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How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 1

Does your marketing program need a boost to increase your sales conversions?

 Worse yet do you need a plan to start getting sales conversions for your online business?

This week I have offered a couple of great recommended posts for you guys…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

If you haven’t seen those posts yet you should do yourself a favor and check them out now.

If you go ahead and strategically apply what is covered in these two short and to the point posts you will increase your opt-ins guaranteed.

 To Succeed in Online Marketing you must learn and Master 3 Fundamental Processes.


  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Master Lead Generation

  3. Master Sales Conversions


We’ve been talking about Process #2 in the last couple of posts (Mastering Lead Generation).

You must capture leads if you want to win marketing your Online Business. You must build your list.

But what do you do once you’ve captured them? How do you convert that lead into a sale, a customer, a client, and a partner?

Well that’s where part 3 of this process comes into play, and since I’ve already been throwing out some posts and ideas about lead capture your way… I thought today I’d begin to offer some tips on what to do with those leads when they opt in.

Too many marketers out there have been trained to just get the prospect (lead) in front of a presentation and let the presentation do the work. That’s great but you must have a way to follow up.

That’s what the last two posts were for. Helping you master lead generation and building your list.

What Happens When They Opt in?

So what happens when your lead opts into your list? Well after they opt into your form, capture page, etc. their name should be automatically added to whatever email list you have assigned to the capture form (If this is too advanced for you opt in for 8 days of free training at for training).

…or Get Started Now! Join Our Team!

So they have opted into your form… If your auto responder (AWeber, Get Response, etc.) is set up properly you should have re-directed them to your sales presentation, webinar, information, etc. (whatever the offer was for on your capture page or offer).

If you don’t understand what a “lead magnet” is and how to present it to get the leads you need, see the posts…

 9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

And get plugged into some free training at

If you were offering a free training (lead magnet) they should be redirected to that training page by your auto responder.

This is true whether you are sending them to your sales presentation, a webinar, a training, a download page with instructions for them to get your pdf, free report, e-book, etc. (whatever you offer was).

 But after the initial contact what comes next?

After the initial contact, sales offer, etc. is made and they still haven’t signed up…then what?

  •  Where do you go from there? How do you get the sale?
  1.  Here’s the deal guys… Too many marketers quit right there assuming the person is not interested and that is the end of it.
  2. Others will spam the heck out of their lists over and over with their sales offer over and over until the lead signs up or unsubscribes.
  3. But for real marketers, for the guys making 6-7 figures or more a year things are just beginning. We are just getting started in the process that eventually converts a lead into a sale, a customer, a client, a partner, etc.

Tune in tomorrow and begin to learn some tips and secrets of 7 figure email marketing that will convert your leads into the relationships you need to prosper for a lifetime.

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Guys if you want to learn how to hit it out of the park with your online marketing and your business you need to learn from the best. You need to get the best information, tools and training available.

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How to Optimize a Landing Page

Hey Guys… if you are going to kill it marketing online, you absolutely must learn How to optimize your Landing Pages for maximum conversions.

There is three main things you must learn to master if you want to make money marketing online.

  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Convert that Traffic into Leads

  3. Convert Leads into Sales

Just the  other day on my Blog I posted another article and video about…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating .

If you haven’t seen that Post you must see it now…

Click here Now and see the Post

There is some great information in that post that you need to see and hear in order to massively ramp up your lead generation and lead conversion success.

Combine the information in the above post and today’s infographic to truly ramp up your results when it comes to capturing leads for your business and learn to master this element of the online business puzzle.

 Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

How to Optimize a Landing Page

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

If you want to learn internet marketing and master the 3 critical elements of success outlined above, or if you’re already in the game but need the training and support to master the game and take it to the next level…

You need the best training and resources in the industry…

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9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

Hey Guys do you need to seriously grow your Marketing List?

Hey Guys today’s recommended post is  “9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating.”

a) What this post is about and why you need to listen…

Guys today’s featured post “9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels like Cheating” is from and is all about building your email list opt ins.

Specifically it is an excellent resource for quality plugins to help you develop your lead list and develop your email marketing list.




• Post Address:

b) Who this post is for…

Guys this post is for anyone looking to make money on the internet.

The money is in the list they say. If you have no list you have no money. If you want to make money you have to learn how to generate a list of prospects (leads) to market to and convert those leads to sales and repeat customers.

To do that you have to learn marketing. Lead generation is one of the indispensable building blocks of a successful internet business and your marketing strategy. It can’t be done without!

Minute improvements in your lead capture metrics can mean huge results for your bottom line and therefore is an area you should test, test, test, and pay particular attention to if you are at all serious about building a business online.

Guys you can generate all the traffic in the world to your site, your banners, posts, capture pages, etc. but if no one is opting in to your list you are broke.

You must capture leads to build a relationship with them, establish trust, and begin to market your offer to them, if you hope to make significant sales on the internet.

People (novice marketers) make the following mistake all the time. They are trained to get people to a presentation and let the presentation do the work for them. So they shove people into their presentations before establishing a relationship and ask for a sale before they have even got to know the prospect.

The only problem is what happens? After you actually spend the time/effort/and or money to get someone to see your sales presentation what happens? They say no right? Especially on the internet. One click and they are gone!

They have no relationship with them, they haven’t established trust or credibility with them what so ever, they have no business relationship, friendship, etc. with them and really have no business forcing their offer on them.

In a manner of speaking they are trying to get “laid” on the first date. And like most overbearing predators on the prowl at the local watering hole, tavern, or bar, what happens? They get turned down right?

And here’s the deal… you have no number, no address, email, etc. to contact them to make things right later on and try a better approach.

It’s the same on the internet, social media, your blog, etc.

Good marketers know this. Advertisers realize you don’t usually buy or take action on the first exposure to an offer or advertisement.

This is especially when we are talking about a significant financial or emotional commitment like becoming partners with you in your business or making a high ticket purchase.

So… What is the answer?

Goal and priority #1 Capture the Lead!!!

It’s why your blog exists! It’s why you strive so hard to create viral content! It is why you dedicate the hours and research into creating the perfect lead magnet whether it be a training, webinar, white paper, PDF, e-book etc.

Capture the lead!!!

Then drip feed them your marketing over time. Seduce them slowly, build the relationship, give value, become the trusted friend, expert and go to resource they are looking for, and present them your offers in a fashion that works, that is scientific, measurable, and follows the tested rules of marketing and sales conversion.

Drip feed it to them, eventually creating the perfect irresistible offer for your prospect or driving them off your list altogether.

It can take day’s weeks, months, or sometimes a year or more for some people , to convert, but eventually they turn into the sale you were after if you are doing things right.

You Must Start with Capturing the Lead!
c) What I liked about this post, what was great…

What I loved about this article is it covers the options for you to try test and measure. It covers the things to think about when strategizing your lead capture strategy. What I loved was it gave great suggestions for software that the author did their homework on first.


d) What I disagree with, didn’t like…

What did I disagree with? Nothing worth mentioning. This is plain and simply a great resource and filled with things for you to try test and tweak until you have the highest converting opt in offer possible for your target market.

The only thing I would add is you have to be able to measure your results. You must split test your opt in offers and measure little changes one at a time until you find the highest converting option for your business. Test, test, test…
e) How to apply this information…

Simple really… pick a strategy and implement it. Measure your results, try another, and measure. Test, test, test. Change small things at a time and measure your conversions until you find the highest converting combination and strategy.

f) Additional tips, training, resources, about this.

Oh wow… a ton. I have some of the most amazing resources available. It’s why I think everyone should check out the following resource, get on board and start succeeding and taking your business and marketing to the next level and achieve the dreams you have with your business and your lives.

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