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Success Truth #12: You Must Have a System

“94% of all failure is as a result of the system– not the people.”Edwardsdeming_66

Dr Edwards Deming

-See what Jay Abraham has to say about this guy in the video Below-

There are only four major proven pathways to abundant wealth:

• Investments/ Paper Assets

• Real Estate

• Business/ Marketing

• Internet/ Marketing

These are the four great wealth mountains. You must choose the Mountain or Mountains that suit you if you desire financial abundance, and you must choose the right system for the path.

Systems will provide you with leverage, ease, efficiency, and a level of competent mastery you simply can’t afford to do without. You can continue on your own and learn everything you can over a lifetime by the trial and error discovery method, or you can apply the leverage, experience, tools, and mastery of others. You do this by employing and using a good sound system designed for your chosen objective; by doing so you minimize your time and effort drastically. The result is you reap exponential type rewards in record time.

inventing-the-wheelThere’s really no sense re-inventing the wheel when there are already so many good models to choose from that will move you to where you want to go. You’ll need to decide which of these wealth vehicles suits you personally and outfit yourself accordingly (proven Tools and Systems). Find the system which provides best for your unique personal needs, and pursue it diligently.

There are ways to make the most of each of these paths and to make the most out of yourself. When you engage in both pursuits you progress with the greatest amount of speed and efficiency.

You must prepare yourself accordingly for success and you need to follow the proven system braintrainingas outlined. You’ll need to take consistent action and continually monitor your progress and performance along the way. Are you on track? Are you following through regularly with the plan? How is it working? Good, bad, up, down, or otherwise? Are you off course or on course? Are you learning from your mistakes and growing?

Given your results, you may need to modify and make adjustments to the plan accordingly as you live, learn, and grow. This is only natural.

Systems capitalize on the experience and know-how of those who have gone before you and successfully plotted the route that you must follow. Learn from and model those who have already achieved what you wish to achieve.

Be yourself and develop your individual personality, but when it comes to the road to success, don’t veer from the tried and true paths not until you are a master. Once you achieve mastery then feel free to expand and expound upon the road map. Perhaps you’ll become the next Guru of the discipline and we shall all become your disciples. But until then follow the outline. Do this and save yourself years of trial and error, frustration, and devastating defeat.

inventingthewheel_2Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Be smart. Pick a proven system. The wealth of experience and frustration saving strategies you’ll find are more than worth the investment, effort, and time required.

That should seem simple enough to understand right? And yet it is amazing how many people will suffer needlessly because they will not invest enough in themselves to attain the training necessary for their own success.

People often won’t put down the three to five thousand required for a training session or a system that has been specifically designed for their personal or business success- Systems that will save thousands, generate fortunes, and take years of time off their efforts.  A three day seminar is just too much time to afford? Go figure!

It is never a mistake to invest in how to be more successful, wealthier, or more fulfilled in life. It is never a mistake to learn how to be more successful and happy in your relationships and in your world. And it is never a mistake to learn how to have a better relationship with your GOD, higher power, or whatever force, inspiration, or resource it is that leads, guides, and inspires you.

Paying heed to these simple yet vital suggestions and applying them to your own personal destiny will rocket you forward on the road to great achievement and success in life. Invest in the systems, tools, and education that will turbo-charge your success, and apply them to your specific plan of action. Then get ready to prosper.

By engaging in the following course of study you will be preparing for the adventure in life that awaits you, and you will begin to take a firm hold on your destiny. You will be prepared for the obstacles that come along the way, and you will be well equipped to make optimal use of the system you have chosen to summit success.

Soon you will walk triumphantly through the doorway to the new found freedom, happiness, and abundance that are available to all who will rightly and diligently seek it. This is the vision and hope I have for you as move forward on your journey toward success.

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