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MLM Success – How to Overcome Your Fears

Are you looking for the Secrets to MLM Success?

Does fear sometimes get between you and taking the actions to succeed that you know you should be doing?mlm success- finding your voice

It’s a common problem for many, so don’t feel too discouraged by the fact. Instead let’s learn to get some leverage on Fear today, and get tuned  up for abundant MLM Success.


I did another article on this just the other day:

MLM SUCCESS – Overcoming Fears (Rock City Video)


Today’s post is the video version really of that post, and it is a hard hitting video that gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to facing fear, overcoming fear, and generating new feelings, actions, and results that create MLM Success.

See today’s Video Now for some great “MLM Success” tips.


Links from Today’s MLM Success Video:


The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why

The Secrets of the Success Equation

mlm success

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  • If you dream of MLM Success, have set your sights upon it, you are ready to take action and you are clear, then you cannot let fear rule your destiny any longer.


The Best MLM Companies Reviewed

Are you looking for the Best Mlm Companies out there today in the work at home market place?


best mlm companies


  • Who else wants some veteran advice on this topic before they make a move and decide to join with any of these Best MLM Companies?


  • More than that… would you like to learn how to make money with any of these Network Marketing Companies first before you decide to get involved?


Then you are in the right place today.


I’m going to send you out today to a great resource article from a top industry expert and veteran of the home based business industry, and give you his breakdown on some of the Best MLM Companies.


Here’s the deal though about these top ranked and Best MLM Companies…


Can you make $$$ Fast with the Best MLM Companies?

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Make a Fortune Online Today is NOT With Any of These Top 25 MLM Companies! You Can, But It Will Take Years!Confused about the best mlm companies


Say what???

That’s right!


Marketing is changing at light speed with the advent of the internet, social media, and the advent of the information age.


Do you want to know what it really takes to be successful?

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Want to Succeed in the New Marketing Era?

If you want to succeed in the new marketing era, you will need two things.

  1.  Cutting Edge Marketing Training, Tools, a Platform, Leadership, and Information.


  1. An Opportunity that is forward thinking and allows you to make full use of these.

 Why do these Companies Halt Your Progress???

That’s right! A lot of the top ranked and Best MLM Companies out there today as ranked by Nexera don’t even allow you to make use of the best in internet technology to build your business with.


It’s insane…


Mark my words… when you see this they will have to adapt or die in the very near future just to remain competitive in the industry. Changes are coming and this is revolutionary!


Want to Succeed?

Don’t get left behind. Join with a winning team on the cutting edge and forefront today, or regret taking action you could have – when you know you should have.

 Use the links on this page today… then, consider yourself informed, and ready to make decisions. Decisions that will affect your future, your dreams, your goals, and the future of marketing and the home based business industry forever.

(When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

 See all of today’s links…

These are the Best MLM Companies in the world according to Nexera, and cutting edge new technology here for you to evaluate based upon the veteran industry perspective and advice that is given.


MLM Success – Overcoming Your Fears (Rock City Video)

When it comes to MLM Success does Freddy Krueger live under your bed?

Are you afraid to let your feet it the ground and take all the steps necessary for you to succeed?mlm success

Is there a Boogeyman in your Network Marketing prospecting and Business building life that’s tormenting you and keeping you from breaking through?

When it comes to Fear are you going to face it and Master it for your MLM Success or Let it Dominate Your Destiny Forever?

We headed out to Mt. Diablo State Park the other day to prove just such a point. To face personal Fear and prove that personal growth can and will triumph and overcome.

I invite you to see what happened as one “Big Chicken” faces his Fear head on today.

(Click Here and Find Out: What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

Your First few week in Business…

If you made it through your first few weeks in the Home-based Business Industry you quickly come to realize you haven’t won the lottery. Money doesn’t just fall from the sky and upline spill over isn’t magically building your profit producing business for you.

In fact if you’ve made it that far you soon realize it’s going to take some real work on your part to get the ball rolling and create MLM Success.

Then it really begins…

That’s when the fear and the reality kicks in in for many people. “What have I gotten myself into?” is the question many ask themselves.

A lot of people drop out right then and there never to return again…they never survive even the first 90 days in business!

90 day shelf life…

Imagine that… an entrepreneur starting a new company and only giving it 90 days to succeed! lol…

Imagine any of the nation’s great industrialists or financiers only giving their ventures only 90 days to succeed before they were ready to quit.

We’d still be living in the stone age!


But it’s true, and people drop out right then and there before they ever have the chance to create something great. People who never should have signed up in the first place. People who were misled by unrealistic marketing, hype, inflated expectations, and a warped sense of what it takes to create success in life.

Ahh… such is the state for far too much of Network Marketing.


What about Fear and MLM Success…

What does this have to do with fear? What does this have to do with MLM Success?



Because you now suddenly realize it’s going to take some real personal growth and initiative to succeed.


Let the Business Training Begin…

It’s going to require becoming a real entrepreneur. It’s going to require you to learn marketing, sales, promoting, and it’s going to take you being willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, the same way Bill Gates had to. The same way Steve Jobs had to.

(Click Here to Learn How Now)

  • You’re now a Business person.
  • You’re going to have to spend money!
  • You’re going to have to be accountable!
  • You’re going to have to speak to people, and even speak publicly at times!
  • You’re going to have to take risks, you’re going to have to grow and develop skills you likely don’t have already.
  • You’re going to have to work on yourself at least 80% and on your business 20% if you want to succeed.

It scares the hell out of a lot of people…

Facing themselves, facing growth, and facing the truth is sometimes too much for them.

Many people just quit right then and there. Those who persevere learn to succeed and eventually win. Those who quit are quitters, and quitters are never winners.

Which one are you? Quitter or Winner?

So… once you decide you are here to succeed. Once you decide you are in it for the long haul and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed…what do you do about the fear? The Growth? The necessary changes ahead of you…

What must you do to achieve MLM Success?

Guys I want to give you all the answers…but it is beyond the scope of everything I can give you in today’s short post.
What I do want to give you is this… link


Let’s Examine Fear and MLM Success

So let’s take a look at things for a moment.

What freaks people out and stops them in their tracks?

Well for the most part it is prospecting, picking up the phone, and public speaking. It’s the fear of rejection, and the fear of failing and having all your friends and peers who told you you were crazy for getting started with one of those pyramid schemes say they told you so.


If you suffer from this and it holds you back then let’s get you some leverage for MLM Success.

In fact let’s just get rid of some of those major obstacles right away and show you how to build while you grow.

Let’s get you hooked up with a super high converting marketing system and platform where you don’t have to do all that crap to experience MLM Success.

  • Would you like to stop chasing people for your business and have them chase you?
  • Would you like to never call a lead again, harass friends and family, people at Starbucks, etc.?
  • Would you like to use systems, automation, tools, training, and cutting edge strategies to build your business and train your team.
  • Would you like to see some duplication in your team building efforts without having your phone ringing dawn till dusk, hand holding your new recruits, wiping noses, and drying tears.

Let’s Break down some Barriers…

Let’s leverage your efforts and personality by instantly eliminating some of these barriers to your success right away and get you time and energies focused on productive activities that will build your business and your income instead of frustrate the hell out of you and leave you broke.

Click Here to Leverage you Success and get Started.


Building Your Business with out Fear

no fearFor the portions of your business that you will have to grow and face your fears to accomplish remember this…

Personal Growth requires honesty. You must demonstrate honesty to be able to clearly see and illuminate the problems that stand between you and your goals.

For example… If it is the fear to get in front of a video camera and start taking advantage of video marketing to build your business that stops you then you must face the truth of your situation.

The truth is you are not likely to succeed if you don’t incorporate video marketing into your business building strategy. Sorry… but it’s true.

What’s the problem? The problem is you. You are not clear about how much you want to succeed, what’s in it for you, and what it is truly costing you in terms of not doing video.

If you want to be an MLM Success then you must face this.

You must face the truth and be responsible for the outcome.

If the truth is that to grow your business you must learn video marketing and you refuse to, drag your feet slowly and reluctantly, put in half efforts and not your best work, you will get limited results if any.

The truth is you are the problem. Not MLM, not the company you are in, not your opportunity, not timing or the market, it’s you, and your refusal to grow.

So what does it take to change?

Honesty, Courage, Clarity, Volition, and Action.

HONESTY Like I said it takes honesty to see the problem. Until you admit that there is something wrong and identify what is causing it, it is hard to fix anything at all that might be wrong.

COURAGE it takes courage for many to face the truth and their egos. It takes courage for many to face change. It takes courage to honestly look at your situation and evaluate what it is costing you now, a year from now, 5 years from now, etc. if you refuse to change.

Many people just won’t do it. It is easier to stay the same and continue to play the blame game than to grow and change.

CLARITY it takes clarity to see not only where it is you want to be, but also what it will take to get you to your destination. If you want to grow, change and Succeed in MLM then you have to get clear about your outcome.

You must see what it is you desire clearly…

What is it you want to accomplish, and why? What will it be like when you arrive there? How will your life be different than it is today? How will that feel? What new things become possible that fulfill you, serve you, serve others, and fulfill your purpose in life?
Why is this all extremely meaningful and important?

When you have that kind of clarity and purpose fully outlined, when you cultivate it, re-enforce it, and program your mind with this intention, you are then ready for the next element.

VOLITION the will and desire to make a change in the things. The will and determination to produce new results from here forward. The will and desire to achieve your dreams and goals. It’s the fire in your burning desire, and you can’t get by without it.

ACTION… When all these elements align then the last step is to take action. More specifically to take new actions that produce new results. When you do this and it produces new results, you have new social proof.

For instance the fear to produce video and talk on camera is a common problem for new marketers. Many never get past it.

They feel foolish, they feel like they have nothing to offer in the way of value, they feel awkward, clumsy, extremely self-conscious, etc. and it holds them back and keeps them from producing content when they need to the most.

Many feel like they just can’t do it!

But here’s the deal… the minute you begin to, you begin to grow. You begin to literally re-write and re-wire the files in your head that tell you “you can’t”, that “you suck”, and that you should do anything but another video today.

How important is your MLM Success then?

What will it cost you if you don’t face the fear and power through?

When you have true Clarity of what it is costing you not to go forward grow and succeed, and that pain is greater than the pain of taking action today and just doing it, you will move forward, grow, and get it done.

This is one reason why Clarity and a clearly defined Compelling Reason Why is so vital!

Unfortunately we all sort of suck making our first videos. We all are super-self-conscious and awkward. It takes time to find your voice, find your rhythm, and find your style.

To succeed with all of this takes consistency.

You must rehearse these mechanisms of change and growth until the new behaviors become a habit. You must persevere until it is taken over by what Napoleon Hill called “Cosmic Habitforce.”

When that happens the new behavior has become the new habit, the deepest rut, the new operating system. The old fear, old belief, old habit, is erased.

Real Growth and Change is accomplished.

The old mental file is destroyed. The fear is vanquished and replaced with new social proof, new evidence, new results, new feelings and the realization that you are in new territory now.

Do you want to achieve new results in your life? Then stop trying to change the results and start changing yourself and your actions, your habits.

This business and MLM Success is a Business of Personal Growth.

It’s why I developed “The Secrets of the Success Equation” it’s why I developed “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” and it’s why I continue to train people and give away value from these resources continually.

If you dream of MLM Success, have set your sights upon it, you are ready to take action and you are clear, then you cannot let fear rule your destiny any longer.

The time to take action is now. The time to re-write your history and your future is today.

Use the resources on this page and get started.

If you don’t want to succeed in Network Marketing or the Home Based Business industry, then do nothing. It’s okay. Maybe you don’t want freedom, money, time, and to develop your truly unique purpose in life. I don’t know.

(What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)

But if you do… If you are looking for MLM Success and a bright and vibrant future then use the links on this page today, take action to overcome your fear, and march triumphantly in the direction of your greatest accomplishments.

When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?

When it comes to MLM Success I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “To really make it Big in the Network Marketing Industry you need to join the right company at the right time to succeed in MLM Business” right?


But is that really true? (see today’s video)

MLM Success and Timing


There is a delicate timing to things in nature, in the universe, in business etc.

Springtime for instance. There is so much going on in the living world in just one week in one place in time it will blow your mind.

I’ve been a connoisseur of nature for many years and springtime is one of my favorite times of the year.

Amazing Opportunities

Having had the time to spend in nature with time freedom I have had the chance to observe the 10,000 shades of green that the hills turn, watch the first Buckeye flowers of the spring open, the Indian Paintbrush, and a thousand other smaller less conspicuous miracles taking place in this often too short lived season.


I Hate To See it Pass…

I’m always bummed out when I see the grasses browning and the heat of summer coming.

Though I always look forward to the warming waters and the time to swim, tan, and fish, I miss my favorite season as it departs one more season into oblivion until I hopefully have the grace to enjoy the glory of its magnificence one more year.

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So What about MLM Success?

Do you really have to get into an MLM opportunity before it goes through its momentum phase to have MLM Success?

MLM SUCCESS yes or no

 (What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)



Timing helps, but only to a certain degree. Your real MLM Success in the home based business industry has to do with your ability to market and promote.

Learn the skills of marketing and promotion that escape most marketers and you’ll be largely ahead of the competition.

Deploy or employ a system of training and discipline that teaches the skills of marketing and promotion to your downline and you’ll cultivate an environment of MLM Success for your team and organization.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

Timing and MLM Success


 It does help though…

But yes to a certain degree it is highly to your benefit to position yourself in an opportunity while it is young, growing and while you are in a pre-momentum phase.

When MLM companies hit momentum things happen fast and grow like crazy!

It’s a place you would like to be in with a team in place when things catch fire. There is no doubt everyone would like to be positioned in such a way for MLM Success.

Yes let me in Now I don’t want to Miss the Wave!

But let’s face it… you can position yourself in a company at just the right time, and still fail to achieve MLM Success without the proper training, tools, leadership, education, and skills necessary to succeed.

Position and timing doesn’t mean you just won the lottery it takes skills, strategy, discipline, and real work to succeed. Don’t be deceived.

As far as timing goes for MLM Success, yes it helps, but it isn’t the do all and end all to a successful Home Based Business Career.


Did you already Miss the Boat!

If you think you may have missed the boat for MLM Success in your current opportunity, don’t fret. You can re-evaluate your abilities to market your way to success in spite of the trends or you can look at another opportunity that hasn’t crested yet or is still in pre-momentum and get plugged in.

To see just such an opportunity and get the best internet based MLM marketing training available anywhere online check out this resource now: Pre-Momentum Beast!


Here’s another post with another viewpoint on MLM Success and Timing: Timing is Everything in MLM

Also be sure and see: The #1 Thing Keeping You from MLM Success

So…when it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business…No but it sure does help when everything else necessary for Home Base Business Success is already in place!

The #1 Thing Keeping You from MLM Success

What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?


What is keeping you from breaking through and enjoying the wealth an the freedom you came into the industry for in the first place?

  • Is it your Mindset?question mark


  • Is it your Training?


  • Is it your Discipline or your Action Plan?

  (What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)

When You Got Started…

Did you get into to MLM or the home based business field with high hopes and dreams of MLM Success that you’re still waiting on to come true?

Are you at a crossroads wondering what it is going to take to finally breakthrough?


(When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

Have you made it through those first few months and finally come to realize this isn’t like hitting the lottery, and you’ve found there is some real work to be done to succeed?

 Maybe you’re frustrated and looking for answers?


Its okay if you are, and you have a lot of good company right there with you experiencing a similar reality.

If you are stuck or even if you are just looking to ramp up your MLM results, it’s important to take a good look at the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success.

 (Click Here Now and See What People are doing right now to Breakthrough and Succeed Online)

For some of you the answer is really simple.

Your problem is with your belief. You are lacking where it counts most, and it will absolutely derail you.

Once you get all the mechanics of your business working, the systems in place, and you’re on fire taking directed, consistent, regular, right actions, the one thing that is lacking for so many people, and keeps them stuck… is plain and simply a lack of Belief.

Belief in themselves, Belief in their Business, and Belief that they can do it.

(MLM Success – Overcoming Your Fears)

 You Better Have the Mechanics Right

However, if you don’t have all of the mechanics together yet in your business, then you must get started there first. You must get busy and there is no one to blame but you if you know what to do and you just don’t follow through.

 (Click Here Now Learn to Get Started the Right Way)


Unfortunately a lot of people never get the right training necessary to have success marketing their MLM Business. They continue to treat it like the lottery or a Job and fail to treat this like a real Business.

They lack the fundamental skills, mindset, and training necessary to succeed.

Others believe they are trained but they are relying on outdated advice or some myth that worked once but doesn’t really cut the mustard anymore. It’s like they got their driver’s license out of a Cracker Jack Box and now they think they are ready to compete with Mario Andretti.

 It just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s inadequate to produce MLM Success.


If you are a modern marketer and a Business person looking to build your opportunity using the internet and all the tricks, tools, and techniques of the modern marketing world, then you are already light years ahead of many of your comrades who will try and fail before even discovering how to market a modern Business the right way.

 Network Marketing truly is a Business of Marketing and Promotion made up of people with absolutely no Marketing and Promotional experience.


Unfortunately again a lot of would be up and coming online marketers are lost in a myriad of outdated training, SEO theories, and systems that worked once upon a time but don’t work anymore. They are dated and some “Guru” is trying to make a living off it by still teaching.

People think they are getting training that will work but instead they are getting outdated crap!

A perfect example of this is people who created their success from spam link SEO techniques that once fooled the search engines effectively and got you front page rankings, but will now put your site in Google Jail!

 It doesn’t work!!!


You’ve got to have modern up to date training and leadership to kick-but in the modern online marketing arena if you want to go big.

 Most New Marketers Get Tripped up…

In fact most new internet marketers get tripped up building their MLM online on one of the Big 5 stumbling blocks. In fact they derail most home based businesses.

If you don’t know what those 5 hurdles are that you must clear to build your business online, then feel free to opt in for 8 days of Free Training on this site and get up to speed with us.

Until you master these 5 hurdles and master some of the fundamentals of online marketing there may be 5 Big things Keeping You from MLM Success not just one.

 Get the Big 5 Off Your Back

Let’s get you trained and let’s get the Big 5 Boogey Men off of your Business Back Today!

 (Opt in for some Free Training and Get Started Today)


So after you have a good working knowledge of what it takes to succeed, and you are taking regular directed right action and applying it… (We follow a simple 8 Core Commitment Plan in our Business that Breeds Amazing Success) and you are still not succeeding and getting the results you want, where do you look next.

Well in the case of our business we have the bases covered in the 8 Core Commitments. In fact if you don’t follow them you’re not “CORE” and it’s the first thing you need to fix if you want to succeed. It’s Simple Really!

(When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

But if you don’t have this awesome success building system and leadership to build your business and your team upon, then you are going to have to evaluate things for yourself.

 Go through the basics 1-2 & 3123


Let’s look at the basics, the big 3 that you have to have to succeed building your MLM online.


  1. Mastering Traffic Generation

Is your problem a lack of traffic?


  1. Mastering Lead Conversion

Is your problem converting that traffic into opted in leads on your marketing list?


  1. Mastering Sales Conversions

Is your problem converting your leads into sales and partners for your Business?


If you are doing things right then everything you do marketing your business needs to be considered a test, and you should be measuring it.

 (What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)

  • Are you testing everything?


  • What were the results?


  • Something good or something bad?


Now tweak it and test again. Pick your winners and scale up your marketing efforts with the winners. Continue testing and tweaking and master it.

But you need training to know how to measure all of this, what to tweak, and how to ramp up your successful campaigns into the winning business strategies that create phenomenal success online.

 Maybe You heard differently…

I know, I know, it sounds a little different to you than you tell 2 friends who tell to friends, who get in your business, your downline explodes and suddenly you are an MLM Millionaire.

You might have heard that at an opportunity meeting somewhere but not from me.

 Let’s Get Busy…

Like I said earlier you now realize MLM isn’t like winning the lottery and now you are ready to get down to the work, the strategy, the training, and the implementation to create MLM Success.

 (Click Here Now Let’s get you Trained and Let’s Get Started)

success bulseye

So where are you missing the mark? Where are you falling short? What is the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?


  • Is it training?


  • Is it implementation?


  • Is it self-discipline?


  • Is it Belief?


  • Is it needing to be a part of a winning team?


Are you just getting started or do you need a system that keeps all of this on track and keeps you moving forward toward your hopes, dreams, goals, and MLM Success?

I’ve said it before…we follow a 8 step daily core activity plan in our business that creates incredible success (success for those who’ve failed everywhere else).

 Getting Results…

We offer the best training for online entrepreneurs whether you are in MLM, Direct Sales, or you are marketing your Brick and Mortar Business, or your Home Party Plan Business.

 And we have a network of Servant Leadership unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in MLM or any Home Based Business Opportunity.

 If you are looking for the #1thing keeping you from MLM Success this is the place to find it.

Check out the resource link and get plugged into everything available here to build your business with.

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Network Marketing Lead Generation when Using the Internet

Today’s recommended post is all about Network Marketing Lead Generation.


And the reason why you need to listen is because today’s speaker is a #1 Income Earner, Trainer, and Top Producer in the Network Marketing Industry ready to share Valuable MLM Lead Generation Secrets with you.


a)                  Who this post is for…


Do you want more leads to fuel the fires of your Network Marketing Business and kick it into high gear?


More than just leads though…do you want to create the sales and the relationships that are the hallmark of a lasting and profitable MLM?


Well then you need to listen to my friend Ray today and everything he has to say to you.


If you are struggling to get leads or create any lasting and profitable relationships in your business (the kind you need to create an empire) then you’d better take notes.



b)                 What I liked about this post, what was great…


Ray is talking about longevity here and what it takes to make a mark in Network Marketing, not just a flash.

His heart is also in the right place and it comes through in today’s training tips. It’s one of the reasons why Ray has been so successful in his marketing career. The guy is Amazing!


Not only that but Ray hits the nail on the head today when he talks about the key being to provide value, and who we should be providing that value to.

Ray Higdon Web Post

Click Here : See the Video to Find Out what it is that Ray Shares!


Listening to and understanding what Ray is talking about right here with this one point, (and taking action and implementing it consistently) will take your business to new levels if employed as a long term strategy.


This is great stuff today from a top industry earner and leader and if you want success in this industry you must understand and apply what Ray is teaching today.


 Your Growth Education & Development

The next most important point that Ray makes is about growth and development today.


You’d better get this right and you’d better take notes on this today and then come back to this website and find out how to get the most Amazing Internet Marketing Training Available.


Avoid what Ray calls the “Pantry Effect”       Click Here:Opt in and See the Video Now!



c)                  What you disagree with, didn’t like…


I disagree with Ray talking about “Gimmicky Google or Social Media Tricks” to get leads.


He sort of makes it seem uncool to do what it takes sometimes to get leads flowing to you if it is a short term strategy.


I’m fine with what it takes to get leads into your funnel in mass quantity as long as they are the right leads (your target client) and you are ready to give value and build the relationship with the right intentions after they are in your marketing funnel.


The truth is a lot of tactics that work to Generate Leads are short term.

The web, SEO, Tools, Techniques, etc. all change rapidly online. I think what Ray is really getting at is the Principles behind your marketing and sticking with sound ones, like what he lays out in today’s training.


Like I said before just be sure they are the right leads, don’t spam the net to get them, and treat your prospects with the long term in mind.


  • Base the fundamentals of your marketing on providing value and building valuable, quality relationships.

(I’m sure that’s what Ray meant but it just didn’t come across clear in his message for me.)



d)                 How to apply this information…


Simple… Do what Ray says…


  • Provide Value!


How do you do that?


  • Become Valuable!!!


How do you do that???




Click Here Now to Learn How!



e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.



Click Here Now for Weekly Free Training from 6 – 7 Figure Earners


  •  Get on the Bus Now!


Learn to market like a Pro Now, and Take your Network Marketing Lead Generation and Life to the Next Level

-Dave Schlueter

How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 3

Do you need to increase your online sales conversions to go to the next level with your Business, Income, and Freedom?

I have all the resources you’ll ever need to create success and income online for you.

I’m hooked up like that you know.

Over the last few days we’ve been discussing some tips and tricks to get those Sales Conversions with your online marketing.

See How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 1

See How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt.2

And I guarantee if you apply strategically everything we’ve discussed you will improve your sales conversions online.

It’s really just the tip of the iceberg though.

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But here’s the deal guys…

What if I could show you a system where you didn’t have to work so hard and worry about creating massive numbers of sales conversions on the front end sales of your business, and instead you had a system to convert them on the back end?

What if you had a simple and easy to sell low commitment level product on the front end to sell which then leads to the back end products that do all the heavy lifting for you?

Would you like to have a system like that working for you in your business?

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What if I could show you a system to generate let’s say a 6 figure a year income off of the sale of a single $25.00 front end product, and then show you how the back end system will take care of the rest for you on virtual autopilot?

I’m talking about the highest converting sales funnel you’ll ever see…

Would that interest you?

Oh yea did I mention we’ll be showing you everything you need to know to market your business like a Marketing Rock Star?

Sound good?

Guys I’m about to roll out a new training that shows you how!

And for those of you brand new I’m going to include some valuable bonuses to get you started from scratch marketing online with the best methods that are working right now online to produce results and I’ll teach it to you step by step.

  • So if it is more leads you need, more sales conversions, greater success, marketing knowledge, or income, I’ve got you covered.

In fact if you haven’t done so already you should definitely check out the following presentation that gives you insight into what I’m talking about and what is coming.

You’ll be blown away I guarantee it.

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Then be sure you are watching your inbox and keep your eyes peeled on this blog for when I release this special training and bonuses.

Here’s to your Success, Abundance, and converting Massive Online Leads into Massive Online Sales Conversions.

-Dave Schlueter

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Big Kahuna MLM Island Training!!!

Hey guys I’ve been promising this Big Kahuna MLM Training for a while now if you’ve been following along.

And if you haven’t been following along…luau-hula-auana-women

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Okay sorry… I’m off my soap box now.


Today’s Special MLM Double Feature

mlm double featureGuys I’ve been promising you a tour of my Special MLM Training site and today is the day with our Special Episode #9 Double Feature MLM Training.

It’s the continuation of Johnathan’s Story and the beginning of some Big Kahuna MLM Island Training today in our Special MLM Double Feature.

You’re going to get the rest of Johnathan’s Story in our continuing MLM Training Series and your going to get this brand New Big Island MLM Kahuna Training today.

We are not only going to start touring my special MLM Team Training Site but you will also get some powerful insight into what it takes to create a duplicating MLM Team online.

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MLM SUCCESS: Be Excellent Regardless…

  • Want to Succeed in MLM?

  • Want to become a Success in Life?

  • Want to Discover the Secret to Reaching the Next Level?

Are you finding yourself struggling in either your Business or your Life to attain the desired results you are working so hard for?

Do you want some advice from a #1 Income Earner and Industry Leader?

Listen to my friend Ray Higdon in today’s short training Video. This is going to hit a nerve with many of you and revel something that may hurt, but it is the very thing you need to examine and change to attain the results in life and in your business that you desire.



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MLM Legend Nathan Ricks Shares What it takes to Succeed in MLM

I thought I would share with you this Amazing Interview today and get you to focus on what it is going to take for you to Succeed in you MLM Business. Pay special attention to what Nathan shares about belief, focus and consistency, in this must see Interview.

Nathan Ricks has earned over $40 million dollars in the network marketing industry over a period of 20 years.

Eric Worre, another superstar, interviewed Nathan at his home in Utah back in 2009.

The interview lasted about 40 minutes

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-Dave Schlueter

Opportunity of a Lifetime to Create a New Financial Life in 2014!

top tier EN PHOTO

Did You Miss This Event?

If you had an opportunity to get mentored
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Would you say yes to that opportunity?

What if you had an opportunity to get
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To help YOU make more commissions
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Something Big is Happening Tonight!

I have a sense for when something Big is about to break guys, and I’ve got that itch right now really strongly.

If you know the story and you’ve been following along then you know that something remarkable has happened online with a company called Empower Network.

I want to show you how to double your sales

breaking_news1In fact records have been broken and old set in stone ideas about Marketing, Business, and in particular MLM  (Network Marketing as it is sometimes called) have been challenged and destroyed by this Internet Movement” as they are beginning to call it.

If you are not yet aware of what I am talking about then you need to be. I’m not saying you need to get in…that’s up to you and not about what I think. But you do need to be aware of what this company is doing, how it is working, and why.

Because they are shattering records, growing like wildfire, and destroying preconceived notions about Internet Marketing and MLM! Anything that is creating waves of that magnitude had better be on your Radar Screen as a business person and as a Marketing.

I want to show you how to double your sales

Guru’s and Old School leaders are up in arms about it. Some in full support and others in full opposition.

But here’s what I see and I’ve been observing carefully from the distance for some time now…

I feel that most of the major growing pains, mistakes, poor execution, and fumbles, that new start-ups go through have been ironed out and this thing is ready to really gain some speed and momentum…

I want to show you how to double your sales

As if they haven’t already shattered internet land speed records

If you know the story already then you know what I mean. You’ve seen the growth, the change, you’ve seen them break some things in the process, you’ve seen and heard about some personal challenges, and you’ve seen them overcome and continue to grow.

And if you’ve been following along then you’ve seen them take some major steps in the right direction for a bright and abundant future.

The Master Mind Alliance

These guys and this growing team and movement are on the cutting edge, and the Mastermind Alliance they have assembled to lead, pilot and guide this movement is more than impressive when you examine the hearts and the minds of the players involved.

In fact I have never seen anyone in the industry be so real, so honest, and transparent publicly about themselves personally, the industry as a whole, and the company specifically. If you haven’t seen this yet watch it now: Probably the Most Inspiring Hangout Ever.

When you are privy to this kind of information and training from this team and then you receive an email like i did today from the Dave’s you no something is about ready to Bust Out – Break Loose – And Rocket forward…

Check out this email and get on the Hangout tonight.

There will probably be a replay up for a little while if you miss it but get on it now!


9pm EST – the ‘Highest Paid’ Money Getting Skill. Period.Sent Thursday, January 9, 2014
So it’s been a bit of a strange year for me.
Creating success at a different level,
than 10 years ago— I even thought possible.
The other day, I sent an email to our operations
team, and asked them a question:
“How Much Stuff Did We Sell In 2013?”
An email back.
Estimated Total:  $63,317,821.93
* Still not sure how much stuff we sold
in December.  Have to wait a couple weeks
until the accounts settle.  Also, please see
the income disclosure in the P.P.S line.
How does an ex-homeless and NOW ‘Rich
Hippie’ and an ex-drug addict NOW famous
Badass Avenger‘ start a company over a
kitchen table in Costa Rica that…
…it’s 2nd full year in business does $63
million, without…
…home meetings
…3 way calls
…or even a ‘Funded Proposal’?
Not the subject of this email.
Because if you can double your sales.
Or more.
And learn the highest paid skill that exists in the world
And you can be a PART of this year…
…where I plan on taking this little ‘coffee table internet deal’
to $150 million in sales
…and you can be a PART of an ‘internet revolution’ that
punches the guru in the face
…and you can be a PART of speaking a BIGGER DREAM
I can help you succeed more, faster than you can
possibly do on your own.
(this is exciting)
Because THIS:
Is just the START of what’s coming.
Inside your bank account.
I’ll look forward to seeing you on the page, intently focused
on watching, and paying attention…
…as we open up the ‘flood gates’.
-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”
You’re not going to make any money at all.
Especially lots.
Unless you work your ass off.
Sell lots of stuff.
Keep selling lots of stuff.
And keep doing it.

How to Double Your Response and Open Rates

Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Learn how now!


  • Have Your Open Rates Plummeted?

  • Are Your Followers not Clicking on and Following every Link?

  • When you have something Epic to Share are you getting a Less Than Stellar Response Rate?

  • Or maybe you are just starting out and you need to breathe some life into a new list or Reach a Market that you are Ready to Thrive in…


Well Today’s Post is about just that. In fact Today’s Post covers how to do that just by Tweeting, Sharing, Following, Recommending, and Liking Me!


Simple Really…ABC


That’s right… and I know that sounds a little strange so allow me to explain it. If you are not Following, Tweeting, Sharing, Liking, Me you need to be, and here’s why…


If you are out there Internet Marketing your Business and Opportunity, you should realize by now that quality daily content is the key to your success. You must provide valuable content that your market wants and you must do it regularly if not daily to succeed online in today’s information rich, socially interactive, online environment.


I don’t know how productive you are in your content creation strategy. Most people aren’t productive nearly enough and it holds them back tremendously.


Others are productive but it is the wrong kind of content and it is destroying their open rates, trust, and response rates.


And as a matter of fact we’re going to be doing a content generation training segment as a part of our core success strategy coming up very soon, so if you are not on my mailing list already you’ll want to get on it now and be sure you don’t miss this valuable upcoming training that gets all this stuff sorted out.


MLM Training
Get Free MLM Training

I’m not going to get deep into content creation strategies today, but I will let you know you must have one to succeed online if you want to go big in today’s internet marketing world.


In fact you have to provide the valuable solution oriented content you market craves, and you must do it regularly if you want your list to open every email you send out, and respond in numbers to your offerings.


Not only that but you had better be effectively providing it through social media channels as well.


So what does that mean? It means you had better have a great deal of quality tips, info, strategies, entertainment, etc. (content) to captivate your market, feed their content hungry appetites, and train them to open regularly, and respond frequently, to the information you send out.


You’ll need that in today’s market to succeed.


In fact you want to train your market to know that when you offer a post, an article, a video, a share, like, webinar link etc. that it is going to be quality content, and they will want to open it because of the value you offer.


It’s something they won’t want to miss!


You see, you can’t pitch people all the time and give them sales offer after sales offer if you want them to respond regularly and favorably to your communications.


You can’t just spam your list, followers, friends, community, etc. constantly and retain high open rates, respect, or generate high social response rates.


You’ll generate high social ignore rates, spam complaints, and indifference to your marketing if you do.


Can I be frank with you..?


Most people don’t care about you and your offer, how great you are etc. When they are still starting out and struggling to create their own success, they are concerned with what they want.


What they care about is what they want in the form of solutions to their problems. They are interested in who, and what is going to take them to the success they desire in the shortest possible time.


If you want to get their attention and gain your markets allegiance you have to give them what they want. High quality solutions to the problems they experience and a short route to the success they desire. In other words high quality value oriented content, entertainment, training, and resources.


You want to be the go to source for your market, and to do that you must provide content that they value and feel is important if you want to earn their trust.


Nobody is going to want to share you, recommend you, tweet you, and endorse and review you if all you do is plaster your blah… blah… blah… product or biz op marketing all over your blog, social media, sites, web pages, community, etc.


Why would people want to spam their communities, walls, boards, etc. with you if that is the kind of crap you are consistently providing?


  • Do you want to gain the trust of your market?


  • Do you want to be link and share worthy?


  • Do you want to be liked and respected by your community?


  • Do you want higher response rates and interactions with your content?


Then prove your allegiance to your market by being the go to person in your market for solutions, information, resources, training, entertainment, and value based content.


Well how do you do this without a team of knowledgeable experts in your corner providing content, training, and resources every day for your followers?


Well you can’t do it on your own really…


You have to recommend other sources, other blogs, other trainers, other information, etc. And when you do people see you as a source, a person in the know, a connected individual, who will provide them with what they need to succeed.


It makes you Golden!


It also proves you are more concerned with your followers than your own selfish intentions and that builds credibility and trust.


Oh I know… I can already hear the cries from those who don’t as yet possess an abundance mindset. You’re worried you’ll lose your leads and audience to other marketers, opportunities, and leaders out there.


But here’s the deal… you don’t have to recommend your direct competition. I’m not advocating that. I’m suggesting complimentary sources that add to your own training and resources.


I’m suggesting you build allegiance in the community by endorsing and supporting others who have great content. I’m suggesting you be a team player. I’m suggesting you give your followers everything they need to succeed and letting the principle of “reciprocity” work for you in your business to grow it bigger, faster, and stronger.


If you are not familiar with the principle of reciprocity or the work of Dr. Robert Cialdini check him out and read some of his material.


So here’s the suggestion…


It’s simple really.


Friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, etc.


I share resources every day for Internet Marketers, MLM’ers, Affiliate Marketers, and people who want to make money online.


Then… Like, Retweet, Recommend Posts, Share, etc. to your friends, list, and community some of these resources daily. Then watch your response and open rates increase as you give real and usable value to your friends, viewers, list, and followers.


You are demonstrating your leadership.


If you already know great sources of your own, then use your own sources, that’s fine… but start providing massive unselfish value regularly!


If you don’t have great sources yet then use mine until you find them.


We’ll be doing a series on content generation strategies coming up that will have you looking like a master and getting mass results in an upcoming training coming your way soon so get on the list if you haven’t done so already.


If you want to generate mass results for your marketing online you have to create influence.


In fact you should be enlarging your influence online daily and building responsiveness into your list and followers as a part of your marketing strategy.


Again we’ll be covering this in an up and coming training, but in the meantime, Tweet, Re-Tweet, Share, Like, Follow, and Recommend Great Content, Training, and Resources like the content I have on my Facebook, My Blog, My Twitter, Etc.


Like I said it’s Simple…


Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Now You Know How.


Dave Schlueter Twitter


Dave Schlueter FaceBook


Let me know what you thought about today’s post, and if you got value… you know what to do. Like it, Share it, Tweet it, etc…

A Shocking Confession that Involves You Directly…

I want to welcome you out to Episode 5 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Guys I told you that I would be making a Shocking Confession about some things that would end up directly benefiting every one of you shocking confessionwho opens these emails and follows along with us.

  • And I’m going to be doing that today…

In fact I’m going to be Uncovering the Truth about
some things that are hidden and just be completely
transparent with you about not only myself but also
about this industry…
I’m not going to go into all the details of it here because
I want to keep this short and as brief as possible, and
yet I want to let you know what happened, what is
coming, and why I’m making this
exciting announcement today.
  • We’re going to take a shocking look into the past to see what was, and a revealing peek into the future to
see how things are going to be…
  • When we come out the other side of this some of you are going to be empowered to stand even stronger
with me, and be that much more prepared andequipped for success.
  • Others will leave and never return…
  • I’m not sure which you are going to be, and we’ll have to get to the end of today’s training to find out.

Tune into Today’s MLM Double Feature

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…
-Dave Schlueter



A Plan for Speed, Ease, Comfort, and keeping the Proceeds Ourselves…

Learning to construct the lifestyle you want and dispelling the mystery of how you are going to do it becomes easier with a solid understanding of what it takes and a road map and a vehicle to take you there.

This training and opportunity will show you both and you are going to want to stay tuned and not miss a thing.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

Dave is laying out the road map for you in this series, I’m going to add to it with some training and info of my own and we are both inviting you to take a look at the vehicle and get on board with us and create the lifestyle you dream of Today.

And here’s the deal… We’re not talking about doing things the slow way or the hard way because we realize you’re not into that.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

You want results, you want them fast, and you want to be able to build the lifestyle of your dreams and live the lifestyle of your dreams simultaneously.

We realize you don’t want to be another company drone working your ass off for meager commissions and returns while some other guy at the top is getting all the rewards.

That’s why we’re talking about a plan for speed, ease, and a way to keep the proceeds for yourself in the process.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

If you haven’t seen this vehicle yet, or got on the list to be sure you don’t miss any of this training… Then what the heck are you waiting for?

Use this link now and get on board and we’ll see you in the next training.

The American Dream – Not all is Lost Yet

This was the title of a post on a friends blog today…

You can view the original post at: The American Dream – Not all is lost yet an I recommend that you check it out.

The post deals with what happeFlagEaglend to the American Dream, what that dream is, where things are today, and a little about where we are headed.

It’s a great post and really got me thinking again about just how many people are programmed by fear, controlled by fear, and how they let it dictate their lives and destiny.

Automatic conditioned nervous system responses have completely taken over and wiped out intelligent thoughts and actions when it comes to ourselves, our lives, and the dreams we carry deep inside us.

Many people are drowning in this trap, stuck fast in the mire of what they consider to be an acceptable model for life without really evaluating the facts, the direction they are headed, and what the eventual outcomes will surely be.


  • When was the last time you really evaluated the state and health of your dreams?
  • Are you moving any closer to them or further away?
  • Do you have a plan of action to achieve the life and the dreams you desire or are you programmed and serving others at the mercy of your own fears, lack of belief, and proper success conditioning?


It reminded me of a post and video I made a while back about “MLM and how it can Destroy Corporate Injustice in peoples lives.” I think it is worth dusting it off and re-visiting that post now because it relates to this subject so perfectly.

Here’s the link:

I’m also going to add the video from Ilka’s blog post   in case for some strange reason you choose not to visit her blog.

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Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

Updated… The Need for Proper Systems for Online Success

keys-to-successI’ve been talking to a lot of marketers online lately who are just starving for the keys that will unlock the door to success for them online and in their businesses. People who have joined opportunities and who are hungry for information to help them become successful online.

Too many of them never find it.  They famish, lost in the success wastelands, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and drop out. They never receive the nourishment they need to succeed.

Few new marketers coming online realize the commitment, strategy, systems and leverage it is going to take to make a splash in the market, get noticed and start earning those highly coveted sales and commissions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Most of them fall for the amazing success stories and powerful marketing magic of heavy hitting marketers and recruiters, and they fail to understand the bigger picture of what it will take to succeed online.

So am I being cynical then… am I crying foul and finger banging the “Online Scam” button..?


No…not at all…I’m just saying that you have to have the proper tools, training, systems, leadership, and leverage to succeed online, and that a lot of people out there recruiting only know how to recruit, and they are not providing the complete package necessary to duplicate success online.

Yes… you can create abundant cash flow through a program of continual heavy hitting recruitment andrecruiters marketing, one that continually replenishes the drop out rate (attrition) in your team with new recruits that stay for 90 days, fail, drop out, move on, bad mouth the industry (and many do) but I don’t consider that type of business ethical, successful, or desirable.

I don’t want to hear that B.S. excuse that it is just a reality of the industry either. That’s Horse Crap! Strap your boots on, pull your pants up and learn to be a leader and train people to truly succeed. Anything less then that is less than ethical in my opinion.

MLM without duplication is a bad business model, and by duplication I mean creating successful, ethical, and residual income and success in this industry. Not gigantic turnover month after month replaced by more heavy hitting recruitment.

If all you do is recruit and never teach people to succeed at anything but recruiting then you deserve the it’s a “PYRAMID SCHEME” objections.

It’s more difficult to be a Real Leader. A Person of Integrity with a Character who encourages, steve jobstrains, sacrifices, and dedicates themselves to the nurturing and success of others. But it is essential to the success and health of the MLM and Online Marketing Industry.

In fact “True Leadership” and Ethical Integrity are in such short supply in the market place that when you do begin to display it you will be in demand. People will gravitate to you and follow you.

That’s why today I am dusting off and Updating a previous Post and why I want you to check it out…

Check out this post… Let me know what you think… Opt in for some inner circle training on this website…

Demonstrate some Integrity and True Leadership in your Business today and Invest in a more Profitable Future.

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Free Wednsday Training

30 – 40 Leads Per DAY and 36 Sign-Ups from ONE Video?!

40+ leads PER DAY for $0.00.

If you’re interested in EXACTLY how to pull this off in YOUR business, then this Wednesday is YOUR NIGHT!

MLSP’s newest L4 leader takes center stage this Wednesday, August 1st at 9 PM EST to show you how he’s raking in 40+ leads PER DAY with ONE strategy!


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The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan

The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan


jedi mlm business planIn yesterday’s article our young MLM Jedi learned about the dark side of MLM and the required Jedi training in the form of a solid 7 figure MLM business plan to defeat the evil empire. And why the shroud of mystery and secrecy around this sacred knowledge, especially when MLM business plan training seems to be so plentiful in the greater universe?


Beware the dark side my friends…


So why is this MLM business plan stuff so mysterious and confusing then..?



The  Great MLM Business Plan Deception


It’s simple to understand really. You see most every approach to MLM business plan lead generation works to some extent. And there are so many schools of thought on the subject, old school, new Skool, and no school. And this is what make it confusing.  Everyone claims there way is the best way. And when you are a novice MLM Jedi apprentice, it all seems to make perfect sense and it is easy to be led astray by these charlatans (strong the dark side is).


But here’s the truth, and as soon as I shine the light of truth into the dark universe of MLM business plans  it is amazing how quickly you’ll see what’s missing.  Every low volume MLM business plan lead generation technique such as working your warm market, the mall, coffee shops, meet up groups, elevators, etc. are based on the assumption that you will sooner or later discover a 1% Percent-er lurking in the crowd somewhere. The kind of business builder that is going to explode growth in your organization once you sign them up.


And don’t be mistaken it happens and some people don’t have to sift too far before they find one, but the chances are not so good that everyone is going to find one, and most people can’t weather the disappointment it brings, or the time it may require.  Most people usually cannot endure the social pressure of failing before  their closest peer group as they sit judge, jury, and executioner over your new venture with these techniques.


Beware the MLM dark side… Strong it is.


Just the time alone required to build a strong organization using  low volume MLM business plan approaches pretty much guarantees your going to MLM business plan patienceencounter a large drop out rate in your team. Truly it will probably take you years to reach your goals and achieve the MLM success and Jedi Knighthood abundance you’re after.


So when you think about it and when you shine some Jedi wisdom on it, you quickly realize you need massive impact MLM business plan that applies the leverage of “The Force” by using high volume MLM business plan marketing approaches that work.


If it isn’t a leveraged high impact large volume prospecting, presenting, follow up, training, and duplicating method you may be wasting your time seeking Jedi Knighthood…


Employing a high volume approach ensures you’ll generate such a high volume of numbers in your prospecting that you can’t miss finding the dead serious top quality people you’ll need to build your massive MLM organization with.


So instead of fretting and feeling dejected like most people with every no they receive trying to find your 1%’er,  instead you just don’t worry anymore about the people who would tell you no, tell you it is a scam, tell you that you’re in a pyramid scheme and you’ll never end up making any money (the dark side of the force) …at all. You sit back and faithfully run the numbers instead… That’s the beauty of a high volume 7 figure Jedi Marketers MLM business plan.


We’ll be talking more about this high volume 7 figure MLM business plan strategy in articles to come. But if you really want to get right into it right now, then opt in on the web form on this page and we’ll start training together.



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