Success Truth #9: You Must Have Decisive Desire

“In any moment of decision there are only three things you can do -the right thing, the wrong thing, and the worst of all three nothing.”

                                                                                                     -Theodore Roosevelt-

blogging moneyOnly about one percent of our population is millionaires.

To reach great MLM success and achievement, you must have decisive desire. You must be willing to act when opportunity presents itself to you. You must be able to decide quickly, and with assurance, to take action when it is appropriate.

You must be willing to take risks, to make a fool of yourself, to venture money, time, resources, and effort to achieve your most important dreams, desires, and goals. You must be willing to operate outside of your comfort zone, and act in spite of yourself when necessary to achieve greatness.

Without these success traits, you’ll always remain lukewarm, reaping mediocre results in life and in your MLM business at best. The “Big Deal” will always reside just outside of your reach.

How many opportunities have been lost in life by the simple choice to sleep on a decision first instead of just act?

How many billions in opportunities for a better life have slipped away during the night? How many right opportunities have people talked themselves out of that could have sleeping about decesionmade all the difference in their lives – the kind of opportunities that could have led to a life beyond compare?

When a decision must be made, you must be ready to make it quickly, firmly, and resolutely!

If you don’t possess this success skill already, then plans must be made immediately for you to acquire it. You must decide, and decide decisively, that you will do whatever it takes to attain this vital success skill.

You must decide and decide decisively right now that you will follow your MLM business of life dreams to an abundant life, and do whatever is necessary to manifest it. You must decide and decide right now that you are willing to follow the worthy dreams and desires of your innermost self.

You must decide that you will not be denied the worthy inspired visions of your heart!

road_to_successYou must decide to take action, and you must take some sort of action in your MLM business right now today, based upon your choice! Send the appropriate message to the universe today that says “Yes I am ready!” “I am ready to live and to live largely!” “I am ready to succeed!”

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