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The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan

The Jedi Warrior 7 Figure MLM Business Plan


jedi mlm business planIn yesterday’s article our young MLM Jedi learned about the dark side of MLM and the required Jedi training in the form of a solid 7 figure MLM business plan to defeat the evil empire. And why the shroud of mystery and secrecy around this sacred knowledge, especially when MLM business plan training seems to be so plentiful in the greater universe?


Beware the dark side my friends…


So why is this MLM business plan stuff so mysterious and confusing then..?



The  Great MLM Business Plan Deception


It’s simple to understand really. You see most every approach to MLM business plan lead generation works to some extent. And there are so many schools of thought on the subject, old school, new Skool, and no school. And this is what make it confusing.  Everyone claims there way is the best way. And when you are a novice MLM Jedi apprentice, it all seems to make perfect sense and it is easy to be led astray by these charlatans (strong the dark side is).


But here’s the truth, and as soon as I shine the light of truth into the dark universe of MLM business plans  it is amazing how quickly you’ll see what’s missing.  Every low volume MLM business plan lead generation technique such as working your warm market, the mall, coffee shops, meet up groups, elevators, etc. are based on the assumption that you will sooner or later discover a 1% Percent-er lurking in the crowd somewhere. The kind of business builder that is going to explode growth in your organization once you sign them up.


And don’t be mistaken it happens and some people don’t have to sift too far before they find one, but the chances are not so good that everyone is going to find one, and most people can’t weather the disappointment it brings, or the time it may require.  Most people usually cannot endure the social pressure of failing before  their closest peer group as they sit judge, jury, and executioner over your new venture with these techniques.


Beware the MLM dark side… Strong it is.


Just the time alone required to build a strong organization using  low volume MLM business plan approaches pretty much guarantees your going to MLM business plan patienceencounter a large drop out rate in your team. Truly it will probably take you years to reach your goals and achieve the MLM success and Jedi Knighthood abundance you’re after.


So when you think about it and when you shine some Jedi wisdom on it, you quickly realize you need massive impact MLM business plan that applies the leverage of “The Force” by using high volume MLM business plan marketing approaches that work.


If it isn’t a leveraged high impact large volume prospecting, presenting, follow up, training, and duplicating method you may be wasting your time seeking Jedi Knighthood…


Employing a high volume approach ensures you’ll generate such a high volume of numbers in your prospecting that you can’t miss finding the dead serious top quality people you’ll need to build your massive MLM organization with.


So instead of fretting and feeling dejected like most people with every no they receive trying to find your 1%’er,  instead you just don’t worry anymore about the people who would tell you no, tell you it is a scam, tell you that you’re in a pyramid scheme and you’ll never end up making any money (the dark side of the force) …at all. You sit back and faithfully run the numbers instead… That’s the beauty of a high volume 7 figure Jedi Marketers MLM business plan.


We’ll be talking more about this high volume 7 figure MLM business plan strategy in articles to come. But if you really want to get right into it right now, then opt in on the web form on this page and we’ll start training together.



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