The Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants

What is the Super Uber Guru MLM Success Secret Everyone Wants?

Everyone wants to know this and yet most don’t want to hear the truth about the MLM Success Secret. They don’t want to face it and it keeps them stuck.

In fact it de-rails more home based business careers than any other single problem online or off.

Everybody wants the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, or some social media trick that will push them, their website, their sales, etc. over the top and they will finally arrive in the prophetic land of Milk and Honey.


But most don’t have the stomach to handle the truth about the MLM Success Secret.


I recently did a couple of posts and videos about this Super Success Secret:

Finding Your True Voice in Marketing Your Business

Mind Movie Programming for Ultimate Success and Achievement. (IAMVIBRATION)


 Hinting at the Truth

Both of these posts hinted at the truth but didn’t deliver it fully or out right.

 In fact not even Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich” and several other master works on the philosophy of Success would just come right out and say it.

If you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich” you must. And if you have read it, it’s probably time for you to read it again.


You Should Learn Them…

So… the super Facebook PPC strategy, the Guru SEO Strategy, and Ultra Chocolate Latte Social Media strategy are great, and you should learn them Click Here to Get Started but…here’s the deal it isn’t enough.



It isn’t enough because the truth that no one wants to hear is that Success is an Inside Job.

Ugh… People’s hearts just sink when you say it. Everyone wants an outside solution to their problems. Everyone wants to look everywhere else but inwardly.

(What’s the #1 thing keeping you from MLM Success?)

 It can’t be true we declare inwardly in silence…

No one seems to want to face the self-searching and inventory of one’s own thoughts, actions, beliefs, values, etc. necessary for success.

 It’s always easier to blame others. “It’s their fault” we declare. “Oh those things are all a Scam, and I fell into it” or whatever else we need to declare our innocence, blame others and move on without taking responsibility for the truth, which is that success is an inside job. It’s up to us to do the work inwardly and outwardly to succeed.


 Super Chocolate SEO Strategy…

Oh sure you’ve got to have all the other elements in a line also. The super PPC strategy, the best Social Media Strategy, Blog Promotion, Super Converting Sales Funnels, etc. and those things are easy to train you on. I’ll plug you into all of that and yet you still will fail to succeed if your internal realm for creating success is all screwed up!

 (When it comes to MLM Success is Timing Really Everything in the MLM Business?)

But it Still Doesn’t Work!!!

The Masters all know this. Your upline if they are telling the truth will tell you this. Your hired personal success consultant will tell you this. The most successful people who have ever lived will tell you this.

 It’s possible they may all know what they are talking about.


Meet this Super Successful Group of Entrepreneurs who’ve Mastered MLM Success…

It’s why the super successful group of entrepreneurs I work with insist on following 8 core strategies to succeed, and following it daily.

Included in this list of daily activities is time for Reading and Listening to Audio. And I’m not talking about reading fiction or listening to the latest CD from your favorite Band.

I’m talking about personal development training and training that will move your business forward.

In fact if you are not all in and practicing the 8 core commitments in this group then you are not “core” and if you are not core you are not going to have all the opportunities everyone who is core is.


Are You Still Struggling…

If you are stuck, struggling, not succeeding, the first question is always going to be “are you “all in” and are you “core”, are you following the 8 core daily commitments.

 Where you need to start

If you’re not… that’s where you need to start! Do those things and then if you are still struggling we’ll talk. Why? Because it works!!!

 If you’d like to see what I’m talking about Click Here Now and Get Started


Personal Empowerment

 Understand that personal growth is an essential ingredient in this successful regimen. Without it this organization could not have achieved the incredible success they have had. There is no way.

The good news about all of this is personal growth and training has never been easier that it is today. Click Here Now to Learn More


 Modern Tools Modern Strategies

Using the tools available today finding time for personal growth becomes easy.

For instance… I get training from a variety of sources. Video’s, Audio’s, Books, Podcasts, etc. I also take the best from each and personally design my own training.

I love my screen capture software. I use Camtaisa but there are numerous choices.

I’ll use PowerPoint to create a presentation of whatever I am currently programming myself for. For instance I start my day off with just the right things I need to focus on to be the most successful I can be for the day.

This training is a collection of what I need to do and focus on along with pieces, quotes, excerpts, etc. from the best trainings I’ve come across over the years. I’ve organized it into a PowerPoint and then I have dubbed in music and a voice over of me reading it.

I then can down load the audio to mp3, the video to I tunes, my computer, etc. Simple.


Starting My Day…

I watch videos in the morning before I start my day. I listen to audio training in my car whenever I drive, and I listen to audio when I go to bed and as I sleep.


 Because it works!


Listen to Your Mentors and Leaders

Have you listened to your mentors and leaders? They will tell you “You have to be willing to work on yourself 3 times as hard as you are willing to work on your Business if you want to succeed.

If your mentors and leaders aren’t sharing this with you…may I suggest it is time for some new ones!

If you want to get started focusing on the 8 Core Daily Commitments for Your Success and get all the Secret Marketing Strategies to take you and your Business to Ultimate Success

 Click Here Now to Get Started Uncovering the Secrets




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