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How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt.2

Do you need to increase your sales conversions to take your business to the next level of success or maybe to even to start getting some success online?

If that’s the case then stay tuned to today’s post and Part 2 of this short tips and series for increasing your Online Sales Conversions.

See part one now: How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt1

Like I wrote in my last post, too many unknowing online hopefuls, especially in the MLM arena are too quick to just send a prospective lead straight from a capture page, into a sales presentation, then cross their fingers hoping the presentation will do all the work for them the way they heard it would and magical money would fall into their bank account.

But what happens when it doesn’t work?

(If this is a little over your head then opt in for 8 days of free training on this blog and get up to speed.)

What happens when your presentation fails to convert on the initial exposure?

Well the fortune they say is in the follow up. I’m sure you’ve heard that one if you have been around MLM for any amount of time.

And it is true.

Most people don’t just sign up after an initial exposure to your amazing product, service, or opportunity.

So… What comes next?

Email marketing!

That’s right, “but how do you do that” many will ask.

If you’ve set things up properly and you are following along with this series so far, you have captured your lead info initially with your capture page, or capture form.

You’ve sent your prospect to some great training, bonus info, sales presentation, etc. as redirected by your email auto-responder, and now you have a lead for the email list you specified as a parameter of your opt in form.

So what comes next..?

Build the relationship.

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Now is the time to begin to build a relationship with your prospect.

If you’ve spent some time figuring out exactly who your target prospect is (and you’d better) you have a clear image in your mind and preferably on paper about this person.

You’ve spent some time determining who they are, what they do, what they want, and what their problems are.

Knowing this information is invaluable. If you try to market to everyone then you market to no one they say. So be very sure and clear who your target market is for this campaign. The more specific you can be the better.

So with this information in mind, the question is how do you gain access to their inner realm, their mind, and their thoughts.

  • What is troubling your prospect?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What problems are they having that you can you provide solutions for?

The trick is to give value, build trust, and build the relationship, don’t just bombard them with more and more of your sales presentations. Not before building a solid relationship.

People join and like to buy from people they know like and trust. Your job is to become that person.

  • Blog daily create value and email your list.

If you don’t have a fully optimized blog, or need to get started blogging see Incredible Blogging Resource Now

Spend some time early on building the relationship.

Give them the kind of value your prospect wants needs and will value you for.

Let them get to know you. Add some of your stories mixed in your value posts etc.

I think one of the best things early on is to send a welcome email with some kind of value for them to open. Then give them reasons to follow you on social media accounts you may have. Google+, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Let them get to know you and follow you on these other channels, but remember to give them a reason. It’s all about your prospect and what’s in it for them. So take advantage of this knowledge and give it to them.

Send an email and a message to see your latest greatest video that solves problem A in 5 simple steps but direct them to your YouTube channel and tell them to subscribe.

Get creative. The more channels your prospect receives you through the better.

  • Remember it’s all about your prospect, what they want, what they need, what problems they have, what they want.
  • Be sure and speak to that need while you build your value, your credibility and trust with them.

When they come to rely upon you as a trusted source of value, then marketing them your direct sales messages is met with less resistance. They will view you and your offer in a different way.

It’s all about lessening resistance and increasing cooperation. Get creative and get busy.

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How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 1

Does your marketing program need a boost to increase your sales conversions?

 Worse yet do you need a plan to start getting sales conversions for your online business?

This week I have offered a couple of great recommended posts for you guys…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

If you haven’t seen those posts yet you should do yourself a favor and check them out now.

If you go ahead and strategically apply what is covered in these two short and to the point posts you will increase your opt-ins guaranteed.

 To Succeed in Online Marketing you must learn and Master 3 Fundamental Processes.


  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Master Lead Generation

  3. Master Sales Conversions


We’ve been talking about Process #2 in the last couple of posts (Mastering Lead Generation).

You must capture leads if you want to win marketing your Online Business. You must build your list.

But what do you do once you’ve captured them? How do you convert that lead into a sale, a customer, a client, and a partner?

Well that’s where part 3 of this process comes into play, and since I’ve already been throwing out some posts and ideas about lead capture your way… I thought today I’d begin to offer some tips on what to do with those leads when they opt in.

Too many marketers out there have been trained to just get the prospect (lead) in front of a presentation and let the presentation do the work. That’s great but you must have a way to follow up.

That’s what the last two posts were for. Helping you master lead generation and building your list.

What Happens When They Opt in?

So what happens when your lead opts into your list? Well after they opt into your form, capture page, etc. their name should be automatically added to whatever email list you have assigned to the capture form (If this is too advanced for you opt in for 8 days of free training at for training).

…or Get Started Now! Join Our Team!

So they have opted into your form… If your auto responder (AWeber, Get Response, etc.) is set up properly you should have re-directed them to your sales presentation, webinar, information, etc. (whatever the offer was for on your capture page or offer).

If you don’t understand what a “lead magnet” is and how to present it to get the leads you need, see the posts…

 9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

And get plugged into some free training at

If you were offering a free training (lead magnet) they should be redirected to that training page by your auto responder.

This is true whether you are sending them to your sales presentation, a webinar, a training, a download page with instructions for them to get your pdf, free report, e-book, etc. (whatever you offer was).

 But after the initial contact what comes next?

After the initial contact, sales offer, etc. is made and they still haven’t signed up…then what?

  •  Where do you go from there? How do you get the sale?
  1.  Here’s the deal guys… Too many marketers quit right there assuming the person is not interested and that is the end of it.
  2. Others will spam the heck out of their lists over and over with their sales offer over and over until the lead signs up or unsubscribes.
  3. But for real marketers, for the guys making 6-7 figures or more a year things are just beginning. We are just getting started in the process that eventually converts a lead into a sale, a customer, a client, a partner, etc.

Tune in tomorrow and begin to learn some tips and secrets of 7 figure email marketing that will convert your leads into the relationships you need to prosper for a lifetime.

Click Here Now for Part 2

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How to Optimize a Landing Page

Hey Guys… if you are going to kill it marketing online, you absolutely must learn How to optimize your Landing Pages for maximum conversions.

There is three main things you must learn to master if you want to make money marketing online.

  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Convert that Traffic into Leads

  3. Convert Leads into Sales

Just the  other day on my Blog I posted another article and video about…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating .

If you haven’t seen that Post you must see it now…

Click here Now and see the Post

There is some great information in that post that you need to see and hear in order to massively ramp up your lead generation and lead conversion success.

Combine the information in the above post and today’s infographic to truly ramp up your results when it comes to capturing leads for your business and learn to master this element of the online business puzzle.

 Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

How to Optimize a Landing Page

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

If you want to learn internet marketing and master the 3 critical elements of success outlined above, or if you’re already in the game but need the training and support to master the game and take it to the next level…

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