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5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership

Today’s Featured Post is all about (5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership)

…And you need to see today’s post and pay particular attention to a couple of extremely relevant pieces covered in today’s article if you want to grow your Blog followers, grow your Blog Readership, and grow your Blog Success online.

a)                 Who this post is for…

Today’s article is by Lee Odden and it is on Top Rank Blog.com and it’s for Bloggers and People who want to build their business, reputation, community, or message through the amazing platform of Blogging.

Guys your Blog is your online home for marketing in the digital age. But it becomes an island no one knows about in the middle of an undiscovered ocean if you don’t learn how to build your community, readership, and following.

If you don’t have a fully optimized Marketing Blog, you must get one now. This solution is heads and shoulders above the rest.

You can build the finest resort, on the best beaches and the finest waters and sands in the world on your island, you can have the greatest attractions but if you have no visitors, no fans, no voices to shout your praise, message, etc. it matters not. You are on an island by yourself, no traffic, no business, and no chance of succeeding.

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Just because you have a Blog does not guarantee your success and abundance on the internet or in life. Today’s brief tips and guides begin to show you the way to cultivate success with your following and concentrate on what is important.

b)                  What I liked about this post… what was great.

Points one, two, and three. You can make a lot of mistakes growing your Blog and be alright but if you fail to get these 3 right you’re going to be hurtin’ for certain!

Get these 3 right, become excellent at them and you can make a lot of other mistakes Blogging and still shine and be successful online.

So what I like about this post is it covers some real critical hard hitting points you have to get right. For that reason it is valuable and worthy of checking out.

c)                 What I disagree with, didn’t like…

Not much… It’s a little vague about some suggestions and really just leaves you wondering rather than having solutions or resources to go to for answers. But it’s meant as a tips post and assumes you already know a bit on the subject .

d)                  How to apply this information profitably…

Pretty straight forward guys… pass your content creation and posts through the filters these tips provide and see if you are including these required elements in your posts.

Does your content fulfill these requirements to build community, engage readers, and create fans and a following? Simple Really…

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e)                   Additional tips, training, resources, about this subject.

Plenty really… If you want the best in blog training and to learn from some of the most powerful blogging successes then check out the following resource. Incredible Blogging Resources

Learn about a powerful blogging platform for the future and get the best training to build an income from blogging available online.

If you are looking to create an income Blogging online, use your Blog to take your business online, or even if you are a complete Blogging novice just looking for the best out of the box turnkey Blogging and internet marketing training, you must see this now.

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 See Today’s Article: 

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership

at: http://www.toprankblog.com/2014/03/grow-blog-community-readership/

10 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog to Build Your Business (3 part Series)

Think your Business doesn’t need a Blog to Succeed in this New Age Marketing Renaissance taking place right now in our lives?

Better think again!

Hey Guys, I just finished up a Killer 3 part series of articles and training on  why you need a Blog to Succeed  with your  Business  that you can’t afford to miss if you are serious about Online Marketing Success.

Here’s Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s the deal Guys, you need the right tools and training to Succeed online Blogging and with your Business.


If you are not getting the results you want and hoped for in your Business, or if you are just getting started online and want to do it right and save yourself hours of wasted frustration and chaos, you must tap into the right tools and training for your success.

There is a Modern Renaissance in Marketing taking place right now. What once worked is dying out in a lot of ways as new technology and new attitudes and expectations about Business are being birthed.

Those on the cutting edge are Killing it Right Now Online taking advantage of these changes.

That’s the zone you want to tap into and if you are not Blogging and taking advantage of the ease, power, and simplicity of Today’s Blog Technology and Marketing Strategies… well… You’re Blowing it!!

Isn’t it your time to Succeed?

Isn’t it time for you to knock it out of the park with your Marketing and your Business?

Then get tapped into these 10 Rock Solid Reasons You Need a Blog To Succeed Today.

Click Here Now and be taken to Article #1 in the Series.

Here’s to your Blogging Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

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Blogging Tips 12 Multi-Media Your way to Online Business Blog Success

Blogging Tips Video #12  is Live. Check it out Now!

If you haven’t seen Blogging tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…


We’ve been talking a lot about Blogging Tips and what it is you need to keep your online business free of the danger zone and safely headed in the direction of online success and abundance.

But this series of Blogging Tips is just that. A short to the point introduction to what not to do if you want to create a thriving online business.

If you’d like to go deeper then may i suggest you opt in for some deeper training and never miss a critical post or update that may reveal the very thing you need to hear to take your business to the next level.

Blogging tips are nice, tidbits, snacks, hours devours…

Blogging Tips Hours Devours
Blogging Tips Hours Devours

but what I would really like to offer you is the full course!

Use the following link now Almost a Secret if you are ready for a feast. Get on the mailing list and be sure you never miss a post and that you are in the loop for some serious in depth training and bonuses.

Sure I’ll be bringing you a ton of Blogging Tips and Online Business Building know how right here on the blog, but sometimes I reserve special offers and trainings and I don’t want you to miss any of them.

So get on the list today if you want more Great Blogging Tips today!

Today’s Video:

Today’s Blogging Tips video is going to take you into another mystery for most people, and show you just how easy it is to overcome another one of the major hurdles that hold people back from becoming everything they can be with their online business.

Don’t continue to be held back by limited knowledge or Friction with Technology. Today’s Blog Tip solution is here for you to put yet another one of the sticking points (another blogging tips blunder) behind you.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:Blogging Tips

See the Beast


Here’s Another Blogging Tips Worthy Link:

101 Blogging Tips for Beginners and Beyond
Top 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Blog Tips Video #12 Empower Network Site

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blogging Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Do you think i should finish this Blogging Tips Series?





Blog Tips Video 9 Optimize Your Online Business Success

Let’s get into some more Blog Tips Today with Blogging Tips #9



Blogging Tips for today… Let’s get Optimizing!

If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…



You can also View this Video and Additional Blog Tips Bonuses and Training at:

Blogging Tips

Here are few other Blogging Tip Worth Links:

16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners

Start at video one enjoy the Blog Tips series and tell me what you think.

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blog Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Blog Tips Video 8 Just went Live!

Blog Tips Video 8… Don’t let the Nerds Get the Best of You…

If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…

Blog Tips #1

Guys… Don’t let the Nerds get the best of you and your Online Business. Watch today’s blogging tips video and learn how. See one more of the blogging blunders that can frustrate your efforts, and derail your Online Business.

Today we bring you Video 8 in our  Blog Tips Series designed to get you free of the Danger Zone and into Abundant Online Success.

We’re picking up some speed here and hopefully you’ve been following along.

If not go to Blog Tips #1 in the series now and get up to speed with us. The only thing you have to lose is your online business if you don’t right?

But that’s not my intention for you… My intention is for you to have Abundant Success and to share that with the world.

To do that I am going to recommend solutions that give you the greatest chance of succeeding and achieving that goal.

This Blog Tips series is designed to point out to you the pitfalls along the way and steer you toward solutions that work.

Am I saying you are going to make a ton of money and experience success if you follow my Blog Tips  lead and my recommendations..?


We have to have all kinds of income disclaimers just to make this kind of information legal to give to you.blogging money

I will tell you that the information, tools, training, and advice i am pointing you toward has helped others create ridiculous incomes online in amazing record setting time. In fact I don’t think there is anything like it online not now, not ever!

Many of these people had never experienced success like this with their Online Business before and many were ready to give up before discovering this solution.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to create Abundant Online Success, or are you a Wussy..?

Watch today’s Blogging Tips Video, get clear of the Blogging Danger Zone, take some action, follow through, and I’ll see you for the next training.

If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series


Or go to Blog Tips Video #9 Now!

Start at video one enjoy the series and tell me what you think.

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blog Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Blog Tips Video #6 is Live Now!

Blog Tips 6 Video Destroying Blogging Blunders and Creating Success Online


Get another piece of the blogging riddle solved for you today with Blog Tips Video 6 and tap into the abundance zone online with your online business..


Dispel yet another of the Deadly Blogging Blunders and move one step closer to Blogging Enlightenment today.

 Business Blog Tips #6 Picture.pptx


There is a Blogging Revolution taking place right now online and a Marketing Renaissance for those in the know… for those tapped into the right tools, training, mentors, and strategies online the sky is the limit.



If you are missing out on this abundance then it is perhaps because you are guilty of the 17 Deadly Blogging Blunders likely to sink all your online business hopes and dreams.



If you were hoping for something more when you brought your business online then this Blog Tips series is for you.

This Blog Tips Series and the links, opportunities and additional training that goes with them is designed to get you free of the blogging friction zone, and tap you into some of the abundant success there is to be found online blogging in the right way, well clear of the Blogging  “Blunder Zone.”

If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…

Blog Tips #1 Video and Article


 Like I said today is yet again another piece of the riddle for abundant online success.

Without this critical Blog Tips training you can waste time, effort, money you shouldn’t spend, and a heap ton of disappointment, and outright frustration trying to get you blog up to snuff, and your online business producing the Revenue and success you see others enjoying online.

These keys to the blogging kingdom unlock the doors to outright success and abundance blogging online. The proof is in the pudding or so they say, and there is some richly satisfying pudding to be had when you learn all the secrets this system can unlock for you.

Go ahead follow today’s Blog Tips links, watch the video and taste of the abundant fare that has been laid before you.


Enjoy Blog Tips Video 6 today and everything that comes with it…


Watch Blog Tips Video 7!




Blog Tips Video #5 Just Went Live!

Blog Tips Video #5 is live and I don’t want you to miss another vital piece of the puzzle to succeed online.

Quit tripping over the 17 Blogging Blunders that stand between you and online success and get tapped into these critical blog tips now.

Get tapped into the tools, information, support and training to create your own destiny in this modern day gold rush and blogging revolution taking place online right now.


If you haven’t seen Blog tips #1…



•      That way you can get up to speed with us and I won’t have to waste your time repeating myself and going over things we have already covered.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:

See the Beast


Blogging is your best bet…

for creating online abundance with whatever business venture you have to offer online.

But if you are Blogging the wrong way, if you are ignoring these critical blog tips, and are guilty of these 17 critical factors for your online success, then you are going to be hurting in your efforts to be effective marketing your business online.

These blog tips are designed…

to make you aware of and offer you solutions to get you free of the blogging danger zone and direct you toward blogging abundance.Blog Tips

There is a fortune online to be made once you learn the principles, apply them consistently, and make your presence known in the blogging universe.

These 17 Blog Tips are designed to get you started.

Going further and whether or not you are ready to take the cure for the blogging epidemic condemning most blogs and businesses to online failure is up to you.

Watch today’s blog tips Video #5 today and you decide whether or not you want to go further and participate in this marketing Renaissance.

Watch Blog Tips Video #6 Now!

Here are a few more Worthy Blog Tips Links:



Leave us your comments.

Tell us about your Blogging Blunders…

What are you struggling with online…

How this relates to your online business…

And was this Blog Tips #5 post helpful?

Blog Tips Video #4 Just Went Live…

Check out Blog Tips Video #4

Learn to be free of one more of the 17 Deadly Blogging Blunders that can Kill your Online Business.

If you haven’t seen blog tip #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW AND FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO Blog Tips PRESENTATION #1 in the series…


There is a Blogging Revolution going on online these days. Blogging has changed the face of Business and Marketing forever and you need to tap into these blog tips to stay ahead of the game and on the cutting edge.

You may be blogging but if you are guilty of the 17 deadly blogging blunders you will learn about in this blog tips series it may be killing any chance you have to succeed with your business online.

On the other hand… when you are free of these blog blunders and learn the secrets to prosperity online through blogging, you will be well on your way to creating whatever type of success you desire online.

Tap into this Blog Tips resource today…

Learn the secrets to blogging riches, and take your business and prosperity to the next level.


Blog Tips…

Watch the video now or view the original article and the video together at: Blog Tips #4Blog Tips Success

You can also view the Blog Tips 4 Powerpoint presentation at: Blog Tips Power Point

If you are ready to take your blogging to the next level or learn how you can make a fortune blogging today check this out now: Blog Fortunes

Take advantage of all the information and put these Blog Tips into action building the online empire of your dreams.

Here are some other Blog Tip Worthy links:

Blog Tips http://allbloggingtips.com/


There is a Blogging Revolution taking place online right now and you should be getting tapped into the prosperity.

Watch Blog Tips Video 5 Now!

Blog Tips Video #3 Just Went Live…




•      That way you can get up to speed with us and I won’t have to waste your time repeating myself and going over things we have already covered.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:

See the Beast

Blogging is one of the best possible things you can do to build your online business. Your blog should be the hub of your online business and everything should emanate from this central location.

Your blog is the place you connect with your visitor and allow them to get to know you, what you are about, what you have to offer. It is a place to be real with your audience. A place to share who you are what you are about, what your vision is, where you are going and why.

It is also a place to gain followers, build a following, create loyal raving fans, entertain, educate, etc.

A blog can be many things… but to be successful and end up building your business in a quick and efficient way, you have to be doing things right. You have to be doing things better than 90% of the other bloggers out there online if you want to shine.

To accomplish that you have to be free of the mistakes that destroy you online business success… You must be free of the 17 Deadly Blogging Blunders.

Watch Blog tips Video #3 Today…

Go check out the other Blog tips Video’s and Blog Tips articles…

Get tapped into the resources and training you need to succeed with your online business today.

It will be the best Blog tip you ever received!

If you would like to see the articles that accompany this video:

Click Here for Blog Tips #2 Article

Click Here for Blog Tips #3 Article


Blog Tips:

  • It’s time to get cured. It’s time to get vaccinated and take the cure for the 17 blogging blunders in your online business today. You’ll feel so much better when you have.


It’s time to get vaccinated!

View Blog Tips Video #4 Now


Here’s a few other worthy Blog tips Articles:

Blogging Tips And Strategies to Take Your Blog to the Next Level…  http://www.learnblogtips.com/blogging-tips-and-strategies-to-take-your-blog-to-the-next-level/

Catastrophic Blogger Mistakes You Must Never Do Again
Read more at http://www.bloggingtips.com/2013/10/18/catastrophic-blogger-mistakes/#krIK3S1cL7WlefTB.99
Catastrophic Blogger Mistakes You Must Never Do Again
Read more at http://www.bloggingtips.com/2013/10/18/catastrophic-blogger-mistakes/#krIK3S1cL7WlefTB.99

 Catastophic Blogger Mistakes You Must Never Do Again… http://www.bloggingtips.com/2013/10/18/catastrophic-blogger-mistakes/

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Leave me your thoughts about Blogging, blog tips, and Blogging Blunders Below…

Blog Tips Video 2 Just Went Live!

Blog Tips Video #2

Blog Tips Video #2 just went live and if you don’t know what all the buzz is about then you should definitely check this out.

Blogging history is being made right now and you don’t want to miss the Revolution.




•      That way you can get up to speed with us and I won’t have to waste your time repeating myself and going over things we have already covered.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:

See the Beast

If you would like to see the article that accompany’s this video

Click Here for Blog Tips #2 Article


Getting rich online blogging is the subject and The truth is… it just STARTS with a blog.

Blog Tips:

  • Not just any blog but the right blog.
  • Then it takes the right Training and Education. The truth is… the wrong training and education will frustrate even your best efforts to succeed.
  • Then it takes the right Team. Not just any team – No “Wussies” allowed.
  • Then it takes Massive Action – by that I mean the right kind of action not wasted energy and effort.


The Dave’s put it this way…

“The thing is, whether you know it or not, you’ve been a VICTIM. A victim of a dubious, nearly undetectable disease that has you and so many other people headed in the opposite direction of success online…”

They call it a disease, and it is wreaking havoc upon the online community.

Unfortunately, this “FRICTION”  is exactly what most people focus the majority of their time, energy and resources on… it drains your energy, time, resources, money and eventually kills many dreams online.

Blog Tips:

  • It’s time to get cured. It’s time to get vaccinated and take the cure for the 17 blogging blunders in your online business today. You’ll feel so much better when you have.


It’s time to get vaccinated!

Watch Blog Tips Video #3 Now!

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Business Blog tip Video #1 Just Went Live!!!

Business Blog tips video 1

Succeed in online business, avoid The 17 Blogging Blunders and create a blogging revolution. See the Bonuses and Training :Like - Thumb Up

Click Here Now For More Training

Learn all the blog secrets and get a look at the Blog Beast. You can also view this video and article at:


Critical Business Blog tip #1

Today I’ll be sharing Critical Business Blog tip #1 with you.

What not to do!”

By that, I mean how “NOT” to think and what “NOT” to do if you want to really succeed online blogging.

It’s simple really…I’m about to share some Online Business blog tip secrets with you to make your life simpler and your online business more abundant.

Because if you do this wrong… if you are guilty of of the 17 Cardinal Blogging Sins you won’t make the progress, or the money you hope for and you will struggle unnecessarily until you eliminate these 17 Blogging blunders from your life.

Whether you are in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, or a Brick and Mortar type Business… It’s time to Master “Friction Free Blogging” and that’s the TRUE secret to having a Successful Business Blog and stepping into the Success and Abundance this Blogging Revolution can provide you with.

With that being said let’s look at Blog Tip #1 and examine the first Deadly Blogging Blunder…

Check out these other great blog tips Articles:

25 Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans  http://goinswriter.com/blogging-tips/

Blog Tips  http://www.problogger.net/blog-tips/

Daily Blog Tips  http://www.dailyblogtips.com/

Did You Enjoy This Blog Post?

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Leave me your thoughts about Blogging and Blogging Blunders Below….

No Jerk Marketing

Okay everyone should know this already but I’m going to bring it up for everyone anyway especially because it seems I need to hear it the most sometimes.

Stay away from the tendency to participate in Jerk marketing, even if you are just trying to tell the truth, point people in the right direction, and help them.

So what do I mean by “Jerk Marketing” I mean the tendency to point out the flaws of specific businesses, marketers, strategies, or individuals when carrying out marketing to promote ourselves, our products, our companies, our training and information.

Look I am an advocate for marketers in this industry, especially people who are semi-new or who are just coming into the industry for the first time. I want everyone to have absolutely the best experience and success possible.

It’s not my First Cruise

This isn’t my first cruise, I’m not fresh off the boat, and my eyes are wide open to things that happen in this industry.

I feel a personal responsibility and devotion to address certain facts and circumstances of the industry so people will have the greatest impact creating the success they desire. I don’t pretend not to see the flaws, the blemishes, and pitfalls, instead I try and steer people clear of them.

I like to give what I feel is a fair picture of things even if it steps on the toes of others who don’t appreciate me for it.

Too much of this industry is built around hype and just recruiting as many people as possible into the industry. When those people drop out of their teams, they just recruit more people and the cycle continues. Unfortunately, some people build their careers on this and little more. That in my opinion is a scam.

You see, what often happens is people get sold on unreasonable expectations and ideas about what it is going to take to succeed, how long it will take to get there, and how much work is involved.

Marketers and companies stretch the truth so to speak, or accentuate certain ideas about how things can work and neglect to mention other parts that may not be so perfect.

Some marketers have become famous for these recruiting tactics and it ends up burning a lot of people and creating negative numbers for the industry, bad feelings between people, attitudes of mistrust, and the wrong type of ideas about this otherwise fantastic business.

It pisses me off is what I am trying to say.

So it is hard sometimes for me to keep it in check even when I am trying to give a good and what I believe is a fair assessment of an opportunity, business, system, etc.

I want the best for the individual marketer not some corporate entity, system, or industry leader. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a trouble maker that way perhaps.

Sometimes I guess I take it a little too far and I come across as a “Jerk Marketer” even if it wasn’t my intention.

Okay maybe I was just a little bit…

Good Intentions

So, my intentions were good and based in love and on the intention to help marketers in the industry to achieve success, abundance, and true freedom in life.

I’m passionate about that and it blinded me a little, and corrupted my better judgment and I ended up promoting a piece I should have been more considerate, careful, and cautious with. It wasn’t my intention to create content anyone felt negative about or that it came across as jerk marketing.

After receiving a copy of a legal complaint made to my web host and a request to remove the content in 48hrs or have it blocked, I had to re-evaluate the content more carefully. When I did I could see their point and removed not only my review but also a top ranked video along with it.

So what’s my Point?

My Point… Be careful what you are putting out there even if your intentions are good. It is easy to get carried away if you are passionate about your company, your cause, your mission in life, etc. and inadvertently step on the toes of others when you didn’t intend to.

It probably won’t matter all that much if you’re buried 5 to 10 pages deep in the search engine results, but it’s a whole lot different when you’re on the front page of Google and the company big wigs are paying attention to what you’re up to because you are outranking all their reps.

So be extra careful in your marketing to be positive and inspiring if you can be and stay away from Jerk marketing.

You don’t want to have to remove the content you worked so hard to create, optimize, backlink, bookmark, etc. and push to get on the front page of Google only to have it blacklisted.

Lesson learned…

If you enjoyed this post then why not share it, like it, or bookmark it for others now, thanks.

Take Advantage of Pinterest Marketing Today and Profit Tomorrow

Learn to Take Advantage of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is what’s new, what’s hot, what’s on fire right now that you should be taking advantage of in your MLM marketing efforts? Let me just coach you here for a minute… When do you start paddling to catch the next big wave? When the wave has already arrived, or before it arrives as it is still building? Here’s a hint… If the wave is already here don’t even waste the effort paddling.


Could you use some MLM Pinterest Marketing help:

• Discover one of the hottest new social network sites building on the internet, and learn how to ride it for your MLM business success.

• Let’s cover some ways to take advantage of this new super-hot and building trend for your increased MLM success.

• Why is this so important… because it is possible to harvest more traffic from this super-hot site right now then you are even able to get from Google in many cases.


So what is Pinterest Marketing then:

• Pinterest is a visual sharing site that allows you to share your interest and in the interests of others visually through pictures, videos, etc.

• It’s similar to Facebook only in a visual format. So instead of using text to convey our message, with Pinterest you are pinning up visual images, videos, etc. to communicate messages with.


Why use Pinterest Marketing for MLM then:

When you take the time to examine the Alexa data on this site you’ll quickly realize you have to come up with a strategy to start utilizing this site as soon as possible for your marketing success.

The Pinterest web site has an Alexa page rank of 6 so it is a powerful authority site, and you want backlinks from content on this authority site to point to your blog. You want to position yourself to piggyback off some of that killer popularity. That’s the quality type link you want pointing toward your pages and your content for search rankings.

Not only that but this site has enjoyed a Popularity Rank of 16 overall for the U.S.A. and has enjoyed a growth rate of 260.7 %! So are you now beginning to see the light?


So how does it Work then:

• Users “Pin” (post) content to their Pinterest Site.

• Their posts are organized on a theme based page called a “Pinboard” where like type content based on a particular interest or theme is organized for display.

• You are able to pin your own content or “repin” other people’s pins (content) to the pinboards you create.

• Pin it Button- a button that you can place on your site to make pining content to pinterest simple and easily.

But even more important than this is the fact that content posted from your site to Pinterst using the pin it button create automatic backlinks to your page. That’s an intant backlink generator to a U.S. popularity 16, Alexa Rank 6, Authority site. Can you say SEO LOVE?


So what is the main drawbacks:

• You have to be invited by someone to join Pinterest.

• You can request an invite, but who knows when someone may get around to adding you.

• This can really suck when you just want to jump into this super-hot resource and start drawing immediate traffic and link love.

• To get the most bangs for your buck with Pinterst Marketing you’ll need to know how to optimize it from the start to get the most SEO Love.

• The Pin it Button has gone through some changes as far as linking goes but there are still ways to get killer back link love from Pinterest.


Find somebody on Facebook willing to give you an invite you to Pinterest. Put a request for a Pinterest invite in your status update and see what rolls out. Work your network.

The Second idea is to get registered for some training at my blog: Dave Schlueter Online.com. I should be updating a training on this subject this week for my subscribers and my team.


Here are some Ideas for Using Pinterest Marketing for your MLM:

• Create a video Pinboard – Utilize this Pinboard to put up your promotional videos for your niche that link back to your website.

• Create a Products that you love board (Your Affiliate Products of Course). – Use this Pinboard to post images or videos etc. of products you use and link them your affiliate pages for increased revenue.
These and a host of excellent creative ideas will come to you, and I’ll be rolling some ideas out for you and showing you how to make the most of Pinterest in the upcoming training I’ll be recording soon.

So get registered if you are not onboard with us already, and then I’ll see you soon as we begin to Kill it with Pinterest Marketing for our MLM.


If you Enjoyed this MLM Success Article Check Out the Other Related Internet MLM Marketing Articles on the:

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Tag and Ping for MLM Blog Success

Tag and Ping,Social Bookmarking, etc the positive effects of social bookmarking for MLM blog success and  for other web sites are outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce the sites that you own or you like to others with the right targeted interests and tastes,it can drive traffic to your site, and create valuable backlinks to your content like flies swarm to stink.

What is Tag and Ping:

Basically it is a powerful strategy employing bookmarking to acquire traffic and backlinks to your site. And so naturally to understand this strategy you first have to have a working knowledge of what bookmarking is.

Bookmarking is:

  • Bookmarking is the collective act of sharing links (aka tags) and resources by the internet community.
  • Social Bookmarking sites include Technorati, Furl, Deli.icio.us, Flickr, and 100’s more.


  1. Users are controlling the flow of traffic and backlinks more and more through the use of these sites and their applications.
  2. Social Bookmarking in general has a viral traffic generating effect.


For instance if you were to go and register for a Del.icio.us account you would have access to your own page where you can store bookmarks (your links) to your favorite internet sites and resources. What’s interesting to note, is when you do this this bookmark also get syndicated (it gets posted elsewhere as well). It will appear on one of Del.icio.us’ tag pages.

All other Del.icio.us users who see this tag page may then check out your links and decide whether they want to add it to their pages which will increase the popularity of that specific bookmark causing it to rank and post higher.

The higher it ranks in popularity the greater the chance others will see, use, and adapt this bookmark as their own. Such is the viral nature of bookmarks. As long as your content that you are linking to is bookmark worthy, your links should increase in popularity in a viral fashion. Your MLM blog traffic goes through the roof as a result.

Tags are:

Tags… (once again we are using the Del.icio.us site as our example) are really nothing more than a keyword you assign to the link. It is a way to organize your links and keep track of them.

For example if you had links about gardening and links about cooking you could organize all your gardening links by assigning them the tag “gardening” and your cooking links the tag “cooking” all your links for each subject would be organized and found under the accompanying tag name. So if you clicked the tag “cooking” in your account then all the links that have to do with cooking come up. It’s pretty simple really.

Tag and Ping with your Blog:

With your WordPress Blog you will create tags for your posts. A tag is really nothing more than a specially formatted link that you place in your blog. After you tag your posts and post them on your blog you want to ping the social bookmark sites.

A ping is basically a short instruction that is sent out from your blog and tells a site such as a search engine or a social bookmark index site like Technorati, Icerocket, etc. to come to your site and check out your content crawl through your site find the tags index them and update their sites. In other word a computer spiders you site finds your tags and content and then updates the tag pages on the site for their users to see and use.

It’s another instant back link from an authority site of valued popularity ranking. Because these bookmarking sites are so popular and because they offer such excellent user data about sites, keywords, tags, and their popularity, the big search engines regularly spider these social bookmark sites for data. When they do they find links to your sites and follow them. Are you starting to see the power here?

Setting up Your Ping List:

To set up a WordPress ping list, go to “Settings”, and then click “Writing.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an “Update Services” box that will allow you to add your ping list. You will want to add all of the social bookmark sites that accept and that crawl blog posts.





You can create all your tag URLs by hand but why bother. If you are using WordPress and you should be, your blog to do this automatically for you. You want to go to your plugins and get SimpleTags. SimpleTags allows you to easily generate Technorati tags that work for both Tecnorati and Icerocket.

Setting up Tag and Ping:

Do some keyword research or even some tag research on some of the social bookmark sites and find words about your website pages and contents that will make for good tagging and pinging and gain you the greatest MLM Blog success.


This is how to tag and ping in WordPress:

1. Create your content.

 2. Add relevant “tags” at the end of your blog post with simple tags.

 3. Publish your blog post.

 4. Ping social bookmarking sites. Your blogs ping list does this automatically or you can use www.pingdevice.com

 5. When you have finished, the social bookmarking sites will then crawl your blog post and index it under the tags that you have specified. Social bookmarking sites are heavily spidered, so your pages will be quickly spidered by the major search engines simply by being present in the index.


Making Sure that Technorati and Icerocket Pick Up Your Tags:

  • You will need to register your blog with Icerocket and Technorati go to their websites and regester.

Some additional Web Resources to help you:

The 15 most popular social bookmarking sites: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/social-bookmarking-websites

125 Social Bookmarking Sites: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/125-social-bookmarking-sites-importance-of-user-generated-tags-votes-and-links/6066/

http://youtu.be/-QUhW8E8diE Sean Wu PT1

http://youtu.be/8IKh6YusLG0  Pt 3

http://youtu.be/w_uQ0WGsH7w  Pt 4

http://youtu.be/sSof5JaJhfM   Pt 5

http://youtu.be/LGj7Qnt0ROc  Pt 6

Go ahead and start tagging and pining today for your MLM Blog Success.

How to Promote your MLM Blog for Maximum Success and Impact

In today’ article I wanted to give everyone a few dynamite sure fire ways to promote their MLM Blog for greater success.

When you start implementing the strategies that I’m about to reveal to you, your blog will begin to take off like never before.


Here are a few simple yet powerful things you can do to promote your blog and begin growing a dedicated populace of avid readers and followers:


 email1. Email Market Your MLM Blog:


 This is surely the most important thing you can do to grow your blog. Building an email list of your blog subscribers has countless benefits.


You’ll want to email your list every time you publish a new MLM blog post and you can use Aweber to handle this feature for you by automatically broadcasting your blog to your email subscribers every time you post.

Also be sure and include some kind of offer and opt-in form on your blog to capture readers of your blogs information and add them to your email list.


2. Cultivate and Encourage Community:

Creating a community is what every blogger aspires to achieve. We all want our readers to start commenting, sharing and raving about our blog-posts and the training communitythey receive from us.


One of the best ways out there to attract comments and the kind of readership that gets you shared, liked, commented on, etc. is to seek out and stalk people already commenting on blogs in your niche.

Find established blogs in your niche, and then tap into some of their community by commenting on posts that other followers are already commenting on.

If these active followers who are already creating social action on these websites like your comments and content, they will checkout your MLM blog, and they will most likely subscribe to or at the least begin to comment on the content on your blog.

Once you’re getting leads and building your list via your opt-in form on your blog or through your other sales funnel capture pages, you need to make personal connections with these people. Call them if you can, add them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. at the very least.


Basically, the more places you connect with others the more exposure you get.

Your new content is now showing up on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and you’re emailing every new post to your subscribers. Your latest commentary is now in their inbox, Facebook wall, and Twitter feed. You are starting to command some pretty substantial real estate in your followers web space, and it becomes all the more likely they will begin to read your posts, comment, like, respond to your request, etc.


3. MLM Blog Link Building Campaign


Article Marketing linksYour linking strategy is paramount to your blogs success and health. Without a way for people to find your content no one will ever know that your blog even exists.

Search engine traffic is vital to your success. You must have a commanding presence in the search engines for your blog and your content to get noticed. This is all the more critical in the early stages of your blog as you are building your reputation and brand.

There are essentially two main steps to start getting more search engine traffic. But it is imperative that you first understand the principles of online traffic and search engine popularity.

If you don’t have a firm grasp of this knowledge, then get the Free 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar on myMLM blog and make sure you understand these vital concepts first.

For every blog post you write, target a keyword or phrase that’s getting the type of traffic you need to succeed.

Then syndicate that content everywhere you can immediately.

You can instantly syndicate your posts onto Facebook, Twitter and 28 other social networks and create instant backlinks at the push of a button by using a specialized SEO tool you will learn about in the 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar on my blog site.


Be sure to create a short promotional video for your post and distribute it to video sites across the net for some powerful instant SEO love. Then spin the post and submit it to a few hundred+ article directories to create even more link love with this strategy.

On top of that you can use Hubpages, WordPress, Squidoo, Technorati, etc. as another way to building backlinks, use them individually or install a plugin called WP Syndicator to do this.


To learn more about this and get the powerful automation tools…

that make this process a snap visit my MLM blog and sign up for The Free 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar on the Form on this Page.

Want To Lean More Blog Tips Click on this Link Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmhKw_QmAY4


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