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Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It

Are you suffering from Silent Blog Syndrome where no one Blog Comments, and you’re wondering what to do about it?


  • Is your Blog Silent?no blog comments


  • No Blog Interaction?


  • No Blog Community?


  • No Blog Comments or Interaction?


 a)                  Who this post is for…


 Today’s featured post is from Neil Patel from QuickSprout.com look for a  link at the end of today’s article.  

If you’re not familiar with Neil then today will be a real treat for you. Neil is Awesome! Get to know him and hang on every word he says, it will serve you well.

So today’s post is for those of you out there who want to increase Blog Comments. It’s about Why No One Comments on your Blog.

If you want to be successful Building Your Business Online Blogging, then you must realize some of the elements that make Blogs Successful.

Creating Community and encouraging engagement in the form of Blog Comments, Likes, Shares, etc. is critical for your Blogging Success.


But how do you get it done?

What are the Super Secrets to Blog Comment Success?

  •  Well that is what today’s featured post “Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It” is all about.


 b)                 What I liked about this post, what was great…

First of all Neil is Awesome!

 Oh…did I say that already?

Ya…okay… read his blog you’ll be glad I suggested it.


Here’s the deal. Neil hits the things that are most critical for you to get people engaging with your content and leaving your their thoughts.

Not only does he cover the basics that everyone should get right, but he also has a way of hitting the nail on the head and giving you the gift of a new and enlightening perspective on things.

For instance this quote from the article in particular illustrates what I am talking about.

“As you already know, time is money. If readers spend their time/money on your content, they expect to derive some value. Is your content valuable? Is it worth your readers’ time/money?” –Neil Patel

 Everybody should know that it is value that separates the great Blogs from the losers.

 Give Value! It’s the rule.

  • But is your Blog content worthy of your viewer spending their (emotional currency) time reading it?
  • Are you delivering the goods?

It’s a little twist on perspective that I think more bloggers would benefit from if they wrote content with this in mind.


So what do people find valuable then?

  •  What are they willing to spend their “money” for?

That’s a whole other question and open up another rabbit hole to go tumbling down.

If you want to learn the answers to questions like that and learn to master the psychology of marketing to people on the internet…

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So once you answer those important blogging questions and spend your time creating cleaver, creative, and original content… Then WHAT?

 Well Neil’s post goes into that.

In fact he covers the super-secret mystery #2 that baffles so many marketers out there and keeps them from not only getting comments, but it keeps them from getting sales as well.

What is that super-secret (and yet so obvious its painful) tip?

 Asking for it….


It’s in the call to action. Inspiring people to actually comment by asking for it, and Neil goes into several ways to accomplish this.

 Listen… the more you give instructions the more people tend to follow through.


People are looking for leadership and confidence, so give it to them in your calls to action, not only to purchase from you but also to sign up for your list, comment, take the next step, etc.

I know it sounds simple and stupid, but it will be a major breakthrough for a lot of people trust me.

So I like today’s post. It is worth your time to check it out if you want to find out Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It.


c)                  What I disagree with, didn’t like…


Nothing! I think Neil is awesome and Nailed it!



d)                 How to apply this information…


Convert Neil’s post into a blogging check list and run your content against the check list to see how it’s doing.

Not only that check your blog against the same check list and see if your blog measures up.

 If not… Start modifying your Blog and Strategy.

I’ve already got some great ideas to begin with on my own site that today’s post brought to light. I’m sure you will find the same with yours.

e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.

Here’s a couple other resources for you to check out with some good tips.

10 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog

 5 reason why no one comments on your blog


 Did you get some Value out of Today’s Post?


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Kick-Start Your Blog With These Engaging Content Suggestions

Got a New Blog you need some Engaging Content Suggestions For?

a)                  What this post is about and why you need to listen…

Guys today’s recommended posts is for Bloggers who have no how to kick there blog in gear and need some simple suggestions to get started Blogging.

Today’s post has simple suggestion tips to get you started if you are new and don’t have great ideas or a clue about what you should write about in your Blog.

If that is you then today’s tips will get you started and the resources I list below will take you further and all the way to the top when you are ready.



Check out today’s post at:


 b)                 Who this post is for…

It’s for primarily new bloggers, and novices who need suggestions to get their content and Blogs started. It is not an advanced training what so ever.


c)                  What I liked about this post, what was great…

What I liked about this post is the simplicity. Everyone starts somewhere and it is important to remember that when you become and advanced level leader and training, building teams and leading others, that some people are brand new, others intermediate, and some advanced like you are.

If you are teaching, building teams, and leading others it is important to teach at all three levels.

Today’s training is more of a level one tips article, but serves the purpose well.


d)                 What I disagree with, didn’t like…

What I didn’t like is that it is a simplistic training and nothing more. What I mean by that is the post itself is fine but it only really teaches at one level, and not a lot of depth. It’s fine for who it is meant for I just wanted more.


e)                  How to apply this information…

Review the ideas and see if you mesh with them. If so apply them in your blogging.

When people are brand new, they all worry and wonder what to blog about, what value they have to offer, and how to create enough content to reach critical mass online, build a community and following, etc. etc…

If you really want to know that it is going to take, it will take more than today’s post alone to do it.

Check out today’s post at:


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You can thank me later… Happy Blogging.


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