Catching the Web 3.0 Wave with Blog Optimization

Today was another day of blog optimization, organizing and restructuring behind the dashboard of WordPress as I continue to roll out new changes to the site intended to make it more user friendly, organized, SEO optimized, and interactive as well.optimize your blog

It’s not all madness there actually is a sound and solid game plan behind this restructuring. It’s called blog optimization.I only wish I had come to these revelations from the SEO Masters earlier in my blog career before the vaults of my blog-site were filling with content.

The basic idea as I have laid it out ever so vaguely before you is to create a blog that captures your reader, grabs onto them and gets them to interact with your content. You want them to stay a while and get to know you and what you are all about.

It seems to take people several exposures before a person is likely to take action and opt in to your list for further information, juicy bonuses, or even a free training.

Most people don’t just see your content and immediately jump in. They have to be conditioned a little first, and the only way that can happen is if they interact with your content. That task requires blog optimization.


It Takes 5-7 Exposures…

BloggingThe same is true with the sales process and experts will tell you it takes an average of 5 -7 exposures before a person usually takes action and purchases from you. It’s the reason why TV advertisers continually bombard us with the same messages over and over and over, they know it is the only way they have a chance to convert on a sale.

In my opinion it makes commercial TV as unwatchable as it is annoying, and I am in no way advocating that you do this with your prospects or the visitors to your website.

What you do want to do is make the experience interactive, helpful, and fun (optimized). You need to provide them with the content they want and easy in their face access to the other content, features, sharing tools, etc. that they may not even know they want yet, and then encourage them to take action.

What I advocate is you taking the time to realize that if a person is reading an article on your site you should have links at their disposal to other related articles on the topic of interest right there for them at their fingertips to use when they finish with the first article or video. For that matter you should have links in the article to other pertinent areas of interest within the article as well.

You need to be a little better and a little different if you want to be noticed and stand out in the crowd on line. Not only that but you need to prepare for the future now before the wave arrives. In other words you’d better be paddling before it gets here if you want to catch it. Blog optimization is only one way to get started.


Predict Your Users Next Move…

Predict ahead of time what would be of natural interest next and provide it for your user. You want to get your visitors in a loop that ends up exposing them to as much psychic-predictionscontent and value as you can for their targeted interests. You also have to find ways to get them to interact socially with all the web 2.0 gizmo’s at your disposal.

In fact you need to devise ways to encourage those kinds of web 2.0 interactions not only for their viral impact potential but also because Google has its little fingers in all these variables spying on what happens across the web next. What that means for you is the more interaction the better. If you think web 2.0 is interactive just wait till 3.0 arrives.

You should always be thinking of these things as you build a site or expand on your existing site. Hopefully you get to it before you have hundreds of entries to restructure, interlink, and optimize. Just a word for the wise. Blog optimization is the wave of the future.

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