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The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Watch “The Wrath of Financial Literacy Video” Below: you can also view this Video at: The Wrath of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is something I have been devoting a lot of  attention to lately. I’ve been off line for a little while now deep in thought and working on some amazing projects, several of which include how to increase financial literacy among MLM marketers and common folks to begin strengthening families, communities, and country again.

Unless you grew up in a rich household intent on educating you and helping you maintain and grow wealth most of us got screwed when it came to financial literacy in our upbringing. It just wasn’t there or worse yet financial illiteracy was taught in the form of terrible and counterproductive financial advice.

In fact most people are programmed to fail financially. Their success blueprint when it comes to money is all messed up and many don’t even realize it. And yet this skill of financial literacy is so vitally important to life, happiness, health, freedom etc., that you’d think it would be the first thing you learned in school and at home right? But shockingly it isn’t…

Just think about it for a minute… This critical and vital skill is missing in most people’s lives or is installed in an entirely wrong fashion.

Some Examples of Financial Literacy Gone Wrong

How many times have you heard it said that the number one cause for divorce is related to money problems? That should make financial literacy pretty important then right?

How many times have you heard a story about someone with money problems who inherits or wins a windfall of money and who’s money problems only get worse because of it? It would seem obvious that more money isn’t the problem then wouldn’t it?

But it doesn’t just end there… The effects of financial illiteracy go much, much deeper…

How many times have you heard the one about the network marketer who starts his new business venture and comes into wealth quickly and easily, and then begins his new lavish lifestyle so recklessly that at the end of the year they are running from creditors and the IRS wondering how everything could have become so out of control so fast? It’s more common than you think.

So new wealth or a new business venture isn’t always the solution to people’s money problems either then is it?

How many times does some fiscally irresponsible and ignorant bureaucrat with an utter lack of financial literacy screw things up big time and leave the masses suffering for it? There are Staggering consequences to consider when you fathom the impact of financial illiteracy.

And then how many times does an unknowing public vote in another schmuck because they themselves lack financial literacy, and cannot see the very same problem being reflected in the candidate of their choice. It can be Devastating?

Financial Literacy is Missing

You won’t find it in school; you won’t hear it from your friends, most never find it at the family dinner table, at their job, or in their Spouse, etc. And yet financial literacy is single handedly one of the most important subjects of your entire life.

Something is fishy about the whole affair don’t you think? Does anyone else smell a rat here?

A lack of financial literacy won’t just destroy your family and put a damper on your weekend plans, it will destroy your business, your friends, your community, your society, and your country. It will put total control into the hands of the few who are financially literate and who struggle to control that information who endeavor to control all the money and all the wealth.

We all have a need to do something about our financial literacy today. Check out the Financial Literacy Page on this website and get plugged in. You might find you are not as literate as you thought. View the opening video on the page and opt in for three brain dead simple bonuses you can start applying to your life right now to improve your financial destiny.



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Success Truth #10: You Must Have Vision

athleteAsk any peak performance athlete whether they believe visualization is a critical aspect of peak athletic performance. Then ask them how often they employ the technique in their training and you may be surprised.


Most of them will attest to the absolute importance of this technique and many report that they fail to use it nearly enough. Almost without exception they all feel they could further improve if they used this technique more


It would seem then that the positive results for professional athletes then are unquestionable. You don’t want to set off on your journey to MLM success or life success without first understanding this powerful ally.


Visioning will guide you, help supply you, and enable you every step of the way to accomplish more than would otherwise be possible by ordinary means.  It will amplify your results in network marketing and in life. But you must employ it regularly and in right fashion to progress with speed and efficiency.


You must learn to think from your goals, as though you were already in possession of them, rather than merely thinking about them. Thinking of them and desiring them in and of itself is not enough to produce significant results. It doesn’t transmit sufficient energy to the cosmic computer between your ears to produce a large scale effect. Small energy ripples are sent through your consciousness, but what we need to generate is large waves that carry us forward toward our objectives, and send loud and clear messages to the creative universal source.


It is this cosmic computer whose resources must be fully engaged, in order to materialize what we seek. Without this you stand alone – without theinner realm assistance of the greater universe and its potential to assist you with your goals. If you desire peak performance,  peak MLM success, wealth, and abundance, you must harness this potential energy by using


Your cosmic computer and connection to reality through your sub-conscious mind already has access to the way, but you must give clear instructions about what you intend for it to do. You must send clear instructions about what it is you seek to manifest.


Most people do not use this asset properly and hence they fail to get the massive results in life that they desire. Done correctly, visioning will set into motion a train of events and circumstances, both spiritual and material in nature that will work toward the fulfillment of your requests.


If wanting something and desiring alone were enough to produce what you desire, then you would have experienced different results in your life already. Desire alone is simply not enough. You must apply more power to the process.


personal-growthThe requests you send through visioning may be good, bad, or neutral, so it is important to realize how you are using visioning in your life to co-create your future. Many people use a form of this against themselves on a regular basis to produce effects that are entirely to their detriment. They wonder why it is they just can’t seem to get it right. They see and feel themselves experiencing negative outcomes in life on a regular basis, and then in turn they manifest this reality in their lives, and it baffles them.


Is it any wonder they don’t achieve the life they desire? The principle of attraction is working, but only to their detriment. The power of visioning is being used against them.


Visioning requires proper technique, and practice. When you learn to vision properly with such intensity as to actually feel yourself in possession of the prize you desire, you transmit an unshakable message to the sub-conscious section of your mind.


However, you must do this with intensity, focus, clarity, intention, faith and emotion to get the greatest benefits.


So what worthy heart felt goals do you have that you absolutely must accomplish? What is the reason behind this necessity (Compelling Reason)? Now “Make it Real” with the power of visioning in your consciousness!


Experience what it is like to be there in possession of your dream. How does it feel? What are you doing, and who’s sharing this vision with you? What is your life like, and how has it changed from where you’re at today? How do you feel about yourself given this new environment?


When you do visioning exercises regularly you help to solidify the ethereal nature of your visions. You must experience all the details, colors, sights, feelings and smells as vividly as you can.


Proficiency will improve with practice. Embrace all the emotions you experience with clarity and detail. Then if possible, work backwards from yourMLM business plan patience destination to the present. See and experience all the necessary details along the way. This may reveal some clues about how you might get there. More will be revealed in time.


Feel yourself accomplishing these things. Absolutely believe that this reality exists for you. Believe and act as though it were already yours, and as though you already possess it. It is only a matter of manifesting it from spiritual reality into time and space reality.


This energy input actually begins that process into action, and you continually strengthen the likelihood of this outcome with each new visioning experience.


This technique has been used by shamans for millennium to produce results that could only be described as magic. Jesus spoke and taught these things as well.


The level of faith and belief in the vision helps it to materialize. It sets your sub-conscious to work on the details of manifesting this reality. It attracts universal energy and resources to perform the task.


It may sound strange to you I know, but witness the miracle of healing and spend some time studying cancer survivors and other supposed miracles thathealing science can’t explain, and you will find this principle at work.


The resources for the fulfillment of your dreams are available to you in the universe.

Visioning in this way sends a strong impulse and clear communication to the creative intelligence within the universe. It’s not magic that creates miracles it’s power. Creative achievers use this resource all the time to generate remarkable results. You can to.


One of the most important tasks is setting your intention firmly and intelligently to work for you by harnessing all the universal elements available to you for generating your vision; Visioning is a powerful part of that process.


The visioning experience literally magnetizes your brain to attract what you have desired into your life. It also helps attune you spiritually to your vision. Your intention and attention when focused in such a fashion on a particular worthy ambition, helps set creative force energy to work for you.


StardustThis is critical. This actually produces a physical effect upon the fabric of creation so to speak. This in essence is what we term co-creation where you are aligning yourself with the laws of the universe and the creative intelligence within it to influence a particular future or present outcome in life.


Your input actually helps manipulate the material fabric of life to produce a result. There is no magic in it, only refined technique mastered by many over the centuries which produce amazing results. This is often only referred to as magic.


The sub-conscious mind properly aligned, with a definite purpose behind it, and tapped into higher power and purpose, has access to incredible organizing and creative abilities. It will set to work with the forces of creation to carry out the instructions you have given it.


Whatever it is you seek in life, “believe that ye receive it.” Make no mistake about it; there are great advantages to be discovered in visioning. All you need are the right techniques and clear intent to get started.


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