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Success Truth #6: You Must Be Willing To Make a Fool of Yourself

Success Truth #6: You Must Be Willing To Make a Fool of Yourself

It sounds silly, but it’s true. If you want to be wealthy, abundant, and truly successful, then you’ve got to be willing to do whatever it may take to scale the mountain of MLM success, even if that entails making a complete fool of yourself in the process. In life, you’ve got to be willing to go for it. You’ve got to be willing to take risks. If you don’t, then while you sit waiting for the perfect opportunity to come your way, life will pass you by. The perfect time to take advantage of opportunity is when it presents itself. The perfect opportunity is the next right opportunity that comes your way. Naturally, when an opportunity comes your way, you must research it thoroughly and consider the downside. But once you have done so, if necessary, be willing to go against popular opinion. Take a risk. Make a fool of yourself if needed. Remember, in life, there are only three types of decisions you can make: The right decision, the wrong decision, or no decision at all.

You have to capitalize on the next opportunity that makes sense, and cash in on it while it’s available. This is true of life and it makes perfect sense. Do this often, and even if you sometimes make the “wrong decision” you will prosper far more than those who spend their lives making no decision at all, or those who wait for the “perfect” opportunity to come along. There are plenty of people out there who are looking, but not taking any action. They wait for opportunities that are perfectly safe, extremely high yielding, and guaranteed to produce. They want golden opportunities served up on a platinum platter. Some of them are so skeptical that even when opportunities are presented to them in this way, they still turn them down! Amazing huh?  You don’t want to be counted among those who sit and wonder why life refuses to share its bounty, and who are cynical about every opportunity that comes their way. It’s better to take action and get some kind of result.

It’s sad to see, but every day, millions upon millions of these people are forced from their homes by a disaster called work. Work that they hate! Driven by the emotion of fear, they perform a series of mundane tasks (tasks that are unfulfilling and unrewarding) in order to maintain the illusion of safety, and security that they call a job. (The average American worker has only three months of living income as the sum total of their assets.) They do as they have been taught, conditioned, and instructed to do. Let me translate. It’s called three months from bankruptcy. Just like everyone else they know, they obey orders, and fulfill expectations placed upon them by their peers, family, friends, society, etc. They maintain the status quo. They fear taking risks outside the norm which might make them look foolish.

But every day during work or maybe on lunch break, you see other people out walking their dogs in the park. They’re playing with their children. They’re out shopping, dining, and genuinely enjoying life. They seem unfettered and unchained. And you may be wondering: “What’s wrong with this picture?” “Don’t these people have jobs?” “Why aren’t they at work today?” “How come they don’t have to do what I have to do?” You may be bitter, and understandably so.

Many of them don’t have to do what you have to do, because many of them are financially independent, wealthy, abundant and successful. When they work it is because they choose to. It feeds them emotionally because they love what they do. They have already climbed the mountain called success, achieved financial and success literacy, and are now reaping the rewards. They don’t have to do what you have to do because they already took the risks necessary and made fools of themselves if necessary, persevered, and won. They took action and followed through. And like them, if you want to become wealthy, abundant, and successful in your MLM business and in your life, you’ll have to be willing to do what they have done. The question is are you ready? Are you willing to learn and go to the lengths necessary to succeed? Without a “Compelling Reason Why” you probably won’t be.

You’ll have to follow in successful leaders footsteps if you want to enjoy the same rewards. When necessary, you’ll have to be willing to stand up for yourself and oppose the popular opinions of friends, family and peers. Thank them for their advice, scorn, and concern, and then reconsider within yourself the qualifications which they have to base their opinions. Remember 90% of the population is not financially free or secure nor will they ever be. Are they truly experts in the topics they lend council on? How much personal and direct experience do they have with these things they purpose to know about, and how abundant, successful, wealthy and fulfilled are they? Do you want what they have? Are they respectable success role models? Or are they lacking what you desire in life? Would you be better served seeking success council elsewhere? Like from the people who already have achieved what you want in life?

Consider this: when most people tell you something can’t be done, aren’t they really saying, they don’t know how to do it, they failed trying, or don’t know anyone who does? If you succeed in doing what they are unable to do, how would they react to your success? Would you receive a warm welcome? Would those who give you advice on such matters be excited, overjoyed, and seeking your counsel on how they might succeed as well? Would they become your protégés, believing in your plan of success and action, or would they remain the cynical, skeptics, and the same Chicken Little’s you may know them to be?

Be careful who you are taking your advice from. It can be downright dangerous to your success plans. Surround yourself with wise counsel and appropriately educated support. For some people, no amount of proof in the pudding will ever be enough. Their conditioning, their beliefs, and need to make their opinions be right overshadows all else. Others may only resentfully concede to your point of view.        If these and other unsuccessful ambassadors of little hope suit your role model of success, then by all means, feel free to adapt their skeptical behaviors and adopt their philosophies. But if you’re looking for more, if you are seeking success and abundance in your MLM business and your life, then don’t be afraid to look foolish in the eyes of those who do not understand your worthy ambitions and goals. You will not win their support. Don’t be afraid to boldly go where their little beliefs prevent them from going. Do not let them steal your dreams. Do not be afraid to take the leap of faith for your larger future, and take calculated risks that are in your favor. However, don’t be surprised when the roar goes up from the committee around you because you have blundered in their eyes and appear foolish before them. Just be sure the decisions you are making have been well considered first. You must search your heart and inspiration, counseling well with those you trust. Growth and clarity comes with the practice of sound habits based upon sound principles. When you follow through with this course of action, it is you who has the last laugh. It is you who reaps success in the end.

The truth is, we all make fools of ourselves now and then, no matter how right or wrong we may be, and we all cling to peer acceptance as a mechanism for feeling good. All of us have at least a few hundred blunders under our belts already. The successful person has many more than that. So be imperfect. Go ahead. Make your mistakes. Become bold. Lessen your demands for the approval of others. Blunder on a massive scale if necessary. Then learn from it and grow. Not everyone is going to see your path the way that you can see it. Not everyone can taste the same success that is in store for you.

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