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How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business (infographic)

Hey Guys, I have another great post and infograpic about How to Build Your Brand Awareness for you today from Neil Patel over at QuickSpout Marketing.

I’ll make no secret about it… I think Neil is brilliant and I absolutely love the info-graphics and information this guy puts out.

If you haven’t done so already you should check him out and listen closely to everything this guy has to say.

Guys just as an f.y.i. people love graphics, video’s and multimedia. You should be including them in everything you produce.

People eat these info-graphics up everytime I post them.

Check out today’s post then tell me if you liked it and don’t agree.


How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Internet Network Marketing Success – What does it take to Succeed in this Modern Era?

Internet Network Marketing Success is the new school in this modern marketing era?

Who else wants to discover the secrets to Internet network marketing success in this rapidly changing technological landscape?


We are experiencing rapid and massive social and technological change with the advent of the technological era and the expanding information age.

This is having a major impact on the way that we do business, the way we communicate with each other, the way things get done and the way money changes hands.

In fact there is a modern day “Gold Rush” happening right now if you know just where to look, and how to identify gold ore when you see it.

Have you been paying attention?


The Future has arrived in the form of Internet Network Marketing Success!

rocket shipIf you’ve been paying attention at all you probably realize by now that we’ve passed a certain tipping point when it comes to technology, marketing, and social change.

Things have been rapidly changing when it comes to how business is being done, what is working now, whet the trends are, where we are headed, etc.

Internet Network Marketing Success has been one of those breakthroughs that is changing the industry.

So what I’m saying is this… what once worked well in marketing and in MLM isn’t necessarily working well anymore, or where we are headed today in this massive age of change and adaptation.


There are Hazards to living on the edge

No doubt with the advent of the internet, the cell phone, social media, and smart devices that live in your pocket, purse, and dashboard, we’ve crossed a certain threshold and into a new social and economic era.

Are You Ready to Succeed in this Ever Changing Environment?

Business is changing, marketing is changing, how we connect, communicate, and relate with one another is changing, and things that once worked, and the way that they worked once upon a time has changed.

Marketing has changed…


The old hard sell, cram it down their throats, massive exposure internet network marketing successmodel that used to work just doesn’t work like it did anymore.

People are overwhelmed with 1,000’s of marketing messages every day and they have grown resistant to it.

They tune it out, they don’t see it, hear it, etc. Getting someone’s attention, their trust, and their readiness to buy, isn’t what it used to be.


Is this the end for Network Marketing?

Does that mean we’ve seen the end of readily achievable MLM Success and the end of Network Marketing as a viable work from home business model?

the end of internet mlm
No…But we are on the edge of change and a new forefront for the industry.

Old molds are being broken and new ideas are setting new records, and shaping a new future and direction for the industry.


That future is in Internet Network Marketing Success.

I remember back in 2005 trying to convince my upline leadership that internet marketing was what I wanted to focus on because it was the future for Network Marketing Success.

I argued that it provided unheard of leverage and reach for the business and was the way to deal with so many of the problem distributors had struggled with, and that led to huge dropout rates in the industry.

angry-boss-pointing-finger-mod“We’ve tried it and it doesn’t work Dave, sick with the system and work the plan.”



My ideas, my data, trends of the times all fell on deaf ears. My upline leaders were dinosaurs from a rapidly vanishing and disappearing era.


A Decade Later…

Unfortunately even today nearly a decade later companies and many leaders (Dinosaurs of the past) still cling to this dated philosophy and model that this is the only way to do MLM Business.

They argue that readily duplicable Internet Network Marketing Success isn’t a reality!


In fact many of the Top 25 MLM Companies won’t even let you embrace the tools, techniques, and technology of the times to build a Business online in a leveraged and profitable fashion.


Internet Network Marketing Success Fundamentals.

Now don’t get me wrong… the fundamentals of MLM Success remain the same.

Network Marketing Success is still a people based undertaking, built upon the connections, relationships, and trust you create with people.

But let’s admit the fact that the mechanisms and way we connect and relate with one another is quite different today than those days that preceded smart devices, cell phones, social media, facebook, vine, twitter, insta-gram, etc.

Every try to talk with a teenager who has a smart phone in their hand?

teen and smartphonesYou might as well just text them, send them to your vine, or snap chat them right?

Do I need to go on and on here?

There are examples everywhere you look that bear testimony to the fact it is a changing world we live in.


So what does it take to create Internet Network Marketing Success in this modern marketing era?

Fundamentals of MLM Success.

Well it doesn’t require new fundamentals. Those remain the same, Internet MLM Success think bigand without going into a long dissertation on what it takes to achieve MLM Success, I will say that it is still dependent upon the 3 core functions and requirements of your business that must be mastered.


1. Master Traffic Generation.
2. Master Lead Capture- converting traffic into leads.
3. Master Sales Conversions- converting leads to sales.


These fundamentals remain the same. What has changed is the ways we accomplish each of these objectives.

This is the very heart of Internet Network Marketing Success.

For example… you can drive a100,000 visitors to a lead captureinternet traffic formula page on the internet in one day when you really know how to leverage technology and you are a master of traffic generation.



There is no possible way you can talk to a half-million targeted people in on day with old school MLM techniques period. Don’t even go there…

And here’s the deal… you need new tools, new technology, and new intel to be able to accomplish such a feat. This is a core reality of Internet Network Marketing Success.

Here are some resources for you:

Viral Blogging Solutions and Marketing Training

Attraction Marketing Systems and Lead Capture


Just think about it for a minute… If you were to convert even a fraction of that traffic into leads how are you going to follow up with, qualify, F.O.R.M., and 3 way call thousands of people?


Try and get your mind around that one.

But with the advent of email marketing, auto-responder technology, and smart devices you can take your marketing, follow up, sales presentations relationship building process and put it on autopilot 27/7/365 days a year, rain or shine, while you work, eat, sleep, vacation, drive fast cars, ski, swim or tan on the finest beaches of the world in leisure.

You’ll need an automated lead capture system, a method to present, and an auto-responder to drip market on them. They perfectly and seamlessly integrate with one another.

And this is truly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation, leveraging technology, and the digital age modern advances, that can propel your Business to Internet Network Marketing Success.


When you dig deeper into these resources you’ll see just how wide the rabbit hole gets…

This is the dawn of a new era in marketing information technology, how to make money and fortunes in new and exciting ways, and how to connect with a worldwide audience.


The days of the MLM Dinosaurs are numbered.

The only reason they still cling to life is because they are quick to eliminate anyone from their organizations who embrace forward thinking technology and employ them as strategies to build their business.

That’s right!

Many of the Top MLM Aristocracy will terminate your company fired by your mlmposition for these contractual violations.

And so it is imperative for your success to be clear from the start that the opportunity of your choice is enlightened and hip to the times.

They must allow for internet network marketing success or you need to look elsewhere.

Don’t think for a minute that you can fly under the wire and get away with it.

Your upline or company can and will turn on you, terminate you, and steal your downline!


Here’s why their days of MLM Success are NUMBERED!

There are forward thinking entrepreneurs, businesses, leaders, distributors, and a growing populace demanding the freedom to market their business in the most productive, highly leveraged, cutting edge, and timely fashions possible.

They are hip, they are in tune with the times, and they are the future of the MLM industry right now.

They are the pioneers, leaders, mavericks, and they are breaking records and re-writing the rules for creating internet network marketing success and marketing your business in this new era.

Most Impressively…

They are killing it online! There is a “Buzz” surrounding what they are doing that cannot be ignored.


Internet network marketing success has become a reality for more and more struggling marketers who couldn’t succeed with the old system.

See this Resource and Understand what I mean:

Struggling Marketers find Internet Network Marketing Success. with this!

The Dinosaurs will have to adapt or die!

The question is where you choose to be, on the way out with the Dinosaurs or on the forefront with the maverick’s and leaders, creating internet network marketing success, and leading others to do the same.


Something big, something new, something revolutionary has come to the industry that can’t continue to be ignored.

It isn’t a company, a product, or a plan. It’s a Movement.

Internet MLM Marketing

It is the future of MLM Success and that future is all about embracing internet network marketing success.


When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?

When it comes to MLM Success I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “To really make it Big in the Network Marketing Industry you need to join the right company at the right time to succeed in MLM Business” right?


But is that really true? (see today’s video)

MLM Success and Timing


There is a delicate timing to things in nature, in the universe, in business etc.

Springtime for instance. There is so much going on in the living world in just one week in one place in time it will blow your mind.

I’ve been a connoisseur of nature for many years and springtime is one of my favorite times of the year.

Amazing Opportunities

Having had the time to spend in nature with time freedom I have had the chance to observe the 10,000 shades of green that the hills turn, watch the first Buckeye flowers of the spring open, the Indian Paintbrush, and a thousand other smaller less conspicuous miracles taking place in this often too short lived season.


I Hate To See it Pass…

I’m always bummed out when I see the grasses browning and the heat of summer coming.

Though I always look forward to the warming waters and the time to swim, tan, and fish, I miss my favorite season as it departs one more season into oblivion until I hopefully have the grace to enjoy the glory of its magnificence one more year.

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So What about MLM Success?

Do you really have to get into an MLM opportunity before it goes through its momentum phase to have MLM Success?

MLM SUCCESS yes or no

 (What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?)



Timing helps, but only to a certain degree. Your real MLM Success in the home based business industry has to do with your ability to market and promote.

Learn the skills of marketing and promotion that escape most marketers and you’ll be largely ahead of the competition.

Deploy or employ a system of training and discipline that teaches the skills of marketing and promotion to your downline and you’ll cultivate an environment of MLM Success for your team and organization.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

Timing and MLM Success


 It does help though…

But yes to a certain degree it is highly to your benefit to position yourself in an opportunity while it is young, growing and while you are in a pre-momentum phase.

When MLM companies hit momentum things happen fast and grow like crazy!

It’s a place you would like to be in with a team in place when things catch fire. There is no doubt everyone would like to be positioned in such a way for MLM Success.

Yes let me in Now I don’t want to Miss the Wave!

But let’s face it… you can position yourself in a company at just the right time, and still fail to achieve MLM Success without the proper training, tools, leadership, education, and skills necessary to succeed.

Position and timing doesn’t mean you just won the lottery it takes skills, strategy, discipline, and real work to succeed. Don’t be deceived.

As far as timing goes for MLM Success, yes it helps, but it isn’t the do all and end all to a successful Home Based Business Career.


Did you already Miss the Boat!

If you think you may have missed the boat for MLM Success in your current opportunity, don’t fret. You can re-evaluate your abilities to market your way to success in spite of the trends or you can look at another opportunity that hasn’t crested yet or is still in pre-momentum and get plugged in.

To see just such an opportunity and get the best internet based MLM marketing training available anywhere online check out this resource now: Pre-Momentum Beast!


Here’s another post with another viewpoint on MLM Success and Timing: Timing is Everything in MLM

Also be sure and see: The #1 Thing Keeping You from MLM Success

So…when it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business…No but it sure does help when everything else necessary for Home Base Business Success is already in place!

How to Use Tumblr for Marketing (Infographic)

Let’s talk Social Media for a moment and let’s talk specifically about one specific platform in particular and explore How to Use Tumblr for Marketing.


Are you familiar with the phenomenon called Tumbler?

Many of you may not be but Yahoo sure paid attention. In fact they paid over a Billion Dollars for it!


That should be your first clue.

In fact there are more than 300 million unique visitors a month going to Tumblr and it is growing at a rate of 74% a year.

Here’s another piece of pertinent information. More than 65% of its user base has a college degree and have extra income to spare.


Your second clue should be this….

Have you watched a YouTube video and hit the share menu and seen what pops up?

Do you see those social sharing icons all in a row down there beneath the video?

Do you see the Tumblr Icon?

Tumblr Icon

Aha… are you catching on yet?

Let’s rewind a couple of posts back where I had Rob Fore as a featured post on this blog: Youtube Video Seo with SEO Master Rob Fore

Rob explains exactly why these social sharing icons are so important and talks a little about how you can use Tumblr for marketing. In fact he more specifically tells you how you can use Tumblr for Video SEO in the video.

Check out the YouTube Video SEO post and if you like it and want more, be sure you also see: Video SEO – How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube

 But for today’s post let’s have a look at this great infographic from How to Use Tumblr for Marketing.

How to Use Tumblr For Marketing

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Did you like today’s Post?
Go ahead and let us know what you thought!

Today’s post was all about How to Use Tumblr for Marketing and if you liked it and would like to massively ramp up your knowledge of internet marketing and how to make money online CLICK HERE NOW AND WATCH: The Video That Changed Internet Marketing!


Creating Landing Pages that Convert (Infographic)


Today’s post is all about How to Create Landing Pages  that Convert.


So you want to be an online marketer, and you want to get in on the  Landing PagesGold Rush happening on the internet, stake your claim and claim your riches.

So how do you do it?

Well… Success with this plan (no matter what specific strategies you employ to achieve it) comes down to 3 things.


1. Getting Traffic – Getting your message in front of a pre-qualified audience.
2. Capturing the Leads- so you can market to them.
3. Converting the leads into sales.


Today’s quick infographic from  GetResponse Email Marketing is all about #2 “Creating Landing Pages that Convert.”

Check it out, then let me know what you think?

Creating Pages That Convert #Infographic

Brought to you by GetResponse Email Marketing

I LOVE MY BLOG BUT… (Internet Marketing Confessions)

I love my Blog at its entire reason for existence is to focus on Online Prosperity.

It is here to help others to achieve this in their lives, find the wealth and freedom that the Internet Marketing Lifestyle can provide, and make the world a better place by finding their purpose (Their Compelling Reason Why) and living it Boldly!


I love it. I love Internet Marketing


That purpose motivates and drives me to be the best I can become. It feeds me in a way I’m not sure how to adequately describe.


That’s how it is when you tap into the power and the magic of what you’re meant to do.


It’s why all the great mentors and teachers talk about finding “your Reason” your “Burning Desire.”


It’s why I created a website and program dedicated to this one Critical Element of Success.



 Because it is that IMPORTANT!


But before I digress too far…what I really wanted to talk about today was Blogs and Blogging.

This Blog (the one you are on) in particular I love.


  • It has the things I wanted.



If you missed what happened earlier this year to this Blog you might want to take a look before… you decide a self-hosted WordPress Blog is the right Blog Platform for your Online Prosperity!

(I’ll let you follow the link and see a series of things you must avoid if you want to succeed Marketing your Blog online.)


But here’s the deal…


Even though this Blog looks great and functions for the most part the way I want it to, it has been a major learning curve, a source of great frustration, and a major time suck.

It has not been what I would term a “leveraged aspect of my business” what-so-ever!

Don’t get me wrong… YOU MUST BLOG!!!

 (10 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog to Build Your Business)Yoda Blog You Must


In fact it has been anything but that  in a lot of ways.


But like most people starting out in a new venture and looking to create success, I was not coming from a great place when I got started.


  • In fact I was desperate for change.


  • I was Broke!


  • I was Struggling!


  • I needed solutions, and I needed a new way!


And I didn’t have money to invest in someone building me the Internet Marketing site I needed. I had to go it the hard way and try and learn while I earned.


I had to struggle…

I didn’t have thousands of dollars to build a fully optimized blog site, but I also knew that the other free blogging solutions out there didn’t provide the power or the functionality I needed.


  • I was stuck and so I have paid my dues in Sweat Equity Blog Construction!


  • To be truthful… I love learning and Growing, I love Internet Marketing!


But it Sucked!!!thumbs down


When you are starting an Internet Marketing Business and you are broke, you need Highly Leveraged Strategies and Solutions to get the ball rolling and get you into some profit.


Click Here Now for Highly Leveraged Strategies and Solutions


In fact more new marketers drop out in the first several months of their Home Based Business careers for this one reason than any other.


It’s plain and simply a lack of cash flow and a lack of sufficient power from a Compelling Reason Why that stops them dead!


If you’d like to learn how you can overcome this and the top 5 deadly pitfalls to Online Home Based Business Success… opt into the form on my blog site for some Amazing Free Training.


So what is so Cool and what I’ve been trying to get at in this…

There is a fully functional out of the box powerful Blogging Solution available today that is unbelievably affordable for people who need a No Hassle 5 minute solution.
This is a fully functional Viral Blogging Platform with all the security and marketing technology already built in!


There are so many advantages to this platform.
  • It’s quick…
  • Simple to use…
  • It’s Powerful and Secure…
  • It’s built by Marketers for Marketers..
  •  It’s simply Bad Ass and you should have a look!

It isn’t just for new bloggers. In fact I use it myself and you should have a look at it if you haven’t been there already…


Click Here Now and See this Out of the Box Blogging Solution Blogging


This thing is Bad ASS!!!


I only wish it had been available sooner…


It would have saved me!


I still love my Blog (the one you are on) but…


-Dave Schlueter


Network Marketing Lead Generation when Using the Internet

Today’s recommended post is all about Network Marketing Lead Generation.


And the reason why you need to listen is because today’s speaker is a #1 Income Earner, Trainer, and Top Producer in the Network Marketing Industry ready to share Valuable MLM Lead Generation Secrets with you.


a)                  Who this post is for…


Do you want more leads to fuel the fires of your Network Marketing Business and kick it into high gear?


More than just leads though…do you want to create the sales and the relationships that are the hallmark of a lasting and profitable MLM?


Well then you need to listen to my friend Ray today and everything he has to say to you.


If you are struggling to get leads or create any lasting and profitable relationships in your business (the kind you need to create an empire) then you’d better take notes.



b)                 What I liked about this post, what was great…


Ray is talking about longevity here and what it takes to make a mark in Network Marketing, not just a flash.

His heart is also in the right place and it comes through in today’s training tips. It’s one of the reasons why Ray has been so successful in his marketing career. The guy is Amazing!


Not only that but Ray hits the nail on the head today when he talks about the key being to provide value, and who we should be providing that value to.

Ray Higdon Web Post

Click Here : See the Video to Find Out what it is that Ray Shares!


Listening to and understanding what Ray is talking about right here with this one point, (and taking action and implementing it consistently) will take your business to new levels if employed as a long term strategy.


This is great stuff today from a top industry earner and leader and if you want success in this industry you must understand and apply what Ray is teaching today.


 Your Growth Education & Development

The next most important point that Ray makes is about growth and development today.


You’d better get this right and you’d better take notes on this today and then come back to this website and find out how to get the most Amazing Internet Marketing Training Available.


Avoid what Ray calls the “Pantry Effect”       Click Here:Opt in and See the Video Now!



c)                  What you disagree with, didn’t like…


I disagree with Ray talking about “Gimmicky Google or Social Media Tricks” to get leads.


He sort of makes it seem uncool to do what it takes sometimes to get leads flowing to you if it is a short term strategy.


I’m fine with what it takes to get leads into your funnel in mass quantity as long as they are the right leads (your target client) and you are ready to give value and build the relationship with the right intentions after they are in your marketing funnel.


The truth is a lot of tactics that work to Generate Leads are short term.

The web, SEO, Tools, Techniques, etc. all change rapidly online. I think what Ray is really getting at is the Principles behind your marketing and sticking with sound ones, like what he lays out in today’s training.


Like I said before just be sure they are the right leads, don’t spam the net to get them, and treat your prospects with the long term in mind.


  • Base the fundamentals of your marketing on providing value and building valuable, quality relationships.

(I’m sure that’s what Ray meant but it just didn’t come across clear in his message for me.)



d)                 How to apply this information…


Simple… Do what Ray says…


  • Provide Value!


How do you do that?


  • Become Valuable!!!


How do you do that???




Click Here Now to Learn How!



e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.



Click Here Now for Weekly Free Training from 6 – 7 Figure Earners


  •  Get on the Bus Now!


Learn to market like a Pro Now, and Take your Network Marketing Lead Generation and Life to the Next Level

-Dave Schlueter

How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 3

Do you need to increase your online sales conversions to go to the next level with your Business, Income, and Freedom?

I have all the resources you’ll ever need to create success and income online for you.

I’m hooked up like that you know.

Over the last few days we’ve been discussing some tips and tricks to get those Sales Conversions with your online marketing.

See How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 1

See How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt.2

And I guarantee if you apply strategically everything we’ve discussed you will improve your sales conversions online.

It’s really just the tip of the iceberg though.

Click Here Now to Learn More Now

But here’s the deal guys…

What if I could show you a system where you didn’t have to work so hard and worry about creating massive numbers of sales conversions on the front end sales of your business, and instead you had a system to convert them on the back end?

What if you had a simple and easy to sell low commitment level product on the front end to sell which then leads to the back end products that do all the heavy lifting for you?

Would you like to have a system like that working for you in your business?

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What if I could show you a system to generate let’s say a 6 figure a year income off of the sale of a single $25.00 front end product, and then show you how the back end system will take care of the rest for you on virtual autopilot?

I’m talking about the highest converting sales funnel you’ll ever see…

Would that interest you?

Oh yea did I mention we’ll be showing you everything you need to know to market your business like a Marketing Rock Star?

Sound good?

Guys I’m about to roll out a new training that shows you how!

And for those of you brand new I’m going to include some valuable bonuses to get you started from scratch marketing online with the best methods that are working right now online to produce results and I’ll teach it to you step by step.

  • So if it is more leads you need, more sales conversions, greater success, marketing knowledge, or income, I’ve got you covered.

In fact if you haven’t done so already you should definitely check out the following presentation that gives you insight into what I’m talking about and what is coming.

You’ll be blown away I guarantee it.

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Follow this resource link now, put your name in the contact form, fasten your seat-belts and get ready for lift off!

Then be sure you are watching your inbox and keep your eyes peeled on this blog for when I release this special training and bonuses.

Here’s to your Success, Abundance, and converting Massive Online Leads into Massive Online Sales Conversions.

-Dave Schlueter

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How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt.2

Do you need to increase your sales conversions to take your business to the next level of success or maybe to even to start getting some success online?

If that’s the case then stay tuned to today’s post and Part 2 of this short tips and series for increasing your Online Sales Conversions.

See part one now: How to Increase Your Sales Conversions Pt1

Like I wrote in my last post, too many unknowing online hopefuls, especially in the MLM arena are too quick to just send a prospective lead straight from a capture page, into a sales presentation, then cross their fingers hoping the presentation will do all the work for them the way they heard it would and magical money would fall into their bank account.

But what happens when it doesn’t work?

(If this is a little over your head then opt in for 8 days of free training on this blog and get up to speed.)

What happens when your presentation fails to convert on the initial exposure?

Well the fortune they say is in the follow up. I’m sure you’ve heard that one if you have been around MLM for any amount of time.

And it is true.

Most people don’t just sign up after an initial exposure to your amazing product, service, or opportunity.

So… What comes next?

Email marketing!

That’s right, “but how do you do that” many will ask.

If you’ve set things up properly and you are following along with this series so far, you have captured your lead info initially with your capture page, or capture form.

You’ve sent your prospect to some great training, bonus info, sales presentation, etc. as redirected by your email auto-responder, and now you have a lead for the email list you specified as a parameter of your opt in form.

So what comes next..?

Build the relationship.

There is some of the best training you’ll ever hear on this in the Enpower Network Back Office and Products Click Here to Learn More

Now is the time to begin to build a relationship with your prospect.

If you’ve spent some time figuring out exactly who your target prospect is (and you’d better) you have a clear image in your mind and preferably on paper about this person.

You’ve spent some time determining who they are, what they do, what they want, and what their problems are.

Knowing this information is invaluable. If you try to market to everyone then you market to no one they say. So be very sure and clear who your target market is for this campaign. The more specific you can be the better.

So with this information in mind, the question is how do you gain access to their inner realm, their mind, and their thoughts.

  • What is troubling your prospect?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What problems are they having that you can you provide solutions for?

The trick is to give value, build trust, and build the relationship, don’t just bombard them with more and more of your sales presentations. Not before building a solid relationship.

People join and like to buy from people they know like and trust. Your job is to become that person.

  • Blog daily create value and email your list.

If you don’t have a fully optimized blog, or need to get started blogging see Incredible Blogging Resource Now

Spend some time early on building the relationship.

Give them the kind of value your prospect wants needs and will value you for.

Let them get to know you. Add some of your stories mixed in your value posts etc.

I think one of the best things early on is to send a welcome email with some kind of value for them to open. Then give them reasons to follow you on social media accounts you may have. Google+, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Let them get to know you and follow you on these other channels, but remember to give them a reason. It’s all about your prospect and what’s in it for them. So take advantage of this knowledge and give it to them.

Send an email and a message to see your latest greatest video that solves problem A in 5 simple steps but direct them to your YouTube channel and tell them to subscribe.

Get creative. The more channels your prospect receives you through the better.

  • Remember it’s all about your prospect, what they want, what they need, what problems they have, what they want.
  • Be sure and speak to that need while you build your value, your credibility and trust with them.

When they come to rely upon you as a trusted source of value, then marketing them your direct sales messages is met with less resistance. They will view you and your offer in a different way.

It’s all about lessening resistance and increasing cooperation. Get creative and get busy.

If you really want to learn more and take your marketing to the next level you must See this video.

Click Here Now: Go to the Next Level Now

How to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions Pt. 1

Does your marketing program need a boost to increase your sales conversions?

 Worse yet do you need a plan to start getting sales conversions for your online business?

This week I have offered a couple of great recommended posts for you guys…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

If you haven’t seen those posts yet you should do yourself a favor and check them out now.

If you go ahead and strategically apply what is covered in these two short and to the point posts you will increase your opt-ins guaranteed.

 To Succeed in Online Marketing you must learn and Master 3 Fundamental Processes.


  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Master Lead Generation

  3. Master Sales Conversions


We’ve been talking about Process #2 in the last couple of posts (Mastering Lead Generation).

You must capture leads if you want to win marketing your Online Business. You must build your list.

But what do you do once you’ve captured them? How do you convert that lead into a sale, a customer, a client, and a partner?

Well that’s where part 3 of this process comes into play, and since I’ve already been throwing out some posts and ideas about lead capture your way… I thought today I’d begin to offer some tips on what to do with those leads when they opt in.

Too many marketers out there have been trained to just get the prospect (lead) in front of a presentation and let the presentation do the work. That’s great but you must have a way to follow up.

That’s what the last two posts were for. Helping you master lead generation and building your list.

What Happens When They Opt in?

So what happens when your lead opts into your list? Well after they opt into your form, capture page, etc. their name should be automatically added to whatever email list you have assigned to the capture form (If this is too advanced for you opt in for 8 days of free training at for training).

…or Get Started Now! Join Our Team!

So they have opted into your form… If your auto responder (AWeber, Get Response, etc.) is set up properly you should have re-directed them to your sales presentation, webinar, information, etc. (whatever the offer was for on your capture page or offer).

If you don’t understand what a “lead magnet” is and how to present it to get the leads you need, see the posts…

 9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

 and How to Optimize a Landing Page .

And get plugged into some free training at

If you were offering a free training (lead magnet) they should be redirected to that training page by your auto responder.

This is true whether you are sending them to your sales presentation, a webinar, a training, a download page with instructions for them to get your pdf, free report, e-book, etc. (whatever you offer was).

 But after the initial contact what comes next?

After the initial contact, sales offer, etc. is made and they still haven’t signed up…then what?

  •  Where do you go from there? How do you get the sale?
  1.  Here’s the deal guys… Too many marketers quit right there assuming the person is not interested and that is the end of it.
  2. Others will spam the heck out of their lists over and over with their sales offer over and over until the lead signs up or unsubscribes.
  3. But for real marketers, for the guys making 6-7 figures or more a year things are just beginning. We are just getting started in the process that eventually converts a lead into a sale, a customer, a client, a partner, etc.

Tune in tomorrow and begin to learn some tips and secrets of 7 figure email marketing that will convert your leads into the relationships you need to prosper for a lifetime.

Click Here Now for Part 2

Guys if you want to learn how to hit it out of the park with your online marketing and your business you need to learn from the best. You need to get the best information, tools and training available.

Check out the invaluable training, tools and wisdom today that can provide you everything you need to create the business and income of your dreams online.

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How to Optimize a Landing Page

Hey Guys… if you are going to kill it marketing online, you absolutely must learn How to optimize your Landing Pages for maximum conversions.

There is three main things you must learn to master if you want to make money marketing online.

  1. Master Traffic Generation

  2. Convert that Traffic into Leads

  3. Convert Leads into Sales

Just the  other day on my Blog I posted another article and video about…

9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating .

If you haven’t seen that Post you must see it now…

Click here Now and see the Post

There is some great information in that post that you need to see and hear in order to massively ramp up your lead generation and lead conversion success.

Combine the information in the above post and today’s infographic to truly ramp up your results when it comes to capturing leads for your business and learn to master this element of the online business puzzle.

 Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

How to Optimize a Landing Page

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

If you want to learn internet marketing and master the 3 critical elements of success outlined above, or if you’re already in the game but need the training and support to master the game and take it to the next level…

You need the best training and resources in the industry…

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9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating

Hey Guys do you need to seriously grow your Marketing List?

Hey Guys today’s recommended post is  “9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels Like Cheating.”

a) What this post is about and why you need to listen…

Guys today’s featured post “9 Plugins for Growing Your Email List That Work So Well It Feels like Cheating” is from and is all about building your email list opt ins.

Specifically it is an excellent resource for quality plugins to help you develop your lead list and develop your email marketing list.




• Post Address:

b) Who this post is for…

Guys this post is for anyone looking to make money on the internet.

The money is in the list they say. If you have no list you have no money. If you want to make money you have to learn how to generate a list of prospects (leads) to market to and convert those leads to sales and repeat customers.

To do that you have to learn marketing. Lead generation is one of the indispensable building blocks of a successful internet business and your marketing strategy. It can’t be done without!

Minute improvements in your lead capture metrics can mean huge results for your bottom line and therefore is an area you should test, test, test, and pay particular attention to if you are at all serious about building a business online.

Guys you can generate all the traffic in the world to your site, your banners, posts, capture pages, etc. but if no one is opting in to your list you are broke.

You must capture leads to build a relationship with them, establish trust, and begin to market your offer to them, if you hope to make significant sales on the internet.

People (novice marketers) make the following mistake all the time. They are trained to get people to a presentation and let the presentation do the work for them. So they shove people into their presentations before establishing a relationship and ask for a sale before they have even got to know the prospect.

The only problem is what happens? After you actually spend the time/effort/and or money to get someone to see your sales presentation what happens? They say no right? Especially on the internet. One click and they are gone!

They have no relationship with them, they haven’t established trust or credibility with them what so ever, they have no business relationship, friendship, etc. with them and really have no business forcing their offer on them.

In a manner of speaking they are trying to get “laid” on the first date. And like most overbearing predators on the prowl at the local watering hole, tavern, or bar, what happens? They get turned down right?

And here’s the deal… you have no number, no address, email, etc. to contact them to make things right later on and try a better approach.

It’s the same on the internet, social media, your blog, etc.

Good marketers know this. Advertisers realize you don’t usually buy or take action on the first exposure to an offer or advertisement.

This is especially when we are talking about a significant financial or emotional commitment like becoming partners with you in your business or making a high ticket purchase.

So… What is the answer?

Goal and priority #1 Capture the Lead!!!

It’s why your blog exists! It’s why you strive so hard to create viral content! It is why you dedicate the hours and research into creating the perfect lead magnet whether it be a training, webinar, white paper, PDF, e-book etc.

Capture the lead!!!

Then drip feed them your marketing over time. Seduce them slowly, build the relationship, give value, become the trusted friend, expert and go to resource they are looking for, and present them your offers in a fashion that works, that is scientific, measurable, and follows the tested rules of marketing and sales conversion.

Drip feed it to them, eventually creating the perfect irresistible offer for your prospect or driving them off your list altogether.

It can take day’s weeks, months, or sometimes a year or more for some people , to convert, but eventually they turn into the sale you were after if you are doing things right.

You Must Start with Capturing the Lead!
c) What I liked about this post, what was great…

What I loved about this article is it covers the options for you to try test and measure. It covers the things to think about when strategizing your lead capture strategy. What I loved was it gave great suggestions for software that the author did their homework on first.


d) What I disagree with, didn’t like…

What did I disagree with? Nothing worth mentioning. This is plain and simply a great resource and filled with things for you to try test and tweak until you have the highest converting opt in offer possible for your target market.

The only thing I would add is you have to be able to measure your results. You must split test your opt in offers and measure little changes one at a time until you find the highest converting option for your business. Test, test, test…
e) How to apply this information…

Simple really… pick a strategy and implement it. Measure your results, try another, and measure. Test, test, test. Change small things at a time and measure your conversions until you find the highest converting combination and strategy.

f) Additional tips, training, resources, about this.

Oh wow… a ton. I have some of the most amazing resources available. It’s why I think everyone should check out the following resource, get on board and start succeeding and taking your business and marketing to the next level and achieve the dreams you have with your business and your lives.

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Something New I learned Today About: Facebook

So today I thought I would try something fun and different for a change. I thought I’d start a series of posts about what I learned new today!

People say… “I learn something new everyday.” So I thought it would be fun to see… What did I learn new today, or this week that is new, fun, interesting, funny, educational, etc. that I could share with others?

And if I did share it with others… would they think is was as cool as I think it is.

So today’s post is something new that I just learned about Facebook, and it is something everybody should know but may not have heard about.

So definitely watch today’s post, tell me what you think, and then be sure to go and check out my new FB Page,

,,,give it a like and help us develop it into something special.

The best times to post to social media.

Hey Guys are you looking to take your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level?

Ever wondered what the best time to post is for the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. is…
Marketing is a lot about testing. Everything is a test! You try this and you try that… if it succeeds great, measure it. If it fails, it was a test try something else and see if it gets better results, then measure it tweak it and measure again.

Test, test, test!

Here’s some data today (the results of testing) to help you get the most from your social media posting and spend less time tweaking and testing on your own time.
Courtesy of: SurePayroll


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Yes I’m Ready for Internet Marketing and Social Media Secrets?


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How to Become an Internet Sensation

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In the mean time here is data on the best times to post to social media. Enjoy and Happy Blogging!

Kick-Start Your Blog With These Engaging Content Suggestions

Got a New Blog you need some Engaging Content Suggestions For?

a)                  What this post is about and why you need to listen…

Guys today’s recommended posts is for Bloggers who have no how to kick there blog in gear and need some simple suggestions to get started Blogging.

Today’s post has simple suggestion tips to get you started if you are new and don’t have great ideas or a clue about what you should write about in your Blog.

If that is you then today’s tips will get you started and the resources I list below will take you further and all the way to the top when you are ready.



Check out today’s post at:

 b)                 Who this post is for…

It’s for primarily new bloggers, and novices who need suggestions to get their content and Blogs started. It is not an advanced training what so ever.


c)                  What I liked about this post, what was great…

What I liked about this post is the simplicity. Everyone starts somewhere and it is important to remember that when you become and advanced level leader and training, building teams and leading others, that some people are brand new, others intermediate, and some advanced like you are.

If you are teaching, building teams, and leading others it is important to teach at all three levels.

Today’s training is more of a level one tips article, but serves the purpose well.


d)                 What I disagree with, didn’t like…

What I didn’t like is that it is a simplistic training and nothing more. What I mean by that is the post itself is fine but it only really teaches at one level, and not a lot of depth. It’s fine for who it is meant for I just wanted more.


e)                  How to apply this information…

Review the ideas and see if you mesh with them. If so apply them in your blogging.

When people are brand new, they all worry and wonder what to blog about, what value they have to offer, and how to create enough content to reach critical mass online, build a community and following, etc. etc…

If you really want to know that it is going to take, it will take more than today’s post alone to do it.

Check out today’s post at:

 Then come and check out the amazing blogging training, tools, and incredible opportunity to profit in the modern day Blogging Gold Rush by checking out the following resource:

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You can thank me later… Happy Blogging.


5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership

Today’s Featured Post is all about (5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership)

…And you need to see today’s post and pay particular attention to a couple of extremely relevant pieces covered in today’s article if you want to grow your Blog followers, grow your Blog Readership, and grow your Blog Success online.

a)                 Who this post is for…

Today’s article is by Lee Odden and it is on Top Rank and it’s for Bloggers and People who want to build their business, reputation, community, or message through the amazing platform of Blogging.

Guys your Blog is your online home for marketing in the digital age. But it becomes an island no one knows about in the middle of an undiscovered ocean if you don’t learn how to build your community, readership, and following.

If you don’t have a fully optimized Marketing Blog, you must get one now. This solution is heads and shoulders above the rest.

You can build the finest resort, on the best beaches and the finest waters and sands in the world on your island, you can have the greatest attractions but if you have no visitors, no fans, no voices to shout your praise, message, etc. it matters not. You are on an island by yourself, no traffic, no business, and no chance of succeeding.

Click Here Now To learn the ins and outs of Blog and Internet Marketing

Just because you have a Blog does not guarantee your success and abundance on the internet or in life. Today’s brief tips and guides begin to show you the way to cultivate success with your following and concentrate on what is important.

b)                  What I liked about this post… what was great.

Points one, two, and three. You can make a lot of mistakes growing your Blog and be alright but if you fail to get these 3 right you’re going to be hurtin’ for certain!

Get these 3 right, become excellent at them and you can make a lot of other mistakes Blogging and still shine and be successful online.

So what I like about this post is it covers some real critical hard hitting points you have to get right. For that reason it is valuable and worthy of checking out.

c)                 What I disagree with, didn’t like…

Not much… It’s a little vague about some suggestions and really just leaves you wondering rather than having solutions or resources to go to for answers. But it’s meant as a tips post and assumes you already know a bit on the subject .

d)                  How to apply this information profitably…

Pretty straight forward guys… pass your content creation and posts through the filters these tips provide and see if you are including these required elements in your posts.

Does your content fulfill these requirements to build community, engage readers, and create fans and a following? Simple Really…

Click Here: Learn to Create the Content Your Market Craves

e)                   Additional tips, training, resources, about this subject.

Plenty really… If you want the best in blog training and to learn from some of the most powerful blogging successes then check out the following resource. Incredible Blogging Resources

Learn about a powerful blogging platform for the future and get the best training to build an income from blogging available online.

If you are looking to create an income Blogging online, use your Blog to take your business online, or even if you are a complete Blogging novice just looking for the best out of the box turnkey Blogging and internet marketing training, you must see this now.

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 See Today’s Article: 

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership


11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.

Do you want to learn how to absolutely “Kill it!” online with your blogging and online marketing efforts?

Get the best in Blogging training, Marketing, and a One Stop Blog Platform Solution today with this ALL IN ONE BLOG SOLUTION!

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12 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Have you ever stared at your screen, unable to figure out what to write?

Are you wondering what type of content will best engage your audience?

Today’s post helps answer these questions and gets you driving traffic for your efforts.


Be sure and See Today’s Video and go check this great Blog Content article out at:

a)                  What the post is about and why you need to listen…

Today’s post is about blogging (12 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog) and tools to get unstuck with your content creation and shine with your online marketing.

b)                 Who this post is for….

Guys this post is for bloggers, new, young, old, experienced, and inexperienced.

Everyone needs the tools and formats to produce compelling content, blog posts that get attention, drive traffic, and are share worthy.

c)                  What I liked about this post, what was great…

This article is great guys. It’s a solid framework to build your blog content around. It’s not lengthy or overwhelming it just gives you the basic framework to build upon to create the right kind of content to succeed blogging your business.

d)                 What I disagree with, didn’t like…

What did I disagree with or dislike about this article…Nothing really.

This is a good solid post and solid advice for creating content on your blog that your audience wants.

The only thing I can really add is remember to interject your personality in everything you do, and remember people are there to get to know you and be entertained as well as informed.

I call it edutainment… Remember to interject story and personality and this is a great package for blogging success.

e)                  How to apply this information…

Simple really… sit down for a while and examine each archetype one by one and do some brainstorming.

What can you offer that your target market would want for each of these blog  content frameworks?

Let your mind free for a while, allow it to play and document your ideas.

You should get a pretty good list to work from for future content. In fact if you’re creative this should produce a great deal of usable ideas.

Just remember to do your keyword research for each of your ideas to pick and craft your content well.

Guys if you need further training on this, how to build your blog, how to market online, and how to knock it out of the park selling and providing your market with exactly what it needs. Go check out  and opt in for 8 free days of marketing training.

And if you’re ready to get started blogging for profits and need an all in one blogging solution go ahead and check out: and let me show you a plan to create a 6 figure a year income in the next 90 days blogging.

Be sure and See Today’s Video and go check this great Blog Content article out at:

10 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog to Build Your Business (3 part Series)

Think your Business doesn’t need a Blog to Succeed in this New Age Marketing Renaissance taking place right now in our lives?

Better think again!

Hey Guys, I just finished up a Killer 3 part series of articles and training on  why you need a Blog to Succeed  with your  Business  that you can’t afford to miss if you are serious about Online Marketing Success.

Here’s Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s the deal Guys, you need the right tools and training to Succeed online Blogging and with your Business.


If you are not getting the results you want and hoped for in your Business, or if you are just getting started online and want to do it right and save yourself hours of wasted frustration and chaos, you must tap into the right tools and training for your success.

There is a Modern Renaissance in Marketing taking place right now. What once worked is dying out in a lot of ways as new technology and new attitudes and expectations about Business are being birthed.

Those on the cutting edge are Killing it Right Now Online taking advantage of these changes.

That’s the zone you want to tap into and if you are not Blogging and taking advantage of the ease, power, and simplicity of Today’s Blog Technology and Marketing Strategies… well… You’re Blowing it!!

Isn’t it your time to Succeed?

Isn’t it time for you to knock it out of the park with your Marketing and your Business?

Then get tapped into these 10 Rock Solid Reasons You Need a Blog To Succeed Today.

Click Here Now and be taken to Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s to your Blogging Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

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