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Penguin/Panda SEO Marketing Training

SEO Marketing Training! What You Need to Know to Produce a Great SEO Result Post Panda and Post Penguin with Global MLM Leader Rob Fore

SEO Marketing TrainingHas the recent Google Panda/Penguin update left you dazed and confused? Do you need some SEO Marketing Training for the times?

MLSP Seo Expert, L5 Global Leader Rob Fore, will explain how to get your blog posts, web pages and video to rank high on the major search engines Post-Panda and Post-Penguin. That’s the kind of SEO Marketing Training everyone needs right now…

Watch over Rob Fore’s shoulder as he clearly explains exactly who got penalized by the latest Google algorithm updates and why…


Join us Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm EDT as MLSP L5 Global Leader Rob Fore will shine a light on what all this means and how it affects your marketing. Get the SEO Marketing Training you need right now while everyone else is still trying to figure out what happened!


Rob says, “It is actually EASIER to rank now than ever before. Article marketing or content marketing is still alive and well.”


Get Registered Early for this SEO Marketing Training

Register today:  http://daveschlueteronline.com/weekly-free-training/

You want your blog posts, web pages and videos to rank high on the major search engines!

Register NOW to learn from the one and only Rob Fore, who all SEO marketers in MLSP attribute their success to. 

Click Here to Register:  SEO Marketing Training”


We’ll see you Wednesday, June 13th, 9pm EDT Sharp!


This SEO Marketing Training is going to Rock so don’t miss it!


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The Penguin Updates and Why Adolf Hitler is so Pissed

The Penguin Updates and Why Adolf Hitler is so Pissed


If you are new to Internet MLM Marketing or brand new to SEO (search engine optimization) you may not be familiar with all the outcries in the online community about the so called Penguin Updates. These were changes made to the Google algorithm that affect how websites rank online.


This latest update comes on the heels of the Panda update that was the last major change to the online marketing world.


So why is all this so relevant to MLM marketers? Because there is still plenty of material out there online and in courses including my own, some of which will cause you trouble and actually harm your search rankings rather than improve them if you don’t adapt the strategies accordingly.


You need to be aware of these changes and how they affect your marketing strategy and online search rankings, before you spend your time effort and hard earned dollars strategizing your content or next campaign.


I found this crude yet funny video online that explains the problem and why Adolf Hitler is so pissed about it. It’s crude but funny none the less.



So to try and help people not wind up pissed off like Adolf the boy, take some time to get acquainted with the SEO Resource Page here on this site and get up to date with both the Panda and Penguin updates. You really want to do this before you start out on a major Article Marketing Campaign or On Page optimization strategy.


Watch the Penguin Video below to get an idea of what these changes mean to online marketing as I haven’t posted it to the SEO Resource Page yet.



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