Updated… The Need for Proper Systems for Online Success

keys-to-successI’ve been talking to a lot of marketers online lately who are just starving for the keys that will unlock the door to success for them online and in their businesses. People who have joined opportunities and who are hungry for information to help them become successful online.

Too many of them never find it.  They famish, lost in the success wastelands, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and drop out. They never receive the nourishment they need to succeed.

Few new marketers coming online realize the commitment, strategy, systems and leverage it is going to take to make a splash in the market, get noticed and start earning those highly coveted sales and commissions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Most of them fall for the amazing success stories and powerful marketing magic of heavy hitting marketers and recruiters, and they fail to understand the bigger picture of what it will take to succeed online.

So am I being cynical then… am I crying foul and finger banging the “Online Scam” button..?


No…not at all…I’m just saying that you have to have the proper tools, training, systems, leadership, and leverage to succeed online, and that a lot of people out there recruiting only know how to recruit, and they are not providing the complete package necessary to duplicate success online.

Yes… you can create abundant cash flow through a program of continual heavy hitting recruitment andrecruiters marketing, one that continually replenishes the drop out rate (attrition) in your team with new recruits that stay for 90 days, fail, drop out, move on, bad mouth the industry (and many do) but I don’t consider that type of business ethical, successful, or desirable.

I don’t want to hear that B.S. excuse that it is just a reality of the industry either. That’s Horse Crap! Strap your boots on, pull your pants up and learn to be a leader and train people to truly succeed. Anything less then that is less than ethical in my opinion.

MLM without duplication is a bad business model, and by duplication I mean creating successful, ethical, and residual income and success in this industry. Not gigantic turnover month after month replaced by more heavy hitting recruitment.

If all you do is recruit and never teach people to succeed at anything but recruiting then you deserve the it’s a “PYRAMID SCHEME” objections.

It’s more difficult to be a Real Leader. A Person of Integrity with a Character who encourages, steve jobstrains, sacrifices, and dedicates themselves to the nurturing and success of others. But it is essential to the success and health of the MLM and Online Marketing Industry.

In fact “True Leadership” and Ethical Integrity are in such short supply in the market place that when you do begin to display it you will be in demand. People will gravitate to you and follow you.

That’s why today I am dusting off and Updating a previous Post and why I want you to check it out…


Check out this post… Let me know what you think… Opt in for some inner circle training on this website…

Demonstrate some Integrity and True Leadership in your Business today and Invest in a more Profitable Future.

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