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Updated… The Need for Proper Systems for Online Success

keys-to-successI’ve been talking to a lot of marketers online lately who are just starving for the keys that will unlock the door to success for them online and in their businesses. People who have joined opportunities and who are hungry for information to help them become successful online.

Too many of them never find it.  They famish, lost in the success wastelands, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and drop out. They never receive the nourishment they need to succeed.

Few new marketers coming online realize the commitment, strategy, systems and leverage it is going to take to make a splash in the market, get noticed and start earning those highly coveted sales and commissions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Most of them fall for the amazing success stories and powerful marketing magic of heavy hitting marketers and recruiters, and they fail to understand the bigger picture of what it will take to succeed online.

So am I being cynical then… am I crying foul and finger banging the “Online Scam” button..?


No…not at all…I’m just saying that you have to have the proper tools, training, systems, leadership, and leverage to succeed online, and that a lot of people out there recruiting only know how to recruit, and they are not providing the complete package necessary to duplicate success online.

Yes… you can create abundant cash flow through a program of continual heavy hitting recruitment andrecruiters marketing, one that continually replenishes the drop out rate (attrition) in your team with new recruits that stay for 90 days, fail, drop out, move on, bad mouth the industry (and many do) but I don’t consider that type of business ethical, successful, or desirable.

I don’t want to hear that B.S. excuse that it is just a reality of the industry either. That’s Horse Crap! Strap your boots on, pull your pants up and learn to be a leader and train people to truly succeed. Anything less then that is less than ethical in my opinion.

MLM without duplication is a bad business model, and by duplication I mean creating successful, ethical, and residual income and success in this industry. Not gigantic turnover month after month replaced by more heavy hitting recruitment.

If all you do is recruit and never teach people to succeed at anything but recruiting then you deserve the it’s a “PYRAMID SCHEME” objections.

It’s more difficult to be a Real Leader. A Person of Integrity with a Character who encourages, steve jobstrains, sacrifices, and dedicates themselves to the nurturing and success of others. But it is essential to the success and health of the MLM and Online Marketing Industry.

In fact “True Leadership” and Ethical Integrity are in such short supply in the market place that when you do begin to display it you will be in demand. People will gravitate to you and follow you.

That’s why today I am dusting off and Updating a previous Post and why I want you to check it out…

Check out this post… Let me know what you think… Opt in for some inner circle training on this website…

Demonstrate some Integrity and True Leadership in your Business today and Invest in a more Profitable Future.

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Online Copywriting Success Made Short and Sweet

Let’s talk for a minute about Online Copywriting…

Whether you are an MLM marketer, online affiliate marketer, or a would be Guru selling your own products and information for profit, sooner or later we all have to learn better online copywriting skills if we want to be successful internet entrepreneur.

You can watch a Video of this on this page or on YouTube at: Online Copywriting

Bonus Gold Nuggert Copywriting Video Footage Below

There is only so much you can do or accomplish by rehashing replicated sales copy, duplicating websites, sales letters etc.

Sooner or later you realize that every commentr you leave on a blog or social media post that you make, you are selling, and you must master the skill of online copywriting to get your message across and to have the greatest desired impact upon your prospect.

But where do you learn these skills of writing copy? How can you begin to get a quick yet powerful fundamental principles type lesson, and begin immediately growing your understanding and copywriting skills?

I’m not talking about some long drawn out intricate discussion on online copywriting, human psychology, predictable behavior, and the principles of influence here. What I am talking about is a basic fundamental starting point, a foundational center, upon which to build your understanding from, and then to grow.

I like to keep things simple.

You can get way out there and over complicate, over analyze and debate to death online marketing, online copywriting, and what works best until we are all blue in the face, but when you boil things down to their simplest elements, things seem clearer, and they become much more applicable in the real world.

There is a beauty in simplicity…

As far as online marketing goes, we vastly need to simplify things for most people, and give them basic principles to work with not statistics, facts and details. Most people just need simple step by step tactical plans and systems for success.

If we don’t provide this for them then we risk the chance of losing them into the great abyss of analysis paralysis, information overload, and utter exhausted confusion never to be heard from again. People drop out of our organizations and dreams dry up.

I am not okay with losing new would be marketers and budding distributors that way, especially not over online copywriting 101.

In fact it is why I liked this blog post by Alex Mandossian so much that I feel compelled to share it. It is simple, clear, and easy to understand, yet when you give it some thought and engage the gray matter between your ears it begins to shine forth with that simple wisdom and true radiance that we need so much more of in this complicated arena of online marketing, online copywriting, and success.

Online Copywriting Success

Check out Alex’s copywriting article today and I think you will agree though it may be short on words it is long on copywriting wisdom that every budding marketer needs to live long and prosper in the internet marketing arena.


Bonus Golden Nugget Type: Jay Abraham Copywriting Tips


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How to Increase Website Traffic: Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch

How to increase website traffic and  Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch to your site. This article is rich with ideas, links, secrets for MLM success,marketing tips, and resources for you to mine and put into use increasing your website traffic.

how to increase website traffic

MLM Success

I just read this article on how to increase website traffic and thought it was a great piece of information loaded with marketing tips, links from several experts, and full of useful content and internet marketing information. If you are in the market to learn how to increase your website traffic you will be sure and want to check this out.

The main objective of the article is to learn what some of the top online marketers  would do to get 1,000 visitors to a web site within the first 30 days. That is some powerful “how to increase website traffic ju ju” my friends. You’ll want to see what these experts all had to say and glean their answers, and marketing tips for some instantly applicable internet marketing tactics for your specific situation.

We all need website traffic and new leads for our businesses. New leads and new blood is the life blood of our MLM industry, and you don’t get either without increasing traffic to your content  and websites. You must drive traffic to your MLM sites, to an opt in offer, and into your sales funnels to have success.

It all starts with how to increase website traffic…

So go ahead and check out this marketing tips article:  How To Increase Website Traffic   You can thank me later. Also be sure and finger bang the heck out of the like button on this page, bookmark it, share it, spread the word, and opt in for some great internet MLM training today.

You can also see this Video on YouTube at: How to Increase Website Traffic Video



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