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Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)

Have you tried Mind Movie Programming to sharpen your focus and program your conscious and subconscious self for ultimate success?


I love mind movies and use them regularly to improve myself.

mind movies

What are Mind Movies?


Mind Movies are a tool to help you keep your mind and your beliefs fully focused on success, and help you attract the things you want into your life.


It is recommend by some that you should set aside time 2 times daily (I suggest morning and evening) to view these Mind Movies and practice seeding your subconscious mind with auto-suggested commands.


I have always liked Iamvibration’s videos.


You can find them by searching Iamvibration on YouTube or click the above link.


These videos have a lot going on in them and you should definitely check them out in the HD setting, they are meant to be viewed that way.


Put in your earbuds or your beats, because there is stereo imagery and audio elements involved in many of these videos to produce specific brain wave frequencies designed as part of the experience.


Unfortunately some of my favorite Mind Movies from Iamvibration are no longer on YouTube. I’m not sure what has happened to them.


But today’s example is one of my favorites. Give it a view and tell me what you think.



With dedication to reprogramming your mind and using the law of attraction, you may consistently achieve success in all areas of your life, manifest your dreams into reality, and be someone who just naturally attracts success and opportunity.


It is all part of the habit of self-discipline and mastering the power of our mind for success. It’s what Napoleon Hill was getting at so heavily in his book “The Master Key to Riches.”


If you haven’t read this “Classic Must Read” Book it’s time to add it to your reading list.


Building or creating success, riches, abundance, etc. is ultimately an inside job.


So go ahead and put today’s success tip to use and start watching and creating your own mind movies to sharpen your focus, turn up the clarity, increase the magnitude, and program yourself for Abundant Success.

I do…

-Dave Schlueter

Do Your Dreams Have the Sufficient Substance and Momentum for you to Change Your Life and Succeed?

If you’ve set your eyes on Success and Your Heart upon achieving it, You had better determine what it is you are willing to do,  and when are you are ready to begin…


Are you ready to grow and do what is required for you to be your best and Succeed with your Dreams… Or have you already accepted Defeat? Given up? Quit on yourself and the magic in your heart?

It’s either one or the other. You are either moving toward your dreams today or moving away from them. There is no Maybe! Everything has an effect, everything has a direction, and everything has an eventual destiny. Everything counts.

My Challenge for you today, is to clearly identify that destiny today, and decide whether you are moving toward your Dream or away from it, and to inspire you to make a choice.

Empower yourself to take responsibility for your life and the direction in which it is headed.

Realize that the only one who could have created where you are at right now is you… and to ask you to be responsible for what you are creating.


  • So have you given up?


  • Have you given in?


  • Or are you ready to go all in?



  • Are you ready to take some steps toward the life you’ve always wanted to live?
  • Are you ready to make some real changes that will have the impact and force necessary to change your life.
  • Maybe you’re ready to join a Winning Team!
  • Maybe you’re ready to take your life or your business to the next level.

Click Here Now, Follow Through, Take the Next Step and See the Next Video Now!

The Fire That Inspires (inspiration) Video

If you’ve been on the playing field of Life, Love, Business, or Entrepreneurship, for very long and you’ve really playing the game at 100% not just spectating…then I’m sure it’s happened…

 You’ve suffered devastation a time or two. You’ve been burned over and there seemed to be nothing left but destruction and devastation left of your heart, business, plans, finances etc.

 I don’t know where you are at in your Business, your Relationships, or your life right now. Maybe you’re thriving, maybe you’re surviving, and maybe you’re recovering or just staring at the bleak burned over remains of all your plans, your hopes and dreams…but I do know this.

It happens. It happens to the best people and the worst, but how you choose to look at it, respond to it, and go forward from it makes all the difference.

 Nature in fact is a great teacher and should not be overlooked when it provides lessons so clear that we should all take notice.

 We should all take notes and embed the wisdom from “The Fire That Inspires.”

 Watch today’s Video and absorb the lessons it has to teach you about your life, business, relationships, hopes dreams, and reality…

Leave me your thoughts about today’s Video and the Fires in Your Life.


The Majestic Creation Of My Unconscious Mind….


Making Magic a Part of Your Reality

Why are you in Business anyway?

Can you imagine what it would be like to imagine any kind of future you would like to have for yourself and then be given the ability to create that reality for yourself by being privileged with the right tools mentorship and training that makes it all possible?

What is it your really Desire?inner realm

Can you imagine it?

Can you really…because that’s what we are getting ready to share today as we begin a new series of video’s, training, and interviews designed to make that magic part of your reality.

Begin with us today a new future and direction to discover your vision, and learn how to generate results in your life and with your business that will take you there quicker and easier.

You’re about to get tapped into a Muti-Millionaire Mastermind that will blow you away!

Watch today’s Video, leave me your thoughts, get on the list and join us discovering how to live the dream.

The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why

Unstoppable Power for Achievement


If you have ever doubted the unstoppable power to be found in a Compelling Reason Why, watch this video and be cured. This video sums up exactly the point i have tried to make, and why your first prerequisite for abundant success in life must start and be built upon this unstoppable power. It is the fundamental building block upon which you may be sure to build lifelong success.

Get some Kleenex and watch this video now…


Take a look at a system designed for you to uncover your Compelling Reason Why and begin cultivating Abundant Success then check out the “My Products” tab or use this link now.


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This Motivational Video Gets Me Fired Up to Succeed

This Video gets me fired up to succeed. It has been on my Facebook channel for a while, but today I just felt like sharing it. Enjoy!




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A Slap in the Face Success Wake Up Call

 This awesome inspirational video is a real slap in the face wake up call for anyone seeking Success in life. Watch it now…



Now take some action on your intention!!!

Look at a Successful Plan and Opportunity for your Success Now: “Take Action for Success”

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911 Tribute

If you Enjoyed this MLM Success Article Check Out the Other Related Motivational Videos on the:
“Motivational Videos Page”

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