.

You must know exactly (and in detail) who your target customer is, what they feel, what they are frustrated with, what this market wants, and what their hot buttons are that get their credit card in hand, ready to buy now from you.

Wouldn’t it be great to know those exact things, and know how to get in front of that audience and present them with exactly what they already want and are hungry for?

I’m going to show you how…

What if you knew the exact way your perfect customer wants to be sold to?

  • Do you think that would help you Succeed?

Well that is a lot of what this series is about.

(Click Here: Opt in Now and Let’s go Deep into What it takes to Succeed Marketing Your Business Online)

In fact it is about creating the money and the lifestyle you desire with the vehicle of your online business with the shortest route possible.

What you will learn here will be invaluable in creating the winning strategy for your online business and your freedom lifestyle.

The Market has Been Surveyed

As a matter of fact the market has been surveyed to reveal insights into exactly what it wants and the results have been a little surprising for some.

You should listen very carefully to the answers that come next, because they are the keys to creating the Money, Freedom and the Lifestyle of your dreams.

lifestyle Questionnaire

Most people surveyed in this Online Money Making, Affiliate Marketing Online MLM niche:

Weren’t after the 30-100k per month many of their peers were making!

They were not after the Ultimate Lifestyle!confused about success

In fact the majority of folks surveyed were far more interested in the 3-10k per month range, and 5k a month was really the sweet spot most were after.

As a matter of fact most of the people surveyed really just wanted to know how to get started, what to do next, and how to make 5-10k per month and have a freedom based lifestyle to go with it.

  • -In other words they didn’t want to have to endlessly pitch, prospect, harass, friends, family, peers, co-workers, and anyone who comes within 3 feet of them.

thumbs down

  • They didn’t want endless hours of 3 way calls, hand holding, tear drying, team building and team rebuilding that goes with so many MLM’s.
  • And they didn’t want to have to sell Millions of Dollars in sales volume for a measly few thousand in residual income.

Wimpy Commissions are Out!!!



People want to get paid for the efforts, sales, and team building efforts they are responsible for.


In fact almost all of them wanted Higher Commissions, to make that money faster and easier, and to have a life while doing it.

The market is looking for Freedom, Money, and the Time to choose the Lifestyle’s they desire.

So in knowing these facts…

In knowing that the Market is crying out and searching for this…

Use this to your advantage…

The Super-Uber Winning Strategy is… to identify and speak to those wants, find the problems getting in the way of fulfilling those wants and Dreams, find the solutions for the problems that exist, and provide them.

Be the painkiller for a market in pain. The market is literally searching for solutions to their pain, and it is your mission to position yourself as Doctor FeelGood.

That’s where you need to be focusing your efforts and your time.

Define the problems, offer solutions, and you will have loyal fans, followers, customers, and team mates for life. You will create Massive Success.

(More Traffic, More Leads, and Mores Sales. Join Here & Let’s Speak in the Next 24hrs.)

You Need and Amazing Platform

You must have an Amazing Platform to build it all upon, and there couldn’t be a better solution, a better vehicle to take you there than a Fully Optimized Marketing Blog specifically designed for this kind of massive value and impact.

That’s why we offer and recommend THIS!!!


If you want to learn all of this, how to create that winning strategy, and get in front of a market in pain positioned as Dr. FeelGood, then you are going to want to be on the list!

  • You are going to need a platform up to the task…
  • You are going to want to get “All In.”

Yes I am Ready to Join the Movement Click Here Now: Take me to the Video and the Order Form…

And you’re going to want to open every email and keep your eyes glued to your inbox for more special insider training, insight, and how.

Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

-If you are Hardcore, if you’re Serious and Committed to Creating Success and a Lifestyle of Freedom and Wealth, you can’t afford to miss the value I’m going to be bringing you with this Exciting New Series.


The Time for Action is Now!!!

  • Get on the fast track to Success and Abundance today…

And I’ll see you in the next training.

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A Plan for Speed, Ease, Comfort, and keeping the Proceeds Ourselves…

Learning to construct the lifestyle you want and dispelling the mystery of how you are going to do it becomes easier with a solid understanding of what it takes and a road map and a vehicle to take you there.

This training and opportunity will show you both and you are going to want to stay tuned and not miss a thing.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

Dave is laying out the road map for you in this series, I’m going to add to it with some training and info of my own and we are both inviting you to take a look at the vehicle and get on board with us and create the lifestyle you dream of Today.

And here’s the deal… We’re not talking about doing things the slow way or the hard way because we realize you’re not into that.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

You want results, you want them fast, and you want to be able to build the lifestyle of your dreams and live the lifestyle of your dreams simultaneously.

We realize you don’t want to be another company drone working your ass off for meager commissions and returns while some other guy at the top is getting all the rewards.

That’s why we’re talking about a plan for speed, ease, and a way to keep the proceeds for yourself in the process.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

If you haven’t seen this vehicle yet, or got on the list to be sure you don’t miss any of this training… Then what the heck are you waiting for?

Use this link now and get on board and we’ll see you in the next training.

The Majestic Creation Of My Unconscious Mind….


Making Magic a Part of Your Reality

Why are you in Business anyway?

Can you imagine what it would be like to imagine any kind of future you would like to have for yourself and then be given the ability to create that reality for yourself by being privileged with the right tools mentorship and training that makes it all possible?

What is it your really Desire?inner realm

Can you imagine it?

Can you really…because that’s what we are getting ready to share today as we begin a new series of video’s, training, and interviews designed to make that magic part of your reality.

Begin with us today a new future and direction to discover your vision, and learn how to generate results in your life and with your business that will take you there quicker and easier.

You’re about to get tapped into a Muti-Millionaire Mastermind that will blow you away!

Watch today’s Video, leave me your thoughts, get on the list and join us discovering how to live the dream.

Beliefs and The Success Equation

StardustYour beliefs about the things you vision, see, think about, and picture are tremendously important. Remember – if you refuse to believe something is true, then it hasn’t become real for you yet.


Regardless of the facts, your beliefs become the solid reality in your head until you use your imagination to change it. This influences the way you see things in the world and affects the way in which matter, energy, and life responds to you.


These beliefs may create either immovable stumbling blocks or invaluable assets, depending upon their nature.


Even if you clearly, vigorously, and passionately imagine all that you want to accomplish, become, and have in life, and yet you strongly insist on believing that you will never achieve this, then your negative belief has deposited a huge and troubling stumbling block in your path.


It is a major liability to your success.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs your road to success will be perilous at best.

Take a look at just how important this aspect of your success is. Visit the following link and find out. In fact how 5 minutes of honest evaluation can pretty well determine your success factor for the rest of your life.

Evaluate Your Success Blueprint Today

Updated… The Need for Proper Systems for Online Success

keys-to-successI’ve been talking to a lot of marketers online lately who are just starving for the keys that will unlock the door to success for them online and in their businesses. People who have joined opportunities and who are hungry for information to help them become successful online.

Too many of them never find it.  They famish, lost in the success wastelands, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and drop out. They never receive the nourishment they need to succeed.

Few new marketers coming online realize the commitment, strategy, systems and leverage it is going to take to make a splash in the market, get noticed and start earning those highly coveted sales and commissions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Most of them fall for the amazing success stories and powerful marketing magic of heavy hitting marketers and recruiters, and they fail to understand the bigger picture of what it will take to succeed online.

So am I being cynical then… am I crying foul and finger banging the “Online Scam” button..?


No…not at all…I’m just saying that you have to have the proper tools, training, systems, leadership, and leverage to succeed online, and that a lot of people out there recruiting only know how to recruit, and they are not providing the complete package necessary to duplicate success online.

Yes… you can create abundant cash flow through a program of continual heavy hitting recruitment andrecruiters marketing, one that continually replenishes the drop out rate (attrition) in your team with new recruits that stay for 90 days, fail, drop out, move on, bad mouth the industry (and many do) but I don’t consider that type of business ethical, successful, or desirable.

I don’t want to hear that B.S. excuse that it is just a reality of the industry either. That’s Horse Crap! Strap your boots on, pull your pants up and learn to be a leader and train people to truly succeed. Anything less then that is less than ethical in my opinion.

MLM without duplication is a bad business model, and by duplication I mean creating successful, ethical, and residual income and success in this industry. Not gigantic turnover month after month replaced by more heavy hitting recruitment.

If all you do is recruit and never teach people to succeed at anything but recruiting then you deserve the it’s a “PYRAMID SCHEME” objections.

It’s more difficult to be a Real Leader. A Person of Integrity with a Character who encourages, steve jobstrains, sacrifices, and dedicates themselves to the nurturing and success of others. But it is essential to the success and health of the MLM and Online Marketing Industry.

In fact “True Leadership” and Ethical Integrity are in such short supply in the market place that when you do begin to display it you will be in demand. People will gravitate to you and follow you.

That’s why today I am dusting off and Updating a previous Post and why I want you to check it out…

Check out this post… Let me know what you think… Opt in for some inner circle training on this website…

Demonstrate some Integrity and True Leadership in your Business today and Invest in a more Profitable Future.

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Requisites to Succeed in MLM

You Must Be Coachable, Teachable, and Willing to Work on Yourself

MLM Success
MLM Success

Just a few weekends back I was at a Company training event for my primary business that was absolutely fantastic. The energy at these Company events is something that has to be experienced it’s not something that can be transferred to those who didn’t attend.

If you’ve been at events you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t been there, then be sure to attend your next big company convention. You’ll want to get as many people on your team there as possible. You’ll be glad you did. The effect and results will astound you.

Since that event the last several weeks have been spent designing new presentations, mastering new information gleaned from the event, and reflecting on all that I experienced.

I’ve been trying to keep the experience as fresh as possible in mind and spirit. I wish that I could just bottle some of the experience, and duplicate it with the same impact and magnitude that only a live event can provide. I would make it immediately available for my own, and everyone else’s teams.


The following are some gold and silver nuggets gleaned from the event:


”You have to work as hard or even harder on yourself than your business in order to succeed in this industry.”


Wow… I was just astounded when I heard it. Someone just came out and told it like it is for a change. Most companies I’ve experienced beat around the subject, want you to sign up for their success club, buy their training, etc., etc., but few ever come out and just lay it down so clearly as it was presented at this event.


”Your attitude is the foundation of it all. If you don’t master personal development you can have the greatest product/presentation/and company in the industry and still fail.”


“Remember people join people in this industry, not products, not pay plans, and not opportunities.” “They join you.” “You must get your personal development plan in order.”


Having a background as a success mentor and author has always given me a little different perspective on MLM then perhaps many others. Most people talk

MLM Training
Get Free MLM Training

about systems, tools, and trainings, aimed at solving all your MLM troubles and leading you to stellar success as a result.

All you have to do is follow the simple outline and plan, or so they say and achieve success. And to a large degree that is true.

The problem is most of the plans and outlines never provide a sound plan and reasonable expectations for the personal growth factor necessary in bringing up new recruits.

These are the inside oneself aspects of the success equation, or the internal action steps required to succeed. If you haven’t heard someone tell you yet that success is an inside job, then you need to start listening better, and even then that’s only half the truth.

To really succeed in this industry you will need both, mastery of self (an internal job) and mastery of process (an external job).


No success is immediate. It is a cumulative effect of small daily disciplines, a slight edge. It is a slight deviation from the course of action that everyone else is on.

Success in not something you pursue it is something you become. Most of it is an inside job and this is where people seem to fail dreadfully and then cite an abundance of outside reasons, and circumstances as the cause.

Systems work and we don’t need to re-invent the wheel of Network Marketing Success, what we need to start doing is re-inventing ourselves.


To illustrate this point the following questions all represent inside aspects of the success equation necessary for success in MLM.

Answer these questions honestly and evaluate the distance between where you stand now and where you need to stand to succeed. It is my guess most of us will find we need to get our self-improvement plans in order immediately.


Are you showing up regularly for success?

question markAre you consistently making those small improvements and taking the necessary baby steps each day that lead to the outcome you desire most in life?

Does your attitude cause you to be liked, to be a person of value, the kind of person you would want to join with and follow in business?

Are you committed to the long haul that may be necessary for your development and the development of your business and dream?

Do you possess the necessary faith to take that first step before the way presents itself?

Are you firm in your purpose and clear about your reasons why?

Are you ablaze with a burning desire in your heart to achieve your dreams?

Do you regularly exhibit integrity in your actions and deeds?

Are you willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices your dreams and goals may require of you today?


To be successful in this industry it is imperative you understand one simple cornerstone principle integral in achieving great success. “People join People” not companies, products, or pay plans.


You must present an attractive character, and you must convey value to your prospects. They won’t join you without it.

To be persuasive you need to be a person of quality and value. To do that you must convey primarily two things, Trust and Respect.

Strive to be a person of quality, a person of value and integrity, a positive addition to every environment you are in and you will do well.


 A 3 part foundation for your success:


1.) Part one is to master awareness. To listen, sense, intuit, and basically become constantly aware of the opportunities around you at any given moment of everyday.

My question is this: how are you going to do this if you are constantly overcome with stinking thinking?

How can you be clear headed and in tune with your environment if your head is clouded with garbage and you’re wrestling with internal angst throughout the day?

How can you do this if you are so worried about yourself, your circumstances, that the needs and concerns of others rarely enter your consciousness?

If you are concerned about others, their situation, and being helpful, then take the time to show it. People will notice the difference and be attracted to the change in you.


2.) Part two is your attitude, and the effect it has on your general environment and the people around you.

Are you a positive addition to every environment you are in?

Do people feel like they’ve gained a new best friend after they meet you?

Are you one of those people who can light up a room with your presence and charm, or are you one of those who sucks the air out of it?

What would those who know you best say about you?

What would they say about the attitude you display?

Is your attitude causing you to be an attractant to others or a repellant?

If you were choosing your board of directors and the officers for your new multimillion dollar marketing company, would you want to choose you?

Would you be at the top of your list?


You cannot overestimate the value of a great attitude that comes right from your core. It’s worth more than gold, and it is incredibly attractive to others.

If you don’t possess a great attitude that radiates from within you, then I suggest you start making immediate plans to attain one.


3.) The third part of this simple plan is all about your actions…

Do you regularly seize opportunities to assist others, or do you rarely notice them?

Do you make it a point to seek out the needs of others regularly, look for and provide solutions that will assist them, and help them get what they want and need most out of life?

Do you lead by your own good example, or do you follow the norm?

Do you follow through with what you say?

Are you a person of integrity?

Do you wait for opportunity to find you, or are you out creating it every day?

Consistent action is the bedrock upon which you will build your business and life success upon. Are you building firmly upon the granite, or are you setting up camp in the sand?

What would others who know you answer if they were asked questions about your character?


These questions and their answers all point toward the inner strategies of success necessary to succeed in MLM. By being honest with yourself you can grade your performance. If you can’t honestly evaluate yourself then ask a close friend to rate you on these questions. Chances are we’ll all find an opportunity for our personal development plans to expand.


If you enjoyed this Article Check Out the Other Related Success Articles on the “Success Resource Page”

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The Indispensable Asset for Your MLM Success

Today was entirely consumed in the creative process of MLM Success, which is truly something I love about what I get to do. The other night it was late as I was going to sleep and in that quiet darkened gap between sleep and consciousness when everything else is quiet in the world some of my greatest ideas for MLM success blossom.


From the fruitful birthing ground of my inner self spring forth plans and answers to questions about MLM Success that I have seeded my subconscious mind to work on for me. There is a technique to do this and I use it often, but I won’t get into it here, (you can find it in the “Success Equation” product) let it suffice to say that these things don’t happen by chance, there is intention and technique behind them.


So as these magnificent and exciting ideas begin to take shape in my imagination and I begin to see and play them out in a logical sequence, I begin to feel that I am really on to something important here. A way to get people to really understand some of the value I am offering instead of casually passing by the site thinking that’s all there is, or getting lost in the vast space of this growing website and topics on MLM Success.

 Purpose and MLM Success

Excited with pen and paper I spring from my bed to start recording those ideas that are so vivid in that certain mental space, but are rapidly fleeting if not captured and acted upon quickly.


Halfway through the night  and into the next morning I have captured the visions that come so quickly and effortlessly in that creative mental place, but take time, effort, and labor to transcribe into 3 dimensional space and time.


So today was spent putting together and creating the transcribed vision that came from within me, so that I might soon share it with others. It’s all part of the purpose and quest as I perpetually strive to have a greater impact upon people’s lives and their MLM Success. The great thing about it all is the way it just flows so effortlessly, and there is so much joy and excitement in the process that the whole day flies by without even noticing.  It’s amazing.


That’s what it’s like to be on purpose. That’s what it is like to live breathe and manifest MLM Success or what ever your purpose may be… It’s inspiring, monuntain climberinvigorating, it is fun and your expectant excitement about all of it carries you through the day with rapt attention to the quest and desire to finish your creation, and to share it with the world.

When the day is done you crave only more time to have had to work perfecting and finishing it. It’s awesome! That’s what MLM Success is like, it’s what purpose is like, and living on fire from a place of your “Compelling Reason Why.”


That’s what it is like to be aligned with your purpose and living from it. It’s why I created “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” product. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can use this link or go to the “My Products”  page.


You see when you have that kind of power working for you and in your life it really doesn’t seem like effort to accomplish things. That’s why I urge success training so much in my mentoring and teaching efforts.

If you want to accomplish great things, if you strive for MLM success you simply must align yourself with great purpose, great passion, and great power. There is a path to do this, and some find it naturally and others they don’t. Some people require training to attain it, but once you have it is an invaluable asset for your success. I would say that it is indispensable for MLM Success.


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When it Comes to Your MLM Success How Do You Get Unstuck?

When it comes to your MLM Success and the path that you travel in business and in life what success tools do you have to use and more specifically how do you get unstuck when a sticking point occurs?


MLM is a Business of personal growth and you’re going to hear that from everyone in the industry that is telling the truth about success.


Tools, systems, techniques, leverage etc. for creating success can only be hid behind for so long before your MLM successmake it or break it – is going to come down to the YOU FACTOR. When it does and you hit a sticking point in your growth, development, career, etc. what are you going to do to move past it? What tools do you have in place for overcoming these obstacles?


If your business and success can only grow to the extent that you do, then what’s the case scenario when you hit that sticking point that you can’t seem to get past? Your business gets stuck with you. It’s just the nature of things.


For different people this can be a gigantic spectrum of potential malady’s and stumbling blocks, bumps in the road, thorns in your side, or just plain major life road blocks that stop them. Whatever the cause may be, big or small, wide or narrow; when you are stuck you are stuck. Then what do you do?


If you have a good system for building MLM success that includes both a personal success plan and a business success plan it’s time to examine the plan and see where you are falling short. Ascertain what it is that may be blocking you and then work to remedy it. That part is really simple.


But sometimes the blockage goes much deeper than the fundamental basics. It’s something inside us that we see, something we know we need to do something about, or change inside us to move forward, and yet we just can’t seem to muster the necessary “power” to accomplish this. Then what..?


It happens to everyone sooner or later, often, and many times over on the journey to success and mastery. So what do you do when it’s your turn? What plan do you have to get yourself unstuck in these times of challenge and change?


Well first let me commend you on pushing the limits of growth, success, and expansion far enough that you run into a sticking point in the first place. We encounter these blockages when we are growing larger than the previous model or design of ourselves allows for. This is very good. It’s actually an indication that you are on the right path.


You hit a wall right before you break through and get outside the box you’ve been stuck in, and it’s how you react in these moments of challenge that decides your fate.


Many will quit and never achieve anything further than their current model of self and their current circumstances.  They lose, they quit, and they tuck tail and run.

They refuse to face the challenge, the fear, the effort, the growing pains, etc. of becoming something more than they are today. They may simply want and lust for something more, but they will not leave the comfort of the familiar zone they reside in for long enough to achieve something truly amazing and rewarding. They refuse to do what it takes to enlarge their visions of themselves and what is possible.


If you don’t have a system of personal success and a source of power you can turn to and tap into to overcome these sticking points on the road to great life success you will remain… well… STUCK! Don’t think that you somehow are going to be immune from this reality.  It’s just the nature of things.


You need techniques and training to surpass these growth benchmarks in your business and your life. The time to get prepared for the obstacles of your MLM success journey is always best before you run into troubles but often isn’t the way things go. Unfortunately as this is the case, many green recruits will abandon ship at the first sign of fear, trouble, and real challenge.


It’s your job as a potential leader or team builder in this industry to know what to do when you and your team encounter these sticking points along the way. It is essential to be prepared before trouble strikes and to have a plan in place.


Provide solutions for yourself and for your team that bring value and the necessary power to get unstuck and move through these sticking points and you will grow a loyal following and team culture destined for great MLM success.


Here’s a Simple Weird Brain Trick Top Earners and Business Leaders Use to Get Unstuck and Stay Unstuck


If you’d like to take a look at what I believe is the best system to support success in your team and in your life you should check out this page and pay special attention to everything you see and hear:

My Products


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You are the Most Important Business Factor in your MLM Success


Everyone worth their salt in this industry comes to realize that this is an industry of personal growth and development. Few people of the many that join Network Marketing come into the business with the skill sets necessary to achieve maximum success. Instead the skills have to be developed, and the mindset for success has to grow.


Indeed we are in a business of success and we are challenging many people to attain a level of thought, belief, and performance that many never before have achieved in life. To do that we have to help people to break out of the stereotypical mental perceptions they have of themselves, their lives, what’s possible for them, and even what they deserve.


People are individuals and so individually we all have different challenges that we have to face to learn to become major achievers in this industry and in life. Some of us have notions of ourselves that are very difficult to work with and others it’s easier for them. Like I said it is a very individual thing and what’s true for one person may not be true for everyone else.


It’s one of the fundamental reasons you must have an excellent personal success system that is integrated into your training for your team. It has to be full spectrum. Without it many will perish and others will never achieve the full dream potential they came into the industry with.


Many people say that it is just an unavoidable symptom of the industry and not much can be done about it. I tend to disagree. And I’ll tell you why. Success Training is a critical component of MLM Success without it people fail.


Look there are tons of different ways to make money in this industry. Opportunity is ripe…The best of the best are fully refined systems and tools integrated into a whole that isn’t hard to set up, put into play, or to succeed with. They take advantage of technology, automation, leverage, and of course for it to become a major success it has to duplicate.


When you have a combination like that with the right company and leadership you are positioned to succeed on a colossal scale.


So why then do people still fail, whine, whimper, moan, and call foul about this industry that is so lucrative and amazingly powerful?


It’s because people fail to grow and they fail to apply the personal system of success necessary to succeed, and as a result they are disappointed and need to point the finger somewhere.


It’s never enough to have the best product, company, tools, and marketing system. There is always another major and often limiting factor in the success equation…


It’s you…


Nothing happens without you… You are your own best product or your greatest liability depending on you, your state of development, belief, mindset, success habits etc. There is no miracle product, business, or button without you and your input. Your business and success can only grow to the extent that you do. It’s just a fact of life.


Believe me if your success grows too big for your comfort zone you will find a way to prevent it or stop it altogether by whatever means necessary.


You are the most critical factor in your business’ success period! More teams, more leaders, and more distributors need to take this advice to heart. You can have the best tool box full of training, tools, information, and super Guru Strategies, but if your tool box has a leak in it, it’s still going to sink. It will take you and your team down with it if you are not prepared.


You plain and simply must have personal success skills and training and you had better make it a priority in your team and in your life. If you don’t believe me then it is time to evaluate your life, your success, and the success record and retention rate in your MLM team.


If you’d like to take a look at what I believe is the best system to support success in your team and in your life you should check out this page and pay special attention to everything you see and hear:

My Products


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Free Facebook Marketing Strategies…Err.. Maybe..?



Lately for me it has been hard to keep generating content that is valuable, on a daily basis, and to keep bringing you valuable information, techniques, and training that I think you will benefit the most from, and desire even more.


It isn’t because there is a lack of information, or valuable things rattling around in my head to share with you, but more often the case, it is because I’m into sooooo much good stuff, and I’m so busy implementing, testing, and validating the stuff that I bring to you, that I don’t find the time every evening to pause and get the daily writing done.


As a matter of fact right now… I am totally stoked to be on the first page of Google on several keywords I have been employing a new SEO strategy testing. I can’t wait to share it.


In fact I am number 2 on a rather impressive keyword I thought would have been much harder to rank for than it has been. It’s exciting…


So what happens for me is it goes like this… I get lost in it all having fun, learning, testing, etc. and then I forget about something I started a few weeks ago that I still haven’t finished up and followed through with like I said I would.

The hours as a result end up flying by and then it’s evening time again. Geez…


So for me I’m going “oh crap” I still have to finish that project and put that training up, and start taking advantage of that benefit, all while I’m putting this new SEO strategy to work, and of course I’m wanting to create a training on that for my inner circle, and then It’s getting late and I still haven’t provided any valuable content for the day on this blog, etc., etc., plus I haven’t even finished organizing and interlinking things on my blog, and doing all the updating I started weeks ago the way I want to… Oh man…


I’m not complaining… no, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard having so much excitement and passion for things, and yet knowing that one lifetime will never be enough to experience it all, share it all, and be able to do for others everything I want to (deep sigh).


I think that’s why I have so much trouble understanding people who don’t seem to be passionate about anything in life???

In fact I just want to shake them up, scream at them, and get them to wake up! I want to tell them there is a voice inside of them that they are not listening to. I want to turn off the crap in their head for five minutes and allow them to tune into themselves for a minute!


That’s why I created “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why Program.” I couldn’t bear the thought of people living their lives in a shallow grave with the ends kicked out (a rut), and not based on their passions, their most important truths, and their values.


I was mortified at the thought of people going to their graves never really embracing the parts of themselves that are most important, and learning to live from self in a fashion that truly supports and cultivates the deepest aspects of themselves…their passions, talents, values, and deepest desires.


I’d count that to be a tragedy if… I knew this was the case and sat back and did absolutely nothing about it. So I didn’t. Instead I took action.


I also realized that if people didn’t tap into these hidden resources of themselves they would never be able to realize great and abundant success in life. They simply wouldn’t be able to tap into the sufficient power in their lives to make much of a difference.


I also realized that too many other people would arrive at a destination they thought was called success only to find it empty and void of the rewards and treasures they needed most within themselves to be fulfilled.


So what I’m saying here is I got off my butt and did something proactive about this situation and designed the absolute best product to change that simple fact. I call it:

LINK:“The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why”

Click this link now and go find out exactly what I mean and then I’ll see you again tomorrow with some more awesome content and training. Maybe we’ll even get to that free Facebook Training I originally had in mind…

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Why Success is often about More than You Think at First

Why Success is often about More than You Think at First


Today’s post is a guest editorial by my good friend Joeseph A. Nunn, that illustrates well a point that I want to make today. That point is that success is often about more than most people think it is. A lot of education falls short of the complete and holistic recipe or equation necessary to produce the desired result that people refer to as success.

So I thought I would dig this one out dust it off again and present it as a part of today’ training.



The Six Pillars of Success:


1. Spirituality


3. Relationships

4. Finances\Career

5. Excitement\Stimulation- fun hobbies games

6. Environment- outside influences


“Not long ago I had the pleasure of a one on one mentoring session with success expert David Schlueter. We discussed his six pillars of success, the need for balance and a holistic approach to living happy joyous and free.”


“What’s this happy joyous and free nonsense?” “Show me how to get the cash, stop being so stressed-out about my life, and I’ll take care of those kinds of things for myself.”


How did finance – i.e. money – get all the way down to number 4 on this list?


If those are your concerns let me address them. At the risk of being blunt – you’re missing the important point!


To illustrate I’ll need to present you with a few questions of my own.


  1. Is it money and lack of stress in your life that you want, or is it the things money and a lack of stress and ill health can buy you?


Isn’t it…The fine dining experiences, the vacations with family, extravagant parties for your friends, a sense of ease and comfort in the big house, the sense of accomplishment in the new car, the reward of leisure and time, etc.


  1. Are these not the things (emotional states) you’re really after?
  2. And why do you want these things?

Perhaps you think they will make you happy, joyous, and free?

Let me pass on to you some of the best financial advice I was ever given.


  1. Think of happiness joy and freedom as just some of the intangible assets or accounts that truly define success.


And whatever you do, do not wait until the big bucks start rolling in before you see to it that these intangible assets of the heart begin to enjoy an increase.


Invest in your emotional success first: Make it a priority.

The effort to improve one’s physical health is at least a third of any authentic success formula worthy of its name.


Failure to be active and hopeful in the pursuit of your physical health is to sabotage any shot you have at real happiness or Success.


To put money first (ahead of health or spirit), is to put the cart before the horse, making your chances at real success slim to none.


We’ve all seen those bank vaults in the movies and children’s cartoons filled with bundles of cash or gold coins deep enough to swim in. Would you want to stay there very long just playing in all that treasure?


If you said more than ten minutes it’s time to get your head checked for lumps. Speaking strictly for myself, I’m going to convert that heap into a checkbook, a few credit cards, ATM access, and then I’m going to go do some shopping!


So let me ask you this… with all this attained wealth, are you going to buy the big mansion on the hill with all the trimmings, or the crack house in the ghetto?




Let me take a few seconds here and read your mind. Aha!! I knew it! You said the mansion didn’t you!




Because it feels better that’s why. It fulfills you emotionally. You would have said yes to the Bahamas if I had asked you too wouldn’t you.




Because it feels better that’s why. It feeds your emotional wants.


Money in and of itself is just a piece of paper with ink on it. What you do with it and how that makes you feel – that’s what really matters.


Do not get me wrong I’m a big fan of the first part of success pillar # 4 (finances/career). I like the first part especially. Good old cash!


But when my health has gone to hell in a hand basket (as it has in the past) I don’t feel much like exerting myself much to enjoy these pleasures, let alone set out on a course of action to attain them.


Instead the couch puts a tractor beam on my ass and it’s all over. I am utterly destitute and miserable beyond compare. In this state of ill health, the money, the goals, the hopes and dreams really don’t mean much.


To accomplish anything worthwhile in life you must set your mind to it with faith hope and courage. (Spirituality) Then you must literally find the strength to take action (health) only then can one reap the benefits, (friends, family, free time, healthy emotions, etc.) and the money to be an asset in the world instead of a drain upon it.


So if spirituality is number one on the list and health is number two, finance is only half of number four. Hmmm…


Let me take a brief moment to go over number one. How many happy joyous and free people do you know that would willingly destroy themselves or allow conditions in their lives to exist that might seriously harm or impede them? This includes your health and what you are doing about it right now.




How happy joyous and free can you be if you’re sick, tired, and stressed out all the time?

Can you truly ever become happy, joyous, and free, if these are the regular elements of your existence? 

Not hardly. I should know I’ve tried it.

From my mid-twenties to my late thirties I was overweight. At 36 I topped at 336 pounds. My proper weight is around 245. I smoked. I drank like a fish. Sugar for me was a major food group. My recreation tended to be focused around things that involved sitting on my ass.

High blood pressure frightened me into dropping my weight down to around 312 over a period of roughly five months. My health problems complicated by stress turned into medical problems I could ill afford.

During those five months I became deathly sickened. Years of bad nutrition, stress, and poor health priority brought case after case of respiratory problems. I attempted to overcome these with the abuse of antibiotics. Two and a half months into a horrendous infection that plagued my ears sinuses and throat, the pill the doctors gave me stopped working.

A lack of health insurance, complicated by the need for blood pressure medicine, doctors’ fees, and one expensive regimen of anti-biotic after another led to a day of decision… go to the doctors or pay rent.

I paid the rent and went to bed. I stayed there for three weeks only getting up to use the bathroom or make soup. Things turned for the worst towards the end of the first week I literally thought I was going to die, and it gripped with a gut wrenching fear that caused me to cry unrestrained and unrelentingly. Reality crashed in on me. What a pointless wasted empty life I had led. What a wasted pathetic miserable end.

I know now that my immune system had reached an all-time low, and it was truly on the edge of giving out. On top of that, the fear and stress being created in my mind and life had been weakening my immune system even further. This only complicated the syndrome.

In my tears and desperation I prayed to God to save me from my self-inflicted fate. I prayed and I prayed, and as I did the prayer changed. Peace and serenity came over me. Consequently I became a student of success and health principles, and have learned to apply them as the habits of my daily life, never again to return to the deathbed of wailing and despair that had become my defining turning point.

I take my health and my success seriously today, and it is my hope that none of you shall ever have to stray as far down the path of unhealthy success and health habits as I did to reach your defining moment and decision. That decision is whether or not you will begin today to take these issues seriously, and begin to take appropriate action where your health and success is concerned.


Don’t waste any more time… order some serious success training

“The Secrets of the Success Equation today.”


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Get the Monkey Off Your Back for Good

Get the Monkey Off Your Back for Good


We’ve spent the last several days’ together dealing with the Butt Monkeys and all the havoc they can cause in your life. And we’ve shed some light on some lies and misconstrued facts about several things about this industry, about success, and about what’s really safe and makes sense.


And for some of you that information has been brand new possibly, maybe even a little unsettling at times. And this web-site is designed as a resource that will give you that kind of information. That kind of uncommon truth about some things and end up challenging you with facts and truths you may not have heard of, thought of, or given any rational consideration of.


If this is the case for you, that’s excellent. Perhaps we’ll get you outside the box soon and into some non-ordinary success and some non-ordinary opportunity. Perhaps you’ll experience some non-ordinary growth, success, and a change in your perspective, and possibly your whole life.


But here’s the deal…It really doesn’t matter what you hear, what you say, what you read or have learned about success, from me, this website, or anyone else for that matter.


What matters most is what you will do about it. Will you take action or not? And are they going to be the right actions or not?


Is what you are doing right now, what you’ve been doing for years now, and what you’ve been experiencing as you’ve lived it likely to create the results in life that you desire or not?


Why is this so important? Well to coin a phrase I learned from T. Harv Ecker “ If you don’t live it you don’t know it.”


Beliefs without action and experience to back it up are still just theories. The necessary energy, input, and experience are still missing. You still don’t “know it.” It takes action and more than just action it takes right action to generate the type of success experiences and results we’re talking about manifesting.


Right action for the right circumstances is a prerequisite for generating success. Without right action there can be no essential change or transformation. As a result there can be no real miracles in your life.


So that’s why this week we’ve been trying to clear out some of those Butt Monkeys for why you’re not taking actions in your life that you know you need to be.


And who can be blamed for a lack or right action concerning your success in life? Is it the messenger who shows you the way? No! Nor is it the message as long as it is based in sound principles that work and inspire one to take right action for the circumstance.


Too many good teachers get a bad rap. But who is it that must ultimately take responsibility and pay the price for a lack of desired results in your life? It’s You!


If right action is missing when appropriate knowledge is present then it can only be you. You can make excuses about this all you want (Butt, Butt, Butt) or you can choose to be successful take some right action and learn how to become fulfilled in life.


You can be “right” and follow “your way” till the bitter end (But, But, But) or you can be happy, successful, and fulfilled. It’s your choice.


Am I saying that this opportunity is going to be right for you? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but I’m talking about so much more than Network Marketing here. I’m talking to you about success education, financial literacy, personal responsibility, action and change.


Sometimes success requires a period of unlearning before any real learning can take place. If you are already filled with all the “right” answers, there can be no room for anything else. Sometimes you have to clear out some space for new ideas, truths, and facts to take root and begin to grow.


You can continue in the same beliefs you’ve always had, but are they supporting you and the life you desire?


How is it working for you so far?


You could start taking appropriate action today.

But will you do it?

Only you can make this choice.

Am I getting through to you at all?


I want you to explore this site a little bit and take a look at some new things. But that’s really just scraping the surface. I want you to opt in and really see some new ideas in action. See some systems designed for you to succeed, meet some incredible mentors, and share in some outside the box type realities.


Opt in to the form at the top of this page and be taken to 8 days of free business training.


Or go to: No Monkey Business now and dig deeper into the rabbit hole today for some fresh perspectives and training.


If you missed the other articles in this series:







If you Enjoyed this Article Check Out the Other Related Success Articles on the “Success Resource Page”


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5 minutes of honest evaluation can pretty well determine your success future for the rest of your life!

The outer results you manifest in life are always a direct reflection of your inner condition. All results in your life inevitably start first from within. Your imagination always triumphs over will.  If you desire to change the results you are getting in life, then you must first change the dynamics within you. This is the first rule.



Deeply planted in your subconscious self is an operating system that is piloting your destiny. For most of us this automatic directive is no reflection of our abundant potential. Past programming, conditioning, and events present a road block between what most people achieve and what they desire most in life.


Ignoring this fact is success suicide! Success blueprinting comes from 3 primary sources: Verbal Conditioning – what we heard, Modeling – what we saw, and Specific Incidents — what we experienced while in impressionable states.


In the “Secrets of the Success Equation” system, you get to learn how to master the “inner programming” of success to reset your boundaries for a life of abundance. This is always the greatest limiting factor in everyone’s success and it has to be addressed right at the root of the problem.


If you want to build a successful life, a successful business, a successful MLM team you’ll have to face these demons sooner or later to do it. That’s why MLM is called the business of personal growth that comes with a residual pay check.


Here’s a portion of what you will learn inside this powerful building block system


How and why your inner programming and conditioning is affecting your success today

How to get mental breakthroughs and re-program yourself for permanent success

How to overcome fear, anxiety, and other devastating emotional blocks

 How to honestly evaluate your current success condition and what you must do about it

How to use “Spiritual Principles”  of success to create abundant purpose filled living

 How richly abundant achievers think and act differently than everyone else

 How to recondition your inner reality to get immediate results


“Your Success can only grow to the extent that you do!”


So what is your success programming set for you might ask? Is your inner operating system set for abundant success, mediocrity or failure? How can you know?


The clue is to honestly evaluate the consistent results of your life. Are you a high achiever? Are you lucky, satisfied, happy, and fulfilled? If you are naturally set for abundance then this will be the consistent theme or outcomes in your life. If on the other hand you are set for mediocrity, failure, or struggle, then these will be the consistent themes of your existence.


Does your current success level reflect the happiness, joy, and fulfillment in life that you desire?  Fortunately or unfortunately your current success setting will stay with you for the rest of your life unless you take directed action to change it.




The Universe is a dynamic exchange of creative and destructive energies that operates in accord with principles that governs all of life. Every moment in time you are either attracting or manifesting high energy spiritually and materially abundant outcomes, or you are attracting low energy negative ones.


That’s rule number two. The universe simply responds to your actions accordingly. Everything in nature is in a constant state of movement and exchange. You participate in this exchange and affect the nature and direction of the outcomes in your life. The actions you take daily on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes of life effect the flow of abundance into or out of your life.


The “Secrets of the Success Equation” program unlocks the mystery of this dynamic and directs you to right actions for greater success. The quality of life you experience based on universal principles is permanently changed for the better.  The “Secrets of the Success Equation” program directs you toward greater and fuller abundance in every aspect of your life.


There is a secret psychology and dynamic structure to success and abundance, and there is a system of principles that governs it. Most people don’t know about it and that’s why most people never become abundantly successful in life. A lack of success is not the problem, and more money alone is not the solution. A lack of outer world results is merely a symptom not the cause. It’s what’s going on inside you that make all the difference. Change this first and your change your world.


Most of us were never taught how to manifest an abundant life. Many of us were taught by people who loved us but weren’t very good at those things. The first critical element for manifesting success is knowing exactly what to do. Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice can do that.


In this system you will learn the step by step “perfect practice” process necessary to manifest abundant success and what you desire most in life. You will never have to accept anything less. It is absolutely no longer necessary to fall short of your true abundant potential and goals in life…unless of course, you choose to.


Here is a portion of what you will learn inside The Secrets of the Success Equation

* Specific proven success creation strategies that create abundance in life

    * How to hundredfold your success in life by changing your strategy

    * The 7 “keys” of truly abundant living

    * The underlying cause of nearly every success problem

    * 12 spiritual principles of success that will literally free you from your bondage to baggage

    * The world’s simplest thoroughly tested method for connecting to greater power in life

    * Why it’s imperative to manage your “inner realm” for success and the easiest ways to do it


I’m really just beginning to scratch the surface here, and you can learn all about this and more in the “My Products” tab of this website.

MLM is the business of personal growth and we are not really salespeople we are problem solvers with a very handsome pay check. It’s our mission to find people who have a need that we can help with and provide a solution. We offer business opportunities, training, mentoring and personal success training to our partners in the hopes of rising up inspired and on fire leaders who will do the same.


There is plenty of training going on in the industry, in fact it is going on all the time and yet still too many would be hopefuls fail in our opportunity when they don’t have to.


The good MLM teams provide good success training for their members that helps this some. The best MLM teams provide the best personal success training available to their teams that makes all the difference.


Start tapping into and providing the best personal success training for you and your team today by checking out The Secrets of the Success Equation today. Train this stuff down and watch your team grow exponentially…


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Destroy Corporate Injustice with MLM

Let me tell you a story… It’s a story about good people… It’s about people who stand shoulder to shoulder day after day and perform the tasks asked of them while there is no appreciation whatsoever for their service or labor… not from management, from their patrons, and without monetary compensation in reasonable amounts for the services and labor they provide the tarry day by day.

They are good strong capable and intelligent people trapped in servitude to a wage that doesn’t begin to meet their needs.

 It is without encouragement from management, without incentive from corporate higher ups who serve shareholders at the expense of laborers who earn them their wages. Without light or hope many continue to toil with no immediate relief in sight.

Some took a bad step in life, others fate has dealt a cruel hand, for some it has been the economy and others have never know any different.

Maybe you know some of them…

Maybe you are one of them…

When I think of these things I am reminded of the words of Henry David Thoreau. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” But this isn’t the 1800’s this isn’t feudal Europe it’s not the third world… No its 2012 and this certainly isn’t the picture and image of America I was raised on.

We’ve got good capable people out of work, losing their houses, their retirements, their livelihoods and the whole system and training they were raised on and the thinking and ideas they were encouraged to embrace has failed them. And I say it’s time to wake up and make a change!

Now am I advocating a revolution? Well at least in your minds I am.

Am I saying there is no place in the world for low priced goods, services, and labor? No… of course not. But what I am saying is there are far too many people in this position today who don’t belong there and others who wouldn’t stay another minute in that position if they were offered encouragement, training, and better opportunities.

If they had the chance to be uplifted, mentored, and encouraged… if they got outside “the box” many would rise far above! They would rise far above not only their current circumstances and positions in life, but also rise far above any positions they had ever held in life. Many would have a total life transformation and rocket to a new dimension of success and life abundance given the right training, thinking, systems, and beliefs.

And that’s what it’s all about… that’s what I’m all about… that’s what MLM is all about. I’m on a mission and new thinking, opportunities, training and beliefs, is a part of it…That’s why I endorse MLM, Success Education, and financial literacy as a part of my mission.

You see MLM is fair…MLM is equitable…It’s good for people and it’s good for America.

Corporate entities and individuals that take advantage of one group of people to serve the wants of another are not socially equitable or even ethical in my opinion.

It’s time to rethink the model.

A strategy that involves clawing your way up the ladder with treachery, and injustice toward your fellow worker or man isn’t competition its cut throat treachery. Don’t call it “the real world” call it what it is. If it looks like poo, smells like poo and behaves like poo it’s probably poo, not some inescapable fact of life! It’s pretty simple really, don’t step in it don’t play with it, and don’t hold it as sacred or unavoidable.

 A system that encourages or tolerates cut throat politics and unscrupulous tactics to get ahead that end up bankrupting people morally, ethically, and financially is evil.

These are extreme words and examples perhaps but they appropriate the impact necessary to describe the levels and limits much of this unethical practice has stooped to. It’s become more and more commonplace and accepted…

I think that it’s unacceptable… If you’ve been a victim of it or if your life has become tainted because of it I feel for you. You have my heart…

But MLM is different and Success Education is liberating. It’s a breath of fresh air for an oxygen deprived society. Its good old fashioned grassroots entrepreneurialism, personal integrity, and character that end up mattering and that you end up being compensated for…  Actually it’s even better than that.

  1. Its better because MLM encourages the best from everyone and rewards them equitably for their performance and service. The more I help you to succeed in this industry and the better you do the better we both end up doing.
  2. The money that ends up making cable television nearly unwatchable (am I the only one?), the money that renames our stadiums, fills the hollow pages of our magazines, newspapers and that pollutes the airwaves and the serenity of our life landscapes with endless psychological brainwash and marketing messages ends up going to the distributors in this business instead of the multimedia advertising giants.
  3. As Robert Kiyosaki puts it… It helps you cross over to the B and I side of the cash flow quadrant which is the only side of the quadrant you can achieve financial freedom on.
  4. It puts the necessary leverage and system in your hands to create wealth and freedom in record time. In fact there is no other industry in the world like it.

In fact you are still able to start a viable business with little money down (peanuts really) and have the prospect of making ridiculous sums of money and achieving true wealth abundance and freedom in your life.

Not only that but it is possible to achieve that freedom in such a short amount of time that it baffles the imagination.

The best part of it is that this is a business of personal growth and encouragement that is fair, equitable, and good for everyone.

You don’t take advantage of people to get ahead in this industry. Instead you help raise them up and encourage them, assisting them to grow and become the best they can be in life. There is no other industry like it.

Instead of stabbing your colleagues and friends in the back to scale the ladder of success you become a problem solver willing to help friends, families, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers reach a higher standard in life.

You are actually excited when someone on your team outdoes you and becomes more successful than you are. You cheer and applaud rather than resentfully plotting their demise.

Its capitalism the way it should be… I don’t know how those other poor trapped souls continue do it week in and week out, year after year with no hope in sight. How do they not just explode?

Yes, I know… Freedom is just one of my top values remember… and I’m not advocating a personal revolution at the expense of peoples livelihood. But come on people isn’t it time for a change? Isn’t it time for some fresh air, a new perspective from outside the box?

Isn’t it really past time to embrace personal growth, new thinking, new possibilities, new opportunities, and some new outcomes? And isn’t this is especially true when it comes to the minds of people and what makes sense, and what’s really secure in today’s world?

Just from the point of financial intelligence and looking at the statistics we can see that the nonsense being taught and that has become incorporated into American thinking has a 95% failure rate for an individual.

The statistical data is dismal and you’re absolutely ignorant if you think that old thinking and old systems are going to work any better smack in the middle of a worldwide economic recession.

We need knew systems, new strategies, new thinking, and a new mindset to lead us. You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. You must get outside that box and wake up if you’re going to have a better chance of success than the 95%’ers have.

You need a better system and better training…

Get some new training. Embrace some fresh ideas and fresh thinking. Get outside the box… Break free from the trap and walk triumphantly into a new and brighter future. Embrace MLM today… Embrace personal success education and personal growth… Embrace an outside the box type strategy and lifestyle… And begin to enjoy outside the box type results.

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