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A Shocking Confession that Involves You Directly…

I want to welcome you out to Episode 5 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Guys I told you that I would be making a Shocking Confession about some things that would end up directly benefiting every one of you shocking confessionwho opens these emails and follows along with us.

  • And I’m going to be doing that today…

In fact I’m going to be Uncovering the Truth about
some things that are hidden and just be completely
transparent with you about not only myself but also
about this industry…
I’m not going to go into all the details of it here because
I want to keep this short and as brief as possible, and
yet I want to let you know what happened, what is
coming, and why I’m making this
exciting announcement today.
  • We’re going to take a shocking look into the past to see what was, and a revealing peek into the future to
see how things are going to be…
  • When we come out the other side of this some of you are going to be empowered to stand even stronger
with me, and be that much more prepared andequipped for success.
  • Others will leave and never return…
  • I’m not sure which you are going to be, and we’ll have to get to the end of today’s training to find out.

Tune into Today’s MLM Double Feature

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…
-Dave Schlueter



Market Secrets, Money, Freedom, and Lifestyle…in Record Time!

Money, Freedom, Lifestyle.

Don’t let Success and The Freedom Lifestyle you desire to live stump you. If you are like most marketers you got into your business with high hopes and dreams but then maybe met with some unforeseen challenges along the way and you haven’t quite accomplished what you set out to do.

Let me Introduce You to a Dream Team of Marketers and folks like you getting it done online, and let’s move you into their Inner Circle.

We’re going to get started creating solutions here today with this series and you can’t afford to miss anything I’m sending your way if you are serious about creating, time, income, freedom, and lifestyle.

I’m about to make a huge confession that will benefit you immensely!

I want to welcome you out to Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

You’re going to learn some powerful secrets and some strategies here that are going to help you understand your market better, provide exactly what it is they want and create more leads and sales for your business if you take advantage of them.

Click the Link Now and See Today’s  Video: Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

To succeed in the industry of Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, etc. it is imperative that you understand exactly who your target customer is, what they feel, what they are frustrated with, what the market wants, what their hot buttons are that get them credit card in hand, and what will get them ready to buy what you are offering right now.

Wouldn’t it be great to know those exact things, and know how to get in front of that audience and present them with exactly what they already want and are hungry for?

What if you knew the exact way your perfect customer wants to be sold to?

  • Do you think that would help?

Well that is a lot of what this series is about. In fact it is about creating the money and the lifestyle you desire with the vehicle of your online business with the shortest route possible.

What you will learn here will be invaluable in creating the winning strategy for your online business and your freedom lifestyle.

As a matter of fact the market has been surveyed to reveal insights into exactly what it wants and the results have been a little surprising for some.

You should listen very carefully to the answers that come next, because they are the keys to creating a successful marketing strategy and the lifestyle of your dreams.

Most people surveyed in this Online Money Making, Affiliate Marketing Online MLM niche:

Weren’t after the 30-100k per month many of their peers were making! In fact the majority of folks surveyed were far more interested in the 3-10k per month range, and 5k a month was really the sweet spot most were after.

As a matter of fact most of the people surveyed really just wanted to know how to get started, what to do next, and how to make 5-10k per month and have a freedom based lifestyle to go with it.

-In other words they didn’t want to have to endlessly pitch, prospect, harass, friends, family, peers, co-workers, and anyone who comes within 3 feet of them.

-They didn’t want endless hours of 3 way calls, hand holding, tear drying, team building and team rebuilding that goes with so many MLM’s.

-And they didn’t want to have to sell Millions of Dollars in sales volume for a measly few thousand in residual income.

Wimpy commissions are out. People want to get paid for the efforts, sales, and team building efforts they are responsible for.

In fact almost all of them wanted higher commissions, to make that money faster and easier, and to have a life while doing it.

The market is looking for Freedom, Money, and the Time to choose the Lifestyle’s they desire.

So in knowing these facts…

In knowing that the Market is crying out and searching for this…

The Super-Uber Winning Strategy is to identify and speak to those wants, find the problems getting in the way of fulfilling those wants and Dreams, find the solutions for the problems that exist, and provide them to the market.

Be the painkiller for a market in pain. The market is literally searching for solutions to their pain, and it is your mission to position yourself as Doctor FeelGood.

That’s where you need to be focusing your efforts and your time.

Define the problems, offer solutions, and you will have loyal fans, followers, customers, and team mates for life. You will create Massive Success.

You Need and Amazing Platform

You simply need an Amazing Platform to build it all upon, and there couldn’t be a better solution, a better vehicle to take you there than a blog specifically designed for this kind of massive value and impact.

That’s why we offer and recommend the “Blog Beast” or EN2.

If you want to learn all of this, how to create that winning strategy, and get in front of a market in pain positioned as Dr. FeelGood, then you are going to want to be on the list!

  • You are going to need a platform up to the task…
  • You are going to want to get “All In.”

And you’re going to want to open every email and keep your eyes glued to your inbox for more special insider training, insight, and how.

Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

-If you are Hardcore, if you’re Serious and Committed to Creating Success and a Lifestyle of Freedom and Wealth, you can’t afford to miss the value I’m going to be bringing you with this Exciting New Series.

  • Get on the fast track to Success and Abundance today…

And I’ll see you in the next training.

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A Plan for Speed, Ease, Comfort, and keeping the Proceeds Ourselves…

Learning to construct the lifestyle you want and dispelling the mystery of how you are going to do it becomes easier with a solid understanding of what it takes and a road map and a vehicle to take you there.

This training and opportunity will show you both and you are going to want to stay tuned and not miss a thing.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

Dave is laying out the road map for you in this series, I’m going to add to it with some training and info of my own and we are both inviting you to take a look at the vehicle and get on board with us and create the lifestyle you dream of Today.

And here’s the deal… We’re not talking about doing things the slow way or the hard way because we realize you’re not into that.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

You want results, you want them fast, and you want to be able to build the lifestyle of your dreams and live the lifestyle of your dreams simultaneously.

We realize you don’t want to be another company drone working your ass off for meager commissions and returns while some other guy at the top is getting all the rewards.

That’s why we’re talking about a plan for speed, ease, and a way to keep the proceeds for yourself in the process.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

If you haven’t seen this vehicle yet, or got on the list to be sure you don’t miss any of this training… Then what the heck are you waiting for?

Use this link now and get on board and we’ll see you in the next training.

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