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Financial Literacy Lessons: What is Money

Financial Literacy Lessons: What is Money


Do you consider yourself financially literate?

Do you have problems with money?

What is Money and how is it created?

Can you answer even the most basic of important monetary questions?

What was your upbringing like with regards to money?

Are you in control of your financial destiny today?

For many people the answers to these most basic of financial literacy questions end up generating a poor score. In fact with just how important financial literacy is to our lives and how little of it is adequately provided for the average Joe, the situation borders on conspiratorial when you think about it.

Financial Literacy in College?

Why in the heck are we turning out students after 12, 14, 16, 18 years etc. who only know how to be specialized employees and have no clue about this most important subject of all? Why is financial literacy completely missing from their curriculum?

It’s downright dangerous to society, our nation, and our liberty when you think about it. A financially illiterate populace is unacceptable any way you look at it. When you stop to examine the consequences it’s.

Are You Really Financially Literate?

How many of you actually consider yourselves to be financially literate. How many of you are truly fluent when it comes to monetary policy, how money is created, and what the average person needs to know about financial policy and economics to be a financially literate portion of the voting populace?

There is much more to consider than just this when it comes to financial literacy. National concerns are one thing but how many of you actually possess the financial literacy to manage a thriving economic household? I have found the answers to these questions and others to be alarming when people truly get honest with themselves.

Do you really want an honest assessment of your own financial literacy? Do you really want a graded score of your performance?

You need look no further than the consistent results you have when it comes to money and financial concerns in your life. Do you or have you struggled when it comes to money and fiscal issues in your life?

This isn’t the only indicator of course but there is a clear connection to this education or financial literacy level and your financial performance in life. What does your financial statement have to say about your financial literacy? Have you consistently performed above average or something else?

Can You Answer the most basic Financial Literacy Questions

Can you answer the most basic questions of monetary policy, banking, and where money comes from, how it is created, and how this impacts your personal financial life and strategy? Do you understand things like inflation or hyperinflation, fiat currency, fractional lending, and historic trends with regards to economics and monetary trends?

I’m not talking about some masters’ level thesis on these subjects but just a working literate knowledge necessary to elevate yourself above the rank and file in a free nation and enable yourself to think and care for your own well-being and properly exercise the freedoms you have.

If it sounds like I am harping on some people it is because I am deeply concerned for your success and abundance in life. I am also deeply concerned for the welfare of communities, society, and the country. Without financial literacy you suffer, your family, friends, community, society, and nation are deprived of the full joy, wealth, health. and freedoms that they are entitled to.

Rise up and begin to make a change in your life and in the lives of others for the better. Did you want to become wealthy abundant and free? Then Embrace financial literacy. Watch today’s video “Money as Debt” and be sure and visit the Financial Literacy Page at Dave Schlueter for some awesome free bonuses.

Video: Money as Debt


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The American Dream – Not all is Lost Yet

This was the title of a post on a friends blog today…

You can view the original post at: The American Dream – Not all is lost yet an I recommend that you check it out.

The post deals with what happeFlagEaglend to the American Dream, what that dream is, where things are today, and a little about where we are headed.

It’s a great post and really got me thinking again about just how many people are programmed by fear, controlled by fear, and how they let it dictate their lives and destiny.

Automatic conditioned nervous system responses have completely taken over and wiped out intelligent thoughts and actions when it comes to ourselves, our lives, and the dreams we carry deep inside us.

Many people are drowning in this trap, stuck fast in the mire of what they consider to be an acceptable model for life without really evaluating the facts, the direction they are headed, and what the eventual outcomes will surely be.


  • When was the last time you really evaluated the state and health of your dreams?
  • Are you moving any closer to them or further away?
  • Do you have a plan of action to achieve the life and the dreams you desire or are you programmed and serving others at the mercy of your own fears, lack of belief, and proper success conditioning?


It reminded me of a post and video I made a while back about “MLM and how it can Destroy Corporate Injustice in peoples lives.” I think it is worth dusting it off and re-visiting that post now because it relates to this subject so perfectly.

Here’s the link:

I’m also going to add the video from Ilka’s blog post   in case for some strange reason you choose not to visit her blog.

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The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Watch “The Wrath of Financial Literacy Video” Below: you can also view this Video at: The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is something I have been devoting a lot of  attention to lately. I’ve been off line for a little while now deep in thought and working on some amazing projects, several of which include how to increase financial literacy among MLM marketers and common folks to begin strengthening families, communities, and country again.

Unless you grew up in a rich household intent on educating you and helping you maintain and grow wealth most of us got screwed when it came to financial literacy in our upbringing. It just wasn’t there or worse yet financial illiteracy was taught in the form of terrible and counterproductive financial advice.

In fact most people are programmed to fail financially. Their success blueprint when it comes to money is all messed up and many don’t even realize it. And yet this skill of financial literacy is so vitally important to life, happiness, health, freedom etc., that you’d think it would be the first thing you learned in school and at home right? But shockingly it isn’t…

Just think about it for a minute… This critical and vital skill is missing in most people’s lives or is installed in an entirely wrong fashion.

Some Examples of Financial Literacy Gone Wrong

How many times have you heard it said that the number one cause for divorce is related to money problems? That should make financial literacy pretty important then right?

How many times have you heard a story about someone with money problems who inherits or wins a windfall of money and who’s money problems only get worse because of it? It would seem obvious that more money isn’t the problem then wouldn’t it?

But it doesn’t just end there… The effects of financial illiteracy go much, much deeper…

How many times have you heard the one about the network marketer who starts his new business venture and comes into wealth quickly and easily, and then begins his new lavish lifestyle so recklessly that at the end of the year they are running from creditors and the IRS wondering how everything could have become so out of control so fast? It’s more common than you think.

So new wealth or a new business venture isn’t always the solution to people’s money problems either then is it?

How many times does some fiscally irresponsible and ignorant bureaucrat with an utter lack of financial literacy screw things up big time and leave the masses suffering for it? There are Staggering consequences to consider when you fathom the impact of financial illiteracy.

And then how many times does an unknowing public vote in another schmuck because they themselves lack financial literacy, and cannot see the very same problem being reflected in the candidate of their choice. It can be Devastating?

Financial Literacy is Missing

You won’t find it in school; you won’t hear it from your friends, most never find it at the family dinner table, at their job, or in their Spouse, etc. And yet financial literacy is single handedly one of the most important subjects of your entire life.

Something is fishy about the whole affair don’t you think? Does anyone else smell a rat here?

A lack of financial literacy won’t just destroy your family and put a damper on your weekend plans, it will destroy your business, your friends, your community, your society, and your country. It will put total control into the hands of the few who are financially literate and who struggle to control that information who endeavor to control all the money and all the wealth.

We all have a need to do something about our financial literacy today. Check out the Financial Literacy Page on this website and get plugged in. You might find you are not as literate as you thought. View the opening video on the page and opt in for three brain dead simple bonuses you can start applying to your life right now to improve your financial destiny.



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More Reasons to Get Free Silver Today!

I was just surfing around on Twitter and YouTube and found this cool little video… It’s just one more testimony as to why you should be looking at getting your hands on silver today. And of course there is no better silver than FREE SILVER and having a look at an opportunity that promotes the collection and preservation of wealth with this fantastic wealth vehicle.

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Free Silver


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Increasing Financial Literacy

Money as Debt

Let’s think for a minute about everything that Best Selling Author, Financial Educator, and Multi-Multi-Rich Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has to say about Financial Literacy and just let it sink in for a minute (you do know Robert don’t you?).

How many of you really understand and have been taught Financial Literacy, what money is, or how it is created? How many of you consider your self to possess financial literacy? What is Your Financial IQ?

It seems to me that Financial Literacy should be of paramount importance in an educated society, and yet how many people do you know and hang out with who can adequately answer the most important elementary Financial questions? How many do you know who would even know what those financial literacy questions should be. For most people the answer will be not many, and it is likely reflected in the financial lives they lead, and in their current state of financial affairs.

Remember don’t shoot the financial literacy messenger…

Hey Friends
Hey Friends

I love you guys but like I’ve said I’m trying to wake some people up and to do that you have to shake people a little. I understand financial literacy can be a very touchy subject. I’m just calling it like it is and like Robert is. I’m just being real with you, and the reality is that most people have no financial literacy, and they are suffering for it.

So let’s take a little more time out of our precious lives and let’s get some answers about where money comes from, how it is created, and how it powers an economy.

Let’s take a little time out of our busy lives and cultivate one of the most important life skills “Financial Literacy.”

Get More Financial Literacy Training and Information:

Financial Literacy Training Page



Money as Debt…


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We’re giving away FREE SILVER!!!


Free Silver Giveaway

That’s right we are giving away free silver and you’ll want to find out how to get your hands on some. In fact all through the month of December you’ll have 2 great chances a day of getting your hands on some.

And this isn’t just any free silver… this free silver is perfect, it’s beautiful, it’s collectible and it is valuable.

Everyone these days especially in light of our current economic turmoil needs to be adding more assets to their lives. The problem is most can’t afford to.

Learn more about Financial Literacy on the Financial Literacy Page

Real Estate is a bargain right now and yet many can not afford to touch that market when need to most. In fact the middle class as a whole has lost more than a third of their wealth in this post 2008 economy and it isn’t looking any brighter.

The Federal Reserve has it’s finger on the printing press with no stopping in sight, and the devaluation of the dollar has never been so great. In fact it looks as if they may destroy the currency totally the way they are headed. It’s economic insanity, the experts realize it, and it is why they recommend preparing for the worst right now (You really should check out the Financial Literacy Page here on this site…).

Everyone knows the best way to hedge against the devaluation of the paper currency is to put your money in tangible assets that hold their value, and traditionally that has been in Gold and Precious Metals.

Gold is still a great investment in fact the price of gold and silver has been being artificially suppressed most experts agree, and there couldn’t be a better precious metal asset than free silver. In fact top financial experts say silver (especially FREE SILVER right?) is a much better investment than Gold. Check out the Financial Literacy Page on this website and see what experts like Robert Kiyosaki have to say about this.

Free Silver is just Free Silver and it is just….well… Better.

So if you’d like to have a look at how you can have 2 chances a day at some FREE SILVER and if you would like to find out how you could be getting FREE SILVER each and every month then you are really going to want to check this out.

Most financial experts I consult with tend to agree the economy is on it’s last leg, the currency is crashing, there is no clear solution in sight and what people need to be doing is getting educated and positioning themselves appropriately for what is coming.

Learning about precious metals and how to put some assets and Free Silver into your hands is just a smart move anyway you look at it. So go ahead and checkout today’s link to FREE SILVER and be sure and check out the Financial Literacy Page and sign up for some free training today on this website.


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Food for Thought for Patriots and Lovers of Freedom

Today’s videos are just some food for thought… It’s time to wake up America!


It is truly almost frightening to post this in today’s environment…



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Illegal Manipulation of Gold and Silver Markets and How to Profit

What’s really up with Gold and Silver and the US Dollar


Have you ever wondered what’s really up with Gold and Silver, why there is such a recent demand, and why you can’t seem to look anywhere lately without hearing about these issues or seeing some advertisement to buy your physical gold from you?

Let’s all develop our financial IQ a little further and learn the truth and how to take advantage in today’s economy.

Watch today’s video’s then we’ll talk about a fantastic opportunity to profit from this powerful information.

This is exactly what the founding fathers feared…



Take back your freedom… Financial education should be the first requirement for a free people, not something excluded from our education system. Let’s get some financial news that should be of particular interest to anyone concerned with the truth in these matters and what the future holds…



Don’t take my word for it listen to the experts.

The price of Gold and Silver is being illegally manipulated.

These are some things you need to know about this opportunity, who is behind them, and what you need to do to profit.



Would you like to look at an opportunity to profit in Silver and Gold and help others to do the same? Check out the following link now:

“Opportunity in Gold and Silver”


If you are interested in certified Bullion and Collectible certified Gold and Silver use this link now:

“Buy Gold and Silver”


If you Enjoyed this Financial Literacy Training Post Check Out the Other Related Financial Literacy Articles and Videos on the:

“Financial Literacy Page”

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Calling Red Blooded American Patriots

Financial Literacy and Personal Responsibility


Financial Literacy PatriotFinancial Literacy… I’ve been saying it for a while now… In fact I’ve dedicated a whole hub type resource page filled with videos and articles about it… If you haven’t taken me seriously on this subject of financial literacy so far, now maybe after today’s video you will at last.


Sanford Botkin is awesome and so are his products. In fact I use to market materials specifically for network marketers to take full advantage of the tax laws designed to serve home based businesses.


Sanford Botkin was the author of those materials and they absolutely rocked. In fact owning a home based business is one of the best wealth preservation and generation techniques in existence.


Financial literacy is a huge and super important facet of our lives especially in our current radical economic environment. It’s really never been more important than it is today.


If you don’t have a plan B today you are in my opinion and in the opinion of some really rich, successful, and super smart multi-multi-millionaires, going to be in real trouble if you are not already then very soon. Go to the Financial Literacy Resource Page Now: “Financial Literacy”


Get Financial Literacy Training Today


Check out the “Financial Literacy” page on this website today if you haven’t already done so, and also be sure to watch today’s powerful video on all the advantages of a home based business and why you’ll never be rich working your life away for someone else. In fact sometimes as you will see, it is fruitless and stupid to even get a second job because you’ll only wind up worse off than before you started.


There has to be something else, there has to be a better way…

Everything has Changed and if you’re still playing with the “Old Rule Book” you’re going to get Wiped Out…


There are some great lessons in financial literacy located on this resource page be sure and check them out, and if you opt into the web-form on this page and move closer to my inner training circle, I’m going to share with you some secret resources that will tap you into the “black box” type investor strategies, knowledge, and systems of the ultra rich once you are on the inside.


Watch today’s video segment, visit the “Financial Literacy” page, start taking more responsibility for yourself and your financial future today and start behaving more like a true red blooded American Patriot for a change.


If you haven’t found a home based business for yourself that has zero downside then check out today’s link:

“Financial Literacy Bus. Op.”

$Learn to Create Your Own Economy Independent of the Current Economic Trend

  • Get Immediate Access to the Bonus Report 3 Brain Dead Easy things you can start doing today to Massively Change Your Financial Destiny
  • No longer worry about getting financially wiped out by all the economic uncertainty going around AND PROSPER INSTEAD.
  • Learn New Info, Systems, and Strategies to get yourself out of debt and no longer remain in bondage to it.
  • Learn Systems and Strategies to avoidcostly financial mistakes that jeopardize you and your family’s future.
  • Avoid being a slave to money and a lousy job where you are under appreciated and under paid for the rest of your life.

Create Financial Independence and Freedom By Learning and Employing a Proven Financial System for Independence.

“Financial Literacy Page”

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Bernanke to Congress: We’re Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think

Official Congressional budget estimates understate the peril of rising debt, Fed chair Ben Bernanke told the Budget Committee on Capitol Hill today.


Warning that our nation’s fiscal health has deteriorated appreciably since the onset of the financial crisis and the recession, Bernanke called upon lawmakers to confront the long term fiscal challenges sooner rather than later. If lawmakers don’t confront them, they’ll find themselves confronted by them.


From Bernanke’s prepared remarks:

By definition, the unsustainable trajectories of deficits and debt that the CBO outlines cannot actually happen, because creditors would never be willing to lend to a government with debt, relative to national income, that is rising without limit…


Read more of the source article at


Might be time to seriously consider a “Plan B”

…and if you haven’t already done so its time for you to visit the “Financial Literacy” resource page.

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Personal Financial Literacy and MLM Success

If you’ve trained with me or if you are on my mailing list then you quickly understand my stance on Personal Financial Literacy. I’m passionate about it and I believe strongly that you can have tons of money and never solve your money troubles, learn to be financially independent, or truly successful and abundant in life without it.

I am not going to go into all the reasons I absolutely believe this to be true. I have demonstrated this fact already in my articles and seminars many times. But the truth is you can’t. More money only makes you more of what you already are. So if you have money trouble already… then you guessed it… you’ll only have bigger money problems when you hit the big time in MLM.

Unfortunately, you hear about it all the time. Listen to me and just let me coach you for a minute. MLM is one of those rare opportunities you find in life where wealth can be generated by average people in extraordinarily short periods of time. When this happens the newly rich often find themselves in terrible amounts of trouble.

For many it is because they have failed to prepare adequately for the tax consequences. It happens all the time. People start bringing in these huge sums of money that they have never had before and they go a little crazy with it like a kid turned loose in a candy store and it ends up making them sick. Really it’s the same kind of scenario; they just don’t seem to have the self-control, the maturity, and the training and information necessary to make the right kind of decisions.

It’s set to fail from the start. Get them all jacked up on sugar (new money) and they spin out of control like monkeys in a barrel.

To be rich and abundant in life, to taste the lasting fruits of success and abundance, and to leave a legacy that stands for something amazing, takes right training, right discipline, the right systems, tools and information. It’s just like what it takes to succeed in MLM.

It’s one of the reasons why I am so excited to be rolling out (as one of our new changes) the Personal Financial Literacy resource page. I wanted to create a killer one stop resource for the best critical information on the subject.

I don’t mean that boring B.S. they’ve been feeding to people for years that is rapidly destroying the middle class and turning us into a nation of have’s and the have not’s. I mean the type of information that makes a real difference in people’s lives, shines a light on the lies, and brings intelligence to the subject of personal financial literacy.  

This isn’t the stuff that was talked about around the table in my house. I doubt it was in yours either. The information I am bringing to you is from the best financial minds and Guru’s out there. In fact previously I reserved this information for members of my inner circle only and those on my personal mailing list.

But all that is about to change as I roll out the Personal Financial Literacy Page at and make this information available to everyone who visits this site. It’s my way of letting you know how serious I am about this subject and getting you on the right track to an abundant financial future.

So keep your eyes peeled to this blog over the next several weeks as we continue to roll out a flood of new effective changes to help serve everyone better.  

Come and indulge in greater Personal Financial Literacy at and be sure to leave a comment tell us what you think and be sure and spread the wealth.

The Need for a Financial Plan B

You know it isn’t too hard these days if you just look around and open your mind to seek the truth instead of the bull you hear every day, to become aware of the fact that the whole economic system worldwide is in some deep and serious trouble and you need to have a financial plan B.

Most people refuse to believe the truth and instead hear what they want to hear hoping it will all turn out fine in the end. Nothing could be further from the truth for those unwilling to be proactive in deciding their own destinies.



In fact it is why I have been pushing for financial literacy and out of the box type solutions for the readers of my newsletter, and my team members. You have that option today as well.

You have got to get outside the box and embrace some new thinking attitudes and strategies if you are going to come through this time of change safely and profitably.

In fact more new millionaires were created during the last Great Depression than any other time in our history. And this was happening while the people who were not in “the know” were diving out of buildings. To be in the know you need to have a solid financial plan B.

After all, the Titanic was a very large “box full of people” claiming to be “unsinkable” and yet it lays entombed in its watery grave at the bottom of the Atlantic to this very day. They had life boats (a plan B) but it was a bad plan B and so the results did not turn out very well.

So what’s my point? Don’t go down with the ship! Develop your financial plan B today. If you haven’t noticed we’re taking on water! So it’s time to get in the know!

Watch today’s important video message and then go check out some out of the box financial Plan B type solutions. Sign up on the web form on this page and I’ll get you hooked up. You can sign up here on this page or by visiting the link below and opting in for the video training.



For Some Killer Information and a Financial Plan B Go to:  Get Plan B

How Money is Made / Created

How Money is Created or Made…

Now there’s an interesting notion… Have you ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s books? Robert talks about his Rich Dad, and his Poor Dad, and he contrasts them in his stories and the lessons he learned from both of them growing up.

His Poor Dad (head of education in Hawaii) always said: “ Go to school get good grades and a good education so you can find a good safe secure good paying job. That’s the Smart thing to do…”

His Rich Dad said always said: “Start a business and learn to be rich. That’s the smart thing to do.”

Rich Dad also said that: The poor work for wages and the Rich learn to Make money or Create it…

Watch today’s Video and Get the story of How Money is Created.



For another take on How to Create Money…


If after watching this video you would like to learn how a once homeless Van Man changed the world with his vision of paying out nearly $200Million Dollars in 100% commissions and turned the internet marketing world upside down… Click Here Now!


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 Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

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New Rules of Money Lessons 1 & 2

Hey there everybody welcome to the new rules of money

Welcome to today’s training…

You are about to develop skills and abilities
that sadly 95% of the rest of society either
has no idea even exists yet or they have failed
to acquire as a result of ignorance, arrogance,
or outright lazieness.

Lets dig in to the new rules of money

*** The MAIN Reasons Most People FAIL ***


Most people worry about finances and believe that finances alone is the solution to their problems. If they only had more money all would be bliss…

But is that really true?

Unfortunately more money usually only brings most people greater money problems. Sad but true..

If money really was the solution then wouldn’t all lottery winners be better off in 7 years then before they hit the jackpot? Then why is this statistically not the case? It’s because they do not understand the new rules of money

Wouldn’t recipients of great inheritances always end up better off? Then why is this also not the case?

So what is the problem with money then? There isn’t really… It’s more a problem with peoples financial intelligence and success programing that becomes the problems in people’s lives.

So today we are going to begin to tackle some of the issues about financial intelligence and I am going to introduce you to one of my mentors on this subject and let him give you a couple of lessons, the first of many on the subject of financial intelligence. A little later we’ll get to systems and trainings on business and success but for today we are going to address financial intelligence and get people up to speed on this subject so we can get to deeper training later on in this series…

So go and check out todays training about money and find out why what people have been telling you most of your life is all horse crap. Find out what the new rules of money are and how the rich use them to get richer and how you’d better adapt them too if you’re going to have any shot at all of attaining financial successs and freedom in your life…

Check out today’s video’s right now…

 New Rules of Money Lesson 1 



New Rules of Money Lesson 2


To Your Success and Abundance,

Dave Schlueter

Learn to Increase Your Financial Literacy Today… Visit the Financial Literacy Page

Understanding Inflation and Why to Buy Silver?

Transfer Paper Dollars into Tangible Assets:

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Awakening the Good Samaritan

It is never a mistake to learn how to be more successful, wealthier, or more fulfilled. It is never a mistake to learn how to be happier in your relationships and in your life. And it is never a mistake to learn how to have a better relationship with your GOD, higher power, or whatever force, inspiration, or power it is that leads, guides, and inspires you toward worthy and life enriching intention.

Are you familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan? We will use it here to depict our point:

A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead.  A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side.  So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side.  But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him.  He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him.  The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

“Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?

The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”

Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

The Good Samaritan was a good Samaritan because of the resources he had to offer in conjunction with the good intention within him that directed his charity and good-samaritanempathy toward his fellow man. Without the resources of capital to provide for the person in need, the Samaritan is still good, but he is left largely unable to care for the needs of his neighbor. Intention alone is not sufficient.

As Wayne Dyer says, and I’m paraphrasing You simply can’t be poor enough to make someone else rich, and you can’t be sick enough to make someone else well.” If we seek to change things in the world, I am reminded of the words of Gandhi “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Believe me, if you think money is the root of all evil then I guarantee you haven’t spent much time in a poor neighborhood. Love of money may be the root of all evil, but money itself is not evil or good but simply a tool.

Money is neutral. It can be used to benefit or to harm; it depends on the hands of the person it’s in. Money doesn’t care either way. Given this truth, then my question for you is this “whose hands do you prefer the abundance of wealth to be in?”

money mountainsBut where will this wealth come from? There’s no sense re-inventing the wheel when there are already so many good tires to choose from. You’ll need to decide which of the wealth vehicles suits you personally and outfit yourself accordingly with the tire or tires of your choice.

Decide which provides best for your unique personal needs and then pursue it with passion. As it should be obvious we have chosen Network Marketing as our vehicle of choice and built our team in a particular fashion for a reason.

There are ways to make the most of each of the money roads, and to make the most of yourself along the way. To do this we refer to the road maps. We refer to these as systems and they may include tools as part of the plan designed for you to generate the greatest results possible, with the least amount of trouble, in as short a time as possible.

You must prepare yourself accordingly for success. Success doesn’t just fall in your lap because you read the map! You need to follow the system as directed.

You’ll need to take consistent action and continually monitor your progress and performance along the way. Are you on track? Are you following through regularly with the plan? How is it working? Good, bad, up, down, or otherwise? Are you off course or on course? Given your results, you may need to modify and make adjustments to the plan accordingly as you live, learn, and grow.

Capitalize on the experience and know-how of those who have gone before you and successfully plotted the route that you must follow.

Be yourself and develop your individual personality, but when it comes to the road of success, don’t veer too far from the tried and true path. Do this and dave mmmmsave yourself years of trial and error, feigned victory and devastating defeat.

Persevere, until you fulfill your plan, and attain the desired results. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Be smart. Pick a proven system. Pick a solid team. Build a solid foundation for success. The wealth of experience and frustration saving strategies you’ll find are more than worth the expense, effort, and capital, you may exhaust in finding them. This will pay handsome dividends for you in the end.

It seems simple enough to understand and yet it is amazing how many people will suffer needlessly because they will not invest in themselves to a sufficient enough degree to attain the training necessary for their own success.

People will invest thousands of dollars and spend years of their time attaining a college education so they can “get a good job.” But the very same people remain reluctant, doubting and often unwilling to invest the time effort or capital necessary to insure their own financial success.

A good job is neither a guarantee nor a contractual agreement that assures you success in life. For most a JOB stands just over broke.

People often won’t put down the three to five thousand required for a training session that has been specifically designed for their personal success and financial needs. A three day seminar is just too much time to afford they claim, but the ten years of schooling and the inherent student debt necessary to become a doctor these days makes perfect sense to them. Go figure!

Make no mistake about it; you will reward yourself tremendously by investing in the specific strategies needed to win playing the game of life. Paying heed to this simple yet vital suggestion and applying it to your own personal destiny will serve you well on the road to great achievement.

If you want to know how to develop a state of mind, and way of living that will attract success and abundance into your life, then you have stumbled upon a landmark opportunity.

If you need to change your mind from failure conscious to success consciousness and bust out of your old self negating routines, then you are in the right place. And if you would like to know how to convert your ideas into success and to co-create the life that you desire, then get ready to celebrate.

This is the vision and hope I have for you as we move forward together on your journey toward success.

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