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How to make a Million by asking… Thoughts on Connecting for a New Kind of Marketing See this Video Now…

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I love good thought provoking content that stimulates your brain to see things and think of things in a new kind of way, to see new possibilities and ways to do things. I think if you open your ears and your heart to this video it will stimulate you to see things in a new way and help you grow.

Personal Financial Literacy and MLM Success

If you’ve trained with me or if you are on my mailing list then you quickly understand my stance on Personal Financial Literacy. I’m passionate about it and I believe strongly that you can have tons of money and never solve your money troubles, learn to be financially independent, or truly successful and abundant in life without it.

I am not going to go into all the reasons I absolutely believe this to be true. I have demonstrated this fact already in my articles and seminars many times. But the truth is you can’t. More money only makes you more of what you already are. So if you have money trouble already… then you guessed it… you’ll only have bigger money problems when you hit the big time in MLM.

Unfortunately, you hear about it all the time. Listen to me and just let me coach you for a minute. MLM is one of those rare opportunities you find in life where wealth can be generated by average people in extraordinarily short periods of time. When this happens the newly rich often find themselves in terrible amounts of trouble.

For many it is because they have failed to prepare adequately for the tax consequences. It happens all the time. People start bringing in these huge sums of money that they have never had before and they go a little crazy with it like a kid turned loose in a candy store and it ends up making them sick. Really it’s the same kind of scenario; they just don’t seem to have the self-control, the maturity, and the training and information necessary to make the right kind of decisions.

It’s set to fail from the start. Get them all jacked up on sugar (new money) and they spin out of control like monkeys in a barrel.

To be rich and abundant in life, to taste the lasting fruits of success and abundance, and to leave a legacy that stands for something amazing, takes right training, right discipline, the right systems, tools and information. It’s just like what it takes to succeed in MLM.

It’s one of the reasons why I am so excited to be rolling out (as one of our new changes) the Personal Financial Literacy resource page. I wanted to create a killer one stop resource for the best critical information on the subject.

I don’t mean that boring B.S. they’ve been feeding to people for years that is rapidly destroying the middle class and turning us into a nation of have’s and the have not’s. I mean the type of information that makes a real difference in people’s lives, shines a light on the lies, and brings intelligence to the subject of personal financial literacy.  

This isn’t the stuff that was talked about around the table in my house. I doubt it was in yours either. The information I am bringing to you is from the best financial minds and Guru’s out there. In fact previously I reserved this information for members of my inner circle only and those on my personal mailing list.

But all that is about to change as I roll out the Personal Financial Literacy Page at http://daveschlueteronline.com and make this information available to everyone who visits this site. It’s my way of letting you know how serious I am about this subject and getting you on the right track to an abundant financial future.

So keep your eyes peeled to this blog over the next several weeks as we continue to roll out a flood of new effective changes to help serve everyone better.  

Come and indulge in greater Personal Financial Literacy at daveschlueteronline.com and be sure to leave a comment tell us what you think and be sure and spread the wealth.

Mlm Success Tips

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