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Are You Tired of Struggling to Make Ends Meet in this Post 2008 Economy?

Are you beginning to realize the Rules have Changed since 2008 and that you’re going to need New Strategies to Win?

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Everything has Changed and if you’re still playing with the “Old Rule Book” you’re going to get Wiped Out…

Don’t believe me?

  • Has you or anyone you know lost a job or career lately, or is worried about it happening soon?
  • Do you worry you won’t make enough money if you lose your current job or career?
  • Have you lost your retirement funds, know someone who has, or worry you’ll never be able to retire comfortably and securely?
  • Do you know someone without medical coverage or who can no longer afford to live a long and healthy life?
  • Do you know someone who’s lost their home, on the edge of loosing it, or can’t afford to purchase a home?
  • Do you know people worried about college funds for their children or who can’t afford it?
  • Do you know people sick and tired of their dead end jobs who can’t find anything better?
If you didn’t answer yes… I’d say you don’t know anyone, and I could go on and on here with this list but why lament when we could be talking about solutions?


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Dave Schlueter and Financial Literacy
Get Financial Literacy!

This topic of personal financial literacy really should be at the top of everyone’s list. Without it the world continues to pull the wool over your eyes and you stare into the darkness wondering what has happened. 

There comes a time in your life when it becomes time to turn off the TV, put down the magazines, stay home from the clubs and party scene, and devote yourself to one of the most important subjects of your life. Financial literacy should be one of the subjects at the top of your list.

If you’re not willing to do that, then it is time to stop blaming the financial problems in your life on your job, the government, the economy and everything else and take a good hard look in the mirror to see the problem and put a cork in it. I’m just trying to be real with you. I love you but I’m trying to wake some people up from a deep financial literacy slumber.

You can make excuses or you can make money but you can’t do both.

Take a few minutes out of your busy life right now and listen to some advice from some of the worlds wealthiest and smartest financial Gurus  and then reconsider your stance on the need for financial literacy right now in you life.

I want to personally introduce you to one of my financial literacy and business mentors Mr Robert Kiyosaki author of the number one selling personal finance book in the history of the world and hear what he has to say about (financial literacy) some things before you make up your mind about this subject, click your browser, or go scurrying off down the rabbit trail any further.

Personal Financial Literacy with Robert Kiyosaki



So like Robert says, “What side of the fence do you want to be on… rich or poor?”  Financial literacy or financial illiteracy? The choice is yours and only you can do something about your choice. If you choose rich then you are going to have to do things differently then 95% of the people out there in the world. You’re going to have to make a decision like Robert says and “Not Quit.” You are going to have to embrace some “outside the box” type thinking, systems, and strategies to succeed, and you need financial literacy to succeed.


You Need A Plan B and You must have Personal financial Literacy to Succeed!


Let’s think for a minute about everything that Robert was telling us and just let it sink in. How many of you really understand and have been taught what money is or how it is created? How many of you consider your self to have financial literacy or not? It seems to me like that would be something pretty important for everyone to know, and yet how many people do you know and hang out with who can adequately answer these elementary questions? If you are like most people the answer will be not many, and it probably shows in their lives.

Remember don’t shoot the financial literacy messenger. I love you guys but like I’ve said I’m trying to wake some people up and to do that you have to shake people a little. I understand financial literacy can be a very touchy subject. I’m just calling it like it is and like Robert is. I’m just being real with you, and the reality is that most people have no financial literacy.

So let’s take a little more time out of our precious lives and let’s get some answers about where money comes from,  how it is created, and how it powers an economy.

Take a look at a financially literate business opportunity today: “Financial Literacy Opportunity”

Money as Debt…


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: How Money is Made / Created



I realize that might have been a very heavy video for some of you, depressing even perhaps but trust me all is not lost and all is not bad news. Unfortunately the truth is often hard to swallow when you are not used to such a rich diet. But hang with us here it gets better and we will even show you why it is a time to be getting excited and why we are on the brink of tremendous opportunity, change, and perhaps even a modern-day gold rush so to speak. You’re going to need financial literacy to find that gold though…


But before we go there let’s take a look at the U.S. Dollar and how it is fairing in the midst of this European banking crisis and economic instability. Let’s move a little closer to where I call home and let Ron Paul tell us some of his views on gold and silver first. Let’s see what Ron Paul has to say about this particular subject of financial literacy.


Personal financial Literacy Tip: Ron Paul Gold and Silver



Now you know that the people who control your money supply is a private corporation with shareholders that make and set the monetary policy for the United States and really the whole world. Watch the next video and learn about this situation and the fate of the U.S. Dollar and the likely economic future.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: The U.S. Dollar has Cancer



Now before you freak out totally, hold on to your butts and let’s dig a little deeper into this whole topic of Personal Financial literacy and find out what you need to know to come out ahead. This whole wealth transfer that may be on the horizon is nothing to fear at all if you are prepared for it and know what to do. Information and education shine a light illuminating things and it takes the fear out of things unknown.


In fact the whole game of money has changed and most people never even got the memo. The rules changed dramatically in 1971 and then again in 1974 forever changing thy dynamic and rules of money forever. It makes financial literacy for us all the more critical. How many people do you know that realize this monumental event changed the nature and scope of money and how it affects them forever?


I’m about to send you that financial literacy memo right now in case you never got it, and get you caught up on everything quickly so you’ll know how to position yourself to prosper.


Personal Financial Literacy: The New Rules of Money Lesson 1



So that is a brief financial literacy primer on a few of the changes but it really isn’t much to sink our teeth into yet. Obviously the need for financial literacy has been outlined, and it has been made clear that we all need to increase our financial IQ, and that the only ones who can perform this feat for us is ourselves. So if you will, let’s take a little more of our precious time and dedicate it to that very process and see what Robert has to say in the next segment about money.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 2



Given the information in the last video you now have some choices concerning your financial future. What side of the cash flow quadrant do you want to reside on… the E – S side, or the B-I side? And which of the 3 types of income are you most interested in… Earned income at 50% – Portfolio income at 20% – or Passive income at 0% tax rates?

If you are interested in transferring yourself to the B – I side of the quadrant watch this presentation now: B -I Opportunity and Training


Now I realize that for some of you this is nothing new. But for others they’ve never even heard of these financial literacy concepts before. Many are still entrenched in old thinking and old traditional beliefs, values, and training handed down to them through family, society, and the limited education system that has failed to enlighten them to the facts of the times. They’re still living in a pre-1971 mindset that no longer serves them. It’s not financially literate…


Probably one of the hardest things for the old school advocates to get past is that Savers are Losers in today’s age. In this next module you will learn and see first hand exactly why this is true.


Personal financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 3



Before we go further into financial literacy and the new rules of money, I want to pick out a key point that Robert talked about in the last video when he talked about the concept of ‘Hedging” as a method of preserving value or preserving wealth. It is demonstrated in fact that paper money isn’t really money at all but instead it is a currency that is continually loosing its value (especially lately).


So if holding currency is a loosing battle in the effort to preserve and accumulate wealth then what isn’t? If currency isn’t money then what is? And more importantly how do we keep from loosing any more value and hedge against inflation and the devaluation of currency and our wealth? How do we come at this problem from a financial literacy standpoint?


I think that the next several videos will begin to explain some clear-cut ways for you to hedge against inflation and to begin to preserve wealth for the future today.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: Understanding Inflation Gold vs The Dollar



If you’re not feeling at least a little scammed by the box of B.S. you’ve been fed I’m wondering if you are fully conscious or if you are just not understanding what’s going on here yet. If you’re not understanding then go back and view all these videos again until the truth takes root and begins to grow some financial literacy roots in you.


For everyone else who’s up to speed and feeling more than a little scammed, cheated, and lied to at the moment, let’s take a look at what you need to do about the subject to start winning and feeling better about your financial future.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: Silver as Your Best Investment



So now we know who really pulls the strings. It’s a group of ultra rich shareholders who make up the international banking cartels and apparently answer to no one when it comes to printing money and determining fiscal policies that affect the entire world (did you get that). And as you heard Robert say the best way to hedge against the economic crisis that they have created is to hold commodities and continually develop your financial literacy or financial IQ as he calls it. He recommends silver as one of the best ways of doing this.


Now let’s be clear about one thing here. I don’t give investment advice nor am I licensed to give it. But when an ultra rich super well-informed financial Guru like Robert speaks I listen and I am willing to bet on his advice because I am well aware of his financial prowess as not only as an investor but also as a business leader and educator.


In fact let’s let Robert shed a little more light on Personal Financial Literacy as we carry on with this new rules of money series. In fact let’s clear up for good this whole debate about Assets and Liabilities as we take a look at this ultra important subject from the viewpoint of a successful wealthy investor and business leader.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 4



Let’s talk about debt for a minute because it seems like everyone’s got it. In fact debt has increased to epidemic proportions and in fact the whole financial system is built upon it.


But did you realize there are two types of debt? Good debt and bad debt. Do you know the difference? Let’s take a look at the subject of debt in this next video and find out a little more about debt and the two debt classes as we increase our financial literacy on these subjects.


financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 5



I realize that some of you out there may be skeptical about all this especially if this kind of information is brand new to you and you are still deeply entrenched with the old teachings of the times that are based upon a flawed system and strategy that no longer works. Do you realize financial literacy has been withheld from the educational system for a reason? You may even be upset with me or with Robert for bringing all this stuff up and telling you that this is the truth of the matter, and what is really going on in the world today.


But once again don’t shoot the messenger and instead let’s look at the data and determine how the old rules of money and the deeply steeped traditions of money really measure up against the truth. To view this accurately we must examine the statistical data about this financial literacy subject. The statistics will alarm you…

For this matter we offer the following illustration that clearly illustrates the case in point. The following pie chart outlines the true cost of a lack of financial literacy to the U.S.















The facts are a blatant poke in your eye. A clear statistical fact that what we’ve been doing isn’t working when it comes to producing anything resembling the “American Dream” and anything resembling a sane level of financial literacy. In fact I don’t believe I could present a more clear indicator that people need to embrace some new thinking, some new ideas, some financial literacy, and a “Plan B” in their lives. In fact I want to offer a segment of video from the members area of this site that deals with this very subject.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: The Need for a Plan B



So if you would like to take a look at what a Plan B looks like you’re going to want to go deeper into some training with me on this subject as I outline to you a system for your success. Here’s your link: Get Plan B Today


But let’s also continue with our New Rules of Money Series as we let Robert educate us on what he means by the difference between Buy, Sell, and Fool.


Personal Financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 6



There’s a couple of really pertinent points (besides good debt and bad debt) that come to mind after that video that should really be sticking with you in your mind right now. Like Robert’s Rich Dad taught him “if you want to be rich you have to find something to sell every single month” and if you want to be rich “you have to be selling more every month than you are buying.” For financial literacy to work you must take a greater role in piloting your own destiny. You must assume greater responsibility for yourselves…


It’s fairly elementary and yet how many people are hurting because they fail to live their lives in accord with these simple principles of wealth? If you are one of them you need to get a plan B and come into alignment with these principles of financial literacy, either that or you are destined to join the masses on the largest piece of the pie.

Here’s your link: Get Plan B Today


In a minute I will list the resource list for all the Financial Literacy related materials on this website. But you really want to use the Get Plan B Today link if you want to get some deeper training and solutions for this subject. So before I give you the resource list I think we should visit our New Rules of Money one more time to find out first hand why diversification is equal to” worse-if-i-cation” and instead why you want to FOCUS.


 Personal Financial Literacy Tip: New Rules of Money Pt. 7



Before I cut you loose here I want to encourage you to come to the members area of my site by visiting the Get Plan B Today link and getting the added behind the scenes financial literacy training that is offered to those who are coming closer to my inner circle and team.


Once you are inside I will show you a system not only for your financial success but also for your personal success and you life. We will illustrate to you a complete leveraged plan and education for your success and I will tap you into some of my friends who can take you deep into the Black Box type investing strategies of the rich and show you how to get started even if you don’t have any available cash flow today.


So use the Get Plan B Today link now, or check out some of the other Personal Financial Literacy links to content on this website now.


Personal Financial Literacy Resource List:


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The Need for a Financial Plan B

You know it isn’t too hard these days if you just look around and open your mind to seek the truth instead of the bull you hear every day, to become aware of the fact that the whole economic system worldwide is in some deep and serious trouble and you need to have a financial plan B.

Most people refuse to believe the truth and instead hear what they want to hear hoping it will all turn out fine in the end. Nothing could be further from the truth for those unwilling to be proactive in deciding their own destinies.



In fact it is why I have been pushing for financial literacy and out of the box type solutions for the readers of my newsletter, and my team members. You have that option today as well.

You have got to get outside the box and embrace some new thinking attitudes and strategies if you are going to come through this time of change safely and profitably.

In fact more new millionaires were created during the last Great Depression than any other time in our history. And this was happening while the people who were not in “the know” were diving out of buildings. To be in the know you need to have a solid financial plan B.

After all, the Titanic was a very large “box full of people” claiming to be “unsinkable” and yet it lays entombed in its watery grave at the bottom of the Atlantic to this very day. They had life boats (a plan B) but it was a bad plan B and so the results did not turn out very well.

So what’s my point? Don’t go down with the ship! Develop your financial plan B today. If you haven’t noticed we’re taking on water! So it’s time to get in the know!

Watch today’s important video message and then go check out some out of the box financial Plan B type solutions. Sign up on the web form on this page and I’ll get you hooked up. You can sign up here on this page or by visiting the link below and opting in for the video training.



For Some Killer Information and a Financial Plan B Go to:  Get Plan B

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