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Neil Patel How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

Hey Guys, I just wanted to share this Awesome Infographic and post today by Neil Patel at quicksprout.com with you for how to get more from your Facebook Marketing .

With all the changes at Facebook making it harder and harder to have the reach and influence Facebook marketers once had with out paying for it; It is critical that marketers find more ways to get the most influence out of every post they put online.

Today’s infographic is a great guide for you to create, plan, time, and deploy your posts for maximum Facebook engagement and marketing success online.

Check out today’s Facebook Marketing post and tell me what you think.

Here’s a link to the article, and if you can get through all the optin pop ups and offers you can check it out here: How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Check out the Infographic here and let me know if you found it valuable.


How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

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Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Cool Website Bells and Whistles Facebook and UEO

If you are looking around the website this week you’re starting to see some of the changes I talked about several weeks back when we talked about the importance of UEO (user experience optimization). Every search engine out there and Google is the King of search engines is striving to fulfill the promise of great user experience when you click on the top search results of their pages.


Did you just get that? “A great user experience.” And that is the new game in town really.


For far too long marketers have been concerned with SEO at the expense of what some like to call UEO, or “User Experience Optimization.” For far too long manipulating the search engines in any way possible to get to rankings in Google often came at the expense of providing users with a valuable experience once they got to the site.


You’d think it would be pointless to increase search engine results at the expense of good user experience but that’s exactly what was happening. It was embarrassing for Google to have top page rankings on sites that were junk and so they have been at work trying to clean things up with their new “Penguin” and not so new “Panda” updates that we’ve been talking about and joking about on this site lately.


And it’s not just Google who has jumped on board, Bing and Yahoo also seem to be following suit as the top search engines in the business are striving to rank better user optimized sites and guarantee quality results by taking new metrics into consideration in the ranking of sites.


The top search engines have made significant changes to do this including:


  • Measuring speed at which results and landing pages are served to users.
  • Improving the quality of short and long search query results.
  • Injecting as much local content into search results pages as possible.
  • Factoring in social media influence and reach from various platforms.
  • Optimizing experience on each and every user screen.

So your new post Panda and Penguin strategies should include among other things fulfilling each search engine’s promise of great user experience because they are watching, monitoring, and factoring these variables. That “user experience” should include among other things creating an environment that is easily useable, intuitive, fun, social, and that gives your users great value.


I will give everyone some great resources on another post for where to find some of these cool features and how to plug them into your blog to start improving user experience and social interaction in the future.


So today besides being behind the WordPress dashboard most of the day I was over on Michelle and Bill Pescosolido’s site today http://onlinewealthpartner.com/8-cool-apps-for-your-business-on-facebook/  looking at some really cool Facebook apps for your Facebook pages as well as your blogs. And I was really getting it when it comes to user interaction, user optimized experience, and the whole social future of the internet and online marketing.


In fact You really must see the power and impact of Facebook marketing when it is done right. So if you haven’t already done so use the following link now and you’ll see exactly what I mean and begin to:

Tap into the amazing power of Facebook Marketing Done Right:



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Make Money on Facebook with the Latest Marketing Strategies



I saw this cool video that pretty much sums it up and thought I’d pass it along. I’ve been talking about Facebook as a marketing strategy you really need to take a look at for your business success. The thing about it though is you need some proper training to get started with or your going to be totally frustrated.

There is nobody better in the game to learn from right now than the resource I am going to give you. Michelle rocks and is going to give you the best Facebook training available. In fact it’s how she made a 6 figure income in 6 months using these strategies. So use this link now and get some free training and start rocking this thing on Facebook.


Here’s the Link You’ll Want to Use: http://bigsloot.getfansgetpaid.com/


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What another wasted and lousy day spent dealing with the internet gremlins. Those sleazy, pathetic, cowardly devils with seemingly nothing better to do with their time than create mayhem, damage, and wreckage. Those terrible devious creatures that create programs designed to destroy your computer, your data, steal your information, etc…


What a mess… We spent more than 10 hours today doing nothing more than trying to recover from malicious code designed by worthless life forms with the intent of… well I have no idea what. Causing me grief? Getting in the way of me attempting to help others, be of service, and hopefully help to make the world a better place? Bogging down commerce and bringing the economy to a halt?


Or maybe… (let’s get paranoid and deluded now) they are intent on sucking my hard earned cash out of my pocket to stimulate their new cyber economy so we have to buy virus programs, anti-spyware products, malware removers, firewall protection, anti-brainwave scanners, anti-mind programming devices, to protect ourselves from the evil corporate “global matrix”… Let’s all tinfoil up the windows and get out our armadillo shell hats guys cuz it’s the only way we’ll keep them out man… No really…I’m serious. Why are you staring at me like that man? Are you one of them..? Your one of them aren’t you… They’ve already re-programmed you haven’t they… Aaarrrrgggghhhh!


It makes me crazy and it has totally wasted my day. Well actually far more than just today now that I see how many days’ worth of work is now a drift somewhere in the digital universe within the confines of this seriously impaired laptop… Aaaarrrrggghhh!



So obviously a lot of what I had in store for you today is now lost in space. I had wanted to get back to talking to you about the hottest marketing trend on the internet right now which is Facebook. And there is no one I know who has that realm mastered better than Michelle Alpha/Pescosolido. Last nights training was absoluetely awesome and she threw up some incredible time sensitive offers that I wanted to bring you in time but…. Aaarrrrrgggghhh.


So for whatever reasons either man made or divinely designed (maybe it’s aliens), I just don’t seem to be able to offer you the Facebook training I had hoped to. And the truth is that no one I know of in the industry right now outside of Michelle is going to be able to offer you this training in such a complete, powerful, up to date, and money making fashion.


So rather than continue in my failed efforts to bring you something that will only really pale in comparison, I should instead just send you to the source right now for some free training instead.



You can watch it here:



Here’s proof that 5,207 people registered for last night’s EXPLOSIVE webinar with FaceBook Rockstar Michelle Pescosolido:



After 40 minutes of some of the most time-sensitive, up-to-date, money-making Facebook nuggets, Michelle did something that absolutely blew me away!


She not only completely updated her “Social Media Mastery” (the #1 Facebook marketing course online today), but she has decided to take your hand and essentially give you 2 GROUP FB COACHING SESSIONS that will cap off your MBA in Facebook Marketing!


*** THE DEADLINE WAS LAST NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT EST, but you can imagine that with over 5,000 people registered, we had HUNDREDS of support emails coming through this morning begging us to extend Michelle’s offer. ***


YOU HAVE UNTIL THIS FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST  to get Michelle’s Updated Course AND access to TWO 2-Hour Private Q&A webinars, and then you will NEVER see this offer again. But you must ACT NOW:




Facebook is the HOTTEST marketing strategy right now, and you need to learn it RIGHT NOW. There is no better “course” or “mentor” to train you on the subject than Michelle Pescosolido.
You need this course if you want to make money with Facebook. You might as well get some coaching bonuses along with it!


Get this Facebook Training NOW:



The clock is ticking. This Friday Midnight EST is your deadline.


P.S. – You don’t want to miss this training and others like it that you are personally invited to by me each week go to the Weekly Free Training tab on this website and get registered today.


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The Best Facebook Marketing Training

The Best Facebook Marketing Training

I told you we would get back to our Facebook training today and we will in a way… You see I’ve been so wrapped up training on this subject myself and getting so much out of it, that I really just wanted to send you to the master on this subject. Sure I’ll be training this stuff down as I learn more and apply it. Believe me you’re going to want to lean and apply this.

Here’s a short video to get you started…



Go ahead and click this link now and you’ll see what I mean: http://bigsloot.getfansgetpaid.com/

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Also see part 1 of this Facebook series: Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

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