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What if we were free to manifest the unique genius inside each one of us, to indulge the deepest desires of our innermost selves, and to shine forth brightly the true radiance of who we are? I want to provide people an opportunity to achieve this and to share their greatness for the benefit and joy of all”

“You have a special mission and talents that the world needs and is waiting for. There is no one like you, nor will there ever be again. You are necessary and the world awaits you to shine forth with your unique talents and genius. Some of you know this strongly already. Others may only possess a slight feeling or intuition, but it is there inside each one of you. It’s just waiting to come out.”

-Dave Schlueter-

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Find Your Compelling Reason Why

“A person who tries to master success, wealth, and abundance without a compelling reason “why,” will meet with difficulties far greater than the average person can master.”

-Dave Schlueter-

It is your mission right now, (before you go any further) if you’re serious about success and abundance, you must discover what it is in life that you desire most, “Why” it is that you must achieve it, and “what” you will do once you have achieved it. You must start your journey with the end result in mind. This is the rule. You must also decide “what you’re willing to give” in return to receive all of this.

Discover your Compelling Reason Why: http://compellingreason.daveschlueteronline.com/wordpress


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MLM Success Truth #2: There is a Formula for Success

This Video is a partial excerpt from The Secrets of the Success Equation:


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MLM Success Truth #5 Video You May Be Blocking Yourself from Success and Abundance

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MLM Success Truth 4: No One Gets Rich & Successful Alone


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New MLM Success Truth #3 Video Accurate Thinking

This Video is taken from The Secrets of The Success Equation: http://successequation.daveschlueteronline.com/wordpress


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The Success Habit of Imagination

Imagination includes not only what you see, how you see things, and what you expect to see in the world; it also has profound effects upon what you attract, what you manifest, and how you experience the world and everything around you. As a result, how you use imagination on a habitual basis profoundly affects the life you experience and the life that you are creating on a daily basis. Imagination affects the mental filtering process or focus you use as you look at the world. You use this filter when you picture life and believe things about that which you see. This includes the things that you determine are possible and likely to happen.  With such far reaching effects to impact our lives it is imperative we bring our power of imagination into service for us in our quest for success and insure we do not misdirect it to our detriment.

What you mentally picture and regularly think about is more important to success than you might first believe. The images you vision, see and believe in are critical for your MLM and life success. Relevant aspects of this include your expectations about the given situations in your life, what will happen if you take different action, and what you see as the possible new outcomes.

This kind of imaginative force has a far greater influence on the actual outcome of events than many think it does. If you think, see, or imagine negative outcomes, then negative outcomes tend to manifest themselves in your life. You actually attract them and give reality to their existence. You co-create the result. You must begin to realize that the universe has given you creative ability.

If you practice negative habits in your imagination regularly, then this becomes the energy signature and expectations you regularly infuse into your relationships, life, business, and environments. Because like tends to attract like, if you behave (use your creative ability) in a consistently negative fashion, then negativity in all aspects in your life begins to self-propagate and manifest with increasing frequency. The law of attraction plays itself out in all these instances.

We also see the opposite extremes where people seem to get all the breaks in life. Luck, favor, and chance seem to forever be on their side. We sometimes grumble because they are happy and joyful, and seem to expect happiness and joy on a regular basis. If we are really miserable ourselves this behavior of theirs sometimes makes us aggravated. In turn we may resent them.

Some people really just expect to win. These people believe everything will go well and that life will unfold favorably in all circumstances and conditions, thus teaching and benefiting them. They dream dreams and expect to accomplish them. What is most amazing is they realize and manifest the reality that they have imagined or at the least very similar results. Their dreams actually do come true. They seem to be happy, joyous, and free. Nothing much seems to bother them. It baffles many people.

They actually manifest abundance in their lives, and they regularly accomplish what they set their intention toward doing. Seeming miracles are regularly a part of their lives. Is this really such a great mystery, or rather; is it a principle of creation presenting clear evidence for all to see?

It’s clear that your imagination is involved in what you are thinking about most of the time. This is true whether you are picturing the future, reliving the past, or formulating plans to more fully engage in the present. How you choose to use this creative power will affect the entire outcome and direction of your life. So my question to you is this: are you regularly using your imagination to communicate positive, successful, happy, images to yourself? Are your thought impulses and energy of a nature that will positively impact the substance and direction of your life? What is the effect upon the reality of life that you are influencing with your imagination?

It’s important to realize how you think about or look at something in life, actually has a physical effect upon the energy and matter that things and events are made from. This is the nature of coincidence. This phenomenon is real and has been demonstrated at subatomic levels. Your energy has an effect on other energy. Since matter is really consisted of energy in rapid motion, you can believe this process can actually affect matter, energy, and therefore outcomes in life. Hence you literally have creative influence and ability. This is a mystery that quantum physics has observed, but is only just starting to understand and explain. We do not intend to give a physics lesson here, but you should strongly consider the ramifications of the preceding universal principle. How will you choose to make responsible use of this information in your life?

Those who sought to attain flight more than one-hundred years ago achieved it by aiming imagination, intention, and belief toward the skies, not toward the ground. They failed to focus imagination on all the reasons man had not been successful previously. They failed to dwell upon the scientific and mathematical data of the era, which claimed human flight was impossibility, an unattainable goal. As a result, imagination triumphed, changed history, and helped to shape the very world we live in today. The impossible was achieved. You see evidence of this fact everywhere you look today.

If you can’t vision with faith and see, think, imagine, or feel that something is possible, and that you can personally achieve it, you will be frustrated in your efforts to accomplish whatever it is (resistance is firmly established). Far too many obstacles remain in your path until you utilize these assets constructively and for right purpose.

Imagination is a powerful success tool. Pay close attention to it, use it wisely and eventually master it. Aside from what is really happening in front of you right in the moment, how are you engaging your imagination at present? How are you using your imagination to filter the data coming toward you?  What are you regularly thinking about, visioning, picturing and feeling, and what do you believe about the information you are assembling in your mind? Do they seem real to you or less than real? Do you have good feelings that serve you or bad feelings associated with them? Are these activities productive and making the best use of your energy and time? Are you using the faculty of imagination to empower your life, and are you receiving positive emotions, passion, desire, and fulfillment as a result?

What you attract regularly with your habits of imagination deeply affects your destiny. Imagination infused with energy, expectation, and emotion produces an effect on the fabric of your existence.  This aspect of imagination is one more element to properly employ and master in a sequence and system of techniques known as the success equation.

To learn more secrets of the success equation come and check out the MLM Success tips tab on my blog site today. If you want to dig a little deeper and discover the three deadly pitfalls that keep 95% of people trapped in a life of mediocrity and debt and how you can avoid them and rocket to success then check out the Business of the 21st Century Seminar right now.


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Spiritual Principle 1 Honesty and Acceptance

For most of us the idea of being powerless over things in our lives is a tough pill to swallow.

But it is evident that we are powerless over far more of our lives than we are comfortable admitting or accepting. We struggle with the concept trying to impose our supposed power into all sorts of situations we likely should not.

We tell ourselves that we are capable, determined, strong willed people, and that we are confident we will succeed by our own might and strength.

“By golly,” we say to ourselves “we will accomplish that which we have set our will towards doing.” We will make the world and others see. We are proud people, “We will not be denied!”

And yet how many times have we been miserably defeated in this misdirected though good intended purpose?

How many times do we find ourselves unable to accomplish even the small things that we have set our greatest will towards doing? How many times are we confronted by circumstances over which our greatest will is of absolutely no use what so ever?

Many of us have found that in truth (when we became thoroughly honest), that we were far more powerless over aspects of our lives than we were comfortable admitting.

People, places, things, circumstances, behaviors, compulsions, addictions, all seemed to be involved to varying degrees in this dilemma.

This is a tough concept. Indeed many of us have been raised with an entirely opposite view of ourselves in regard to this subject. It often terrifies us. But bear with me, keep an open mind, and let’s see if we can’t establish some common ground for thought.

If personal power were not an issue for you, wouldn’t your pursuits of success, wealth, and fulfillment, have been attained by now?

Would you not have already accomplished or be well on your way to attaining most of what you are seeking?

Wouldn’t much of your vision of success (whatever it is) have come into existence by the mere application of your will-power?

Perhaps you have long maintained that you are capable, and know how to best manage your own success and life. That, “absolutely” you have things under control. And, “assuredly” you know what is best.

Or, at the very least you’ll have it all under control shortly; more effort is all that is required.

Many of us declared that we would master all those things that had eluded us in life. We conditioned ourselves to believe it was true no matter what reality was presenting us with in the form of experience. “No problem” we told ourselves. We were certain and self-assured that if we would only try harder, things would fall into place, and we would at last find the answers that had been missing.

Perhaps what we had been missing all along was sufficient power and knowledge to carry it out.

Just maybe, we had neglected to realize it was this power, and the nature of its source, that we had neglected all along.

It might be that if we could find this power first, and harmoniously align ourselves with the source, we could begin to get the results that we had been seeking.

When it comes to success and abundance, just where did your financial and life principles come from anyway?

  • Who shaped your ideas about yourself, the world, success, and what is possible in life?
  • Who planted the seeds that would sprout and mature into your expectations of life, your relationships, and your future?
  • Were these the product of an educational system adequately prepared to groom you for the “real world?”

Was it happy, successful and fulfilled parents, wise with wisdom and expert guidance that helped prepare you for the challenges in life?

Was it your peers or your friends that helped to prepare you for the life you now lead?

Just how successful, wealthy, and abundant were the people whose advice and examples you used to build your own foundation for life?

Were your thoughts and ideas influenced and nurtured by competent hands, or despite all the love and good intention, were you left somewhat handicapped and ill at ease from the process?

These are circumstances over which you and I had little or no control, and yet they continue to influence and color the very world we see, experience, and live day by day.

Without the aid of proper instruction, without tapping into a power greater than yourself for help (a power greater than you have thus far found), your chances of succeeding now are no better than they ever have been.

You simply must find a better way or you will continue on the path that you are already on, struggling to finally master the aspects of success and self, that thus far has eluded you.

Perhaps the revelation that self-power in and of it-self is never enough will sink in.

Once it has, it will free your mind to the possibility that the answer lies outside of self.

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Success Truth #13: Your “Why” Must Be Strong Enough

You must find a big enough “Why” from this will spring forth the Success and the life you desire.

Without this, your success will be sunk or perilous at best!

A thorough examination of your motives for wealth and success is the essential starting point from which to begin your journey to the chosen dream.


Have You Ever Wanted to Travel?


If you desire to travel across the oceans, and brave the elements, hazards, expense, and possible hardships to reach your dream destination, why will you do it?

  • What is it that you will find there, discover, and do when you arrive?
  • What kind of reward is involved for you?
  • More importantly, how will this feed your soul, fulfill you, and reward you for your sacrifices?
  • What type of deep burning desire would be necessary to drive you unceasingly and unremittingly toward this destination?
  • What are the real reasons behind your personal goals?
  • What are the emotions?

More money or more time is not a complete enough answer. A vacation in Fiji is a nice answer, but not what we’re looking for.

You must look deep within yourself to discover the real motives behind your behavior. You must search without prejudice to discover what resides at your core.

What reasons do you really have for achieving success?

Many people will answer “more time and money” as their first choice, but what would you do with more money and more time?

How would it be used to fulfill and enrich your life and the lives of others? These are the type of answers you must seek.

These are the core reasons and desires that will pilot your destiny and fulfill your intentions. These are the waters that run deep.

Without these clearly defined and definite in heart, mind, and spirit, you will drift aimlessly or flirt only casually with ambition and true success.

Your rewards must be strong and clear enough to guide you through the harshest of storms and perilous seas if you are to arrive at the incredible destinations that lay waiting for you in life.

  • Who will you influence?
  • What will you do?
  • How will you give back in return for all you have received once you’ve arrived in the land of great wealth and success?
  • What are the strongest reasons and deepest desires within your heart?
  • What is your spirit felt destination and intention, and why must you unceasingly persevere in your quests until you achieve it?
  • Why do you know you must go forward, no matter how daunting the task may be?
  • What are reasons that will motivate you when the going gets tough?
  • What are the answers that emanate from your core that will drive you and motivate you continually to achieve?


Are you willing, to challenge your beliefs and your fears if they get in the way? Are you willing to risk money, expend time, exert effort, and resources, to attain the desires of your heart?

Have you truly decided to take the road less traveled, the one marked freedom and abundance? If not perhaps you haven’t designed your rewards big enough yet.

For some a few thousand or hundred thousand dollars is not enough to motivate them. For others its millions or hundreds of millions that must be envisioned before they are ready to embark upon a course of firm and resolute action.


If you expect to succeed in attaining abundance and fulfillment in life, you must develop solid and positive inspiring answers to questions like these.

If you want an extraordinary life then have extraordinary reasons for seeking it.

The answers must come from within. You must seek out that which your spirit confirms as the truth about who you are, who you are ready to become, and what you really want.

The answers you receive must become crystal clear in your mind and the frequent themes of your imagination.

(For Help with this Click Here Now and See: The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why)


All people who have achieved great success, wealth, and abundance, have answered questions like these and then set upon a course of manifesting them. They were compelled from within.

The reasons they found empowered them to greatness, helped fuel their ambition, and motivated their desire until they were on fire salivating for the results.

They first sought out the truth within themselves, including their values, their needs, and their desires. Once finding these assets and firmly establishing them, they were empowered to use free will properly in the direction of their dreams.

If you hope to attain similar results, adopt similar strategies.

This aspect of modeling other people’s successful behavior is a key factor of the success equation.


If you haven’t discovered this burning desire within you yet, or worked yourself into a white hot frenzy for it, don’t worry. You will as you complete finding your “Compelling Reason Why.”

Until you develop a strong and clearly defined Compelling Reason Why, you’re wasting your time chasing after Success!

Without this simple vital essential of success, you will forever flounder upon a sea of opportunity, be sunk, or remain grounded on the beach staring off  at the horizon going nowhere.

At challenging times during you development, your definiteness of purpose must connect you with “necessary power.” This “power” will be required to take the action steps necessary to carry you forward toward your dreams, desires, and ambitions.

There must be a strong enough purpose behind your actions.

Your vision and purpose must guide you. You must not fail to connect with this power.

Power enables you to persevere; it leads you, guides you, and enables you to overcome the obstacles that ordinarily would stop people. This is an asset of inestimable value.

  • What might you be destined to create?
  • What might your contribution to life, to your family, to the world and others be?
  • As a result of the great success, wealth, and achievement you will receive, what might you give back to society, and to your fellows in return?
  • What beautiful thing will the purpose in your life express?
  • What were you uniquely designed to do, to be, create, or contribute? How are you uniquely outfitted to shine the light within you into the world, and to express it in your own special way?

Answers to questions like these connect you to the higher energy signatures of love, spirit, and “other-centered-ness.” These intentions resonate harmoniously with creation and abundance.

These are high energy reverberations which lighten people’s burdens and spread the flow of love, charity, healing, and spiritual beauty throughout the world.

They help to dissipate darkness with the light that is inherent in their nature.

When followed they increase the sense of well-being, peace, joy and health of the giver, the partaker, and the witnesses of such noble intent.

Power in the universe is receptive to intention, action, and belief.

Thus, a thorough examination of your motives for achieving wealth and success is critical.

Beliefs, visions, and intentions are all excellent attributes but action is the bridge that produces results.

It connects the inner realm and intention of man to the outer world results that we experience in life.

If your beliefs, visions, intentions, and compelling reason why is big enough it will empower your actions to create that which you desire when you apply the proper system or path.

Uncovering these reasons and the underlying why is the foundational starting point from which to begin your adventure.

To learn more success tips and to master the MLM Success Equation go to the MLM Success Tips tab on my blog site.

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Success Truth #3 Accurate Thinking is a Must

To be truly successful in MLM and in life, you will need to develop the discipline to think accurately rather than emotionally.

Try not to be offended here… 

Most people, whether they realize it or not, think primarily from their emotions, and not from their intellect and it is destroying their chances of Success and emotionsthe Enjoyment of a Happy Life. People are capable of rational thought but it does not me human beings are rational creatures. 

Everyone is guilty of this to some degree.

The problem is emotional thinking doesn’t necessarily result in what could be called “Accurate Thinking.”

It’s okay to be emotional, and it’s okay to think. Just don’t try to combine the two of them together and expect accurate results under most circumstances.

Emotions are necessary and serve a delightful and wonderful purpose in life. They can be incredibly empowering.

But the truth in all matters is rarely what’s most important to our emotions.

Consider the fact that we emotionally wire ourselves differently from other people. What something means to me from an emotional standpoint isn’t necessarily the same for you.

To further complicate things, it is usually whatever serves the strongest emotional state that wins. Because our emotions are such a powerful and influential force, they often dominate us in the arena of our mind, clouding our better judgment and our actions.

 See The Video for Success Truth #3



Dangerous Ground to Tread!

Emotional thinking interferes with our inner vision and our intuition and our Success in MLM and in life. This is dangerous ground to tread on. Often, thisPOISON powerful emotional force overcomes even truth and logic to present its own version of reality to us.

The brain acts upon this strong emotional impulse and provides ample supporting evidence and rationale to buttress these emotional assumptions.

Emotional thinking will literally send the brain scrambling to justify its reasoning. There is a “thinker” and a “prove-er” involved. The thinker thinks and the prove-er then goes to work proving what the thinker thinks.

The brain, performing its faithful duty, perfectly finds and provides seemingly solid supporting evidence, regardless of whatever the truth may be. Therefore, it is what becomes most real to the mind.

Thoughts are things and if you think it then you are right. At least in your own mind that is. This is truly dangerous thinking, and to one degree or another, all of us indulge in it.

If you want to succeed in MLM and in life you have to learn to harness these facts for your advantage instead of letting them work against you.



Emotions are not the evil bane of success seekers.

As a matter of fact, they are powerful motivators and catalysts for success.

When properly directed and aligned by The Success Equation, they help produce phenomenal results. Properly harnessed and used in this fashion, the emotions are extremely beneficial friends rather than foes.


 Are You the Victim?

For example, if you begin to think of yourself as a victim, you begin to feel like a victim. All it takes is a tiny seed planted in your consciousness to take root and grow.

Soon you begin to see reasons that support your strong emotional state and belief (you fertilize them). This begins to strengthen your feelings and ideas about what you believe.

You soon marry this belief and emotion with further conditioning, which produces a profound effect on your psyche. You start to produce results in accord with your belief. You begin to prove it. You manifest your beliefs.

The conclusions will appear to be so completely plausible and real – regardless of whatever the truth may be – that you will begin to act upon them, and to produce validating results in your life. You will literally begin to attract validating scenarios, outcomes, and like energy into your life as a result.

It becomes your reality! It is your self-fulfilling prophecy… It’s the law of attraction in action. You are influencing the fabric of creation.


 The Harvest of your Mind

 Unfortunately, many of us have reaped the perennial bitter harvest of emotional turbulence for far too long. Inaccurate emotional thinking is powerful indeed!

Left unchecked It can be absolute poison for those aspiring toward great success, abundance, MLM victory and wealth.

We must establish accurate thinking and we must weed from the internal realm of our beings the unprofitable and undesirable habits we may have cultivated there. We must prepare our plot, and plant the new seeds of abundance and wealth within us.

It’s why I like this Simple Brain Trick to Reprogram and Reshape your Mind

These seeds of success, when well-tended, will produce the harvest that we have been missing in life. These seeds of MLM and life success include the habit of accurate thinking empowered by emotion, rather than emotional thinking leading to inaccurate mental assumptions and results.

Remember the thinker thinks and the prove-er proves.


 Fear – Pride- Ego

Emotional thinking, rather than accurate thinking, is most often based in fear, pride, ego and opinion. Pride often rebels at the thought that you won’t get something you want, and fear sounds the alarm that you may be going to lose something you’ve already acquired.

The ego is attached to both of these, as well as to the persistent belief that your external accomplishments define who you are. This ego-centered thinking assumes that material possessions, status, prestige, and others’ opinions of you, make you who you are. This is ass backwards.

This absolute fallacy often dominates our egocentric thinking, motives, and self. Each of us suffers the effects of this to varying degrees.

Of course, this is a giant generalization, but it neatly illustrates the point that if we continue to be driven and controlled by these motives (ego centered goals and their fulfillment through outer materialism), we shall forever fail to know the abundance of true freedom, happiness, fulfillment, and love.

Because it is the inner realm that manifests outward results, there is little wonder that the kind of ego-centered living just described fails to produce what we need and want most. In short, we will fail to attain true success, and we will know little of true abundance, or peace in life.

What I’m saying here is pretty deep I know, but just re-read it slowly and begin to let the ideas sink in.


 Making Intelligent Decesions

If we are to make intelligent decisions concerning our lives, our MLM businesses and our success, we will need to be freed from the bonds of inaccurate thinking. 

We’ll start with an awareness of the problem for right now. Eventually we shall need to develop true honesty with ourselves, with life, and with others.

Our self-centered, emotionally dictated ideas and motives (to whatever degree they may exist) must become supplanted by more loving and accurate perspectives instead. This opens the door to true abundance in living and real Success in life.

We are talking about true success and true wealth now.  This is the stuff that goes along with the money and accomplishment to make your life simply amazing.

Until harnessed, this liability and closed door (Emotionally Dictated Thinking) may continue to deny you at every step on your journey toward true success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Essentially you must first crack open that door. Then, you must begin to walk through it.


 Rigorous Honesty

Emotional thinking must be conquered, and the best weapon we have to defeat it is rigorous honesty with ourselves and a principle called willingness.

Self-centered ego and pride may only be countered by “other-centered” motives, action and living. You’ll need to develop rigorous honesty in your life. “A Compelling Reason Why” with greater-than-self motives begins a pathway to “other-centered” living.


 Learn More About The Success Equation


If you would like to learn more about the MLM Success Equation follow the link and then also be sure to check out the mlm tips section at my blog site.

To learn about the three deadly mistakes that will keep you a slave to mediocrity and debt for a lifetime, how to avoid these traps, and ride an mlm opportunity to abundance check out this link.


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Become Lastingly Rich, Successful, Abundant, and Fulfilled in Life

becomeleaderWhat if you knew your million dollar dream was assured and waiting for you?

And what if you knew the exact location that held the deed to this fortune?


What if your dreams were all but guaranteed… the only requirement being that you personally have to show up and retrieve the deed from a locked box located at the top of Mount Everest?


What if someone were to personally give you the key that unlocks that box? Would you be interested?

•          What would you do if you had a fear of heights?

•          What equipment would you need, and how would you haul it?

•          How would you find your way to the top?

•          What would you need to sacrifice to get it done?

•          What would you need to learn first before you even got started?

•          Who would you choose to outfit you for your destiny?

•          Is Your resolve strong enough to complete the journey?


Myth #1: More Money is the Answer

Contrary to what most people believe, more money is rarely the answer to your Success issues and Financial Problems.

That’s why so many lottery winners end up broke,financial literacy unhappy, bankrupt, and unfulfilled in just a few short years. That’s why great inheritances dwindle away, leaving the beneficiary despondent and often times worse off in the end.

Mike Tyson squandered a $300 million fortune, went to prison and filed for bankruptcy protection.

Multi-millionaire restaurant mogul Bennihana had been depressed for years.

Some of the Richest and seemingly most Successful Stars are often times the most troubled.

There are literally thousands of such examples. Although money was plentiful in these examples, it failed to produce the healthy picture of success that you may wish to attain.


A quick money scheme is rarely the solution in any circumstance, better Financial Literacy and Mastery of Success Principles is.


MLM is an Awesome Money Producing Vehicle but… without personal growth and development at its core, it is a mismatch for most people behind the wheel.

You see it is mismanagement of cash flow that keeps most people cash poor, and absence of applied Spiritual Success Principles is what is keeping them from the Success, Happiness and Abundance they desire.


spiritual-energy-thumb5956800What follows is a brief account that covers but a few of the important truths everyone needs to know about success. Some might even consider them Secrets, because so little of the Entire Formula is ever revealed by others who claim they’ll teach you how to become Rich and Successful in life.

We define a “Principle” as a truth or law that governs. A Principle works all the time. It is like gravity. It remains constant, and can be relied upon.

The following Principles of Wealth and Success are often missed or neglected by many who seek to climb “Wealth Mountain. Far too many people fail to achieve the success they desire as the result.

Read the fine print or read between the lines of your companies income disclosure and you realize that Superstar Results are often not typical.

YOU MUST establish or have within you a Strong Success Foundation if you ever hope to achieve the dramatic results that MLM Rock stars achieve.


Is this kind of Superstar Success everyone hears about really possible then for average people?

When this success foundation is established it then becomes rather simple to apply any worthy system and produce the dramatic results you see.

You can’t put the cart before the horse and expect to get anywhere.  Your business will only grow at the rate your personal development does.cart_before_the_horse

These truths establish the foundation and bedrock upon which you will build life-long Wealth and Success. Without them, your success may be tenuous at best.

It’s unfortunate that these truths rarely make it into the “Flash You Cash” Marketing Approach many wealth and success programs will try to sell you. That’s one thing that makes MLM so fantastic. A good MLM Sponsor or Company will stress Self-Improvement/Personal Growth and go out of their way to see you get it and continue to use it.

If a program concentrates on wealth generation techniques only… then they never really address the root of the problem, the cause for attrition and down line failure.

This shortsightedness on their part neglects the fact that – until you change your inner realm, (your success blueprint or programming) – you will be unable to produce and maintain the outer world results that you desire.


Your Inner Programming is Absolutely Critical for Success

StuckAs long as your Inner Programing remains less than optimal… you create tension that must be released.

You will experience resistance from the universe as you reach for life levels that exist above your current success benchmark. You are out of balance with your inner protocol, and eventually your mental thermostat goes to work resetting equilibrium.

Many Self-Sabotage, Fail, or experience circumstances in life that impede their progress.

Parts of your mind are really rather automatic in nature and require proper training and conditioning if they are going to serve your best interests.

Left to their own devices… without your deliberate intervention they can become the Greatest Limiting Factor to your Success, until you change your inner beliefs and conditioning about Success, Wealth, and Abundance, this may continue to be the case.

I’m not trying to discourage you or freak you out. But… If your Inner Success Programing is inadequate to provide the life that you desire then you must take action at the root of the problem.

You must have an inner change where Success is concerned before you can manifest the outer world results you desire.

Your outer world results are a reflection of your inner world. The one precedes the other… You must focus on your personal development plan as a part of your Business Plan to Succeed in this industry.

Long term Wealth, Financial Freedom, Happiness, and Fulfillment require more than a system that generates more wealth alone. It requires the entire Success Formula and all of the ingredients. Bringing about the necessary inner change is the first requirement for Wealth, Lasting Happiness, Abundance, and great Success in life.


Remember this formula: T+F+A=R.


            Your Thoughts lead to your Feelings, which affect your Actions, which produce your Results. Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results.

  • Money, health, and happiness are all results.
  • Wealth and abundance are results.
  • A loving relationship is a result.
  • Your success in MLM is a result.
  • The house or career of your dreams is a result.
  • Good health is a result.
  • Freedom from depression, fear, anger, and addiction is a result.
  • The freedom to choose the life path you desire and follow it passionately and profitably is a result.

burning_desire_Wallpaper__yvt2Both your Thoughts and your Feelings are inner realm issues. They emanate from three of the Four Planes of Existence.

These planes include the Mental World, the Physical World, the Emotional World, and the Spiritual World.

To become truly and abundantly successful in life, you must concentrate your efforts in all four of these planes of existence.

Thoughts and feelings are inner realm aspects that exist in mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. The results you reap are the outer world or physical plane manifestations of this equation. Your “actions” are the bridge between the inner realm and these outer manifestations.

This is a spiritual law or principle.

Let me illustrate a problem we see again and again in the MLM arena.

Far too many people, even when they use a proven cash generating system, fail to reach the level of Success, Happiness, and Abundance they desire because they haven’t first applied these principles of Wealth, Success, and Financial Mastery.

Until then, the cards remain stacked against them. The cash rushes in — and then the cash rushes out. Joy and satisfaction are feigned or fleeting at best.tyson

Their “Thermostat” is not set for abundant levels. Some never seem to even get off the ground even though they have in their possession the tools to generate great wealth.

They blame the product, the company, the system, their uncle Joe who brought them in etc. etc… Their blueprint and Thermostatic Setting for Success will not support the abundance they desire.

The limited foundation that they have for Success crumbles when they try to add too much abundance to their lives.


Remember Mike…?

Remember Mike Tyson the boxer? How could Mike Tyson squander away a Three Hundred Million Dollar Fortune and end up bankrupt during the 80’s?

He could have afforded competent advice to help with his money! He could have afforded the best mentors, teachers, and gone to all the best seminars out there!

Do you believe that Mike’s money trouble came as a result of poor financial literacy alone, or do you believe that his internal success thermostat might not have been set for the level of Abundance that he had attained?

What inner feelings and emotions may have driven Mike to make decisions concerning his fortune that were less than optimal? You be the judge. What do you think the problem may have been? Bad Luck?


What about “The Donald…?”

Now let us consider the case of Donald Trump. Here’s a guy who was a multi-billionaire who lost it all and more.

He was more than a Billion in Debt!!! Yet, trump-youre-firedafter Trump lost his fortune, he went right back to work and recaptured it within a few short years.

We are talking Billions here!

His internal thermostat is set for great abundance. He absolutely wouldn’t be able to accept or rest with anything less.

His internal success thermostat fuels the fire and absolutely will not let up until the adequate level of Abundance that Donald’s Success Blueprint is set for is again attained.

There is no rest from the internal tension and drive until happy equilibrium is again established.


Where are you Standing?

So where does this leave you? If you want to know the level your Success Thermostat is currently set for, it’s not too hard to discover. Consider the consistent themes of your life as they pertain to Money, Success, Happiness, Abundance, Joy, and Fulfillment.

What have been the consistent themes throughout your life?

  • How successful with money have you been on average?
  • Have you consistently been a high, low, or moderate income earner?
  • How would you describe your relationships with other people on a consistent basis throughout your life?
  • Are you generally what you would consider a “lucky” person?

Do the circumstances in your life generally work in your favor or against you? Are you happy or sad most of the time? Do you feel lucky or consider yourself to be unlucky in life. Etc…Etc….In other words, what do your consistent life results look like?


Can you identify a theme?

monuntain climberThe consistent answers that you find will begin to describe your Success Blueprint and what it’s currently set at.

This has absolutely nothing to do with what you desire to achieve, your dreams, or your plans. This is simply a representative sample of what your results have looked like.

If you are less than happy with your answers then welcome… It’s time to get busy with your Self-Improvement Plan for Abundant Life Success.


The following has been a small sampling of Truths About Success.

I’m going to be sharing more of these simple truths that can make a big difference on my Blog Site under the MLM Success Tips tab.

Also if you are interested in the 3 biggest things that hold most people back chained to a life of Debt and Mediocrity and how to grab a hold of an mlm opportunity and Rocket to Success click this link.


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