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Blog Tips Video #5 Just Went Live!

Blog Tips Video #5 is live and I don’t want you to miss another vital piece of the puzzle to succeed online.

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If you haven’t seen Blog tips #1…



•      That way you can get up to speed with us and I won’t have to waste your time repeating myself and going over things we have already covered.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:

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Blogging is your best bet…

for creating online abundance with whatever business venture you have to offer online.

But if you are Blogging the wrong way, if you are ignoring these critical blog tips, and are guilty of these 17 critical factors for your online success, then you are going to be hurting in your efforts to be effective marketing your business online.

These blog tips are designed…

to make you aware of and offer you solutions to get you free of the blogging danger zone and direct you toward blogging abundance.Blog Tips

There is a fortune online to be made once you learn the principles, apply them consistently, and make your presence known in the blogging universe.

These 17 Blog Tips are designed to get you started.

Going further and whether or not you are ready to take the cure for the blogging epidemic condemning most blogs and businesses to online failure is up to you.

Watch today’s blog tips Video #5 today and you decide whether or not you want to go further and participate in this marketing Renaissance.

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Business Blog tip Video #1 Just Went Live!!!

Business Blog tips video 1

Succeed in online business, avoid The 17 Blogging Blunders and create a blogging revolution. See the Bonuses and Training :Like - Thumb Up

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Critical Business Blog tip #1

Today I’ll be sharing Critical Business Blog tip #1 with you.

What not to do!”

By that, I mean how “NOT” to think and what “NOT” to do if you want to really succeed online blogging.

It’s simple really…I’m about to share some Online Business blog tip secrets with you to make your life simpler and your online business more abundant.

Because if you do this wrong… if you are guilty of of the 17 Cardinal Blogging Sins you won’t make the progress, or the money you hope for and you will struggle unnecessarily until you eliminate these 17 Blogging blunders from your life.

Whether you are in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, or a Brick and Mortar type Business… It’s time to Master “Friction Free Blogging” and that’s the TRUE secret to having a Successful Business Blog and stepping into the Success and Abundance this Blogging Revolution can provide you with.

With that being said let’s look at Blog Tip #1 and examine the first Deadly Blogging Blunder…

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How to make a Million by asking… Thoughts on Connecting for a New Kind of Marketing See this Video Now…

[ted id=1682]

I love good thought provoking content that stimulates your brain to see things and think of things in a new kind of way, to see new possibilities and ways to do things. I think if you open your ears and your heart to this video it will stimulate you to see things in a new way and help you grow.

No Jerk Marketing

Okay everyone should know this already but I’m going to bring it up for everyone anyway especially because it seems I need to hear it the most sometimes.

Stay away from the tendency to participate in Jerk marketing, even if you are just trying to tell the truth, point people in the right direction, and help them.

So what do I mean by “Jerk Marketing” I mean the tendency to point out the flaws of specific businesses, marketers, strategies, or individuals when carrying out marketing to promote ourselves, our products, our companies, our training and information.

Look I am an advocate for marketers in this industry, especially people who are semi-new or who are just coming into the industry for the first time. I want everyone to have absolutely the best experience and success possible.

It’s not my First Cruise

This isn’t my first cruise, I’m not fresh off the boat, and my eyes are wide open to things that happen in this industry.

I feel a personal responsibility and devotion to address certain facts and circumstances of the industry so people will have the greatest impact creating the success they desire. I don’t pretend not to see the flaws, the blemishes, and pitfalls, instead I try and steer people clear of them.

I like to give what I feel is a fair picture of things even if it steps on the toes of others who don’t appreciate me for it.

Too much of this industry is built around hype and just recruiting as many people as possible into the industry. When those people drop out of their teams, they just recruit more people and the cycle continues. Unfortunately, some people build their careers on this and little more. That in my opinion is a scam.

You see, what often happens is people get sold on unreasonable expectations and ideas about what it is going to take to succeed, how long it will take to get there, and how much work is involved.

Marketers and companies stretch the truth so to speak, or accentuate certain ideas about how things can work and neglect to mention other parts that may not be so perfect.

Some marketers have become famous for these recruiting tactics and it ends up burning a lot of people and creating negative numbers for the industry, bad feelings between people, attitudes of mistrust, and the wrong type of ideas about this otherwise fantastic business.

It pisses me off is what I am trying to say.

So it is hard sometimes for me to keep it in check even when I am trying to give a good and what I believe is a fair assessment of an opportunity, business, system, etc.

I want the best for the individual marketer not some corporate entity, system, or industry leader. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a trouble maker that way perhaps.

Sometimes I guess I take it a little too far and I come across as a “Jerk Marketer” even if it wasn’t my intention.

Okay maybe I was just a little bit…

Good Intentions

So, my intentions were good and based in love and on the intention to help marketers in the industry to achieve success, abundance, and true freedom in life.

I’m passionate about that and it blinded me a little, and corrupted my better judgment and I ended up promoting a piece I should have been more considerate, careful, and cautious with. It wasn’t my intention to create content anyone felt negative about or that it came across as jerk marketing.

After receiving a copy of a legal complaint made to my web host and a request to remove the content in 48hrs or have it blocked, I had to re-evaluate the content more carefully. When I did I could see their point and removed not only my review but also a top ranked video along with it.

So what’s my Point?

My Point… Be careful what you are putting out there even if your intentions are good. It is easy to get carried away if you are passionate about your company, your cause, your mission in life, etc. and inadvertently step on the toes of others when you didn’t intend to.

It probably won’t matter all that much if you’re buried 5 to 10 pages deep in the search engine results, but it’s a whole lot different when you’re on the front page of Google and the company big wigs are paying attention to what you’re up to because you are outranking all their reps.

So be extra careful in your marketing to be positive and inspiring if you can be and stay away from Jerk marketing.

You don’t want to have to remove the content you worked so hard to create, optimize, backlink, bookmark, etc. and push to get on the front page of Google only to have it blacklisted.

Lesson learned…

If you enjoyed this post then why not share it, like it, or bookmark it for others now, thanks.

25 Marketing Methods

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 25 Marketing Methods for Your MLM Business

The internet is obviously the future for all commerce on the planet. We may not be there yet but the future is coming make no doubt about it. So if the internet is the future especially for Network Marketing in particular, then why on earth would we want to recommend “OLD SKOOL” network marketing tips to new marketers and encourage both newbies and others to learn those strategies?
Well let’s face it guys the internet is awesome but for most people it isn’t an instant marketing success formula for most new marketers. As a matter of fact there is really a good 6 month or longer learning curve involved for most people to begin harvesting fruits from their labor when it comes to internet marketing. I can give you the best network marketing tips, and plug you into the right system, tools, mentorship, etc. and it is still going to require some time for you to become successful online. That’s just the reality of the game.So as you can see it can be an overwhelming procedure for many new marketers to tackle especially when their hopes and dreams are so young and fragile.
Let’s face it there is a learning curve involved to have success online. You definitely should learn all you can about online marketing, and take advantage of all the online network marketing tips you can find. But if you are new to the industry or you are just starting out your new reps, you’re going to find that online marketing methods alone fail to produce rapidly duplicable success regardless of how many network marketing tips you apply to the process.

You should definitely learn online marketing and train it to your team, but realize it is going to be a process for you to tackle one bite at a time. Don’t make yourself or your new recruits frustrated by expecting super instant success in the online arena. It just isn’t going to happen for the majority of people and you will end up with high drop-out rates and team stagnation as a result. So what’s better then? Which one of the thousands of network marketing tips makes the most amount of sense here? A blended online/ offline approach for massive success is the optimal solution. You absolutely must have a readily duplicable platform for marketing online that is simple and easy to use, with plug and play training systems in place to teach that system to your downline. And you must have an assortment of high powered industry proven offline marketing methods to arm your team with. This is the best way to equip yourself and your team for industry success. It’s a synergistic combination. But why, if the internet is the future of all commerce would we want to go back to Old Skool techniques and teachings while we’re trying to endorse and sell the beauty and magic of the online marketing world? Well for one thing… does it really matter to you whether the next ten recruits you sign into your business come from virtual world marketing or from real world connections? No of course not. You wouldn’t turn down your next ten distributors that sign up just because you didn’t recruit them online, and you wouldn’t want your team to either. You want your team to duplicate as quickly and as easily as possible. For the exact same reasons you wouldn’t turn down 10 new distributors in your team, you don’t want to do anything to hamper the growth and duplication of your team either. And let’s face it not everyone is going to be ready, able, or even necessarily willing to tackle the online arena when it comes to MLM marketing. This being the case you’ll need to provide your team with the most readily duplicable strategies possible for rapid growth and expansion of your organization. This is the only way you are going to get to the 100’s and 1000’s of down line distributors necessary to produce those huge residual income checks everyone is after in the industry. You want to provide your team with methods they can easily see themselves engaging in and succeeding with. Not everyone can see the online recruiting vision you have for your team. So give them options. Give them an assortment of options that they can easily see themselves having success with while you teach them greater mastery skills over time. If you do this your recruiting, duplication, and team growth will explode as it never before has. To learn the Top 25 7 figure earner marketing methods for your success and for the success and duplication of your organization come check out the following free 25 Marketing Methods Seminar brought to you by http://workwithdaveschlueter.com  

Mlm Success Tips

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