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Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)

Have you tried Mind Movie Programming to sharpen your focus and program your conscious and subconscious self for ultimate success?


I love mind movies and use them regularly to improve myself.

mind movies

What are Mind Movies?


Mind Movies are a tool to help you keep your mind and your beliefs fully focused on success, and help you attract the things you want into your life.


It is recommend by some that you should set aside time 2 times daily (I suggest morning and evening) to view these Mind Movies and practice seeding your subconscious mind with auto-suggested commands.


I have always liked Iamvibration’s videos.


You can find them by searching Iamvibration on YouTube or click the above link.


These videos have a lot going on in them and you should definitely check them out in the HD setting, they are meant to be viewed that way.


Put in your earbuds or your beats, because there is stereo imagery and audio elements involved in many of these videos to produce specific brain wave frequencies designed as part of the experience.


Unfortunately some of my favorite Mind Movies from Iamvibration are no longer on YouTube. I’m not sure what has happened to them.


But today’s example is one of my favorites. Give it a view and tell me what you think.



With dedication to reprogramming your mind and using the law of attraction, you may consistently achieve success in all areas of your life, manifest your dreams into reality, and be someone who just naturally attracts success and opportunity.


It is all part of the habit of self-discipline and mastering the power of our mind for success. It’s what Napoleon Hill was getting at so heavily in his book “The Master Key to Riches.”


If you haven’t read this “Classic Must Read” Book it’s time to add it to your reading list.


Building or creating success, riches, abundance, etc. is ultimately an inside job.


So go ahead and put today’s success tip to use and start watching and creating your own mind movies to sharpen your focus, turn up the clarity, increase the magnitude, and program yourself for Abundant Success.

I do…

-Dave Schlueter

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