Why Success is often about More than You Think at First

Why Success is often about More than You Think at First


Today’s post is a guest editorial by my good friend Joeseph A. Nunn, that illustrates well a point that I want to make today. That point is that success is often about more than most people think it is. A lot of education falls short of the complete and holistic recipe or equation necessary to produce the desired result that people refer to as success.

So I thought I would dig this one out dust it off again and present it as a part of today’ training.



The Six Pillars of Success:


1. Spirituality


3. Relationships

4. Finances\Career

5. Excitement\Stimulation- fun hobbies games

6. Environment- outside influences


“Not long ago I had the pleasure of a one on one mentoring session with success expert David Schlueter. We discussed his six pillars of success, the need for balance and a holistic approach to living happy joyous and free.”


“What’s this happy joyous and free nonsense?” “Show me how to get the cash, stop being so stressed-out about my life, and I’ll take care of those kinds of things for myself.”


How did finance – i.e. money – get all the way down to number 4 on this list?


If those are your concerns let me address them. At the risk of being blunt – you’re missing the important point!


To illustrate I’ll need to present you with a few questions of my own.


  1. Is it money and lack of stress in your life that you want, or is it the things money and a lack of stress and ill health can buy you?


Isn’t it…The fine dining experiences, the vacations with family, extravagant parties for your friends, a sense of ease and comfort in the big house, the sense of accomplishment in the new car, the reward of leisure and time, etc.


  1. Are these not the things (emotional states) you’re really after?
  2. And why do you want these things?

Perhaps you think they will make you happy, joyous, and free?

Let me pass on to you some of the best financial advice I was ever given.


  1. Think of happiness joy and freedom as just some of the intangible assets or accounts that truly define success.


And whatever you do, do not wait until the big bucks start rolling in before you see to it that these intangible assets of the heart begin to enjoy an increase.


Invest in your emotional success first: Make it a priority.

The effort to improve one’s physical health is at least a third of any authentic success formula worthy of its name.


Failure to be active and hopeful in the pursuit of your physical health is to sabotage any shot you have at real happiness or Success.


To put money first (ahead of health or spirit), is to put the cart before the horse, making your chances at real success slim to none.


We’ve all seen those bank vaults in the movies and children’s cartoons filled with bundles of cash or gold coins deep enough to swim in. Would you want to stay there very long just playing in all that treasure?


If you said more than ten minutes it’s time to get your head checked for lumps. Speaking strictly for myself, I’m going to convert that heap into a checkbook, a few credit cards, ATM access, and then I’m going to go do some shopping!


So let me ask you this… with all this attained wealth, are you going to buy the big mansion on the hill with all the trimmings, or the crack house in the ghetto?




Let me take a few seconds here and read your mind. Aha!! I knew it! You said the mansion didn’t you!




Because it feels better that’s why. It fulfills you emotionally. You would have said yes to the Bahamas if I had asked you too wouldn’t you.




Because it feels better that’s why. It feeds your emotional wants.


Money in and of itself is just a piece of paper with ink on it. What you do with it and how that makes you feel – that’s what really matters.


Do not get me wrong I’m a big fan of the first part of success pillar # 4 (finances/career). I like the first part especially. Good old cash!


But when my health has gone to hell in a hand basket (as it has in the past) I don’t feel much like exerting myself much to enjoy these pleasures, let alone set out on a course of action to attain them.


Instead the couch puts a tractor beam on my ass and it’s all over. I am utterly destitute and miserable beyond compare. In this state of ill health, the money, the goals, the hopes and dreams really don’t mean much.


To accomplish anything worthwhile in life you must set your mind to it with faith hope and courage. (Spirituality) Then you must literally find the strength to take action (health) only then can one reap the benefits, (friends, family, free time, healthy emotions, etc.) and the money to be an asset in the world instead of a drain upon it.


So if spirituality is number one on the list and health is number two, finance is only half of number four. Hmmm…


Let me take a brief moment to go over number one. How many happy joyous and free people do you know that would willingly destroy themselves or allow conditions in their lives to exist that might seriously harm or impede them? This includes your health and what you are doing about it right now.




How happy joyous and free can you be if you’re sick, tired, and stressed out all the time?

Can you truly ever become happy, joyous, and free, if these are the regular elements of your existence? 

Not hardly. I should know I’ve tried it.

From my mid-twenties to my late thirties I was overweight. At 36 I topped at 336 pounds. My proper weight is around 245. I smoked. I drank like a fish. Sugar for me was a major food group. My recreation tended to be focused around things that involved sitting on my ass.

High blood pressure frightened me into dropping my weight down to around 312 over a period of roughly five months. My health problems complicated by stress turned into medical problems I could ill afford.

During those five months I became deathly sickened. Years of bad nutrition, stress, and poor health priority brought case after case of respiratory problems. I attempted to overcome these with the abuse of antibiotics. Two and a half months into a horrendous infection that plagued my ears sinuses and throat, the pill the doctors gave me stopped working.

A lack of health insurance, complicated by the need for blood pressure medicine, doctors’ fees, and one expensive regimen of anti-biotic after another led to a day of decision… go to the doctors or pay rent.

I paid the rent and went to bed. I stayed there for three weeks only getting up to use the bathroom or make soup. Things turned for the worst towards the end of the first week I literally thought I was going to die, and it gripped with a gut wrenching fear that caused me to cry unrestrained and unrelentingly. Reality crashed in on me. What a pointless wasted empty life I had led. What a wasted pathetic miserable end.

I know now that my immune system had reached an all-time low, and it was truly on the edge of giving out. On top of that, the fear and stress being created in my mind and life had been weakening my immune system even further. This only complicated the syndrome.

In my tears and desperation I prayed to God to save me from my self-inflicted fate. I prayed and I prayed, and as I did the prayer changed. Peace and serenity came over me. Consequently I became a student of success and health principles, and have learned to apply them as the habits of my daily life, never again to return to the deathbed of wailing and despair that had become my defining turning point.

I take my health and my success seriously today, and it is my hope that none of you shall ever have to stray as far down the path of unhealthy success and health habits as I did to reach your defining moment and decision. That decision is whether or not you will begin today to take these issues seriously, and begin to take appropriate action where your health and success is concerned.


Don’t waste any more time… order some serious success training

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