Sound Principles Sound Actions

It really doesn’t matter what you’ve heard, what you said, what you read, what you have seen or have learned about success in life.

What matters most is wheather the principles are sound, proven, will produce what you want, and of course whether you’re using them correctly or not.

“A rifle pointed in the wrong direction is rather a useless tool for putting meat on the table.”

  • Will you take action?
  • Are they the right actions or not?
  • Is what you are doing right now likely to create the leverage and results in life that you desire or more of the same?
  • What does your experience tell you?


Remember:   wrong beliefs + right actions = wrong results

                   right beliefs + wrong actions = wrong results


When you start to live in right actions based upon right thinking, right beliefs, right emotions, right intentions, and right success habits, you begin to produce the right results in your life.

You start to create an exciting abundant life worthy of living. You begin to move in the direction of your hopes, dreams, and goals more effortlessly than ever before.

You eliminate or lessen the resistance to success you have been creating with your unbalanced success equation. You become more attractive to success.

Success, riches, wealth, etc. begins to flow to you in greater volume and you begin moving toward it. The life, the universe, reality, whatever you call it, begins to support you in a loving fashion as you work with its’ principles instead of against them.


Rules are rules.

The rules of the “universe” can be supportive or non-supportive depending on your relation to them. How are you currently using these principles to attract or repel what you want in life?

-Dave Schlueter-


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