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Link Building for 2012 and Beyond…

Link Building for 2012 and Beyond…

Guest Blogging, Social Media, Blogging / Link Bait, Broken Link Building, Online PR, Competitive Link Building, Giveaways, and Localized Link Building. Here are 47 resources to carry your link building through 2013!

SEO Link BuildingLink building is a necessary and essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) now and will continue to be into the future. He who has the most quality links still wins. But the techniques to get links to our sites are becoming more and more difficult and time consuming. In fact many of the techniques that at one time worked so well will get you penalized today big time and will actually work against you in your SEO efforts.

For years people have manipulated the process by automating link building and using tools and technology to do much of their link building for them. Entire sites and communities were dedicated to these activities. Google’s Updates earlier this year were launched to devalue these sites and the links coming from them in an effort  discourage site owners from pursuing “black-hat”  or questionable link building practices.

Penalized for Link Building Practices

Many peoples sites plummeted overnight and many people gave up in utter frustration and despair after working so hard to achieve the rankings they had attained.

Link Building has changed since the Google Panda, Penguin, and additional updates that hit many marketers hard this year. This is a resource from SEO MOZ of a compilation of amazing link building posts sure to inspire and fortify your link building. I just thought I would take a minute  share this powerful resource with you: 47 resources to carry your link building through 2013!

Other Resources for Link Building and SEO

Go ahead and check out these 47 powerful resources for your success and be sure and check out the Online SEO Training page on this site for additional SEO resources.

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Penguin/Panda SEO Marketing Training

SEO Marketing Training! What You Need to Know to Produce a Great SEO Result Post Panda and Post Penguin with Global MLM Leader Rob Fore

SEO Marketing TrainingHas the recent Google Panda/Penguin update left you dazed and confused? Do you need some SEO Marketing Training for the times?

MLSP Seo Expert, L5 Global Leader Rob Fore, will explain how to get your blog posts, web pages and video to rank high on the major search engines Post-Panda and Post-Penguin. That’s the kind of SEO Marketing Training everyone needs right now…

Watch over Rob Fore’s shoulder as he clearly explains exactly who got penalized by the latest Google algorithm updates and why…


Join us Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm EDT as MLSP L5 Global Leader Rob Fore will shine a light on what all this means and how it affects your marketing. Get the SEO Marketing Training you need right now while everyone else is still trying to figure out what happened!


Rob says, “It is actually EASIER to rank now than ever before. Article marketing or content marketing is still alive and well.”


Get Registered Early for this SEO Marketing Training

Register today:  http://daveschlueteronline.com/weekly-free-training/

You want your blog posts, web pages and videos to rank high on the major search engines!

Register NOW to learn from the one and only Rob Fore, who all SEO marketers in MLSP attribute their success to. 

Click Here to Register:  SEO Marketing Training”


We’ll see you Wednesday, June 13th, 9pm EDT Sharp!


This SEO Marketing Training is going to Rock so don’t miss it!


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