Your Energy and the MLM Success Equation

Do you know people who can clear a room with the energy and the spirit they present to the world? In like fashion have you met others whose spiritual countenance seems to light up a room or even people’s lives when they enter into the environment? Have you experienced the warmth safety and peace that is sensed in a loving and respectful home versus the feeling you get when entering a home where abuse, neglect, and tragedy is common. The contrast between these examples and what one experiences is dramatic indeed.

This energy, spirit, or force that is radiated from within us is connected with our beliefs, connected to our self-views and to our imagination. It somehow becomes infused into our surroundings and it affects the life, spirit and matter around us continually through a dynamic exchange that we call the web of life. What we present, whether it is loving or hateful, positive or negative ends up impacting life and environments. It’s simply unavoidable.

Each of us donates to the environment around us our own unique spiritual and energetic influence. Even a small energy input such as that of a pebble being dropped into a still pond can have far reaching effects as witness by the ripples it generates. It is no different when we evaluate the affects we contribute to others, the future, environments, and the life around us.

Consequently we end up affecting what is presently around us and even that which is yet to come. We may present our darkness or light, our wisdom or ignorance, our shame or respect, etc. depending upon the channel that we are representing. In this way we have far reaching effects upon many people and a surprising effect upon the world which we are influencing and helping to co-create.

The thoughts you cultivate and the decisions, actions, and feelings you generate affect the symphony of life. It affects your business, the results you get, the influence you have upon others to sponsor, build and lead a team, make sales, etc. You are not an island to yourself. You are a contributor and you help manifest results with the influence you radiate toward life. You are connected to the whole whether you choose to accept this reality or not.

So we have discovered that when we self-sabotage, limit ourselves unnecessarily through our beliefs and actions, indulge in undue self-negativity or beliefs of lack and despair, etc. etc., we rob not only ourselves of the abundance we are entitled to, but we also effect all those who partake of the environments we help to create. So much more than just ourselves becomes affected. It doesn’t matter that we try and hide it; we end up spreading this thought and belief cancer to the world as a result.

So I ask you this…if you are trying to recruit and build a successful MLM business organization and life, do you think you will have much success at all if you harbor any of these character defects? Personal growth and success skills are an absolute requirement for success in this industry not only for you but for the members of the team that you are building as well. This rule is paramount.

There are many lives that will not be brightened, blessed, impacted, or changed for the better, due to abject spiritual and belief poverty no doubt. This being the case it is tragic because we all have good gifts to offer as co-creators of our environment and our world.

We possess abilities and gifts that are meant to contribute to the whole of life. No matter how hidden, underdeveloped, or malnourished they may be at present, these gifts are there within each healthy person. They are there and should be cultivated and encouraged to grow. We have a unique opportunity as leaders in this industry to do exactly that. We can have far reaching influence and impact.

These gifts may be as simple as your love and the example you present in life, or as complex as a new contribution to the world in the form of new technology, new ways of looking at things, or new thinking, or in building and mentoring a successful MLM business team and helping them to be the best people that they can be in life.

Small contributions as insignificant as they may seem, can end up building momentum and change the world as a result. This isn’t intended to be a philosophy lesson or one in metaphysics but it is intended to get you thinking outside the box and enlarging your horizons of thought. Leave the small minded crap at the door. MLM and Success is for big thinkers.

There have been many big thinkers and significant contributions to life in the last century alone. People who existed outside the box of what others believed was possible. To name but a few: Gandhi, the Wright Brothers, Mother Theresa, Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, etc, etc. These people lived with purpose, conviction, and direction. They changed the world we live in with their own unique energy, spirit, and contributions to life.

They emanated energy, belief, vision, and a force that changed and effected people and the environments we live in. All that these people created ultimately started from within them. From the birthing ground of spirit, imagination, expression, and belief- this energy took form and became part of life, part of our reality. Through their living expressions they effected (co-created) the world we live in, and they did it in too many ways to quantify.

These creators did not allow limiting beliefs or nagging self-images of doubt to derail their personal visions and desires. They tamed and mastered these elements of self first, then they lived to express as best they could the “Compelling Reasons Why” within them, and they did so boldly.

Master yourself and master the fundamentals of MLM and then give that gift to others. Duplicate it in your organization, become a leader with a servants heart and you will master the MLM Success Equation and realize massive abundance in this industry and life.

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