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Video SEO – How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube

Hey Guys, today’s featured Video is all about Video SEO and How to Rank Videos in Google and YouTube.


  • Do you need more views for your Videos
  • Do you need more exposure for your Brand, Product, Opportunity?
  • Are you looking for autopilot income and lead acquisition from your Video Marketing?


Then today’s recommended content is for you…

a) What the post is about and why you need to listen…

Today’s recommended video is from – Brandon Lucero Founder, SoldWithVideo.com and it’s for anyone who is serious about online marketing.

Really guys… If you are an online marketer and you are not tapping into the power of video you are missing out on a huge untapped reservoir of leads, viewers, followers, and revenue for your business.

It’s time to get started if you haven’t already and it is time to start optimizing your content to Rank Your Videos in Google and YouTube


 a)                  Who this post is for…

Anyone who want to get their video content some exposure by ranking their videos in the Google and YouTube search listings.


b)                 What I liked about this post, what was great…

It was solid up to date training for most of the factors that are key to getting your videos to rank in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

The video contains great information on what you need to know and do to get your prized video content ranking in the 2 biggest search engines in the world.

That’s power guys, and you need to be tapping into it if you want to build a successful business online.


 c)                  What I disagree with, didn’t like…

Nothing really. Great information about what you need to know. My only complaint is that it isn’t an exhaustive work but then it isn’t intended to be one.


d)                 How to apply this information…

 Learn each and everything that is talked about in this video. Like I said it isn’t an exhaustive resource but it is filled with gems you need to include in your video SEO strategy to get your Videos to Rank on Google and YouTube.


e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.

 See the other post I just recently did YouTube Video SEO with SEO Master Rob Fore

Also be sure and check out… How to get Your YouTube Mojo On


If after seeing today’s Video on How to Rank your Video Content you are convinced it is time to take your Business and your Marketing to a whole new level…
It’s time for you to see: the Video that Rocked the Internet Marketing World and Changed it Forever.

MLM Marketing Video Content for Blog Success

breaking_news1MLM Marketing: Video Content for your Blog Success

It’s hard to underestimate the impact that video marketing and video sharing sites like YouTube have had on our lives.

YouTube is ranked the #3 most popular website in the world by Alexa .

In fact…The YouTube search feature is one of the largest search engines in the world.

(Find out how to take full advantage of  YouTube and everything Online Marketing can do for your Business Click Here Now!)

Here’s a Few Amazing Stats…

  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day. The number of people subscribing daily is up more than 3x since last year, and the number of daily subscriptions is up more than 4x since last year

Video marketing is huge and so are the effects it can have to boost your success.

If you are not employing video marketing as a part of your MLM marketing strategy you are blowing it.

You are missing the bus!

MLM marketing with videos is powerful, easy, simple, and can get you traffic and search engine rankings to improve your ranking and success online. You can get tens of thousands of views and visitors.

youtubeBecause sites like YouTube are so popular they carry a lot of weight with the search engines.

That not only means that videos are easier to rank then a post on a new blog, it means that they are easier to rank online then most any of the sites out there that are not as popular as number 3 in the world.

So what does that mean to the MLM marketer?

It means that you better be using video marketing to drive your business, your page rank, and your content to the top or you are simply being foolish.

Video is a powerful tool and that is why we have outlined using it as part of a synergistic marketing system.

I have outlined a simple system for employing this knowledge in The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar that you can get for free by opting in on this page today. I’ll show you how to take advantage of vide to promote your blog content and vice versa.

You can get crazy amounts of traffic to videos no doubt…

-But to get that traffic to click through to your website where you can do some real MLM marketing, get them to opt in, and land in your scientifically designed sales funnel, you need a few tips that will help you direct that traffic and start it running where you want it to instead of running off down the web trail.

  • You have to have your own channel:


  • Your channel must be specific to your niche not a rough assortment of entertainment and diverse interests.
  • Fill your channel with niche specific awesome content that your target audience demands.


  • You have to Make a lot of Targeted Friends:


  • The more friends you have the better and the higher chances your video’s get viewed.
  • Find the top Tube Channels for your Niche and friend their friends list. There is a higher chance they will friend you, join your channel, view your content, and follow your links.
  • The more channel views you get the greater the authority and PR (page rank) you gain.
  • The greater the PR the faster and easier your video’s will rank in the search engines.


  • Comment on the Best Relevant Videos by Others:


  • Find some of the better videos out there and comment on them.
  • Flattery will pay you handsomely here. Don’t be fake but do appreciate others.
  • Those who you have commented on favorably will in like return the favor.
  • Do not spam them or self-promote.



  • More importantly Comment on Others Channels:


  • Again find the best channels in your niche and comment on them.
  • The channel owner will likely view you and your videos and may subscribe.
  • The links you leave in channel comments point back to your site.
  • If you are targeting the best high ranking channels some of that link love is going to flow back to your channel and boost your PR.


  • Laser Focus your Video to one Keyword or Phrase:


  • Search engines don’t watch videos so you have to tell them what your content is about.
  • Put your keyword in the Video Title, in the description, and in the tags you use for your video.


So that is a quick MLM marketer’s tip sheet for video marketing.

To get more details on how to employ this strategy in your internet marketing sign up to receive The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar in the web form on this page.

This Free Training will answer your questions and get you employing these and other strategies in the right fashion to be successful Network Marketing online.

Leave me all your thoughts, comments, gripes, and questions below. Let’s create MLM Marketing Success together.  Get subscribed to the email list on the right for more cool video marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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