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The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Watch “The Wrath of Financial Literacy Video” Below: you can also view this Video at: The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is something I have been devoting a lot of  attention to lately. I’ve been off line for a little while now deep in thought and working on some amazing projects, several of which include how to increase financial literacy among MLM marketers and common folks to begin strengthening families, communities, and country again.

Unless you grew up in a rich household intent on educating you and helping you maintain and grow wealth most of us got screwed when it came to financial literacy in our upbringing. It just wasn’t there or worse yet financial illiteracy was taught in the form of terrible and counterproductive financial advice.

In fact most people are programmed to fail financially. Their success blueprint when it comes to money is all messed up and many don’t even realize it. And yet this skill of financial literacy is so vitally important to life, happiness, health, freedom etc., that you’d think it would be the first thing you learned in school and at home right? But shockingly it isn’t…

Just think about it for a minute… This critical and vital skill is missing in most people’s lives or is installed in an entirely wrong fashion.

Some Examples of Financial Literacy Gone Wrong

How many times have you heard it said that the number one cause for divorce is related to money problems? That should make financial literacy pretty important then right?

How many times have you heard a story about someone with money problems who inherits or wins a windfall of money and who’s money problems only get worse because of it? It would seem obvious that more money isn’t the problem then wouldn’t it?

But it doesn’t just end there… The effects of financial illiteracy go much, much deeper…

How many times have you heard the one about the network marketer who starts his new business venture and comes into wealth quickly and easily, and then begins his new lavish lifestyle so recklessly that at the end of the year they are running from creditors and the IRS wondering how everything could have become so out of control so fast? It’s more common than you think.

So new wealth or a new business venture isn’t always the solution to people’s money problems either then is it?

How many times does some fiscally irresponsible and ignorant bureaucrat with an utter lack of financial literacy screw things up big time and leave the masses suffering for it? There are Staggering consequences to consider when you fathom the impact of financial illiteracy.

And then how many times does an unknowing public vote in another schmuck because they themselves lack financial literacy, and cannot see the very same problem being reflected in the candidate of their choice. It can be Devastating?

Financial Literacy is Missing

You won’t find it in school; you won’t hear it from your friends, most never find it at the family dinner table, at their job, or in their Spouse, etc. And yet financial literacy is single handedly one of the most important subjects of your entire life.

Something is fishy about the whole affair don’t you think? Does anyone else smell a rat here?

A lack of financial literacy won’t just destroy your family and put a damper on your weekend plans, it will destroy your business, your friends, your community, your society, and your country. It will put total control into the hands of the few who are financially literate and who struggle to control that information who endeavor to control all the money and all the wealth.

We all have a need to do something about our financial literacy today. Check out the Financial Literacy Page on this website and get plugged in. You might find you are not as literate as you thought. View the opening video on the page and opt in for three brain dead simple bonuses you can start applying to your life right now to improve your financial destiny.



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