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Vemma Review

Vemma an Expert Third Party Review

 In this article, I’m going to give a brief review of the Vemma opportunity, and answer some of the critical questions necessary to making a well-informed decision about Vemma. It is critically important to have answers to basic questions like -“How Long has Vemma been in business, and what is the company leadership like.” “What kind of products does Vemma have and how is the quality.” “How do the products affect the opportunity?” “Is Vemma a scam?” and it is vitally important to really UNDERSTAND just what it’s going to take for you to get involved and to become successful with this kind of opportunity.


A Brief Third Party Review of Vemmas’ Leadership:


A Companies leadership and longevity are factors that should be considered when reviewing any opportunity. Many companies go out of business before they ever have a real chance at catching mass momentum in the marketplace so there is always something to be said for a company’s longevity and track record on the playing field. The next new startup that comes along may be all that it is cracked up to be, or it may be a flash in the pan to the great dismay of those who’ve expended time, effort, and monetary resources. There is a proven track record for the veterans of the industry that can be readily examined for flaws, inconsistency, or violation. Vemma has just such a track record that you may readily investigate to better understand the motives and character of both leadership and its distributor base.


Some Brief Vemma Facts:


BK Boreyko is the owner of New Vision and the founder of Vemma. New Vision has been in operation now for 14 years successfully and has operated in countries all around the world.

 New Vision is one of the companies that helped start the liquid nutritional industry more than a decade ago. BK Boreyko lost his mother to cancer, and his family thereafter decided to launch New Vision on March 20th, 1995.


Charitable Contributions:


 From their more than 1 billion in retail sales volume The Vemma Nutrition Company has donated over $2.5 million dollars to charities such as Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, and the Rainforest Foundation and it continues to be proactive in charitable activities to this day.


A Brief look at Vemma’s Exclusive Products:


It is worth noting that it Vemma has a solid reputation for impacting the nutritional market on a global scale. Vemma carries products that claim to provide antioxidant protection.

Vemma products are actually a multivitamin-based supplement in the form of liquid nutrition. A physician with both Eastern and Western Medicine training developed this liquid supplement, and Vemma has been on the forefront of liquid nutrition with liquid mineral supplements since the inception of the industry.


Vemma combines mangosteen fruit (a rich source of minerals) with organic green teas as well as organic glyconutrient-rich Aloe Vera, and other proprietary ingredients in the creation of its products. Vemma has several brands of exclusive products, the most notable being a product called ‘Verve.’ Verve is a liquid energy supplement. Vemma also carries a line of other proven nutritional formulas, including the ‘Next’ brand, as well as nutritional products for adults and children. Basically Vemma combines today’s science and technology with some of nature’s finest ingredients to form a liquid nutritional supplement that one could consider to be a modern day health energy tonic.


How do the products affect the opportunity?


 A good question you should ask yourself before getting involved with Vemma or any opportunity of this kind is-would you purchase and use the products for yourself if you had no vested interest in the products or company? Is it the kind of product you would recommend to friends, family and others? Do your values, interests, and beliefs align with a full spectrum based vitamin that would help to maintain your health and wellness?  If the answer is yes, then Vemma would be an excellent choice from a purely product standpoint. If the answer is no, then you had better steer clear of the opportunity regardless of the merits it may offer. Selling is a tough business, and if you can’t get yourself behind a product, believe in it, and love it, it’s wrong to try and convince others to believe in it and love it. That’s not the kind of “ju-ju” you want to put on your business just starting out.


If you’re serious about researching this opportunity due diligence suggests contacting an authorized distributor and trying the products for a month or so. Also take the time to research what it will really take to succeed in this industry from some third party credible sources. After researching the subject, meet with your product rep and see if they will really offer you the tools and kind of mentorship, training, resources, and leadership energy that will be necessary for you to grow and succeed. If you find the products, leadership, or training lacking in what you desire, don’t sign up. If you don’t think you have what it takes- find out where you’re going to get it… If however, you feel passionate about the products, training, and opportunity, Vemma might be the right company for you.


A Review of Vemma’s Compensation Plan


Vemma’s opportunity is built on the network-marketing model. Specifically it is a binary model. There are many examples in the MLM profession, and also in Vemma itself that significant monthly incomes can be made from Binary Plans. Binaries have a history of working well over the last 10 years in the industry.  You earn residual income on the sales that your team members make in product sales, bonuses, and their new Vemma enrollees. To get the maximum leverage and compensation from Vemma’s pay plan you will have to purchase their Basic Business Package, which costs about $300. This includes a marketing website, Vemma products, and access to a personal coach.


What others are saying about Vemma’s products:


Vemma reviews by consumers seem to be very positive. Most people claim beneficial results from the products they use, and they seem to coincide with the product claims. Increased energy, stamina, and an overall sense of wellbeing and health are reported.



A Review of Vemma’s MLM Training:


Vemma offers its distributors (for an extra charge) “Vemma Builder” which is a system for selling Vemma products, increasing leads, recruits and sales. There are mixed reviews on this system ranging from excellent to those who claim It’s an outright scam. The program provides an automated website for obtaining leads, and an automatic responder by which leads who enter their information are then contacted with more information and offered a tour of the distributor’s website. The distributor must pay for the leads captured. Leads are also not pre-screened, and the cost per lead varies depending on how many are purchased. Distributors must then contact these generic type leads and determine interest level, and explain the nature of the MLM opportunity.


Unfortunately it seems that the majority of Vemma distributors are attempting to build their business on an “Old School” model of network marketing that is proven to be successful for a small fraction of all distributors. Old school tactics work for some people, but most people don’t have the wherewithal, character, or charisma necessary to withstand that type of regimen. Dropout, disappointment, and outright resentment are often the byproducts of the “Old School Methodology. This equals more bad publicity for the industry, not to mention the ridicule, resentments, and alienation of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who didn’t sign up for your opportunity nor did they wish to be subjected to it.


I honestly don’t know too many people who are under age 40 that have the kind of contacts, sphere of influence, marketing skills, or experience that it takes to build a significant organization using old school tactics alone. If you know one recruit them right away, they will be a “Rock Star” in your organization.


High attrition rates are an embracing statistic that our industry should be ashamed of, and one that a new and growing number of “New School” Internet network marketers are endeavoring to change. That’s actually the reason I put this article together. I think Vemma is a great opportunity, but I also understand that it takes a lot of marketing knowledge, proper training, discipline, and mentorship for most people to earn a significant income from home. So I wanted to reach out to people who are both looking at Vemma and to those already involved, and help you learn how to recruit people and build a sustainable residual business income using modern day MLM strategies.


Proper tools and training is available for you to succeed in this industry if you want it, but there are no shortcuts to success. There is such a thing as better training and strategy, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how bad you want it and whether or not you are ready to do what it takes to succeed in this industry. Are you or are you not ready to take your business and your life to the next level?


So is Vemma an MLM a Scam Then?


 No. Like most MLM products, opportunities, systems, and business models, some will call it a scam others will recognize it as the great business opportunity it is. What other industry on earth allows you with no formal training, education, social status, or significant financial commitment to earn as much as a Doctor every month from home with no employees and malpractice insurance? What other opportunity can offer what network marketing does?


There are embittered people who will call this opportunity a scam, a pyramid scheme, a total rip off, and a waste of time. What side of the fence you’re on seems to be dictated by whether you make money selling the product, and how successful you become. Two people starting the same business in the same market with the same opportunity will have vastly differing results. Is the problem then with the opportunity or with the individual?


 2-5% of the distributors in any network marketing opportunity (the ones making the money, building teams, understanding what it takes and applying it) will say network marketing is the greatest opportunity they were ever offered. Of the 95% of others, reviews will be a mixed bag ranging from” it wasn’t for me” to “it’s an outright scam and a pyramid scheme”. This is true not only of Vemma as an opportunity but also of the Network Marketing industry as a whole. The difference is in the training and the person you are willing to become to succeed in this business.


So what I’ve done is put together an incredible amount of training, tools, and resources that will teach you how to succeed in Mlm, and take it to the level you’ve always wanted to. And it will work for you whether or not you’re involved with Vemma, or another home based business opportunity! Click the following links now to receive some Bonus Training , also be sure to enter the training potrhole at www.workwithdaveschlueter.com and don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list for free training, communications, and special offers.

In Closing:

I hope this article about binary MLM pay plans was informative and helpful for you and wish you the best in your business ventures and your life.

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