The Incredible Power of Focus

How we use our focus determines largely not only how we feel, but also how successful, and wealthy we will become in our lives.

Focus truly effects all aspects of our being. It filters our reality, and effects our happiness, joy, peace, and abundance. These habits of focus that we regularly feed from, have the power to make or break a life.

Thoughts are Things!

Napoleon Hill said “Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.” They must be mastered if we are to reach high levels of success, wealth, abundance, joy, and happiness.

It’s this aspect of thought, over which we have the greatest potential for control.

Little else in life responds as well as our own thoughts do when subjected to the direction of the will. Above all things in life, God seems to have given us the greatest amount of power when it comes to the right to choose our own thinking.

So by all means use that power, and train yourself to choose good and healthy thought habits. Your success and happiness depend on it.

As a matter of fact you are where you are at in life today, and who you are today, because of your habits of thought. Possibly you should give this some consideration. It might be well for you to decide what these statements mean to you personally.


Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life


To be successful in life you must focus your thoughts and attention on things that will empower, and motivate you.

They must help you to feel great about yourself, and drive you forward passionately toward your goals. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but you must condition yourself to eliminate focusing and thinking about things that dis-empower you, cause you to feel less than, and that de-rail your progress and productivity.

These things do not help and only posses power to harm you. A short constructive reprimand when called for is a positive event. Self-loathing, pity, condemnation, and negative thinking is not.

There is great power in this. If you focus on cant’s you won’t. If you focus on can’s you will. As I have heard Wayne Dyer put it “What you focus on in life tends to expand.”


Shifting Your Focus

But just how do you accomplish a shift in focus? That’s where self-talk comes in. You must become aware of the self-talk you are using on a consistent basis. The things you say to yourself, and especially the questions you mentally ask are extremely important.

Questions like: “Why can’t I get it together?” will send your brain scrambling, searching the memory vaults, gathering data and experiences to put together a plausible answer.

Your question has essentially given your brain an order (a directive), and it’s going to follow through to the best of its ability and not let you down if possible. It’s going to do it’s best and provide you with an answer.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you can get it together or not. You didn’t ask your brain for that response. You gave your brain specific instructions to show you how you can’t, and it’s going to do it’s very best to show you. Reality in the matter makes no difference.

Your brain will perform the task expertly, and provide an answer that seems justified, relevant, and real to you.

You are left completely dis-empowered and feeling like crap as a result of poor questioning and bad focus. As a matter of fact you may convince yourself that it’s hopeless regardless of what the truth may be. Why even try? Right? The brain has already showed you just how and why it won’t work. You’re convinced, and so you behave and react accordingly. It becomes your reality. Your destiny. Your truth. Your self-fulfilling prophecy. Your path.

But wait. Hold on a minute. What if you ask your brain to show you how you can get it together? And what if you really expect to get an answer?

What would happen if you took this a little further and asked yourself repeatedly, often, and with strong expectation and emotion? Do you think you will get a strong response? Maybe even one that works? Do you think you will get positive results from this kind of questioning?

You bet you will! The brain will perform this duty flawlessly and deliver. So which reality do you desire?


The Most Powerful Bio-Computer on the Planet

How will you choose to use the most powerful bio-computer on the planet? How will you decide to use the power of questioning, self-talk, and focus in your life. Again your answers largely determine the results you will get.

The power of your brain is absolutely amazing. It will show you the way just as strongly no matter which way you choose to apply it. And what’s even more amazing is the answer will be correct and entirely usable. You can depend on it.

When you link this tool, and the will and purpose of your Creator together, miraculous things are known to manifest. It’s up to you to decide how you will direct this amazing power, this gift, and tool you have been provided with.

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This article assembled from excerpts from The Secrets of the Success Equation:


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