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How to Use Tumblr for Marketing (Infographic)

Let’s talk Social Media for a moment and let’s talk specifically about one specific platform in particular and explore How to Use Tumblr for Marketing.


Are you familiar with the phenomenon called Tumbler?

Many of you may not be but Yahoo sure paid attention. In fact they paid over a Billion Dollars for it!


That should be your first clue.

In fact there are more than 300 million unique visitors a month going to Tumblr and it is growing at a rate of 74% a year.

Here’s another piece of pertinent information. More than 65% of its user base has a college degree and have extra income to spare.


Your second clue should be this….

Have you watched a YouTube video and hit the share menu and seen what pops up?

Do you see those social sharing icons all in a row down there beneath the video?

Do you see the Tumblr Icon?

Tumblr Icon

Aha… are you catching on yet?

Let’s rewind a couple of posts back where I had Rob Fore as a featured post on this blog: Youtube Video Seo with SEO Master Rob Fore

Rob explains exactly why these social sharing icons are so important and talks a little about how you can use Tumblr for marketing. In fact he more specifically tells you how you can use Tumblr for Video SEO in the video.

Check out the YouTube Video SEO post and if you like it and want more, be sure you also see: Video SEO – How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube

 But for today’s post let’s have a look at this great infographic from http://www.quicksprout.com How to Use Tumblr for Marketing.

How to Use Tumblr For Marketing

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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How to Massively Increase Your Google+ Engagement (InfoGraphic)

Google+ You’ve got to have it, you have to use it, you’d better get hip with why you need it to succeed with your online presence and marketing.

It doesn’t matter what you may think about Google+ you have no choice but to be on it.

Infographics are cool and say so much so for today…

Take a look at this Google+ Info-graphic from Neil Patel and Quicksprout.com today and enlighten yourself as to why you must take advantage of Google+!



How to Increase Your Google+ Engagement by 281%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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MLM Social Media Strategy Optimization: Double your Response and Open Rates

 Increase Your Social Media Recruiting in your Network Marketing Business with these simple tips that Increase Your Open and Response Rates Drastically.

social media optimization tips

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Imagine the increase your Business can experience whey you start leveraging exactly what it is your market wants, giving it to them regularly, and becoming the go to source they count on and rely on for information, guidance, leadership, tools, training, and information in your niche.

mlm opportunity

Let’s be honest about Your Social Media Strategy

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Link Building for 2012 and Beyond…

Link Building for 2012 and Beyond…

Guest Blogging, Social Media, Blogging / Link Bait, Broken Link Building, Online PR, Competitive Link Building, Giveaways, and Localized Link Building. Here are 47 resources to carry your link building through 2013!

SEO Link BuildingLink building is a necessary and essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) now and will continue to be into the future. He who has the most quality links still wins. But the techniques to get links to our sites are becoming more and more difficult and time consuming. In fact many of the techniques that at one time worked so well will get you penalized today big time and will actually work against you in your SEO efforts.

For years people have manipulated the process by automating link building and using tools and technology to do much of their link building for them. Entire sites and communities were dedicated to these activities. Google’s Updates earlier this year were launched to devalue these sites and the links coming from them in an effort  discourage site owners from pursuing “black-hat”  or questionable link building practices.

Penalized for Link Building Practices

Many peoples sites plummeted overnight and many people gave up in utter frustration and despair after working so hard to achieve the rankings they had attained.

Link Building has changed since the Google Panda, Penguin, and additional updates that hit many marketers hard this year. This is a resource from SEO MOZ of a compilation of amazing link building posts sure to inspire and fortify your link building. I just thought I would take a minute  share this powerful resource with you: 47 resources to carry your link building through 2013!

Other Resources for Link Building and SEO

Go ahead and check out these 47 powerful resources for your success and be sure and check out the Online SEO Training page on this site for additional SEO resources.

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The Bare Basics of Social Media in 3 Minutes Thirty Four Seconds

The Bare Basics of Social Media in 3 Minutes Thirty Four Seconds


social media marketingAre you on Social Media Overload!!! I like knowledge, in fact I love it and it is easy for me to go overboard with my enthusiasm and depth of knowledge when in fact many people come to me who are brand new and just need the basics of a subject such as social media to get started.

In fact I see that this is the case with so many people out there in the industry. It is important to remember that much of the time we are teaching and educating we are in fact talking to 3 audiences not just one.

What I mean by that is we are oftentimes engaging with the newbie beginner, the novice crowd, and the seasoned vets all at the same time. Unless we differentiate a particular training as advanced only or beginners only then it is important to remember the 3 audience rule and be as accommodating as possible for each group.

I realize that I have strayed away from this simple premise myself on many occasions and have gone off the deep end and probably scared the pants off some newbie marketer in the pursuit of serving the more advanced students. It would probably be a benefit if I had things structured better and made things clear or if I did a better job of teaching to all three audiences when I am on a passionate tangent about some technique or strategy I really love.

social media overloadIt’s easier to remember these things when we are not so caught up in the heat of the moment teaching frenzy. We should endeavor to remember that in MLM the majority of people in your team and organization are brand new to the industry. They have never done MLM before, created a website, created videos, articles, or marketed a thing in their lives.

Newbies are not tech savvy or marketing savvy. Most have never heard of SEO, conversion ratios, Google Analytics, etc. and will be blown out of the water if you are ranting on and on about these subjects without giving them a solid foundation to build upon first.

Granted your advanced students will demand upper level training, knowledge, and strategies or go elsewhere to find it. You simply must provide it if you want to be a leader in online MLM and take your team into the future of online Social Media marketing, internet marketing, success strategies, and business.
I’m not harping on anyone in particular including myself. I am just trying to make the point that sometimes all a person really wants and needs is the bare basics of social media in three minutes and thirty four seconds.

So here it is and if I haven’t clarified it yet than I am now, the following video is a basic look at the fundamentals of social media marketing. Oh yeah and it’s all over and done within three minutes and thirty four seconds. Nice Huh?

Social Media Marketing Basics

Social Media Marketing in 3:34 Cool Huh?


If you enjoyed this very basic training but are looking to master social media and take advantage of the massive rewards it has to offer check out this Facebook training that will blow you away and put you in the best position to master and profit from this amazing social media platform. In fact this…

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